Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Gladelong
Sire: Creekstripe
Born: 26 July 2255
Eyes: Dark dull blue
Height: 160cm (5' 3")


Born as Joshua (a pun off of the failed contraceptive that conceived hir), Gildedtongue grew up in the Holy Christian Kingdom of North America. Though often chided by hir siblings for hir devout faith, shi attended the Federal Monastery with hir friend, Frank Johnson, for hir education, leaving with the equivalent of a double masters degree in Education and Literature. Shi looks considerably older than shi is, partially out of the stress of hir job and hir location, but also the general lack of other chakat interaction. A violent event at a school function sent hir life into a tailspin as shi was charged with malicious assault to a minor. Thanks to many calls and support from hir friends, Gildedtongue was acquitted from the charges, but was warned that hir life would be in danger. After hir home and all hir material possessions were destroyed, shi was sent aboard the transport ship, "Purgatorio" to go live on Chakona, and paid hir way as a teacher for the ship's children. On the way shi met hir mates Thallon Rosefur and Saldura Holbock.

When presented to a group, Gildedtongue is very assertive and takes charge, letting hir history as a teacher come to the forefront. However, when placed one on one, shi is terribly shy and lacks much self-confidence. Shi is quite strong in hir beliefs, however finds organized religion to be lacking in hir beliefs. Both stress and hir lack of contact with chakats have been having an effect on hir mind.

Gildy is a leonine-patterned chakat, with a distinguishing yellow muzzle that is hir namesake. Shi has red hair streaked with grey stress spots, Hir build is lithe and looks slightly underfed. Hir breasts are a B-cup but where shi lacks in bust size, shi more than makes up for in penis size at 10". Shi is omnisexual, but with a noticeable male-side preference. Shi prefers to wear baggy blouses and t-shirts, as well as the Purgatorio's off duty uniform. Wears a worn, gold plated Byzantine styled cross, a gift from hir old friend, Rev. Frank Johnson. Hir other friends include Chakat Dreamweaver and Peter Jacobs (a human). Shi has two sister – Ebonwave (deceased) and Jadestripe.


Character copyright Robert Adrian.
Art by Heather Bruton and Seth Triggs.

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