Species: Housecat morph
Gender: Herm


Camphor is a marmalade tabby descended from all-herm progenitors. Shi has a lean frame that could be either male or female, but shi has a pair of very high pert breasts that quashes the idea of hir being male, although the unusually large bulge in the crotch could have convinced people otherwise. Shi has blonde hair in wild bangs, and bright green eyes that are filled with good humour.

Camphor has a huge cock fetish, and loves "chicks with dicks" as shi puts it. Shi is a part-time lover for Lisander, indulging the herm vixen's male proclivities as well as hir own love of penises.


Sample art by and copyright to El Diman and Mizziness.
Character created by Starless and is used with permission.

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