Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Male
Mother: Pandora Whitepaw
Sire: Karl Whitepaw
Born: 9 January 2336


Jakkar is the firstborn child of Pandora and Karl Whitepaw. He was conceived after his human father had received treatment from Dr Springstep, a chakat genetic engineer, who subsequently became his godmother. As male births were far lower than female births, his arrival was doubly celebrated. Jakkar was named after Jacob "Jake" Wily, Karl's best friend who had pointed out the means by which Karl and Pandora could have children, and his father (JAKe-KARl). Although he was teased a little for having a human for a sire, he nevertheless grew up a totally normal foxtaur tod. As a boy, he had a keen interest in basesall, a popular foxtaur sport, and became quite proficient at it. Later he helped coach his siblings, then his offspring. Although Karl hoped that Jakkar would take an interest in his career in carpentry, he ended up more interested in his mother's vocation as a farmer. Jakkar's first denmate was Jacinta, a hunter vixen. His second mate was Melody, who also was a farmer.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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