Species: Cougar
Gender: Herm
Age: 24
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Eyes: Pale Blue


Sandy is close to being a typical feline herm in everything physically and mentally. Shi has sandy brown fur with cougar patterning, and hir hair is the same off-white as hir chest fur. Shi has pert C-cup breasts and a fairly large sheathed penis and balls. Shi has a very curvaceous feminine build, but projects a rather masculine strength especially in hir powerful digitigrade legs. Shi likes to wear a combination of halter top and shorts to show off hir assets. Despite hir feminine looks, shi has a masculine bias sexually. Shi doesn't like hir real first name and insists on being known only as Sandy.

Sandy joined the Double H Club specifically to look for potential mates. While shi did not immediately succeed, shi did make a lot of good friends and became one of the Melbourne branch's regulars. After a few months, a newcomer joined – another cougar. Hir name was Lyle Catamount, but soon shi learned that the new member also went by the more well-known name of Symphony. Sandy was a huge fan of Symphony's music, and that combined with other common interests and compatible sexuality brought the two together and they were mated five months later. Sandy is now Lyle's assistant manager.


Character copyright Bernard Doove.   Art copyright © Mayra Boyle.

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