Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 21 July 2295
Mother: Victoria Brewer
Father: Boyce Kline Snr


Human Star Fleet officer, unusual for having worked his way up from Engineering rather than through the usual Command channels. He holds the rank of Fleet Admiral and is currently commanding officer of the dreadnought, F.S.S. Pegasus, which is the flagship of the First Fleet. He is an extremely close friend of Goldfur, Lifemate of Forestwalker and Denmate of Midnight. He has two other alien felinoid mates, Zhane (a Rakshani) & Rosepetal (a Caitian), by whom he has his first children, Kayla and Kernos. Midnight was accidentally impregnated by him, due to Boyce's unique ability to interbreed with virtually any mammalian species (a mischievous gift from a godlike elder race), and gave birth to Ember. Forestwalker later gives him a cub, Windrunner, whom they both wanted greatly. Midnight later gives him another cub named Coaldust, only deliberately this time. Both chakats formally became his mates. Rosepetal finds him a "fifthwife" in the person of M'Lai Saarath, a Caitian doctor who joins the crew of the Pegasus and soon gives him a female child whom they name Larshana. He currently has a strong relationship with another chakat, Darkstar, whom he turns to for advice when he takes a career-risking course of action.


Sample art by and copyright to Monica Meza and Kacey Miyagami.

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