Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Silverpelt
Sire: Fireglow
Age: 19
Eyes: Golden brown


Born in North America near the Rocky Mountains, shi was picked out as a potential alien contact/relations subject due to hir high empathic talent. Shi loves hir parents but has had limited contact with hir other relatives due to their duties, most being in Star Fleet or Star Corps. Shi loves music and plays harps, flute, and other instruments well. Shi also sings and got/kept hir name from trying to 'sing' as a cub when the wind began howling outside hir home. Shi's also a skilled archer but has never fired a hand weapon other than in SF ROTC. Shi suffers an attack at the college which mutes hir talent before Mythgivings, hir time at HH is before this however and shi still has hopes that shi will make friends even among the fur haters.

Bright, bouncy, alert, outgoing. Shi has a good sense of humor and loves to tease but can be embarrassed more easily than expected. Shi's starting Masters program in a human college for Alien Contact, Sociology, History, Psychology.

Windsong's fur is ginger with a silver undercoat, leaving it with a coppery color and shine. Shi has a bit of cream colored fur about hir jaw and throat, and shi has brown 'gloves' and 'socks'. Shi stands smaller than average, and hir breasts are a small C-cup at best. Slender build, keeps hirself very clean and is fond of keeping hir coppery brown hair in a ponytail with a band or ribbon to keep it in place. Shi likes comfortable, loose tops and tube-tops. No fetishes though shi’s not crazy about holo-suites.

Shi’s going to be a bit shy at first, an excellent student with very strong empathic talents, good telepathy, a hint of telekinesis, no other manifested talents at this point though shi’s VERY good at finding things. Shi has no relationships at present, concentrating on college and surviving being around humans 24/7 who don't like nonhumans. Hungry for Chakat contact/company and desperate for a place to relax/recover. Later shi falls in with an odd collection of people travelling on Neal Foster's ship, The Folly.


Character copyright Gregg Anderson.
Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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