Out of Place, Out of Time, Out of Body
by Admiral Q




Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A. 2040

Luke Harter was walking down a hallway. He was an average human height and figure with brown blown hair with green eyes and 40 years in age. He walked proudly walked through the hallways wearing his uniform. He was chief of security at the Globaltech labs in Minneapolis and took the job seriously checking the various rooms. It was late at night and not his normal shift but this was hardly a normal day. Making sure the various rooms were secure and empty he heads to the main lab. All the scientist and technicians still in the lab complex were there. Luke wasn't sure what they were doing in there but that wasn't his job. As he walked through the labs doors he sees organized chaos as they prepare for the experiment. In the center of it all a large sphere with prongs sticking out of it silently observing those below it like an overseer. Luke finds the head scientist Dr. Xanatos by one of the computer readouts. “Dr. Xanatos, I just checked the complex and besides my guards it's just you guys are here. You can proceed with your test.”

“Thank you Mr. Harter. I'm glad you stayed to help out.”

“If your experiment is as important as they say then you need the best security present. If you don't need anymore things done I'll head for Security Control.” Xanatos dismisses Luke and he heads over to Security Control. A couple minutes later he heads in and finds a couple of his guards manning the stations. Dominating one wall was a large screen divided into smaller pictures showing various parts of the complex. Dominating the screen though was the camera view of the main lab. “Anything unusual to report?” The female guard Miss Sanders responded.

“All quiet except for the scientist and whatever they're working on.”

“Very well, they should be starting soon so keep alert.” And the three of them wait for the show to start.

Meanwhile in the lab Dr. Xanatos prepares to activate the device. If it worked as planned it could be a new cheap source of power for the country. Using new physics and alloys this reactor can generate power output equivalent to the most powerful nuclear plants but with less space and no fear of radiation. After checking with his top assistants that everything was good to go he goes to his station and looks around to his fellow scientists and technicians. “Ladies and gentleman, let this night be the start of a new era.” He then pushes the big red button (yes he wanted a big red button). The reactor starts to hum and pulse as it powers up. A technician reads his displays and reports.

“Power levels look stable. It's starting to generate power.” Xanatos smiles as his dream comes to fruition.

Luke watched as the experiment runs its course and Xanatos looks as happy as a clam. He pours himself some coffee to help him keep awake. “Uh, Chief!” One of the guards says with a twinge of fear. Turning around to the screens he sees the device to start shooting lighting bolts around and the scientists are rushing around in a panic. Luke goes over to the intercom and activates it. “Doc, what's going on?”

“WE'RE HAVING A HUGE POWER SPIKE! WE'RE TRYING TO BRING IT UNDER CONTROL!” Luke continued to observe a disaster taking place. Turning on the sound for the lab as lighting bolts increased as from the sounds the scientists are trying to cut power to turn it off. After five minutes things get worse and the Security Control was sending out warnings about power surges. Not likely what was happening Luke reluctantly but with determination goes to the intercom and selects the hear all option.

“Now hear this Evacuate the complex. ALL PERSONEL EVACUATE THE COMPLEX!” The computer hearing this order activates the klaxon that everybody can hear and knows what to do. Guards throughout the complex abandon their posts as ordered grab a vehicle and head into the city. The lab it self was in an abandoned suburb of the city thus innocent casualties were not an issue. Going to the guards in the room he orders. “Go on get out of here. I'll make sure the eggheads get out.”

“Be careful chief.” They say as they head out. Looking back at the screen most of the eggheads have left getting into any vehicle they can find. Luke leaves the room for the last time never to see it again.

Upon getting to the main lab he sees that only Xanatos and a few of his aides were still there. Luke goes to each of them. “Come on we have to get out of here, NOW MOVE!” He forces them from there posts and the reluctantly follow his orders. “Come on doc you too.” Xanatos's hands fly over the console as he replies.

“Wait I can get this under control to shut it down I just need a few more minutes.” Luke frowns at the doctor but he goes to his walkie as the bolts continue to increase.

“Bill is everyone out?”

“Except for you and Xanatos sir, hurry up!” Turning it off tell the doctor.

“Okay doc I'll give you a few more minutes before we go.” The doctor absently nods and he tries to reclaim his dream. After a few minutes it appears he's not making much Progress as the bolts hit things making them disappears. Then a bolt narrowly misses Luke. “Okay doc that's it we're leaving.” He grabs the doctor and forces him to the door. As Luke pushes him through the doors a bolt hits the security chief. Xanatos watches in horror as Luke screams in unimaginable pain as the bolt arcs through him before he disappears in a white light. Xanatos looks to where Luke was for a minute before slamming his fist to the wall.

“I'm sorry Luke. I'll make this right somehow.” He then races to the vehicle bay honoring Luke's last command. As he races away the complex explodes leaving only a crater to Luke's memory.


New Minneapolis, Minnesota, G.N.A. 2332

An alarm wakes Medallion up from a very restful sleep. Well another day has arrived. Shi gets up and stretches. Shi's a lion pattered chakat of thirty years with deep gold fur red human like hair and what's unique to any chakat, red eyes. A chakat like hir is a unique taur species. Created to be the ultimate survivalist by Institute of New Generation Genetics, they have incredible healing and senses. To help with survivability they'll need to reproduce fast so all of hir kind are hermaphrodites which Medallion thanks the Makers everyday for. She stretches in a way only felines can and proceeds to hir bathroom to have a shower. Shi then has breakfast enjoying the meal and the house shi lives in. Until a few months ago shi lived with hir parents till shi earned the money to get hir own place. While shi has enjoyed the decent space to hirself shi does have plans to share it with future mates, heck already a good companion of hir's Coaldust wanted to move in loving the place and the nice backyard behind which is better than hir apartment. They've discussed it and Medallion wouldn't mind hir companion sharing the place. Medallion believes it's only a matter of time before they become denmates, so probably in a month shi'll have company. After breakfast she puts on a halter top and belt pouch for work. Shi gets into hir personal transport vehicle or PTV for short and heads to the spaceport. She worked at a small store on the gateway station for Earth and as such needed to use the transporter to get up to it. Shi says hello to the transporter operator Carol Longfoot, a female wolf morph. The previous group just finished beaming and Medallion was heading towards the pad when strange bolts appear. Both shi and Carol are confused to as what's going on. Carol looking over the controls not initially seeing anything wrong but reading a power surge. The bolts increase until one huge one appears and from it emerge a figure. The brightness fades and Medallion sees a human male in some kind of uniform, his face showing signs of pain and energy arcs through his body. Without thinking only feeling his pain through hir empathic senses shi rushes to him and as shi touches him the arcs increase and shi feels intense pain and shi, the human disappears as the transporter activates without command. Carol calls for help as she tries to figure out what just happened. In minutes other technicians and some medics arrive and try to go over things. The bolts have stopped since the transport and they go over the device. “Okay I've got Medallion and she finishes the transport which reacts normally and soon a dazed Medallion chakat emerges. The medic rush up to hir scanning hir vitals as shi walks off the pad. “Medallion you okay?” Carol asks.

“Yeah just a little dizzy, what about the human?” Carol looks back at the controls.

“Well I'm reading another mind in the matrix but I'm not seeing any other pattern but yours.” She and the other techs spend more minutes trying to find solutions to the problem. At one point Carol slams her fist on the edge of the controls. “There's just no other pattern in here and we're running out of time!” Medallion who stayed partially for the medics has been watching what's been going on and decides to interrupt.

“Carol what's the problem?”

“We don't have his body's pattern in the memory and if we don't finish his transport soon we'll lose him.”

“So you need a body pattern?” Carol nods.

“Then use mine.”


“You still have my pattern right?”

“Yes, but the big problem is the mass. You have more mass than him.” Still Carol checks the controls again and is surprised. “Weird there's more mass in there than I thought.”

“Enough for my idea?”

“Maybe.” Carol looks at the chakat “Are you sure about this? If this works you'll basically have a twin.”

“If it's the only way to save him then yes.” Carol nods and takes a deep breath.

“Okay people I'm beaming him out using Medallion's pattern get ready.” She finishes the second transport and a second Medallion appears and collapses to the floor of the pad clearly unconscious. “Okay let's get him..eerrr hir to the hospital.” Meanwhile Medallion comms her work place saying shi'll not be showing up Ďfamily emergency'.




Luke groans as he wakes up and sees a ceiling. From the looks it's a ceiling of a hospital. 'The doc must have gotten me out.' He closes his eyes as he tries to sit up before a voice says. "Easy you've had a rough time already.”

He opens his eyes again and sees an image that shocks him. A small lion face in front of his face. "Aaahhhh!” He tries to back away but his body feels weird, longer and with too many limbs. As one of his arms comes in front of his face he receives another shock. His arm has gold fur on it with claw like nails and besides from some muscle definition was feminine. He takes both his hands ignoring the voice trying to calm him down and puts them both to his face and he feels a muzzle and hair. He then sees his lower torso which looked a lot like a feline body until it gets to the neck area were it goes to a more human like torso but covered with fur. Then he felt bumps high on his chest and sees....... breasts.

Medallion watches as hir new double faints after seeing shi possessed breasts. A nurse finally came in and asked what happened. "Shi woke up and didn't take the change well.” The nurse goes over and checks out the new chakat.

"Well the vitals are normal for a chakat so I'll let you be.” Medallion nods and the nurse leaves Medallion gets up and strokes hir doubles hair away from hir face. "Well your reaction will mean this is going to be hard but I can't blame you.”

Luke wakes up again and sees that face again and groans. "Please don't freak out again.” That voice asks.

"Wha appen tho me?” Medallion could barely understand hir but shi had a good guess what shi asked.

"There was a transporter accident and your body's pattern was gone. Left with no choice we used mine to save your life.”

"Wha? Oo compely los me. Wha's a ansporer?” Medallion frowned. Hir double has having trouble speaking, obviously not use to a muzzle. Then shi notice a notepad and pen. Shi grabs them and hands them to hir double. Hir double's look needed no translation as it says 'thank you' and shi begins writing. Medallion sits on hir haunches patiently as hir double writes. A human Star Corps commander comes through the door causing hir double to pause and looks.

"Don't mind me continue.” The new chakat returns to hir writing. To Medallion he asks, "What's going on?”

"Shi's having trouble speaking, not used to a muzzle so to avoid some frustration for the moment shi's writing down hir questions.” When hir double finally finishes shi hands in back to medallion and it reads.

