Species: Foxtaur
Gender: Male


Varen was the fifth child of Karl and Pandora Whitepaw, and their third son. His totally unprecedented birth triggered a series of events, starting with the foxtaur vixen, Acacia petitioning the clan elders to have Karl take part in the Obligation. Varen grows up in the company of Chakat Springstep's children, Willowind in particular. When Varen decides to ask Karl for an apprenticeship as a carpenter, Willowind asks hir mother to let hir be one also. Their relationship grows until they decide to become denmates, much to everyon'e delight, but especially Springstep's. Karl was a little concerned about how his son would deal with a herm mate until he found out that Varen was bisexual. They have two cubs named Snowfire and Morningmist.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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