Species: Rabbit morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 38 (2 Feb 2294)
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Bright Yellow


Francine's first ever job was as a greeter/receptionist at the Melbourne branch of the Double H Club, but has now worked hir way up to vice-president of that branch. Shi still often puts in time as a greeter though because shi loves to meet people. Very much a problem-solver, and shi's being groomed to take over the branch when the current president retires. Shi's in no hurry to take up that post however as shi is perfectly happy in hir current position.

Francine is a light grey bunny with no human-like hair. Shi has a cute face and pert, mobile ears. She has generous D-cup breasts and average size male genitalia. Shi has a feminine, motherly personality, but likes sex both ways equally. Shi comes from a large family of herm rabbits (no big surprise), and has several lovers, although shi hasn't committed to anyone as a mate just yet.


Character © Bernard Doove.   Sample art by and copyright © Kyomana and Touch My Badger.

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