Species: Rakshan deity


The Rakshan deities are actually members of an ascended race of beings who previously occupied Raksha before the present Rakshani whom they consider to be their "children" of whom they are very protective. While they do not have a physical presence, they can reveal themselves in various ways. In this scene, the deity has utilised the holographic projectors of the Gwendolyn to create a form for herself to converse with Neal Foster. It's unknown if this was the actual form of the beings before they ascended, but as this is the second known vision in the same type of form from two different deities, it is a strong possibility that they were once a spotted felinoid race. The deities have amazing abilities. One of them is thought to be responsible for the change in Boyce Kline that enabled him to be interfertile with any mammalian species. They cannot travel to other worlds by themselves though, so some have hitched rides on starships, especially the one known as the Traveller who has been a frequent passenger on Neal Foster's Folly.


Sample art by and copyright to Sangluna.

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