Species: Foxtaur (x Wolftaur)
Gender: Male
Mother: Athena (vixentaur)
Sire: Thorrack? (wolftaur)
Height: 198cm (6' 6")
Born: 12 June 2290
Eyes: Grey


Born in the old Montana mountain ranges, Thallon grew up not knowing his father, which wasn't terribly unusual, and he was raised in his mother's hunting pack. Any questions about his paternal heritage was dismissed as "A traveling merchant who aided his mother when she was injured in the field." He grew up to be an exceptionally large tod, catching the eyes of many vixens hoping to breed a strong hunter. One day in his 16th year, he and a vixentaur friend shared one another's first, and to both of their surprise, a hidden attribute of Thallon's wolftaur heritage, much to the surprise and disgust of the rest of the village.

He was ordered to leave the village so as to not contaminate their village with his genes. The vixen, thankfully, did not conceive else his departure would have been a bit more forceful. He asked his mother again about his father, and she told him of the young novice going on a spirit journey who aided her when she was injured. Thallon searched the surrounding wilderness for the wolftaur clan for anyone who might fit the poor description he had. One young shaman, Thorrack, said he was in the area, and was on a spirit journey during the time of his conception. However he also admitted hallucinating for much of his journey and could not give anything concrete. Thallon stayed in the pack as an honourary wolftaur, but felt the winds of the world tugging on him, so he eventually packed what little he had and left.

Thallon, aged 22, made his way from town to town, city to city, simply exploring his surroundings. He made money from selling meat and jerky he hunted himself, as well as hand-made knick-knacks. Finally he found himself working at the spaceport in Ontario as a dock worker. He was curious and amazed by the ships and the people and aliens that came through. There he learned how to pilot walking machines and three years later caught the eye of Saldura Holbock, who offered him a job if he could operate a stripped down, re-purposed battlemech in the Purgatorio's possession. Thallon's undiscovered dream of exploring and traveling the galaxy was finally realized, and he is now their official load-lifting machine operator.

Thallon is wiry and lean – gets plenty of exercise living in a low G environment. Typical Vulpes-Vulpes pattern, fur is a very light grey-red, or pinkish colouration, giving him his made up last name of "Rosefur". He has no head hair. He has an eleven inch, black, knotted and feral penis. He typically wears his Purgatorio uniform most of the time (Chicks dig a man in a uniform). Completely carefree to the point of being mildly annoying to others about him, Thallon will always be the first to offer a joke in the most bleak or most joyous of occasions. Tends to be a bit of a show off and craves a bit of attention. Afflicted with a near-medical case of wanderlust, when in the same environment for too long, he will get depressed. He is bisexual with a preference for hermaphrodites, and he is lifemated to Saldura Holbock (Eurasian Badger) and Gildedtongue (chakat). Unknown to him, he has sired six cubs scattered around the star systems.


Character copyright Robert Adrian, and art copyright © Seth C. Triggs and Xamp.

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