Species: Husky morph
Gender: Herm
Born: 18 April 2298
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Golden Brown


Tavi is extremely cute, bouncy and vivacious. Born of herm parents, shi had a near-ideal childhood, and shi brings hir joie de vivre to all shi meets. Shi particularly enjoys the company of other herms, but hir first true love is a male husky named Antoine whom shi met at the Double Date Café. Outside of the Double H Club, shi usually refers to hirself as a female because that's how shi relates mostly to hir mate, and shi considers hir dual gender irrelevant to hir day-to-day interactions. Shi has one weakness though, and that's female or herm canine morphs in heat which brings out hir male instincts. Fortunately for Tavi, hir popularity at the club is such that most of the canine herms are more than willing to indulge hir, and hir mate understands hir needs.

Tavi is well-endowed both in breasts and penis. Shi loves to wear tops that show off hir cleavage and enjoys the appreciative looks they get. Shi prefers wearing skirts and hates shoes. Despite hir carefree and sexy manner though, Tavitiana is no airhead. Shi graduated with a degree in biochemistry and is a researcher for a leading pharmaceutical firm. Some people say that shi saves up all hir seriousness for work, and all hir playfulness at other times, which isn't quite true because shi's also well-liked at hir workplace.


Sample art by and copyright to Kyomana and Touch My Badger.

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