Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 28 November 2320


One of three sisters born into a triad. Hir mother was Hotfoot, hir sire was Zelkie, and hir third parent (milk-mother) was Burningbright. Hir bright green fur is thought to be a combination of normal yellow fur mixed with the blue colouration from hir skunktaur grandsire's Bluepaw heritage. Although it tends to make hir stand out even amongst the wildly varied chakat fur patterns, shi is rather proud of hir distinctive looks. Shi is an artistic child who loves to dance and play the keyboard. Shi occasionally teams up with Penny to entertain the crew. Shi has inherited hir mother's telekinetic ability, although as yet it does not seem to be very strong. Hir sisters are Candycane and Lemondrop.


Sample art by and copyright to Megan Giles.

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