Species: Human
Gender: Female


Isabel was a greedy scheming woman who set her sights on Karl Jürgens' successful furniture-making business. She seduced Karl and eventually married him. She proceeded to insinuate herself into every aspect of his business, pushing out people who were loyal to Karl. She also got pregnant quickly, and gave birth to a daughter named Kathleen. Once she had an heir, Isabel turned totally cold to Karl, eventually poisoning his relationship to his daughter as well. Too late, Karl realised that he had been used, and his business was virtually taken over by Isabel. He divorced Isabel, giving her everything that he owned on the condition that they were completely done with each other and he never wanted to see her again, which was fine by her. Her business practices and spendthrift nature soon ran the formerly thriving business into the ground however. Then she accidentally comes across some furniture being sold in a country trading post, and she recognised Karl's handiwork. She tracked him down to the foxtaur community where she found out that he has mated with a foxtaur vixen named Pandora. She went to their den and confronted Karl, intending to use legal trickery to start fleecing him of his new prosperity, but she was driven away by Pandora and banned from the clan's territory. Karl remained there out of reach, and her appeal to the foxtaur high council was rejected and the ban was extended to all clan territories. Isabel continued to watch carefully though, while pursuing other plans to acquire money. By bugging the vehicle of Karl's best friend, Jake Wily, she discovered that Karl had left clan territory one day to go to a gene clinic. There she tried to have him served with a warrant and arrested by the sheriff. However, because Karl had changed his last name to Whitepaw, the sheriff declared it invalid and Karl escaped Isabel's clutches, much to her fury. Years later, when Karl started travelling to other clans for his son, Jakkar's inter-clan baseball matches, she tried again to catch him in transit. However, Jake got wind of her plans, and Karl successfully eluded her by getting a ride in the aircar of Springstep which could not be pulled over or blocked like ground vehicles. She never got the chance to catch Karl again, but despite marrying a rich man, she never gave up on trying. In the meantime, Kathleen had grown up, acquiring her mother's deceitful ways, but with less discipline. She started taking drugs, and then started dealing to help pay for more. She got arrested but was bailed out by Isabel who confined her to their home. Desperate for a hit, Kathleen tried to steal some of Isabel's money and got caught. A fight ensued and Isabel is killed by Kathleen who later died of a drug overdose. Isabel's death finally gave back Karl's freedom, but in a manner that he hated.

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