Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Veldt breed)
Gender: Herm
Foster Mother: Pond
Foster Sire: Spadespot
Born: 17 November 2289
Eyes: Brown
Height: 182cm


Darktoes is one of a large group of Stellar Foxtaurs who have been training on Chakona to start a colony on the newly opened planet, Arisia. Shi meets a chakat named Browneyes with whom shi falls in love, but Darktoes is committed to hir contract, so they are forced to part. However, Browneyes has already fallen pregnant to Darktoes, but shi doesn't tell hir because shi does not want to ruin the Stellar's career. Shi gives birth to a cub whom shi names Honeymane. Darktoes still keeps in contact with Browneyes, but doesn't know about the cub yet. Missing Browneyes greatly, shi tended to mope and be stand-offish to the other Veldters in hir group, but shi eventually forms a relationship with Quinoa. Close friend of Swimmer, a Marine breed Stellar Foxtaur.


Sample art by and copyright to Mayra Boyle.

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