Species: Red Fox morph
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Green
Age: 31


Lisander looks like the ultimate female. Every feature of hir body is tuned to the finest feminine degree, from hir exquisite facial features to hir perfectly proportioned bust. Hir curves are lush and sensuous, hir fur is thick and glossy, hir hair long and luxuriant, hir eyes bright green and shining, and hir stance inviting. When shi speaks, hir voice alone is enough to give a male an erection on the spot. Only the bulge in hir crotch betrays hir dual nature.

Lisander is descended from a long line of vixen sex-slaves. Their genes are so hard-wired that all females look pretty much like shi does. However, hir mother mated with a herm fox, and shi ended up with that something extra too. Ironically shi also ended up with hir sire’s proclivities – shi's extremely biased towards hir masculine side. With a body like hirs, it was nearly impossible to get any straight female interested in hir, and the gay ones were usually turned off by hir having a penis. There was the occasional bisexual one that gave hir some attention, but none were mating material. Shi came to the Double H club out of sheer desperation in the hope that perhaps another herm could appreciate hir male qualities. Shi met Jonni there soon after.

Althogh Jonni was physically opposite to Lisander's tastes, shi had a strong feminine personality and mutual interests that shi found very attractive. Despite their initial misgivings, they discovered that they were very compatible, and they eventually mated. They have three children, all borne by Jonni of course.


Character © Bernard Doove.   Sample art by and copyright © Mike Higgs and Touch My Badger

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