Species: Foxtaur (Black)
Gender: Male
Born: 3 March 2308


Horticulturalist / Hydroponics Management for the starship Phoenix. Lifemated to Ceres. Typical farm-raised foxtaur tod. Like all tods, he was the focus of attention for many hopeful vixens, but he was struck by the unusual nature of Ceres, a herm Starwalker breed Stellar Foxtaur. Fortunately shi had a feminine bias and the attraction was mutual. Spending time with Ceres when they had to leave the village on regular occasions for their training may have been helpful in not falling victim to Territorial Attachment Syndrome, and his love for hir led him to leave behind the life of a normal village foxtaur. Although it had occasionally been a strain, he never regretted the choice, and now that they have found their place aboard the Phoenix, he feels like they have a new home. Although they do not have any children yet, they intend to do so when they feel the time is right.

When Darkwave joins the crew, Danson and Ceres both find hym attractive, and when hy shifts to female form, find hym irresitible, and try to woo hym. Hy hesitantly returns the interest at first, but the relationship between them grows until Danson and Ceres ask him to become their mate.


Sample art by and copyright to Mehndi.

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