Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Female


When Karl Whitepaw sired a third son with Pandora, Acacia petitioned the clan's Elders to have Karl undergo the Obligation. She didn't realise the anguish this would cause him, but was still insistent on him doing it in order that she have her best chance at conceiving a son. Her family had only one male in three generations, and Acacia had given birth only to daughters also, so she was desperate to break that cycle. Although they got off to an awkward start, Karl and Acacia actually managed to enjoy the experience, and she promised him that he would have a role in the raising the kit, despite the Obligation's tradition that the male has no responsibility beyond conceiving the child. Acacia succeeded in getting a son whom she named Tankar. Acacia submitted a mating proposal to Karl after that, but Karl turned her down gently. Nevertheless, she was invited over to spend time with his family, ostensibly so that he could have time with his son, but enjoying a near de-facto relationship with Pandora's blessing.


Sample art by and copyright to Megan Giles.

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