Who and what are you?

Where am I?

And what's a transporter in layman's terms please?

And who's that you just came in?

"I'm Chakat Medallion, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. I'm a chakat a feline taur species. Strange you haven't heard of us, you must be from a very isolated area.”

"And I'm Commander Rand Antilles of the Star Corps. I'm in charge of the spaceport near here and you're at the North Memorial Hospital in New Minneapolis. And a transporter is a device that coverts people into plasma and data to be sent to a ship, station, or ground. What's your name?” Medallion hands back the pad and the double writes again before handing it back.

I'm Luke Harter.

You're transporter sounds like something out of Star Trek and New Minneapolis, Star Corps? Are you pulling my leg there? I never heard of those cities. I live in Minneapolis and as far as I know there's no new in the name.

Both Medallion and Antilles look at each other with confused looks. The commander recovers first. "Um, what date is it today?”

August 20th, 2040

" Shir it's May 1st 2332.” If it was physically possible Luke's jaw would have hit the floor.2332! That's nearly 300 years in the future. He bites his hand much to the surprise of Medallion and Antilles. Ouch! That hurt but it didn't wake me up. Which means this isn't a nightmare. At least not one from a dream. The cat rush to his side and checked his hand.

"Are you okay?”

"Am I okay? Am I Okay!? Ib been ransformed ino a animal and sen ino tha future. How woub you feel?” Medallion winced at the animal bit but bearing that this has to be shocking to Luke and the fact that if shi's to be believed shi's from the time were morphs were just coming around so shi would have a different view. Luke looks down to the floor trying to come to grips with what's happened to him the door opens again and a nurse came in. "Oh good you're awake. We can do your physical now.” Looking at the commander she continues. "Sorry commander but that was the doctor's orders.”

"I'm not going to argue with the doctor. I'll continue this another time but I can start looking in the records for your family Mr. Harter.”

"Thanks sir.” One of the few clear sentences to come out of Luke's mouth yet. Luke then tries to climb out of the bed but his extra limbs cause him trouble and he falls off the bed. Medallion and the nurse help him up and he tries to walk but keeps stumbling. He's keep up right by Medallion as the nurse leads the way. Luke then spends a couple hours going through a physical therapy session with some success. He doesn't stumble as much anymore but he isn't graceful either. Commander Antilles meets them afterwards.

"Well we haven't found your family yet Mr. Harter but still looking. Meanwhile the doctors think you should stay here for further examination.” Medallion snorts at that.

"All they'll discover is that shi's a healthy chakat. Not what shi needs right now.”

"What do you suggest then?”

"Well until we can figure out how to get hir body back shi needs to learn how to be a chakat and who better then the one shi got the body from?”

"Well we still need hir to have some psychiatric help and more therapy for hir body.”

"They can do it at my place.” Antilles nods then looks at the transformed human.

"How do you feel about this idea?”

"I goch nowher else cho go. Ich be becher than schaying here.” Thankfully his speech has gotten better so they no longer need the notepad. Medallion then takes Harter's arm.

"Come on let's take you to my place.” Medallion slowly leads hir double through the hospital Luke barely paying attention to the surroundings but on walking. Thus to his surprise he felt something get squished and yelped in pain before trying to twirl around causing him to fall. Growling more from the frustration than the pain he and Medallion look to see his tail caught in the door causing Luke to facepalm.

"It's okay Luke.” Shi frees his tail and hands it to him. "Here hold this for now.” Shi then hands him the tail and he has his first good look at it. Most of it has the pure gold fur that most of Medallion's body has but at the tip it's a bright red. Medallion helps him up and they walk to an interesting looking car. As big as an SUV but looking a lot more stable. It reminded him of the old Hummers that were famous when he was born. A very large door opens up to reveal some cushions instead of seats. Clearly this car was designed for four legged beings. Medallion helps him into the passenger cushion. "Comfy?” The strange feline asks. He just nods and she shuts the door and heads to the driver's side. Luke gets to check out the dash as a result. The dash had a small screen various buttons which one said radio. It had a standard steering wheel and a black area behind it where the speedometer and fuel gauge usually are. Medallion gets in and starts the car and they finally leave the hospital grounds. Luke checks out the view and is saddened. He doesn't recognize one building in the skyline but he does spot the famous double arcs of McDonalds and feeling hungry he turns to ask Medallion to stop there where he receives another shock. HER HANDS WERE OFF THE WHEEL! She was playing with what appeared to be a tablet.

"Aren'ch you supposed cho be DRIVIN!” She looks and smirks at him and replies.

"Don't worry the AI's got it. We're completely safe.” Luke continues to stare at her with a dropped jaw then looks at the dash board again. It was light up with numbers representing speed and a battery icon with an F and E at both ends. Above it all flashing was the words Auto pilot engaged. Remembering his question, he asks her to stop there.

"No problem that would hold us till supper.” She disengages the AI and they get their meals. They eat it as the PTV heads home. Although he got his favorite order and it felt good and thankfully tasted the same, if anything else better but it wasn't as filling as it use to be.

Finally the trip ends in the suburbs of New Minneapolis to a decent size single story house. "Nice house.”

"You haven't seen the inside yet.” Medallion opens the door and Luke gets his first looks at the inside. He notice a large number of couches then normal and significantly less chairs most of them around a dinning room table. Medallion takes the remains of their lunch and heads to the kitchen to toss them. Luke was checking out the entertainment system when he heard a door open. Figuring it was Medallion entering another room he continued his examination when furred hands wrap around his shoulders and a feminine voice that WASN'T Medallion's spoke.

"So what music are you in the mood for honey?” Luke immediately turns his head to see another feline head, this one covered with black and dark gray pattern fur with blue eyes. "Give us a kiss honey.” And before Luke could object the other feline passionately kisses him. Luke couldn't help feeling something stir within him. After a long minute the feline breaks the kiss and steps back a bit. "So I heard you skipped work for a family emergency...?” Before she can continue Medallion steps into the living room. "What the HECK! Dallie, there's two of you.” The real Medallion answers hir. "This was the family emergency. There's was an accident at the spaceport and Luke Harter here lost his body and my pattern was still in the memory so we used my body to save his life.”

"Oh, you poor dear.” The other feline hugs Luke. "Sorry for earlier, I bet that stressed you out.”

"Ich's alrighch an easy mischake.” The other feline breaks off.

"Well let me introduce myself. I'm Chakat Coaldust, Child of Snowboard and Nightsky.”

" Please cho meet you Coaldusch and for the fuchure for you both I'm schraighch.” With a confused look Coaldust asks him "What does that have to do with anything?”

"Well you chwo are obvioussly lovers and since your female I jusch wanched thach ouch in the open.”

Medallion shakes hir head. "Luke hon, we're not females we're hermaphrodites.”

"Huh?” The two chakats look at each other and nod. They then face each other and lift their hind legs to revel their sheaths. Luke stared in wonderment at the sight as Medallion explains. "Our kind was designed to be survivalist and among those features was to make us herms to we can quickly reproduce.” Luke proclaim his amazement and the trio spend the next couple hours going over what chakats can do. During that Luke finally got a hand on his speech and he could be clearly understood. Eventually a significant question was asked by Coaldust. "So Luke tell us your experience with morphs. I want to see if the history books have it right.”

"Morphs?” Luke asks totally confused.

"You know genetically engineered species like us. Morph is a term used for all the beings scientists made. They were around during the 2040's.” Luke shakes his head.

"I never heard of anything like you and as a lab security chief I would have heard something.” Their stomachs start to grumble and Coaldust comments.

"Looks like it's dinnertime. I'll get right on it.” Shi gets up and heads to the kitchen leaving the new twins to themselves.

"I guest Coaldust is the cook in the house.”

"When she visits you bet. I get a great cook for only the cost of the food and some sex.”

"Visits? You mean she doesn't live here?”

"Not yet, we've been planning on it but it hasn't happen yet.”

"Oh, well why is a guest cooking?”

"Well I'm a decent cook, but I'm no match for a profession restaurant cook.”

"OOOHHHH.” Luke understanding completely.

They have a hearty meal where Luke learns that Coaldust is one of the cooks for a independent restaurant and he defiantly sees the talent or more correctly tastes the talent. "I noticed Medallion that you and I like the same stuff.” Commented Luke.

"Well your in a copy of my body so we would have the same taste buds.”

"Right so I'll have to see if my favorite foods still are.” he says downcast. Being empathic both chakats sensed his depression. "Um, where's the bathroom? I have to go.”

"This way I have to go to.” And Medallion shows him to a bathroom with the largest tub he's ever seen as well as the largest toilet. Luke sits down on the toilet when he discovers he has a new problem. He can't get his penis to extend. Knowing Medallion was outside the door he swallowed what pride he had left.

"Medallion could you help me a bit?” The door opens and Medallion peaks hir head through.

"With what?” With a sheer look of anguish he answers.

"I can't get my penis to extend.” Medallion winces when shi hears that then comes in and reaches underneath his lower belly and puts pressure on a couple of points. Luke feels his penis extend as Medallion says.

"Okay let loose.” And Luke did sighing in relief. After his business was done he gets up and turns to Medallion.

"Thank you.”

"You're welcome, but we better make that among the first things to get train on.”

“Definitely.” Luke leaves to let Medallion attend hir business.

The three of them take care of the dishes until Luke started yawning. "You've had one heck of a day Luke.?edallion comments. "I'll take you to your room.?hi leads him down the main hallway and puts him in one of the spare den rooms. Luke sees a mattress, shelving and a decent closet.

"I don't see a blanket.” Luke comments.

"You have fur, you don't need one.”

"Can I at least keep the shirt on?” Luke grabs the t-shirt that was also copied during the accident. Medallion nods and starts to close the door when Luke says. "Medallion, thanks for putting up with me.” Medallion smiles and replies.

"It's my pleasure Luke, good night.” Shi finally closes the door.

Medallion meets Coaldust in the living room. "How is shi?” Coaldust asks.

"For now hanging in there, but who knows if that will last.” Coaldust nods to that and looks in the direction of Luke's room.

"The weirdest thing is that he has no knowledge of morphs. Us I can understand but morphs? He was around ten years before the Gene Wars and it took longer than ten years to get that insanity started.”

"I'm afraid that the answer to that will mean more trouble.”

