Species: Black-footed Ferret
Gender: Herm


Myst is a black-footed ferret, slinky and flexible like all their breed. Shi is also utterly androgynous. There is not one feature about the ferret, whether it is form, posture, voice or clothing, that hints at bias towards any gender.

Myst is descended from a pre-war sex-slave species, but while modern morphs have been genetically corrected, shi is a throwback to them. As shi hit puberty it became apparent that shi was becoming more and more obsessed with sex. The medics diagnosed the problem to be genetic and gave hir drugs to control the urges. Hir parents were advised that only gene therapy would be an effective cure, but because it's very expensive, hir parents had to save up for it. However, when Myst reached legal age, shi stopped taking the drugs and applied for a job at a high-class brothel. Today shi is one of the most in-demand pleasure givers in the city. Shi's well paid, gets all the sex that shi needs, and shi told hir parents to put their money towards their retirement fund as shi never intend to be ‘cured’. Myst goes to the Double H Club though to have some normalcy in hir life. Shi never has even the slightest sexual relationship with the members, and goes only to socialise with hir peers.


Sample art by and copyright to Kyomana.

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