Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Dancer by the Sea
Sire: Sky
Born: 24 July 2290
Eyes: Green
HEight: 152cm
Weight: 178kg


Calico chakat living on Chakona, studying to be a psychologist. Shi meets a Veldt breed Stellar Foxtaur named Darktoes with whom shi falls in love, but Darktoes is committed to a contract colonising Arisia, so they are forced to part. However, Browneyes has already fallen pregnant to Darktoes, but shi doesn't tell hir because shi does not want to ruin the Stellar's career. Shi gives birth to a cub whom shi names Honeymane. Shi still keeps in contact with Darktoes, but hasn't told hir about the cub yet.


Sample art by and copyright to Mayra Boyle.

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