Species: Amur Tiger
Gender: Herm
Born: 29 July 2300


Chief Security Officer / Physical Trainer for the starship Phoenix. Born and bred in the Russian city of Arkhangelsk where shi learned both the Russian language and the universal Earth language – Terranglo – which shi speaks fluently but with a strong Russian accent. Hir skills are more on the physical side, but shi makes up for any shortcomings with a great degree of thoroughness. Shi has a bias towards hir masculine side, and in social situations with non-herms, tends to see hirself as "one of the boys". Bit of a roughneck as a youth, but settled down a lot after meeting Valentina, eventually marrying hir. Shi sires a daughter named Katarina, and kept promising to be the mother to their next child, but postponed that event for years. Eventually gives birth to Petrushka nearly 13 years after Katarina. Anastasiya later forms a close relationship with Shintaro after the kitsune's wife is murdered, and becomes surrogate parent to Shintaro's child.


Sample art by and copyright to Mayra Boyle.

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