Species: Black Panther
Gender: Herm
Born: 4 July 2298
Mother: Herga
Sire: Trak
Height: 216cm (7' 1")
Eyes: Yellow


Rik is very tall with a strong build, with muscles easily seen rippling behind dense glossy ebony fur. Hir looks are softened with padding in just the right places, plus a set of firm, well-proportioned D-cup breasts. Hir tight trousers do nothing to hide hir male equipment though, and the boldly red-dyed hair adds to the masculine impression rather than looking like a feminine style. Shi doesn't have an androgynous look, but more of a harmonious blend of each genderís best features. Shi will willingly flaunt any aspect of hir body – masculine or feminine – to anyone shi takes an interest in. Forestwalker finds hir to be extremely attractive. Shi is descended from both a long line of herms, and also one type of war beast, hence hir strong physique. While shi has many good friends who are not herms, any relationship beyond that shi has found to be unfulfilling. Only other herms interest hir sexually, and shi has had many casual relationships, a couple of times with chakats.

Rik works as a bouncer at The Double Date nightclub, and unofficially for the Herm Haven also. Despite this, Rik is actually a very intelligent person, with a penchant for reading. Shi acquired this habit from hir mother who is a librarian. Hir sire is a Physical Education teacher at a local college. Together they've given Rik a balance between hir physical and mental traits. Shi also has a very keen sense of humour.

Sample art by and copyright to Kyomana and Dark Natasha.

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