"I better start moving in tomorrow Dallie. Luke and you are going to need help.” Medallion could only nod at that.

Meanwhile Luke tries to fine a position that comfortable. What a day! Start it as a human in 2040, end it as this chakat in 2332. Not to mention awake for at least 18 hours really took a toll. Sleep final overcomes Luke as he starts dreaming of home.




Medallion stretches and yawns from a restful sleep. Shi looks over to find where Coaldust slept empty. “Must be cooking breakfast.” Not bothering with a top shi walks out and heads towards the kitchen already smelling a great breakfast. Peaking hir head around the corner she spots hir companion in front of the stove with an apron on. “You know you donít have to cook all the time Coal, though it does smell good.” Coal looks over, smiles, and replies.

“But I like cooking especially to lovers.” Before the conversation can continue the house AI interrupts.

“Call coming from local Star Corps Offices.” Medallion heads for the vid phone. Shi activates it.

“Hello Chakat Medallion here.” The screen reveals Commander Antilles.

“Hello Medallion, howís Mr. Harter?”

“Sleeping right now and talking better. I am worried about hir though. I have work to get to today as does my Companion so shi would be alone.”

“Good thing I called now. Iíve been talking with your work and worked out a deal. You will stay home to assist Mr. Harter as you can while we pay you the same salary as your work while they hire an intern to take your place.”

“Thanks a lot Commander.”

“Well youíre helping us with this. I also called to say the therapist and a counselor are heading over this afternoon to look at Mr. Harter unless thatís too early?”

“Nope Iíll be sure shiís up for it.”

“Good Iíll stay in contact then, goodbye.” And the vid goes to the end call screen. Medallion heads to the dinning room as Coal places the meals down.

“Heard the conversation I say that makes things easier.”

“Oh yes it does now we just have to help hir through hir change.”

“Speaking of which whenís your next heat or rut?”

“My rutís in a few weeks why?”

“Shi has your body remember so if your in rutÖ”

“Shiís in rut.” Shi faceplams. “How could I forget that?” Coal pats hir hand.

“You have a lot on your plate right now. You just got a new sister. Good thing Iím going to start moving my stuff in tonight.”

“But what about your place you still have a couple months let in the lease?”

“Iíll continue to pay. Luke is more important.” They finish their breakfast in silence before Coal left to get some of hir stuff. Around eleven Coal tells Medallion. “Dallie I'm going to check on our guest before I head out.”

“Okay.” Shi heads down the hallway to the guest room and opens it to get quite a site. Luke sans the T-shirt Medallion gave hir staring at hit reflection while shi holds hir breasts. Coal notices through the reflection that Luke's nipples were erect and it took a lot of will for Coal not to giggle at Luke's look. Luke then turns hir body and lifts a hindleg. Obviously to view hir malehood.

“Well at least I still have that and it's even bigger.” Luke mutters even more understandable than before.

“It's certainly given me pleasure in the past.” Coal finally says. Luke rips around around to see Coal standing the doorway with a surprise look before remembering hir bare breasts and moves hir arms to cover them causing Coal to giggle again.

“HAVEN”T YOU HEARD OF KNOCKING!?” Luke says with anger. With her empathic talents Coal senses that she might have gone too far and loses hir amusement.

“Sorry Luke. We Chakats are very informal in are nature so it's common when at home not to knock and such unless it's the bathroom. Now I'm about to head for work and wondered if you wanted brunch first?” Lukes anger fades from hir features and a loud rumble comes from her stomachs. Coal couldn't help but laugh. “I'll take that as a yes to get ready and head to the dinning room.” Shi turns to leave and make a large but quick brunch.

Luke watches hir go and couldn't help but notice good her lower torso looked, having a fondness for cats this reaction wasn't hard. Shaking his new head he mutters to himself. “Snap out of it man shi already has a girlfriend with Medallion so no stealing. Besides she wouldn't be interested in a klutz like me especially if I get to be human again.” Donning his shirt he heads to the door with a hand on the wall. While doing the morning stretch somehow helped him feel the body better. Slowly he makes his way to the dinning room antil Medallion notices him and gives him a hand the rest of the way. Thanking hir for the help he sits down as Coaldust sets out plates full of eggs bacon and pancakes. Shaking his head at the amount he says. “I still have to get use to the fact I have a bigger stomach.” He then chows down.

“Well I'm off to work see you both tonight.” Shi lick-kissed Medallion on the muzzle and heads out. Medallion watches hir leave before looking back at hir twin. “Commander Antilles called while you were asleep. He sending some people over to help me with your adjustment.” Luke looks down at his now furred hands.

“Iím reduced to the helplessness of a child.” He feels a hand on his back and looks to see Medallion there with a sympathetic look on her face.

“Not permanently Luke, thatís why Iím here.” Feeling a call from his bladder he smirks at her and says.

“Well since youíre here to help, mind helping me with the bathroom again?” Medallion groans but soon both of them are chuckling as they head to the bathroom.

The two then sit in the living room watching tv, mainly the news for Lukeís sake. After a bit Luke just had to ask. “So the United States no longer exists?”

“Hasnít since the start of the Gene Wars where it was split in two.”

“Maybe you should start at the beginning.”

“Well the 2020ís saw the start of the morphs combining human and animal DNA successfully. It quickly lead to the making of slave morphs especially sex slaves. By the 2040ís a growing rift was happening in the human race, those for slavery and those who thought morphs as these hybrid beings were called should have the same rights as humans. In 2050 the war breaks out with the battle of Hoover Dam and in days the US government as you would know it ceased to exist. The war was brutal and lasted for 40 years before ended in favor of the Pro morph side and everyone began rebuilding. We live in the Greater North America which consists of most of the old USA and Canada.”

“Most of the US?” Medallion nods and continues.

“Most the south eastern part calls itself the Holy Christian Kingdom of North America. Its government is a version of Catholic theism that for the most part believes that because we morphs were created by man we have no soul so essentially treated as second class citizens there.” Luke interrupts.

“I prove that idea false.”

“Yes you do. Quebec is also independent of GNA no different than here. The GNA and the other nations are all part of the United Nations of Terra World Government which is based in New Zealand since it and Australia were in the best condition after the war. In 2111 the project that created chakats was started.”

“Why are you called that?”

“For our creators Charles and Katherine Turner using the first part of their names you get cha and kat thus chakat.”

“Makes sense.”

“We were design with survival in mind so we heal fast. With the right conditions we can regrow a limb. We can eat things that are poisonous to humans and other morphs. We were made hermaphrodites so we could populate fast. Imagine a couple producing two children with in months, hence why we are preferred for colonizing. The first of us was born in 2129 and we been growing since. Also we began exploring the stars during this time. In 2135 we meant the Caitian race. They're a cat like race with more paw like hands and average around 5 feet. In 2141 we meant the Voxxans who are in essence anthro foxes. In 2158 we meant and nearly went to war with the Raskani. A race made up of 7 feet tall felines resembling tigers. While we have meant other races these 3 plus us terrans form the core of the Stellar Federation. A generally peaceful power we've been a part of since then. And that's history in a nutshell.” Luke shakes his head.

“I don't get it. I come from 2040 and have never heard of morphs or anything like them and as a security chief for a lab complex I would have. Scientist's gossip is only beaten by women's gossip.” Medallion laughs at that comment before going serious.

“I know what you mean and I'm afraid of the implications.” A knock on the door interrupts them. Medallion opens the door to see a human and a chakat. The human wore the stereotypical white coat but no glasses. He smiled at medallion and offered his hand. “Hi I'm Tony Clauson and this is Chakat Breaks-A-Leg.”

“I'm Chakat Medallion, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. Please come in.” The chakats hug each other in their traditional greeting. The three of them walking into the living room and they see their charge.

“So this must be Luke Harter, Hi I'm Chakat Breaks-A-Leg, child of Cliffjumper and Riverswimmer.”

“Please tell me that name is a joke?” Luke asks.

“Nope I broke a lot of limbs when I was young so it stuck and thus got into physical therapy.”

“Oh great.” he says dejectedly as the human approaches.

“I'm Dr. Tony Clauson a transporter researcher.” Looking back to Medallion. “Is there a place where we go do are thing in private?”

“Follow me.” Medallion leads them to a vacant room shi planned to use as a kids room in time. “How's this?”

“Great.” Breaks-A-Leg answers. Dr. Clauson goes first unpacking his computer and scanner. He scans Luke for a minute before heading over to his computer and connecting the two. In couple of minutes he frowns and shuts it down.

“Sorry Mr. Harter no quick fixes today. None of my theories work but I haven't given up yet.”

“Thanks for trying doc?” The doctor smiles.

“No problem it's a new puzzle for me to solve though I wish you did have to suffer for me to have it.” The docotor says his goodbyes and leaves with Medallion showing him the door. When shi returned shi asks if Breaks wanted hir out of the room for this.

“Nope.” Breaks answers. “I might need help and Luke can always use the moral support. So Luke what should we start with?'

“How about being able to walk on my own and...” He pauses and actually blushes.

“What is it Luke?” Breaks asks.

“Well also ...to be able to use the bathroom on my own.” His blush gets redder.

“That's nothing to be ashamed of Luke that actually common in my work so lets be gin with...” The three of them spend the next few hours going through the therapy.

Coal returns home with more of hir stuff about six o'clock and sees a female deer morph approaching the house in a T-shirt and dress shorts. The deer notices hir and greets hir. “Hi is this Medallion's residence?”

“Yes it is, I'm Chakat Coaldust, child of Snowboard and Nightsky.”

“Dr. Whitetail.” Coaldust unlocks the door for them both. “Dallie I'm home.” They hear a door open and Medallion comes out with a more stable Luke followed by Breaks.

“Good timing Coal we were about to have dinner.” Shi looks over to breaks. “you're welcome to join us.”

“Love to.” Breaks answers. White introduces herself and joins them in the dinner which medallion makes for a change. Whitetail observes Luke during the meal seeing how he reacts to things. After dinner Breaks heads home and Whitetail and Luke head into his room for their session. Medallion and Coaldust watch tv till two hours later when Whitetail emerges.

“How's shi's doing?” Medallion asks.

“Heís trying to rebuild himself. What would help is if you two refer to hir as him. Body wise he is a herm but up here.” She taps her head. “Heís a male so until heís given a his body back or accepts his new body it will help his image which is heavily damaged.”


