Species: Fennec Fox (Plantigrade)
Gender: Herm
Parents: None (genetically engineered)
Height: 150cm


Leanna is an exotic herm fennec fox created specifically to suit the whim of hir master, a rich, decadent, and sadistic human named Reynn Havershiem, a slave dealer from Pharos, one of the Non-Aligned Worlds outside the Stellar Federation's authority. Although shi was conditioned to be unable to harm him directly, Leanna got him to overdose himself with a virility drug that caused a heart attck which killed him. While being transported to a slave market on another planet, hir ship is disabled and the cargo abandoned. Leanna is rescued from either death or a life of slavery by the Federation starship Pegasus, and Forestwalker takes Leanna under hir wing. First however, shi must deal with Leanna's extreme needs and teach hir how to be a free person. Leanna desperately wants to find a mate of hir own, and Forest introduces Leanna to hir vulpine lifemates – Kris and Trina. The three form a bond, and eventually make a three-way mating, but it is Forestwalker that Leanna asks to be hir formal den-mate as shi has fallen in love with the chakat. Leanna sires a child on Trina and falls pregnant to Kris, ending up with two herm fennec kits of hir own, Mica & Opal, to love and raise. Leanna was recently introduced to many more herms at the HH Club, and feels better for not being so unique. Despite having most of hir extreme modifications ameliorated by Federation scientists, they were unable to completely break hir slave conditioning, and must have a human "master" for the rest of hir life. However, shi got to choose hir new master, and asked Admiral Kline, the captain of the Pegasus to be that person, because shi knew that he detested slavery and would not abuse the power he now has over hir. Unknown to hir, shi has a sister named Selah who is the personal slave to Gulius Havershiem, Leanna's former master's father.

Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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