Species: Chakat (x Skunktaur)
Gender: Herm
Born: 13 April 2301
Height: 170cm (5' 7")


Zelkie joined the crew of Chief the starship Phoenix as its chief shuttle pilot, along with hir lifemates, Hotfoot and Burningbright. Hir sire is Zuko, a skunktaur, which gave hir the spotted skunk fur pattern, but the fur colour as well as species came from hir chakat mother, Truenote. Hir dual heritage is responsible not only for hir double name, but also for hir strong telekinetic ability. The spatial awareness that psionic ability gives hir enables hir to be a superior pilot. Very organised and capable of keeping track of many things at once. Shi is the mother to Candycane, and sire to Pixiepaws. Shi has a skunktaur ‘brother’ named Darkwave Quanda.


Sample art by and copyright to Kashmere and Kacey Miyagami.

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