“Buy I think this session went well but I wonít be surprised if heís asleep. You two have a good night and hereís my number.” After trading numbers Whitetail leaves the house and Coaldust checks on Luke. Shi finds hir..erm him sprawled on the mattress clearly asleep. Coaldust walks over and pets Lukeís hair. “Sleep well Luke.”




The next day Luke woke up and stretched and yawned. He felt a little more in tuned with this body and the therapy help. While defiantly not graceful yet at least he didn't have to use the walk as a crutch...much anyway. Walking into the dining room he spots his roommates eating breakfast.

“Sorry for disappearing like that. The sessions took a lot out of me.”

“That's okay Luke we understand. You hungry?” Coaldust replies. Luke nods and Coaldust gets up. “I'll make another serving go have a seat.” Luke does as shi asked and Medallion asks.

“So did you sleep well?”

“As can be expected. At least no real nightmares anyway.” Their conversation is interrupted when Commander Antilles called and ask Luke for his parents names. He gives them along with his mothers maiden name. Bidding them a good day he ends the call just ask Coaldust finishes Luke breakfast and the trio eat with some small talk.

Over the next couple of weeks a routine forms. Everyday Breaks-A-Leg arrives for Luke physical therapy as Medallion shows him how to use modern technology. Once a week Dr. Whitetail came to help Luke adjust mentally to his change. They did have a meet where Luke went over to what happened on his end to the incident in the lab and general history of the time. A week later Antilles came to the house for a meeting. “Well Mr. Harter we have come to the conclusion that you aren't from our history rather from a parallel Earth. We found your mother through her maiden name. She was killed in Operation Desert Storm when she through herself on a grenade. She received the Medal of Honor for that. We did find mentions of your father's family but they were killed during the Gene Wars.”

“So I have no family at all?”

“I'm sorry Mr. Harter that I don't have better news on that front. The scientists are still trying to find a way to get your body back and send you home. I thought you deserve to hear that in person.”

“Thank you commander.” He nods and leaves and the chakats sense Luke's deep sadness and use their talents to soothe him.

“Luke I can call Dr. Whitetail if you need me to.” Medallion states. Luke shakes his head and replies. “I just need to be alone right now.”

“Well call us if you need anything.” He nods wordlessly and retreats to his room and sobs for the lost of his family. His mother was an only child so both sides don't exist anymore.

The chakats feel his mourning and felt helpless to fix it.

The next week Luke had to deal with his first rut. Thankfully in his mind this made him only really horny and managed to take care of it himself. Coaldust meanwhile search around for an item shi thought might cheer Luke up. After a week of looking shi found it and ordered it. When it arrived shi wrapped it up and presented it to him that evening. “What's this?” He asked. Coal grinned and replied.

“Open it and find out.” He started unwrapping it and found a blue cloth like material with a white star on it held together with a white rope. Untying the rope he unravels it more to reveal the old Stars and Stripes. Luke looks at Coal with and unsaid question. “it took me some time to find someone who makes and sells old flags and luckily he had one in storage. I though with the news you got recently that you needed a tie to your past.”

“Thank you Coaldust.”

“You're welcome now lets get this up in your room.” The old American flag took up one wall but it looked great there and the chakats felt some happiness from the transformed human.

A few days later Luke was in a session with Whitetail and Medallion was going over the stores inventories. While still on leave shi tries to stay up to date for shi will eventually return to hir job. Hir studies are interrupted by the comm. Shi walks over to the vid screen and answers. Shi sees hir older sister Crisscross, named for hir unusual patterned stripes.

“Hey sis, hope your ready for Friday?”

“Hey cross but what's on for Friday?” Cross snorts and replies.

“Why the birthing party of course!” Medallion puts hir hand on hir forehead and leans back.

“Drat I completely forgot.”

“HOW CAN YOU FORGET MY BIRTHTHING PARTY!” Medallion then explains Luke's situation. Crisscross is normally on a cargoship as hir career and has been out of contact range for hir to know about it. “The poor dear!” Cross finally says after hearing everything. “No wonder you would be pre occupied, but now we have a new issue then. The party canít be changed this late.”

“Iíll talk with Luke on it and let you know.” The two sisters then had some small talk to catch up a bit before ending the call.

A couple of hours later Whitetail and Luke emerge from his room and see the deer out. Medallion noted he was getting better at walking and he has full control of his tail now. “Hey Luke we have something to discuss.”

“Whatís up?”

“Your situation made me forget something important and sadly will leave you ill prepared. My sister is coming here to have her birthing party because shiís usually on a freighter which isnít a proper place and my parentís place is being renovated so my place was the only one available for it.”

“What does this all entail?”

“Well my sister will be here soon to be followed by family and friends invite to witness the birth of hir daughter.”

“What! You mean you know then a child will be born and you donít do it in a hospital?”

“Yes we were design to have a good idea when our children will be born give or take a few days and we were design to have an easy birth so we prefer doing it at a home with a midwife and family.”

“So thereís going to be tons of people here?”

“Yes, is that going to be a problem?”

“Not sure, Iím going to try but please explain our situation and I may need to hide if it gets too much.”

“Of course, you can retreat to your room. However while some wonít be staying the night a lot will so you will need to share.”

“Only if itís you and Coaldust I donít think I can handle anyone else right now.”


The next day Crisscross arrived with hir mate a male cattaur named Max Swatcat. Shi hugs hir sister and Coaldust before looking at Luke. “My you are a dead ringer for my sister. My nameís Crisscross child of Fireblaze and Sunspot.” Shi holds out hir hand. Luke Gladly shakes it.

“Luke Harter.” Cross then moves to let hir mate see Luke.

“Luke this is my mate Max Swatcat.”

“Swatcat? I remember my mom talking about an old cartoon with that name.”

“My family has a long line of cartoon fanatics.” Max rolls his eyes and Luke chuckles. They spent most of the day talking and Luke got to know his roommates sister and brother-in-law as they got to know him. Luke also called Breaks-A-Leg to cancel their session the next couple of days. When shi asked why he explained. “Congrats for hir sister, well see you later.” Later that day Luke asks Coaldust.

“Why do you refer to siblings as sisters considering yourÖum gender?”

“Well since outwardly we look female we took those titles for siblings and children.”

“Ah, makes sense.”

Eventually Friday came around and the first to arrive was Fireblaze and Sunspot. Fireblaze had orange fur on hir front going steadily darker until it goes dark red on her hindquarters and shi had blond hair to top it all off. Sunspot meanwhile was all tan except for hir breast area where shi had a black spot with an orange outline around it and red hair. The two parents quickly hug their daughters then look at Luke. “So this is our new daughter.” Sunspot opens hir arms for a hug and Luke backs off. Sunspot frowns and Medallion whispers into hir ear. Sunspot nods and drops the hug pose and extends hir hand for a shake. “My apology Luke, As far as me and Fire are concerned you are our daughter and we want to support you.” He takes hir hand and replies.

“Apology excepted though pleased donít call me your daughter. I appreciate the gesture but Iím not ready for that.”

“Okay but I hope one day you might.”

“I do have a question though. Crisscross is your daughter yet she looks nothing like the two of you?”

“Thatís the wackiness of our kind, the fur pattern can be completely random. While some can look related to their parents like Medallion, others can be completely different.”

“Weird but fascinating Sunspot.”

As the day wore on Luke got to meet Medallionís friends and relatives. And they being feline in nature were curious about him as well. Eventually he felt overwhelmed and started heading for his room. Coaldust sees him and intercepts him. “Too much?” He nods. “Okay, you want me to get you when shi gets contractions?”

“Yeah, Iím still interested in that.” Coal let continue on to his room. The party continued until Cross yelped as shi experienced hir first contraction. Everybody starts heading to the room designated for the birthing and Coal grabs Luke.

“Oh Luke thereís one thing you have to do.”

“And whatís that?” Instead of answering verbally Coaldust instead grabs the bottom of his shirt and before he could act lift it off leaving him topless. “WHAT was that for!?” Coaldust smirks at him admiring the view those she sees it regularly with Medallion there was something different with Lukeís. Shi didnít know what since they Medallionís but there was something.

“We have a custom to be naked when a child is born to value the innocents shi has and the security of milk.”

“Do I have to?” Coaldust gets up right to him nose to nose.


“Youíre enjoying this arenít you?” Coaldust just grins. Sigh Luke continues on but with his arms crossed to cover his breasts and they walk into the room. Crisscross laid on a large cushion with Max supporting hir. A black and white patterned chakat was by Crisscross nether region.

“Thatís Chessboard the clans midwife.” Luke nods in understanding. Now while Crisscrosses labor wasnít a simple pop out baby it did seem much easier then when his niece was born. Max proudly displayed his daughter to everyone then he drank from Crisscrosses breasts then another chakat with black fur with a crescent moon in bright yellow caressing hir left breast. “Thatís Yellowmoon a shipmate of theirs and has agreed to help feed the daughter since Max is a male.” Luke gave Coaldust a confused look. “Chakat babies need a certain chemical thatís only in chakat milk. While Crisscross can handle that alone but with the freighter schedule it would be easier to have another chakat nursing as well.” The group was breaking up to resume the party and Luke grabs his shirt and puts it back on and returns to his room. He spent some time on the internet learning a bit more about this new Earth before deciding to head for bed. About a half an hour Luke was still trying to sleep when Medallion and Coaldust entered the room. Now normally they would have a little sex but they didnít think Luke would be comfortable with that yet. So they just cuddled with him and falling asleep right away. Luke quickly joins them in dreamland.

The next morning Luke woke up sandwiched between two chakats. He slowly disentangles himself from the two of them who actually have smiles on their face. He stretched and felt more rested today then he has since he arrived. He then sneaks out of the room and heads to the kitchen and starts making a breakfast for everyone. In a half an hour the smells of cook food wakes a handful of the guests and of course Medallion and Coaldust. Coaldust gets to him first and gives him a questioning look. “May be still going through therapy but my hands work fine, and I may not be a restaurant cook but I can do eggs bacon and french toast well.”

“Well need a hand for you are feeding a few guests and your now use to taurs appetites?”

“Sure I just thought Iíd help a bit.” Coaldust gets close to him and lick kisses his muzzle and replies.

“I appreciate it. Itís nice to have help every one and a while.” Luke blushes and Coaldust heads over to get started. Breakfast was soon served as some of the guest waked those still sleeping for breakfast. Luke sat down with a plate full of blueberry French toast. Licking his lips he pours syrup on it and takes a bite. His look immediately turned sour and he did a hard swallow and had a drink of chocolate milk.

