Species: Skunktaur (x chakat)
Gender: Cyclic herm
Born: 23 April 2314
Height: 168cm (5' 6")


Darkwave is the second child of Zuko, a skunktaur, and Truenote, a chakat, and his sister is Zelkie. Because hys mother was Zuko, hy was born a skunktaur also, and like all his kind, was male until he hit puberty and went into heat for the first time. Unfortunately for hym, it not only came at a very bad time, but he turned out to be exceptionally busty, which on hys lean teenaged frame, looked especially ludicrous. This so badly disrupted an important soccer match that he was taken out of the game with people laughing at him. This affected him deeply, and for many years would not stay in female mode for a moment longer than hy was forced to do so.

Darkwave is a very intelligent person, but gets bored easily at most jobs, and so hy drifted between them for a long time before Zelkie recommended hym to fill a vacancy on the starship Phoenix. There hy met Danson and Ceres, both foxtaurs, who took a shine to hym. When hy cycled to female mode though, they were even more attracted, although hy continued to be embarrassed by his over-endowed looks. With a little help from Captain Yote, they convinced hym that they were serious in their intentions towards hym, and for the first time in hys life, Darkwave became comfortable in hys female mode. Eventually hy accepts a proposal from the foxtaurs to become a mated triad. Hy will discover later that because of hys chakat mother, hy can assume the dual-sexed intermediate mode which is slightly less busty, which hy will take over the full-female form when hy goes into heat.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.
Colour and female modification by Bernard Doove.

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