Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Female
Mother: Kallista
Sire: Picten
Eyes: Green
Height: 157cm (5'2")
Born: 15 June 2311
Died: 23 September 2399


On a spirit quest intended to find happiness, Pandora found herself stranded on a decaying rope bridge over a gorge. Unable to get to safety, she believed that she would die there, but was rescued by a human named Karl Jürgens. Pandora suffered ridicule from her peers due to having exceptionally large breasts, whereas the vixens in her clan were all rather flat-chested. She endured cow jokes and taunts about the farmer coming to collect her milk, and the vixens pretty much turned the tods away from her. Karl was trying to escape his past with an ex-wife who had destroyed his business and his life. The two hurting souls found solace and acceptance with each other and a growing attraction. Pandora took Karl into her home in Crystal Creek community where she grew fruit and vegetables for a living. After some weeks, the elders informed her that Karl could not stay any longer, but she had come to care for him deeply and did not want him to leave, so she asked him to be her denmate, which he agreed to. Thus began a life-long partnership with the human she came to love more than anything else. After some time, Karl undergoes genetic therapy to make him sexually compatible with foxtaurs, and she bears five children to him. In order, they were Jakkar, Sylvia, Xander, Kalika, and Varen. Pandora shared the trials and joys of life with Karl until at the age of 95, he suffered a massive heart attack and died a day later. Pandora was heartbroken and could not bear the loss of the one that meant more to her than life itself. She sneaked away from her family after the funeral to their old favourite spot at Lookout Bluff which overlooked the village. There she was found the next day, lifeless, but with a smile of contentment as if she had gone to rejoin her true love.

The full story of Pandora and Karl can be read in the novel, Life's Dream, and was serialised on this website starting with Unexpected Attractions.


Sample art by and copyright to Mike Higgs and Kacey Miyagami.

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