“Whatís wrong Luke?” Medallion asks.

“The blueberry tasted awful, but it made as I always did.”

“I never liked blueberry Luke. Youíve got my taste buds remember.” Luke sighs and his features droop. He then lifts his plate and asks.

“Anyone want some blueberry french toast?”

“Iíll take them.” Max replies. As the plate is passed down another plate carried by Coaldust hands him a plate of plain french toast.

“I know Dallie loves these so have a bite.” Shi says as shi rubs his back. He takes a bite and a smile soon appears on his muzzle as the fork hasnít even left his mouth. The rest of the breakfast went well with them complementing Lukeís cooking then they headed back to their homes or work. Max, Cross, Yellowmoon, and crosses baby were the last to leave as their freighter was due to leave late afternoon. Shi surprises Luke by hugging him and says.

“Welcome to the family.” Then hir family leaves, leaving a perplexed Luke behind. Looking at Medallion and Coaldust he asks.

“Why do they think Iím family? Iím nothing but a human stuck in a clone of your body. Iím a fraud.” Medallion takes his hand as Coaldust hugs him.

“Thatís not true! Youíre a genuine caring being going through a lot. And when you get your body back you would still be considered family. To a chakat, the bigger the family the better and it doesnít matter where that member came from or looks like.” Shi then joins Coaldust in hir hug and the three stayed that way for a while.

The next week Luke gets a change of routine. Coaldust walks up to him. “Weíre going out to get you some new shirts.”

“Whatís wrong with what Iím wearing?” Coaldust rolls hir eyes.

“Youíve been wearing it for weeks and I can see your fur through it in some areas.” Coaldust grabs his arm and starts dragging him to the garage. “Weíre going shopping and youíre going to like it!” Luke gives Medallion the universal Ďhelp me!í look. Medallion just grins and waves.

“Have a good time you to!” Shi says as the pair head out the door still grinning.

Coaldust took them to a nearby mall. Getting out of the PTV Luke does ask. “Iíll only get a couple of things since youíre paying.” Coaldust grins and shakes hir head.

“Nope you are.”

“How!? I donít even have the clothes on my back.” Coaldust canít help grinning as shi hands him a package. He opens it up to see a card with his name and Medallions image a card that looked like a credit card and a letter saying the card is his new account so he can live and the amount. Luke looks up to Coaldust with the Ďdeer in the headlights lookí cause Coaldust to start laughing. After five minutes Coaldust calms down enough for them to get started. Shi starts directing them to an obviously female oriented shop. Stopping them Luke shakes his head.

“No way, Iím not stepping in there!”

“Why? They have great stuff.”


“Well youíre half a girl.”

“DONíT GO THERE COALDUST!” Coaldust relents and instead head for a Target store. There Luke bought many T-shirts for him to wear as well as A light and heavy jackets for fall and winter. As the head over to the electronic section Luke pauses when he notices the most tricked out keyboard heís ever seen. Stopping he looks it over with a sense of awe. Coaldust stops and heads over.

“I take it you have a thing for keyboards?” Luke nods and replies.

“Itís a hobby of mind when Iím not working.”

“Well then get it. You have the money.” Needing no further encouragement he does and they leave the store. “So where to next?” Coaldust asks.

“Well I like to do something to my hair so Iím less like Medallion.”

“Iíve got just the place.” Walking further down the mall till the stop in front of a hairstylist store called ĎFur Artistí. Luke sighs seeing the styling which showed this was another female oriented store. “Come on, sheís the best in the business.” Luke relents and is dragged into the store. A pink and purple dyed poodle morph greets them at the door.

“Coaldust Medallion, good to see you both.”

“Thanks Pinky but this isnít Dallie this is hir twin sister and shi needs a hair cut.”

“Iíll right well get to work on it.” Leading Luke to one of the stalls the poodle asks. “Now honey what would you like?”

“Well I like the color red so no dying it. I was thinking a buzz like cut.”

“And you came HERE!” Pinky asks in surprise.

“It was hir idea. Shi said you were the best and I need some difference between me and my sister.”

“Sorry Pinky, my fault shi has a very strong male bias.”

“Well we shall make it the very best buzz cut you can ever get.” Pinky went right to work and she and Coaldust engage in girl talk as Luke silently sits there. In an hour Luke looks back in the mirror and sees his hair much shorter. While not quite the buzz cut it was a spiky look and certainly a male look. With a smile he finally speaks.

“Nice work I like it.” He pays her the bill and he and Coaldust leave.

“Got anywhere else you want to go Luke?”

“Back to your place I want to try this keyboard out.” They head back and Luke heads to his room and opens the package. He reads the manual and it tells him this keyboard could mimic any instrument and combined them into a band with a simple AI to assist. In minutes the house was filled with the sound of music causing both of the other chakats to smile hearing their roommate truly working on something.

Sadly this didnít last as when Coal went to check on Luke to find him gripping his pillow groaning. He manages to open his eyes and look at Coal. “Whatís happening to me?” He weakly asks. Coal gets a good sniff and shi smells the problem.

“Youíre in heat Luke.”

“WHAT!? BUT IíM A MALE A MALE!” Dallie shows up and sees Coal trying to comfort Luke. Looking up shi sees hir friend and mate.

“Heís gone into heat.”

“Iíd figured since I am. Iíll go mix the formula up.” Coal sits there with Luke as he struggles to deal with his heat. Finally Medallion arrives with a mug. “Here Luke, drink this it will help.” He gratefully takes it and chugs it down and in minutes the itch lessens but doesnít go away. Coal and Dallie look at each other seriously then Dallie walks up to address hir twin. “Luke I know this will be uncomfortable for you but for the next two days you will need to be mounted for your own health.”

“BUT IíM A MALE!” Medallion touches his head.

“Up here yes you are but your body is a herm and part female thus it has needs of a female as well as male.”

“Is there no other way?” Luke pleads desperately.

“No there isnít Luke. I can help you with it Luke.”

“NO, NO! That be incest and thatís wrong.”

“Okay okay, what about Coal? Would she be okay for you?”

“But youíre mates?”

“We donít feel jealousy Luke and itís common for us to have and share multiple mates.” Luke looks at Coal with an unsaid question. Shi understands the question and replies.

“Luke I like you a lot and I would be honored to help you.” Luke slowly nods his head. Coal looks over to Dallie and Dallie nods hir head and leaves the room understanding that Luke need this to be done privately. Coal then grabs a condom knowing the last thing Luke needs o deal with was being pregnant right now. Coal starts by kissing him and start to grope his breasts. Luke does nothing at first but then the pleasant feeling start and he quickly returns the groping and starts stroking hir silvery hair. Coal breaks the kiss and lowers hir head to one of Lukeís breasts. Shi licks the breast before shi starts sucking. Luke just stands their unable to move from the pleasure he gets from the action. Emptying one breast of milk water Coal moves to the other breast and gives it the same treatment. Meanwhile Luke was in bliss, canít believe how good this feels. He felt heat pooling near his rear.

Coal stops sucking Lukeís breast, lick kisses him and move in behind him. “You ready Luke?”

“No but it needs to be done.” Coal climbs on his lower torso and with hir erect cock. Shi puts on the condom and enters him slowly and shi canít help but hear in crying and feel his despair. Shi hugs him and tries to project calm and good feelings as shi slowly pumps in and out. Shi keeps that pace for as long as shi can but the need in both of them eats away at that and the moans and groans increase. Soon Coal releases hir sperm as Luke instinctively clenches as he experiences his first female orgasm. Coal then hugs him as he resumes crying whispering. “Itís okay. Itís okay. You did great.” Coalís cock leaves Luke and shi tosses the used condom in the trash and holds him for a couple of hours. He eventually falls asleep and Coal leaves him to get a bite to eat. Shi was in the middle of making a sandwich when Dallie appeared.

“How is he?”

“Very shaken, I think we should call Whitetail over.” Dallie puts hir hand on top of Coalís.

“It had to be done and you did the best you could.”

“But itís hard seeing him hurting like this. Heís not adjusting well to being part female.” Coal called Whitetail to tell her what happened.

“That is a problem Coal. Donít feel too bad you did what you could the problem is mainly with his mind trying to accept the physical change. Sadly I donít I can help him out with that part but I know someone who might. Let me contact hir. Till then just be supportive as you can with this.” The call ends and the chakat pair go about their household chores until supper time. Medallion gatherís hir courage and opens the door to find Luke lying on the bed.

“Suppertime Luke if youíre interested.” Luke gets up and looks at hir with eyes filled with great sadness but it does light up a bit.

“Yes I am.” The two of them head to the table with Luke mainly looking at the floor until he raises his head up and looks at Coaldust. “Thank you Coaldust for helping me through my problem.”

“Youíre welcome Luke, we both want to help you.” Luke nods at the three of them eat in silence while both chakats project calm to their roommate.

Coaldust helps Luke through the rest of his heat. Sadly he still cried through most of it and Coaldust did hir best to comfort him and even slept with him hoping to calm in at least in sleep. Shi dreams of hope that they can get him to adjust easier as time goes on.




Commander Antilles called a meeting and Luke and medallion meet up with the scientist working on his case. “Thanks for meeting us Luke, Medallion. This is Dr. Grey.” The bunny morph with glasses and a white coat adjusts his glasses.

“Thank you commander, Mr. Harter when we went over your incident including what you provided about the experiment from your time we were amazed that you even survived as is. Another miracle which is a hard word for us science types to use that you are as you are now. I know a Professor is looking in to using transporters to cure and save people as it did you.”

“So you can restore me?”

“If we had you bodyís pattern yes it would actually be easy. Unfortunately we do not have it and since you are from another dimension and you familyís history is different we canít even construct a new body for you Iím sorry.”

“Thank you.” Luke says weakly.

“However all the scans we saw you are a healthy chakat so you can expect the 150 year average lifespan for a chakat barring illness and injury.” Luke stood up but with his face still looking at the floor.

“Thank you all for your efforts to help me. May you have a better day than me.”

“I can understand you pain LukeÖ”

“No,no you canít. No one can.” Luke then leaves the room with Medallion and Coaldust quickly getting up to follow him. They quickly catch up to him and shi puts hir hand on his shoulder.

