Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 13 June 2299
Mother: Sharpears
Sire: Shorttail
Height: 171cm


A chakat with solid black fur and crystal blue eyes. Introduced to Forestwalker by Goldfur, shi became Forest's mate and sired their twin cubs, Snowcloud and Patchwork. Midnight worked for the Star Corps as a scout and first-landing expert. Shi transferred to Star Fleet after becoming den-mate to Admiral Kline and bearing his child, Ember. Shi is currently the Chief of Security aboard the Admiral's flagship, and recently promoted to Commander Third. Hir mother is Sharpears and hir deceased sire was Shorttail. Hir mother has since mated again with Chakat Treadsoft.


Sample art by and copyright to Bridget Wilde and Julie Wondra.

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