Species: Red Fox morph
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Green
Age: 30


Although shi is a true herm, Jonni could easily be considered the perfect male, going by hir looks alone. Shi is tall with a very solid build, muscular without being exaggerated. Shi has a stern but friendly face with alert and penetrating eyes. Shi has no human-type hair, but had a rakish ruff of fur the same bold red-brown as the rest of hir pelt. Shi has small breasts which can easily be mistaken as well-developed pectoral muscles under the fashionable shirts shi wears. Jonniís male genitals are a large conspicuous bulge in hir trousers, and no one even considers that shi might not be all male.

Hir father fell in love with a herm vixen, and shi is their second-born. Shi has a very strong bias for hir feminine side, and even before puberty never felt male. When shi grew up to look like every girlís fantasy guy, hir sex drive was telling hir that shi wanted to be one of those girls. No straight guy ever gave hir a look, and the gay ones that shi met were only ever interested in hir cock. Finally someone put hir onto the Double H Club branch in Brisbane where shi was living at the time. Although shi met some nice people there, none were really suitable as mates, although shi did finally get some regular sexual satisfaction. Then a friend contacted hir and persuaded hir to go to Melbourne to meet Lisander although shi looked exactly the opposite to what shi was attracted to. Although there wasnít any initial sexual attraction, they discovered that they had a lot of other interests in common, and they ended up talking all evening. Lisander then took hir up to one of the boarding rooms and made love to hir. They spent the rest of Jonni's holiday together, and then shi arranged to move hir employment to Melbourne. Shi asked Lisander to be hir mate two weeks later. They have three children, all borne by Jonni.

To satisfy hir feminine needs, Jonni has a part-time lover with Lisander's blessing – Sef Silverbrush.


Character © Bernard Doove.   Sample art by Richard Foley (re-edited by Karn Carroll) and Touch My Badger.

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