Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 178cm (5'10")
Born: 19 August 2304
Died: 22 September 2399


After being used and abused by his former wife, Karl Jürgens turned his back on civilisation and disappeared into the forest. There he encountered a foxtaur vixen named Pandora Whitepaw who was in desperate trouble. After rescuing her, they travelled together, finding themselves growing closer. Pandora had her own troubles, but being with Karl was oddly comforting. She took him back to her farm where he stayed for several weeks. Karl realised that Pandora was everything his former wife, Isabel had not been, and began to make a new life for himself. After a threat of expulsion from the Crystal Creek community due to him not being a foxtaur, Pandora proposed that he become her denmate, and he accepted. Their relationship grew ever closer and stronger despite their different species, and Karl found his place in the community as the assistant to Tobar, the village's carpenter. On the anniversary of their mating, Isabel paid them a surprise visit and threatened to take much of his new gains on the pretext of supporting his daughter, Kathleen, but she is driven off by Pandora, and banned from the village. To ensure that Isabel cannot get him any more, Karl never left the clan lands again until his best friend, Jake Wily, a coyote morph, pointed out a way that Karl and Pandora could have children. This involved leaving Crystal Brook to go to the clinic of Dr Springstep, a chakat genetic engineer who modified his testes to produce foxtaur-compatible semen. After the treatment, Isabel accosted him at the clinic with the intention of getting the sheriff to arrest him. However, the warrant was declared invalid as it was made out for Karl Jürgens, but Karl had legally changed his name to Whitepaw when he had formalised his mating with Pandora, and the sympathetic sheriff let him go.

Pandora wasted no time getting pregnant, and Karl sired five children - Jakkar, Sylvia, Xander, Kalika, and Varen, his third son. After the third, the elders declared that he was eligible for the Obligation, whereby all tods are required every five years to give sexual service to the unmated vixens. Although this gave him some distress, he carried out the initial service with Acacia, the vixen who had nominated him for the Obligation, and sired a son with her whom she named Tankar. The success at providing the rare male kit increased Karl's attractiveness, but he refused all offers outside of the Obligation, although he sired many more kits at successive Obligations. However, he did take great interest in the welfare of Tankar, and Acacia was close to the family from then on. Aside from the Obligation, Karl had to adapt to many other foxtaur customs and deal with the trials and tribulations of both nature and family. Isabel was murdered by Kathleen who subsequently died of a drug overdose, and Karl was no longer confined to the clan lands. He was nominated and elected to the position of clan elder, and he eventually retired from the furniture-making business to spend more time in those duties and with his family. At the age of 95, Karl suffered a massive heart attack. Because he had decided to live the foxtaur way of life, Karl would not artificially prolong his life, and let nature take its course. He survived long enough to farewell his family and all those close to him, then died in Pandora's arms the next day. The entire village mourned his passing.

Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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