Species: Human (1/4 Sauron)
Gender: Male
Born: 11 June 2312
Mother: Juliana Herbert
Father: Michael Carson


Terran of northern European extraction. Theobald, known as Kit to all his friends, was born on a Voxxan colony world. He and his parents, Michael and Juliana, were the only Terrans in their town. Kit grew up speaking Voxxan like a native and Standard with some difficulty; as a child, he made a fox tail out of fake fur and attached it to his pants. His childhood was difficult, being always the odd man out. In his teen years things got worse; he found himself attracted to Voxxan females but they did not, as a rule, return his interest. Still, he was extremely intelligent and inquisitive, always taking things apart to see how they worked (and occasionally putting them back together). Early on he developed a love of space ships, from consuming vast quantities of science fiction on whatever form he could. So perhaps it was inevitable that he should choose to study starship engineering. He did well in school; because it brought him closer to his dream and because it provided an outlet for his frustrated social energies. He did well enough to earn a scholarship to Star Fleet Academy... but he turned it down when his mother told him that she was half Sauron. Star Fleet security teams had executed his maternal grandmother - a full blood Sauron - and her husband - a regular Terran - had killed himself so that the security teams wouldn't find his daughter, Kit's mother. Kit applied for other scholarships and was granted one by Dewclaw University; he left home and went to Chakona. There he met Valjean and Javert Hugo, a pair of Foxtaur brothers. Kit found himself drawn to them, not only for being vulpine but also when he learned that they'd been raised by a Terran parent, away from other Foxtaurs. In the Hugos, Kit found the social acceptance he craved and Kit's academic ability kept the brothers in school when otherwise they might have flunked out. The relationship may not seem like much but loyalty runs very strong in both directions.

When Kit became involved with Star Dancer, he met Chakat Snowflake. Shi was attracted to his honest concern for Star and a deeper relationship formed, but not before Kit went through some anguish in dealing with his attraction to hir male side as well as hir female endowments.

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