Species: Eurasian Badger
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Green
Height: 196cm (6' 5")


Saldura is stocky and well-built, muscular with a layer of fat over hir torso. Shi has black and white striped face, salt-and-pepper furred torso. Hir hair is white with black stripes continuing from the face stripes, straight, going to just past the shoulders. Shi has B-cup breasts with dark purple areola, and a sheathed, purplish, human-like penis which while only 7" long, is quite thick. Shi dresses anywhere from tank-top and shorts to dress uniform of the Valkkon VI mining colony. Most preferably denim trousers and button down shirt and a cap with the Purgatorio's emblem. Shi still wears hir dogtags from hir militia days.

Saldura is ambitious and cocksure. Shi doggedly pursues hir prey, whether in line of duty or romantically, passionately but not fanatically. Can be a bit of a flirt and very competitive, having great respect for people who can come out on top of hir. Shi is omnisexual with a slight emphasis on hir masculine side. Shi is mated to Thallon Rosefur, a male fox/wolftaur hybrid, and Gildedtongue, a chakat. Shi has a child named Elvron who was born in 2325.

Saldura was born 4 March 2286 as the second to youngest of six on the mining colony Valkkon VI. Though having military training, hir time spent in low gravity and low atmosphere conditioning has made hir fatten up a little, for use as padding and insulation. Hir hair has grown out of military length, going to mid shoulder. Currently serving as the second in command and head of security for the private hauling vessel, the Purgatorio. Hobbies include wine tasting, cooking (pan frying predominantly) and watching notoriously terrible cinema. Enjoys storytelling as both a teller and a listener. Shi probably will not develop bonds with anyone else outside of friendships or possible flings due to hir career path, and does not come to Terra frequently, but often enough to enter the Haven for a good laugh and a good drink.


Character copyright Robert Adrian.
Art by James the Doc, Atsumori999 and Seth Triggs.

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