Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Female
Mother: Pandora Whitepaw
Sire: Karl Whitepaw
Born: 13 January 2337


Sylvia is the second child of Pandora and Karl Whitepaw, and their first daughter. She was conceived after the birth of her brother, Jakkar, so that he would have a sibling close to his own age in the family. Her name means Maid of the Forest, and Dr Springstep also declared hirself as her godmother. Like her brother, she took a great interest in baseball, a sport that foxtaurs of both genders played frequently. Sylvia grew up to be almost as busty as her mother, but she took after her father in her love of carpentry. She caused Karl some anguish though when she indicated her desire for him to be her "First", a common practice amongst foxtaurs through sheer necessity, but one that was very distressing to her human father. While he rejected her at that time, when he underwent the Obligation later, she took the opportunity to fulfil her desire to show how much she loved him, and they came to a happy understanding. Sylvia meanwhile attracted the attention of the foxtaur tod, Mellikan whom she became denmates with. Her firstborn child was a daughter, Allana. Upon the death of Karl, Sylvia inherited the furniture-making business that her father started.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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