Species: Field Mouse
Gender: Female
Born: 3 May 2314
Height: 145cm (4' 9")
Eyes: Green


Entertainment/Morale Officer of the starship Phoenix. Only daughter of a wealthy importer. With a very lively personality and a penchant for singing and cracking jokes, she was the diametric opposite of what her business-minded father expected of his daughter, and she had no intention of being forced into a life totally unsuited to her. With the help of a friend who was intimately familiar with the security procedures of the spaceport, she was able to get herself smuggled aboard the Phoenix inside a crate that also had her essential possessions. After being discovered, she set about making herself a very popular addition to the crew just by being true to her own nature. While originally hoping to start a new life on another world, instead she has found a comfortable niche amongst the crew of the Phoenix, and she intends to call the ship her home for the foreseeable future. Her birth name was Penelope Windsor, but took the pseudonym of Penny Lane to avoid notice from her father. She later has it legally changed.

Penny is a lesbian, and she takes up a relationship with Madeline, a bisexual rabbit morph who joins the crew later, but not before having a crush on Bethany, the First Officer, who is much relieved when Penny's attention turns to Madeline.


Sample art by and copyright to Jenner.

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