Species: Cougar
Gender: Herm
Born: 2 February 2307
Mother: Raine
Sire: Aless
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: Golden Yellow


Symphony is the pseudonym of Lyle Catamount, a musical prodigy whose face and real name is unknown to the general public. Lyle was always a musically gifted child and actually had to be encouraged to go outside and play instead of practicing on the piano all the time. Shi wrote hir first original instrumental tune at age eleven, and several soon followed. By age thirteen shi had already planned to attend a prestigious music college. Puberty changed hir plans irreversibly however. Lyle's species, like many morphs, is descended from slaves that were bred specifically to serve sexual kinks. At the end of the Gene Wars, all such morphs were treated to overcome those unwanted traits that were bred into them. However, occasionally there are throwbacks that often only manifest as the body matures. Lyle went into heat for the first time just days after hir fifteenth birthday, and shi was overwhelmed by sexual desire. Shi was reduced to begging hir parents for sexual relief by the time a paramedic arrived and sedated hir. Doctors prescribed a drug that would abate the sexual desire, but advised hir that only genetic surgery would give hir a permanent cure. Of course that was a very expensive treatment and although hir parents were prepared to pay for it, they had to save up to afford it. Meanwhile the drug kept hir heats under control.

However, an unexpected side-effect manifested. Lyle was now extremely sensitive to any form of pleasurable stimulation which always manifested a sexual response. Whenever shi was enjoying hirself, even with the simplest things such as watching a comedy show or eating a particularly nice meal, shi would always get an erection which sometimes caused hir much embarrassment. However, where it had its greatest effect was when shi was playing hir musical instruments. The more shi played and immersed hirself in hir music, the more sexually stimulated shi would get. While at first this alarmed hir, it was soon noticed that hir playing had taken a quantum leap in competence. Soon it was approaching brilliance, and psychologists ascribed it to the sexual energy and passion that shi was putting into hir performances. It was a positive feedback loop – the better shi played, the more pleasure shi got, and the more pleasure shi got, the better shi played. The one catch was that shi was inevitably reduced to helpless orgasm at the end of a performance. Not wanting the public humiliation of such a spectacle, Lyle created the pseudonym “Symphony” and wrote and played hir compositions under that name. Shi never gives live performances nor makes videos, but hir brilliant music is nevertheless a huge success. Because shi fears that shi would lose hir musical edge if shi ever has the genetic surgery that would fix hir problem, shi has postponed that indefinitely.

Although a household name, nobody knows the face behind the talent except for a very few people closely associated with hir. However the need to have some sort of personal recognition brought hir to the Double H Club. There shi has revealed hir secret and will play for them on special occasions. As many of the other members have had their own physiological problems due to their heritage, hir “musical climaxes” are politely ignored and shi gets to enjoy the limelight for a while, not to mention having sympathetic friends. Lyle met another herm cougar at the Double H Club by the name of Sandy Puma. While Lyle has a definite feminine bias, Sandy had just as strong masculine bias, and the attraction was mutual. They declared themselves as mates five months after meeting, and Sandy now acts as Lyle's assistant manager.

Lyle is a plantigrade morph, and hir fur is golden brown with typical cougar markings. Hir light brown hair hangs to mid back. Although possessing several pairs of shoes, shi prefers walking barefoot, especially as hir toe claws tend to damage any footwear. Shi has high, firm D-cup breasts. Hir penis is unusual in that it is mounted inside hir body behind hir vagina, and extrudes through the enlarged labia when shi gets an erection. When not erect, shi looks totally female and that is hir preferred self-image, so shi dresses accordingly. Shi loves figure flattering tops and dresses. Shi used to wear tight jeans for casual occasions until an incident made hir too afraid to wear anything except skirts or baggy trousers.


Character copyright © Bernard Doove.   Art copyright © Xian Jaguar, KV1NN4 and Dr Comet.  
I wish to stress that the character was inspired by Comet's image, and his art was not created for the character.

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