Species: Caitian (Kline Hybrid)
Born: 27 January 2333
Gender: Female
Mother: M'Lai
Father: Boyce Kline Jr
Height: 165cm


Larshana's name means "Pink Blossom", and she is the first child borne by M'Lai by her mate, Boyce. Because of her human genes, she grows up to be a little taller than a normal Caitian, and due to her unusual mother as well as her father, somewhat bustier than Caitians normally are, although not so impressively as her mother. Her build is also a bit more solid than the normal willowy Caitians. Larshana grows up respecting Caitian ways, but much prefering Terran ways, unlike her more traditional half-sister, Kayla. She has a whimsical attitude to life, reflected in her dyeing her hair and tail tuft bright pink. Although she goes through the Caitian ritual of adulthood after which she is entitled to be called M'Larshana, she prefers to be known without the honorific.





Sample art by and copyright to Doctor Comet. Used without permission.

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