Species: Arctic Fox (Recombinant)
Gender: Female
Height: 155cm (5'1")


Almost always just called Trina, she is an arctic fox morph, plantigrade and possessing fur that changes from pure white in Winter to shades of light brown and white in Summer. She is one of Forestwalker's Lifemates and has taught hir many new skills from her interests in bushwalking and rock-climbing. Her profession is architectural design which she works at in her home office where she prefers working in the nude. After a long time of trying, Trina finally conceived by Kris and bore them a son named Markus. She later becomes co-mates with Leanna to whom she gets pregnant and bears them a herm child named Mica. She has a brother named Mikael.


Sample art by and copyright to Eugene Arenhaus and E.Newkirk.

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