“Luke no matter what you are not alone. I consider you family and while my family canít replace yours we can take their role in your life. Please donít shut us out.” Luke stops and looks over to hir with eyes identical to hir minus one thing. The sheer sadness in his eyes, the likes Medallion has never seen chakat or not.

“Just take us to yourÖour home.” Shi nods and the trio head to the car and head home. During the drive Medallion and Coaldust feel Luke holding something in. When they get home Medallion says to Luke.

“Come with me Luke.” With nothing better to do Luke follows. One of the perks of Medallionís home was no one was behind her, just the woods. They walk through the woods for a few minutes before getting to a small clearing that had a few wooden structures. “One of the reasons I bought the house was that it was near my old play area. I built a lot of this when I was a cub and I go hear when I need to let off steam. So do what you need to do.”

“But your stuff?”

“Not as important as you are.” Medallion sees his eyes soften a bit and she leaves to give him some privacy. Coal meets hir in the back yard.

“He in the old playground Dallie?”

“Yup Coal. I swear I never seen such sadness in someoneís eyes before. Call Whitetail I think heíll need her tomorrow.”

“Why not today.” Dallie shakes her head.

“No heís had enough today.” Coal nods in understanding and the two head in to wait for Luke.

Luke just stands there for a few minutes after Medallion left. He walks over to a piece of wood paneling and picks it up. His expression went from sadness to fierce rage and with a roar that would do a lion proud he lifts the panel above his head and slams it into a tree. The next amount of time he doesnít remember as he vents his rage and frustration. He slams another piece of wood against rumble and collapses to the ground crying. He sobs there for hours before he can get up rubbing his eyes. Looking up he sees that itís nearly dusk so he heads for whatís now his home. He walks into the living room and without any word Medallion and Coaldust hug him. He just stands there in it with his eyes closed absorbing the good feelings the two chakats were projecting to him. The embrace is finally broken by a growling stomach. Causing all three to break up and giggle at the interruption. “Okay supper will be done in a few minutes.” Coaldust says and shi walks into the kitchen as Luke heads to the bathroom to take care of business then they had a nice dinner in quiet. That night the heard Luke play on his keyboard a sorrowful music for a few hours. Then as the head for bed they pause to look in Lukeís room to find him asleep with a sad look on his face. They had already decided earlier tonight to do this and the look on his face confirmed it. The both head in and cuddle next to him and soon all three were asleep.

Luke woke up the next morning unusually warm and hearing a subtle rumble. Opening his eyes he sees a pair of dark furred breasts in front of his eyes. He canít help it when his cock becomes erect and the rumbling got louder. ĎOh thatís me purring.í Luke thinks and he very slowly gets up to find himself sandwiched between Medallion and Coaldust. Smiling a bit he strokes both of their faces. They stir and wake up to the stroking and look up to see Luke and both smile. “Morning Luke, hope you donít mind that we slept with you. It looked like you needed it.”

“You know, I donít mind though it does give me an interesting sight in the morning.” Coaldust looks to where shi was lying and notice which way hir breast would have been facing. She then looks up to Luke and grins impishly at him causing Medallion to laugh making Luke sighs in resignation. Coaldust finally gets up and heads to the kitchen as Medallion gets a brush and approaches Luke.

“Mind if I brush you as you do me?”

“Huh?” Instead of answering verbally she brushes his lower torso a couple of times.

“Itís something we chakats like to do for each other, a bonding ritual if you will.” She lifts up another hairbrush for him to use.

“And youíre going to trust a novice like me with your fur?”

“Gotta start somewhere and youíre family.” Medallion notices him flinch a bit at the mention of family. But he took the brush.

“Okay you have only yourself to blame.” The two begin brushing each other and Luke mutters. “This feels so girlish.” Medallion chuckles at the remark. When they get to hir breasts he pauses and blushes. “Um, Medallion?”

“Yes?” the chakat smirks and shi answers seductively.

“Does it at all bother you that I have your body?” Medallion looks over him and answers.

“Not really, Due to the way we were design identical twins is impossible naturally. So while there are chakat twins they never look a like. I get to be lucky to get a true twin sister though I wish you didnít have to suffer what you did for me to get it.” Luke doesnít answer and the pair continues to brush on in silence Luke secretly being calmed by the process.

After a hearty breakfast Medallion brushes Coaldustís fur and the dark chakat leaves for work. Luke heads back into his room and the sounds of his keyboard fill the house.

About nine am the door bell sounds and Medallion opens it to see Dr. Whitetail. “Morning Medallion how are you today?”

“Good but Luke isnít doing to hot. Got some bad news yesterday and it hit him hard.” Medallion then proceeded give a summary of what happened.

“Wow, that is a blow well I will see what I can do. Is that him playing?”

“Yup if it werenít so sad in tone it be good.” Whitetails nods and heads down to Lukeís room. She finds him playing on his keyboard. Whitetail notices that his tail is on the floor and if the tune heís making is any indication he is far from happy. Whitetail knocks on the door and Luke stops playing and looks over and sees her.

“Hey doc, not surprised youíre here but I doubt you can help me.”

“Let me be the judge of that. Now medallion told me about the news you got yesterday. For what itís worth Iím sorry.”

“Thank you.” Luke then walks over to the window and looks out it and the woods. “How can you help me? I have lost everything, my home, my time line, my country, my family, even my body. So you tell me how can you consult someone like me. An amnesia patient has it better than me, they might no they lost something but they donít know the details.”

“Well like an amnesia patient you have to rebuild your life. Thankfully you do know who you are and your skills and you have two chakats dedicated to help you. You couldnít be in better hands.”

“Iím just taking their time.”

“No youíre not, chakats love helping people. There are very social creatures. They have to be due to their need.”


“Chakatís need another chakat for empathic feedback; they can go a couple of months without a chakat nearby but anymore is unhealthy. I know the Federation tried researching the condition but it was always ended quickly by the chakatís family. Then I heard several scientist lost their jobs when they rescued a chakat from the HCKNA but put her on a freighter with no other chakat. Shi went insane when a pirate attack left them taking longer to get around. So at least you do have your sanity.” Luke just snorts at that.

A couple hours later the two of them leaves the room and join Medallion for a late lunch. When Luke heads to the bathroom Medallion asks Whitetail. “How is he?”

“Very depressed, but that is to be expected. Right now he needs to know heís not alone.”

“Well we did sleep with him last night.”

“Thatís good, keep doing it.” After some small talk Whitetail leaves and the day goes on its usual routine. Coaldust returns from work and the three when to sleep Luke not minding the company for once, as long as it was only cuddling.

Early the next morning Coaldust wakes up to find Luke gone. Leaving Dallie to hir sleep shi uses hir empathic talents to find him outside. “You okay Luke?” Luke looks over and sees hir.

“Oh Coaldust, besides the usual I do like to watch the sun rise every once and a while.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” The two sits on their haunches and watches the sun rise to bring forth a new day. Over the next few days Both Coaldust and Luke watch the sun rise, even Medallion joins them on occasion.

Coaldust was at work making a meal when hir boss shows up. “Hey Coal, youíve looked a little down lately. Something up at home?”

“One of my roommates has been having trouble lately so me and Dallie have been trying to cheer hir up. Not enough to affect my work.”

“Alright but if you need to take a couple days off let me know. Youíre good Coal and I donít want to exhausted.”

“Got it boss.” And shi goes back to cook and hir boss leaves hir to it.

Whitetail tried to visit more often to help Luke through this hard time. Over the next two weeks Luke seems to be okay. The time came again when Medallion went into heat and shi and Coaldust went back into hir room for some loving. Luke did not sleep that night think hard on issues. Eventually he made a decision and he got up and wrote a note. Leaving it on the bed he leaves his room and walks down the hall. He stops at Medallionís room and opens it to fine Coaldust and Medallion cuddle with each other with Coaldust actually on top of Medallion. This causes Luke to smile and he leaves them and heads out of the house.

Some time later Coal wakes up and heads to the bathroom. Once taking care of business shi goes to check on Luke. Shi finds the bed empty with a note. Shi goes over to grab it and reads it.

To Medallion and Coaldust

I like to thank you two for your time and effort to help me through all this. You did not fail, I did. I just couldnít handle this. Being alone with no family out of your own time is hard to overcome. Youíre welcome to the possessions I have left behind. Both of you have a long a prosperous life. Thank you for caring.

With thanks,

Luke Harter

“DALLIE!” Coal screams out causing Medallion to jolt awake.

“What is it Coal?” As Coal burst back into the room with the piece of paper in hir hand.

“Lukeís going to commit suicide! Read this!” Medallion grabs it and begins reading the paper. When shiís done shi looks to Coal.

“Where would he go to do this?” Coal paces as shi tries to think of where he would go. Looking over to the clock shi sees that itís nearly 5 am. Wait itís nearly dawn. “Where would you go to view the sunrise before killing yourself?”

“Near a bridge, like the Pawlenty bridge!” They Both race to the PTV and head out for the bridge. In minutes they park on the street and see Luke watching the sun rise. Coal gets out quickly. “LUKE DONíT DO IT!” Shi yells at him. He looks at them with sadness.

“Why did you have to come? I did want you two to see this.”

“Because we care about you, donít throw your life away.” Luke shakes his head.

“I just canít stand it anymore. Iím sorry.” With that he jumps over the edgeÖonly to be hit by a dark blur. Luke and Coal tumble a bit before coming to a stop with Medallion running after them. Luke tries to struggle but not thinking straight and the fact Coal was more familiar with hir body she was able to hold on to him tight. “WHY!? WHY CANíT YOU LET ME DIE!?” Luke wails.

“Because I love you Luke.” That causes with to pause.


“I love you Luke. You strong, determine, and kind. The universe would be darker without you.” Luke just collapses into a sobbing heap with Coaldust and eventually Medallion hugging him. They eventually dragged him to the PTV and headed home. There Medallion puts Luke in his bed and lays with him as Coal calls work to tell them shi wonít be in. then shi calls Whitetail to inform her on what happened.

“Okay Coal Iím coming over donít leave him alone right now.”

