The Double H Club a.k.a. Herm Haven

The Double H Club

Welcome to the Double H Club, or as the members often refer to it - Herm Haven.

The Double H Club is an international organisation with branches in major cities in most countries of this world. The goal of the Double H is provide a venue to give support to the hermaphrodite minorities of our communities. This support can be financial, emotional, physical or psychological. While many herms take advantage of our facilities merely to actively socialise with other herms, the organisation also provides a network for finding your ideal herm mate, counselling for those who have problems with non-herm people, rooming facilities - both short term and long term, loans to promote herm-oriented businesses, and so much more. We're here to help you if you need it, or just give you a place to hang out with those of your own gender.

The only qualification to join is that you are a true hermaphrodite - that means that you are equally capable of being a mother or a father (at physical maturity, of course). Children are welcome and facilities for them are also provided. We have a family-friendly policy, but adult-only areas are provided also. We have very reasonable membership rates, and our family pass is excellent value. Please advise management if you can offer services in exchange for membership.

The Herm Haven project came about after I wrote the episode of Forest Tales where Leanna, an ex-slave herm fennec fox, is taken to the Double H Club to give hir a chance to learn what other herms are like and how they fitted into society. I tried to present a large variety of species and personality types, but there's always room for more. This is where you come in. I intend to write a sequel story for which I will want a few more minor characters. I have been inviting people who already have herm characters to "join" the Double H Club and be available for cameo appearances in my story. These appearances can be as minor as a brief mention as a background character, or as major as a co-starring part in the story. It all depends on how much you want to get involved, and how much information that you give me to work with. If you would just like to be registered with the club, that's fine also. I'm trying to encourage a community as well as making a database. Where appropriate, the characters may be used outside of the confines of the club itself.

So what are the rules?

First of all, this is all in context with my story universe, so there are limitations on what characters are acceptable. I will try to be as clear as possible.

So how do you apply?

There's an application form that will give you all the details and options to fill out. Please note that it is not necessary to fill in everything although the form will ask for lots of details. That's for people who like to specify the minutia of their characters.

Amaguq Ambereyes Anastasia Aneko Aritea Artica Ashley
Assiti Huntress Avocado Azurenight Blackheart Blackpaw Bellic Blackpaws Blackspots
Blackstripe Blacktongue Benny Whiteman Blacktail Bluestripe Bos Brianna
Brushwood Camphor Cara Black Cindy Greypaw Clover Connal Davis Connor Reese
Crysteen Claps Daria Darkcloud Darkepaw Darla Daydreamer Faux Bluepaw
Firestar Forestwalker Francine Frostpaw Gabriel Gabriella Gildedtongue
Goldpaw Goldstreak Goldstrike Greymist GreySoul Grill Harlequin
Iji Klein Illumanati Inman Carter Irayme Jacqui Mephit Jango Jenny
Jo Joli Halls Jonni Karen Erickson Keklily Kelly Feral Kendal
Kira Brightheart Late Bloomer Leanna Legna Lil Lillian Emerald Lisander
Lunablaze Max Merideth Mieze Minoko Mirakel Miranda Touchtail
Mrilly Myst Newme Nichelle Mgabi Nightmoon Nightstar Nytesilver
Onca (Chakat) Permafrost Peta Pepe Ferret Raevera Razel Reverse
Rez Rhea Hyena Rhiannon Rik Riley Rosebud Saldura Holbock
Salendera Sandy Puma Sef Seralyn Shadowfur Shadowgrove Shadowstripe
Shamara Shanoa Frostpaw Shorewatcher Shortcut Silver Silverbrook Sneakpaw
Solarblaze Snowdrift Snowrose Stardusk Starpelt Stephillum Sundawn
Sunrise Sunset Sunspot Susan Labs Symphony Tabitha Taila
Tam Mason Tara Reina Tavitiana Tiff Vanny Vikki Vulpino Voxanna
Whitelion Whiterose Wildheart Windsong Winsoar Winterrose Wylhimena

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