Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Starwalker)
Gender: Herm
Born: 15 March 2308


Astrogator / 2nd Officer of the starship Phoenix. Lifemate to Danson Blackfox. Shi was raised by foster parents in a Black Foxtaur village. Shi was trained along with all the other Starwalkers of hir generation, but shi rejected the career with Star Corps in order to stay with Danson. Hir skills enabled hir to pull strings to procure training for him in hydroponics. Hir organisational and command skills also got hir the position of Second Officer.

When Darkwave joins the crew, Ceres and Danson both find hym attractive, and when hy shifts to female form, find hym irresitible, and try to woo hym. Hy hesitantly returns the interest at first, but the relationship between them grows until Ceres and Danson ask him to become their mate.

Ceres has a "sister" named Vesta with whom shi grew up in the village. Because all hir generation were actually produced by genetic engineering, Vesta is not a true biological sister, but as they were raised by the same foster parents, they regard themselves as such.


Sample art by and copyright to Ishaway and Heather Bruton.

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