“No problems with that we wonít for quite a while. See you soon.” Shi hangs up and walks into the room and she joins in the cuddle with a still sobbing Luke. Both chakats feel that he is very slowly releasing something, what they donít know. Whitetail arrives in a few minutes and Medallion answers the door and letís her in. She just sits next to the hug pile stroking Lukeís head. Eventually Coal got up to make breakfast at around 11 am. The smell of food eventually brought the three others out. They all ate in silence Luke nearly catatonic in response. The rest of the day went by with Coaldust, Medallion, and Whitetail spent the rest of the day just being with him. The four fell asleep in Lukeís room after Coaldust tied a string to Lukeís rear paw. Luke woke up at night with the need to go and quickly noticed the rope and Coaldust wakes when shi feels the tug on hir leg. Shi looks over and sees Luke looking at hir and whispers. “I just wanted to go to the bathroom.” Shi gets up and tells him.

“Just making sure you donít go bridge jumping again to which Luke sighs and does his business as Coaldust waits in the hallway. The rest of the night passes peacefully and the next morning everyone wakes up and Coaldust makes breakfast after untying hirself from Luke. Once again no one left him alone and the chakats notice a change in him. Outwardly he was more responsive but not very emotional but their talents reveal a storm of conflicting emotions. After the bulk of the meal was finished Luke looks over to Coaldust and asks.

“Do you really love me?”

“Yes I do, never doubt that. When I got to see the real you I liked what I see.”

“But what about Medallion? I know you two are mates.” Medallion answers the question.

“You have a lot to learn about chakats Luke. We believe love can be shared and should be. I know one chakat named Goldfur whose sister has multiple life and den mates. I donít mind Coal loving you, I do as well but I let hir have first dibs.”

“It seems I have a lot to learn.” Taking this as good new both chakats smile at each other Coaldust replies.

“We be glad to help.” Most of the day went on in silence then late at night Luke called everyone together.

“I like to say Iím sorry for the stress I put you two through yesterday, I donít know how to explain what happened. Best guest is that I was tired of fighting what I believe was a hopeless battle.”

“We chakats have an extreme love of life, so itís hard for us to understand the need for someone to lose it.”

“Thanks, maybe I needed it. I also wanted to let you know the Luke Harter is dead. I will still answer to the name but it isnít me anymore. Who I am, I donít know yet and with your help maybe Iíll find it.”

“With us you WILL find yourself.” Medallion says and shi hugs him and is soon joined by Coaldust in a trio hug.

“Maybe this wouldnít be so bad after all.” The former Luke thinks.




Coaldust wakes up the next morning and looks over at Luke's face. Shi was still sleeping but unlike previous times it didn't have a troubled exhausted expression on it that it usually did when shi slept. Even though against hir will Luke couldn't have gotten a better body. Coal was very blessed, to have two very beautiful companions, one a future denmate the other a potential one. Shi thought shi was lucky running into Medallion during an off day a couple years ago. Shi had no clue. While she enjoys both sides of hir sexual natural shi lean feminine and while Dallie was happy to oblige and Coal loved hir dearly the lion colored chakat was truly bi-sexual. Luke though was clearly Male biased and despite hir latest change will probably remain so. Shi could have remained their for hours just looking at Luke but hir bladder needed attention so with a sigh shi gets up and takes care of it. While washing hir hands hir stomach began to rumble. “Well I guess a quick shower to fully wake up and make breakfast.” Shi sighs to hirself. Shi steps into the shower and begins to clean hirself. Washing hir black and gray hair she feels a hand grope hir breast. Expanding her empathic powers and confirms hir guess, Dallie. Using hir nose wouldn't help their Luke and Dallie have the same body thus the same scent but the bond shi has with them are different. Soon shi feels a weight on top of hir lower back and another hand gropes hir other breast. Instinctively shi cranes hir head back and it quickly meets Dallie's lips and the two kiss deeply. It's not surprising soon after the Coal feels something poke hir pussy and quickly Dallie's cock drive in making them both moan. For the next few minutes the only sounds to be hear was the water hitting the floor and the bodies, the slurps of two joined bodies colliding again and again and the moan and groans coming from them leading to a wail from both as they cum together.

“I guess a water hose would be useless to use on you two.” A familiar voice says with amusement. Both their heads jerk to the left to sweet Luke with an amused expression on hir face.

“I'm sorry Luke did we wake you?”

“The noise no, strangely it was your absence that woke me. Anyway I'll let you two get back to it.” And Luke leaves the two speechless in the shower. However both took it as a good sign that the former human can find some humor right now. A load gurgle from Coal's stomachs declare the shower over.

Minutes later Luke was putting the plates down with some eggs and bacon when his or hir as the former human starts adjusting the view on him/hirself two roommates emerge from the bathroom...looking like a pair of puffballs. Luke starts laughing hard at the look and the two just glare at hir. “I guess it was you who took our brushes.” Luke points to their places at the table and their brushes were next to their silverware. “Breakfast is ready so lets eat before Coal's stomach eats us.” Since Luke is finally having a really good mood they'll let the prank slide.....this time.

The meal shows that Luke wasn't a bad cook and the two chakats noticed Coal had a larger helping on hir plate but considering the rumble they heard before had to agree with Luke's assessment. Coal left for work that day a little more optimistic then she has in a while.

The next couple of weeks show the new demeanor Luke has. Both Coal and Dallie love seeing it as well as listening to hir music. One day however they got a knock at the door. Coal opens it to find a rabbit morph and a caitian standing there. “Hello, is this the house of Chakat Medallion?”

“Yes it is.”

“And does a Luke Harter live here?”

“Yes but what do you want with him?”

“Well I'm Dr. Swiftfoot and my friend here is Dr, Dustseeker. We're historians and we heard that Luke Harter was from the 21stcentury thus has insight to an area we desperately need.” Coaldust senses their honestly but shi fear for hir friends health. Shi turns hir head away from the door and Yells.

“Dallie I need you at the front door!” Medallion soon walks up and asks

“What's up?”

“These two historians want to talk to Luke. Go ask him if he's up for it.” The Golden Chakat nods and leaves and Coal addresses the pair in front of hir. “Luke has had a hard time adjusting and only recently start being more positive. So if he says no drop it.”

“Of course.”

“Put them in the living room he'll see them.” Medallion yells from the hallway.

“Alright.” Coal yells back and turns to their guest. “Well I'm Chakat Coaldust child of Snowboard ans Nightsky. Have a seat. And please address Luke as a male.” Medallion made sure to have a couple of chairs for any bipedal guest when shi moved in. They instead went for the couch while Coal took a bean bag to lounge on. Those have come back with a rage since quadrupeds were made. Soon Medallion and Luke enter the living room. The historians looked on with fascination. Besides the hairstyle and expression the two were identical even down to the scents. Since they already meant Medallion earlier they could tell you who was who.

“Mr.Harter, thank you for seeing us.”

“I understand you want me to talk about my time, but that's a different Earth. From what I know morphs are supposed to be around a lot, heck your Gene Wars was supposed to start so how can I help you there?”

'Well the only difference from what I heard was the fate of your parents and morphs so you have a lot to offer. A lot of records from that time were destroyed so someone from the time, even if it's from a parallel world is of immense value to us and we are willing to pay for it.”

“Well if your that desperate then let's begin.” Luke lays down on a couch and they begin.

For a couple of hours Luke answered their questions giving as much detail as shi could. Finally though Going through that much of hir past was toomuch. Tearing up a bit. Shi says. “Sorry I can't do anymore today. Maybe another time work it out with Medallion.” Shi starts getting up to head to hir room when Dr. Swiftfoot says.

“Thank you for your time Luke. Really it was a pleasure.” Luke just nods at him. Medallion and the historian exchange numbers and shi escorts them out while Coal checks on Luke.

“You okay honey?” Shi asks.

“I will be but it's like reopening and old wound.”

“You don't have to see them again if you don't want to.”

“But a want to. History should be known and remembered, otherwise we make the same mistakes.” Coal goes up to hir and hugs hir to help comfort hir.

“I'm proud of you love. To face that pain again.”

“Thanks to you and Medallion.”

“You know you can call hir Dallie.” Luke smirks and replies.

“Maybe one day. I guess we'll have to go at a slower rate then.”

“Alright how does every other day sound?”

“Sounds good to me to try that first.”

“Good let's have supper I STARVING!” That made both Luke and Coal laugh at hir.

After the meal Dallie when to the communication console to tell Dr. Swiftfoot when they could continue when shi saw that she had a message waiting for hir. Shi opens the message and the image of a anthro female wolf appears...or nearly female. “ Hey Dallie Alexis here, we haven't seen you in a while and we are getting concerned. Your boss said some sort of family business, which I hope is going well. But Trea's going to be having hir graduation party tomorrow and wanted you to be there. We're hosting it at the Double H call me when you can.” The message ends causing Dallie to think. Trea's was a good friend the Dallie new when she was a cub. Shi had to be there for that but Luke is still adjusting. Then the proverbial light bulb goes up in hir head. She first calls Swiftfoot to arrange the next meeting then she goes into Luke's room where Luke was on hir keyboard again.

“Hey Luke how do you feel about going to the outside world?” Luke turns and hir eyes narrow and shi asks.

“What are you up to Medallion?”

“I graduation party is being held at one of my favorite clubs and I wondered if you want to come along? I think it would be good for you to go out for once and this is the perfect place.” Luke cocks hir head as shi thinks for a few minutes.

“Do I have to wear anything special?” Dallie shakes hir head.

“Just a T-Shirt. Thanks a bunch you won't regret it.” Dallie got in contact with Alexis to relay the news. “And Alexis I'm bringing someone special with me.” The wolf eyed Dallie through the screen.

“So you finally tied the knot so to speak with Coal?”

“I did butr shi has work tomorrow so can't come, I bringing someone else.”

“Do I know this person?”

“You've seen hir face but haven't met hir yet. Note Shi going through an adjustment period right now and while visiting the club will be good tell the group to take it easy on hir.”

“Will do cya tomorrow then.”

The next morning Luke was awakened rudely by Dallie hitting hir with a pillow. “COME ON! Lazy bones, it's 10:00 am freshen up we've got to go.”

“Okay, okay lay off I'm up!” Coal helped Luke in brushing than handed hir a T-Shirt that shi picked out for hir the other day smirking. Luke puts it on along with a belt all taurs use to carry stuff and joins Medallion by the door. Medallion gives a surprise look on hir face and asks. “Are you seriously going to wear that?”

“What, you said I just needed a T-shirt?” Medallion points to a nearby mirror and the T-shirt was a nearly comfortable white Tee, though a little tight on the breasts since Medallion and large breasts for a chakat. But on the shirt with a heart replacing love was “I love big boobs”. Luke rolls hir eyes and shakes hir head and mutters.

