Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Burma
Father: Toetapper
Height: 152cm


Although shi is patterned like a Siamese cat, Chakat Sparks is far from being aloof like those felines. In fact shi is a boisterous and rowdy character with a very earthy sense of humour. It might seem surprising that such an undisciplined character is actually the Chief Engineer of the Star Fleet flagship, F.S.S. Pegasus until you find out that shi has an uncanny knack for all aspects of engineering. Shi earned hir adult name from hir interest in disassembling and reassembling faulty equipment as a teenager, and almost always being able to fix the problem. Shi was snapped up by Star Fleet Academy where shi excelled almost effortlessly in starship systems. Shi rapidly rose through the ranks to be eventually assigned the prize position of Chief Engineer, but never lets hirself get obsessed with the job as so many others do. Shi is the occasional Companion of Chakat Midnight when one or the other feels the need for social interaction with their own kind, but hir best friend is the Caitian Navigator, Murawrr.


Sample art by and copyright to Crescentmoon.

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