(Data applies to both)
Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Male
Born: 22 March 2313
Mother: Kaja
Sire: Broz
Adopted by Victor Hugo

Valjean – Student of Robotics, Dewclaw University (Hardware)

Javert – Student of Robotics, Dewclaw University (Heuristic Programming)


Adopted children of one Victor Hugo, who named his sons Valjean and Javert, as a play on his own name. Victor is curator of the Dixville Noch Collection, a vault full of pop culture artifacts from the 20th & 21st centuries, squirreled away before (and during) the Gene Wars. Heavy exposure to this material during their formative years lead to the brothers developing a disconcerting habit: unexpectedly spouting off tag lines from 250 year old sitcoms and movies no one else has ever heard of. Furthermore, Victor had a very freeform idea about child-rearing. He lived in what amounted to a commune, along with other academicians studying and caring for the collection. At first he kept the brothers in a cardboard box, as if they were puppies, and toilet trained them with a rolled up newspaper. He took them for walks on leashes and invited them to chase balls and sticks he'd throw. He fed them puppy chow, invited them to sit on his lap, and let them sleep at the foot of his bed. Only once they'd grown some did he teach them to sit at the table and eat with utensils. He made it a game: if the boys wanted "people food" they had to eat like people. If they refused he gave them dog food, occasionally mixed with "table scraps". Which wasn't to say he ignored their developing minds; he read to them - mostly books from the collection - and encouraged them to read on their own. He obtained educational software and invited the boys to play it with him. Other members of the commune helped out as well, instructing the boys in other areas. In time Victor decided that Valjean and Javert needed social stimulation; he arranged for them to attend school at a nearby town. That first attempt ended badly; the boys didn't have the discipline for a traditional school environment. After three tries, Victor found a school willing to make some accommodations. When the boys began tutoring other students, Victor invited reps from the other schools so he could gloat. Still, boys are boys: they wanted to run, jump, climb, and fight; they rolled in mud puddles, caught bugs, and indulged in crude bodily humor. Years passed, thing went reasonably well, and then puberty hit. Almost overnight the scrawny little boys became big, muscular young men... and developed a keen interest in the opposite sex. Here again problems cropped up because they were attracted to the Terran girls with whom they'd grown up. They tore through the local female population like a whirlwind, with inevitable consequences given the small, tightly knit community. When their trail of destruction began to involve wives and mothers as well as daughters and girlfriends Victor decided that it might be best to send them away for college. Through his academic contacts Victor managed to secure a collection of grants, loans, and scholarships which, when combined with some money he'd laid back, was enough to send the brothers to Dewclaw University on Chakona. There they pursued their lifelong dream: wall-to-wall partying and robotics. Unfortunately the first goal conflicted with the second and they would have been suspended on several occasions had not Kit helped them through the rough spots.

Sample art by and copyright to Terry Knight.

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