Species: Caitian
Gender: Female
Born: 14 February 2294
Mother: M'Kraia´taka
Sire: R'Silpurr
Height: 157cm
Eyes: Gold


Rosepetal is an alien leonine female from the planet Cait. Rosepetal is actually her nickname, but one she uses most of the time due to the inability of most non-Caitians to pronounce her real name correctly which roughly translates to mean Petal of the Thorn Flower. Typically of her race, she is lightly built but wiry. Her tail is long, evenly thick and tufted on the end. She stands 5' 2" high (which is tall by Caitian standards), digitigrade, has golden eyes, light brown hair, and tan fur blending to beige on muzzle, throat, chest, belly and inner thighs. She was Admiral Kline's Firstwife and has borne him a female child, Kayla, who is completely Caitian except for the distinctive hazel eyes. She holds the rank of Commander in Star Fleet and is first officer of FSS-2121 Pegasus, and Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Kline. Her specialties are sciences, particularly astrometrics and stellar phenomena. Her other skills include Caitian classical dance (similar to Terran Middle Eastern style).

Rosepetal is the fourth child of her father, R'Silpurr, born to his Secondwife, M'Kraia´taka. She has seven sisters and two brothers, and has had the most successful career of all her sire's progeny, bringing much respect and status to the family. Because of this, there was little opposition to her choosing a human for her mate. As Firstwife, she has the honour and duty of finding other suitable mates for him. By Caitian custom, the males who are heavily outnumbered by females, may have up to six wives. She chose the Rakshani, Zhane, to be his Secondwife.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami and Bernard Doove.

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