“Coal. Well it is true. I do like big boobs and Medallion when I look in the mirror and stare at my breasts I get an erection. So will you're friends have an issue with it?”

“Honey, they're going to love you.” Medallion says with a smile.

The two of them were on the road when Luke asked. “So where's this party?”

“At Double H.”

“Double H?”

“A nick name for Hermaphrodite Haven. As it's name implies it's a haven for all herms of any species and does it's best to cater to theirs needs.”

“So this is an exclusive club?”

“Only in that you have to be a herm to enter. As chakats we don't need anyone to vouch for us. Not everyone is comfortable with herms so this place gives us a place to relax and be ourselves and I figure you can learn a lot about being a herm here.” Luke sighs at that. Just be yourself honey, well as much that there is in the new you.” Medallion parks in a lot and the pair walk to a large building with a pair of H's displayed on the sign and the handles. “Now Luke I want to pull a prank on my friend Alexis. Shi's and wolf herm who runs the front desk as well as being on of this branches managers.”

“And you want her excuse me hir to mistake me for you?”

“Yup, so you on?”

“Only if I get a good dinner.”

“Deal.” Luke grabs the handles and opens the door and steps in. Shi observes an elegant hallway with a pair of doors with the familiar double H handles.

“Hey Dallie!' Luke looks over to see a sex and feminine looking anthro wolf getting up from a desk in a corner with a standard door behind and to the left of the desk. The wolf comes up and hugs Luke and says. “Trea was so glad you could come, so where's your friend?”

Luke whispers in hir ear with a smirk. “Right here you got the wrong kitty.” Alexis loosens the hug with a confused look.

“Huh?” Then the door opens again and Medallion steps through and Alexis breaks the hug completely. “What the heck? There's two of you?” Grinning Medallion answers.

“Alexis, meet my new twin Luke Harter. Luke this is Alexis Timber.”

“New twin? I have to hear this.”

“When we've got everyone together, don't want to repeat myself a bunch of times.”

“Amen to that.” Luke comments.

“Well a pleasure to meet you Luke let me get you a day pass. Since this is your first visit it's free.” Alexis goes back the desk and grabs a pass. As shi returns shi notices Luke's shirt snorts and asks. “ I have a feeling that Coal is behind the shirt.”

“You'd be right, but it's true and Medallion say to be myself so....boom.” Alexis laughed at that.

“Luke, I think we're going to be good friends. I have to finish up a couple of things then I'll join the group so go on and Luke, enjoy your visit here.” Medallion open the main doors to a short hallway that turns right and into the main hall. There Luke finds chairs, tables, and couches and various furs of every species lounging around enjoying them selves. Medallion elbows Luke and nods hir head to a group sitting at a table. There they found three dog morphs, a husky, a german shepherd, and their child. A cat morph with white and black fur pattern. All four essentially did jaw drops at the sight of two Medallions heading toward them. Medallion breaks the ice.

“Hi everyone this is my new twin Luke Harter. Luke this is Teri, Erin, and the guest of honor Trea.” Medallion points to the Husky then the Shepherd and the their hybrid child of eighteen. Trea got up and huggs Medallion.

“Thank you for coming but I missed you being here.” Medallion returns the hug and replies.

“You're welcome, sorry I couldn't be here lately but Luke needed my help.” Erin, Trea's sire was about to ask THE question when Medallion interrupts hir. “When everyone gets here I tell Luke's story.”

“Yah I certainly don't want to hear it 15 times in one day.” Commented Luke. The two sit down as Alexis joins the group followed by another chakat with blue fur with a teal patch over the lower back with blond hair in a ponytail. Going to Luke the chakat hugs hir and says. “Hi, I'm Raindrop, child of Seawind and Lollypop.” Luke extends his hand.

“Hi I'm Luke Harter.” this causes Raindrop to arch an eyebrow but takes the hand. The group chatted for a few minutes until they were joined by a cat morph named Lisa. Then Luke saw an amazing site. A mouse morph and considering where they were a herm as well. What was amazing was that shi was tall and..buff. This was a mouse that worked out and was proud of it wearing the skin tight clothing shi has. The mouse stepped up you the twin pair with a thoughtful look on hir face. After a minute the mouse comments.

“If it wasn't for the scent I would have said you dyed Coal so spill it.”

“Yes everyone is here now, explain your twin.” Medallion then explains how Luke got into hir body and life. The group listens on with a look of awe and sympathy towards Luke. Medallion doesn't mention the suicide attempt as that was rather personal for the trio. Finally the story was over and they focus on the reason they met. Trea's graduation party. They chatted and embarrassed Trea a couple of times. And they took to Luke quickly making him join in on the antics until they started getting hungry so they decided to have lunch. Luke orders and expensive meal saying that Medallion owed hir for the prank shi agreed to do. To which Alexis comments.

“Betrayed for a meal.”

“No betrayed for a little fun with my sister.” Luke perks up a bit when shi hears that and after the meal was done a waiter brought out a cake for desert and they all give a final toast to Trea and blessings for hir future. It was evening when the group breaks up for the night and Medallion and Luke head home. During the ride Luke comes out to admit.

“Medallion it's still hard for me to accept that you consider me your sibling so easily.”

“It's just the way we chakats are. We love having new members to the family no matter how they come into the family.” For a minute Luke just sits the speechless before tears come from hir eyes.

“Thank you Medallion, thank you. You don't know how much this means for me.” Medallion just hugs Luke and shi softly cries tears of joy and stay that way all the way home.

Over the next couple of weeks Medallion and Luke become a regular site at Double H. So much they earn the nickname the sunlight duo. More changes appear in Luke as the fact letting hir hair grow again as well as except for Double H where a top is require Luke went around topless. When Coal ask about the change Luke just shrugs and comments. “Well since it's allowed why not. I love these beauties you know.” Even hir music was getting more up beat and that was giving Dallie and Coal an idea but would wait to act on it.

They did have one odd scene though. Coal was about to go into heat and shi wanted to clarify things with Luke. So the three of them talk in the living room. “Luke me and Dallie want to have a child and I'm about to go into heat soon.”

“But what's that got to do with me? You're mates, you should have kids. Might be cool to be an aunt. Can't believe I just said that an aunt. I should be an uncle. (sigh) I still have so adjustments to make.”

“Thank you for the blessing Luke but there is one other thing.” Coal then steps closer to Luke.

'Luke, will you be my denmate?” Luke sits there shocked Shi been studying chakat customs since it became sure that shi would live and die a chakat. Composing hirself Luke answers.

“I love you both, you're the closest thing I have now to family. I'm honor Coal by your offer but, I can't accept.” Tears start filling Coals eyes and Luke hugs hir deeply and explains. “Honey I'm just not ready yet. I still need to discover who I am now. Could you accept my offer of Companion though?” Luke breaks off to the two of them could see eye to eye.

“Yes, luke yes. I can accept that.” Shi hugs him again. “But don't think I won't try to get you into a denmate one day.”

“knowing you and Medallion I am not surprised.” Medallion joins in the hug and a peace settle between the trio.

Days later Coal's heat comes in and Luke was gonna let them have some privacy, but they wouldn't have it. Shi was family and almost a co-mate so shi got to watch the consummation of Coal and Dallie's love. Shi recognized some of the techniques Coal used on hir when shi needed relief. Though Coal and Dallie would have pulled Luke into their mating they new they would push it too far if they did.....for now. They did notice the erection shi did have watching them and the feelings they picked up from hir. Finally though Coal did paw Luke off for relief and the trio fall asleep with smiles for to at least to the natural born chakats, another wall was broken.

Well Coal did get pregnant during those nights and the pair helped Luke with hir empathic talents in the time to follow. Now though Coal and Dallie's parents were coming to visit and Luke's hair was just as long as Medallion's and for non empaths harder to tell the pair apart. So Coal takes hir back to Fur Artist and Pinky. Seeing the pair the poodle lights up and races to them. “Coal and who is this Dallie or Luke?”

“Luke.” Pinky sighs.

“So another buzzcut to the beautiful hair.”

“Not this time.” Surprising the other two. “I want to see what you can do.”

“Okay hon, Have a seat.” For the next hour Pinky and Luke went through various styles and nothing seemed to click until. Pinky was fiddling with a bunch of hair and had it in front of Luke's right ear only a few inches from hir eye. “Wait.” Shi says.

“What is it hon?” The poodle asks. Instead of answering Luke asks Coal.

“Coaldust did Medallion ever wear hir hair near hir eyes like this.” Coal thinks for a moment and then shakes hir head. Looking back at Pinky shi asks. “Anyway to keep this here?”

“That's easy hun.” Pinky gather a bunch of hir hair together and secures them with a clamp. Moving hir head around proves the the hair would always settled on the right side of hir face. Shi then smiles at the look and then a light goes on in hir head and the smiles gets bigger.

“Anything else you want to do hun?” Luke looks at the mirror a bit, seeing the NEW hir really for the first time and says. “No. This is good thank you Pinky.” The Poodle sighs at the simplicity of the look but it's what the customer wants, at least it isn't a buzz cut this time. Shi pays the bill and shi and Coaldust get back into the PTV. There Coaldust asks.

“Okay I sense something back their, what is it?”

“I'll tell you tonight with the others.” This causes Coal to huff and pout causing Luke to chuckle.

That evening near then end of a great dinner with Coal and Dallie's parents Luke stand up and hits a glass with a fork to get everyone's attention. “Everyone I have an announcement to make. First I like to thank you all for the love and kindness I have received. I would not wish what I been through on anyone, but if they had to I wish they have someone like you guys to help them. I told Coaldust and Medallion that Luke Harter was dead but I didn't know what to call myself then. Now I do, I'm Chakat Redstreak now.” Coaldust's sire Nightsky quips. “Child of Sungold and Fireblaze?” Redstreak is surprised by that and looks to Medallion's parents to look at eachother and shrug and Sunspot steps up and says.

“We would be honored to adopt you as our daughter formally and legally.” Redstreak stands here speechless before answering.

“I'm honored, I really am. But I have to decline right now. But I will consider you family.”

“Well the offer's always open. Now FAMILY HUG!” With that all of them pour on to the newly named chakat and Redstreak finally feels a bright future is ahead of hir.


Continued in the Tales of Redstreak


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