Tales of Redstreak
by Admiral Q




In the next week the funds from Red's album come in and Dallie returns to work at the store. Glad to be back and seeing friends and coworkers again. But shi still worries about Red. Then shi remembers their last talk. Shi stated hir concerns. Red gave hir a stern look it was a bit weird since it was hir own face giving it to hir. “ Dallie I appreciate the concern even though we're the same age body wise I have 20 years more experience and I don't need you to babysit me anymore save that for your baby or cub or whatever you call them.” Red's features soften and shi puts a hand on hir arm and continues. "I'll need help about Chakat culture and rituals which I am relying on you and Coaldust to help now go back to that job you love.” Following impulse Dallie hugs Red who after a minor shock accepts the hug.

“I'm so proud of you Red. I'm glad to have you as a sister.”

"You and Coaldust make it bearable.” They stayed in that embrace for an hour bonding stronger as a result.

Later that day called hir old boss and Starfleet to make the arrangements to return and cancels the payment Starfleet gave hir when shi agreed to take care of Red. The next day shi said goodbye to Red and Coal as Coal had a later shift that day. Shi parked and the Starport and transported up to the Gateway and walked into the small items and food store called "The OLD Space General Store” and shi felt happier. Red was right I did miss this place and was good to be back.

Red saw Coaldust out to hir work and Shi was glad that Medallion returned to work, for more than one reason. Chakat's seem to revere life and shi was not sure how Medallion and Coaldust would react. So while they're both gone shi rents a PTV and heads to the nearest gun shop. Stepping through the door she eyes the various guns around the shop, Some had familiar lines and styles from hir time but others had a clear scifi edge to them.?an I help you shir?·looks up and sees a middle age man looking at hir. Shi smiles and replies.

"Yes I was hoping to try out some guns. What do I need to get one besides money?”

"A background check for projectile guns. A small test with check for energy weapons. Which we are certified to do. Did you have an idea on the kind of gun you want to try?”

"Semi auto handgun, 45 caliber.”

"Okay head through that door while I gather a few guns for you.” Shi walks into the gun range and instinctively grabs eye and ear protection which haven't changed in nearly 300 years. Shi steps into one of the gun slots as the shop guy comes in with a tray of handguns and ammo. Red grabs the first gun in the group. Shi couldn't recognize the make or model of the gun but it did feel nice in hir hand. Without thinking shi took a magazine and inserted it into the gun's handle and deactivates the safety and takes aim. In a couple of seconds shi takes hir first shot and it's a bullseye on the humanoid target. Shi let's loose another couple of shots, the first practically on the first while the other was a little higher. Shi then empty's the magazine and noticing the kickback with each shot. When empty she takes the magazine out and activates the safety and viewed hir work. While all hir shots were lethal shi did notice and upward progression of hir shots. Shaking hir head shi puts the gun down and picks the next one in the line.

Ten minutes later she's gone through half the hand guns, while some felt good others didn't. But the next gun shi recognized the next gun. A Colt 45 1911, an American classic. Shi picks it up and it felt different in hir hand. Not as heavy as it should. Must be the extra strength chakats have and if the other guns weren't so new shi might have noticed earlier. Taking the Colt she took aim and did what shi did with the first gun, a single shot, two shots, then emptying the magazine. Surprising little kickback for a 1911 and the shots all nearly hit the same area of the target. Putting the gun down and since no one was with them shi could safely take off hir ear protection. The shop guy also does the same and he asks.

"Problem or did you like that one?”

"Oh I liked it but it felted different then other 1911s I've tried.”

AH, that's because it's a 1911 R1. It was redesigned during it's anniversary in 2311. It's made out of light yet more durable material and worked on the gas system to reduce the kickback. This is the result.”

"Defiantly an improvement yet still honoring the original. I'll get this.”

"Okay though I must say your the first chakat I every sold something to but considering the past couple of years I don't blame you.”


"You know those Human First wackos?”

"Oh yes.” The shop guy sighs and resumes.

"To me I don't know what the fuss is with those guys, a customer is a customer no matter what they look like and they hurt humans as well as furs for their so called pro human cause. Just proof they're nuts.” They react the counter and the guy takes out a sheet of paper. "Fill this out and do you want any custom features for your gun?”

"Red coloring.” And Shi begins to read the and fill out the necessary information. When done shi hands it to him and he looks over it.

"Okay it should only take a couple of days to get everything done. I'll mail it to you when it's done.”

"Have a nice day then.”

"Same to you shir.”

The rest of the day went well and Red noticed a slightly chipper Medallion during the evening. Red got use to Medallion and Coaldust sharing hir bed. It felt......natural. Thankfully though the rest of the time they don't enter without knocking respecting hir privacy when shi needed it. And somehow no matter what shi always waked up in the middle of the group even if shi started on the edge. Such silly cats Red thought.

The gun shop owner was looking over Redstreak's background, and finding some interesting results. While he never had a chakat customer before he did have a couple of friends that were chakat and they always introduce themselves by adding who their parents were yet Redstreak's was blank, just Chakat Redstreak. And shi seems to come out of nowhere a year ago. Luckily he had a friend in Starfleet. He calls her up and she answers. "Hey Eddie how are you?

"Fine but I'm calling on business, I've got an odd background check here.” He sends her the file. "See what you can make of it.” She looks over it a bit before sending it back.

"Shi's okay, I know hir background is weird for a chakat but that's not hir fault. She came to us in an odd way, which I can't tell you how but shi answered it to the best shi could. Besides the oddities their any other problems?”

"Nope if shi's clean to you that's all I need, thanks Becky.” He signs off and starts getting Redstreak's order together.

A few days later Medallion was getting the mail when shi saw a large box in it for Red. Curious shi puts it on the table and calls to Red who was working on hir next song. Even Coal was home being a rare joint day off joins Dallie in the dining room as Red came out and asks. "What's up?”

"Package for you. Was is it?” Red's cheerful mood dampens slightly.

"When I wasn't sure how you would take this, so I didn't tell you.” Shi turns around and opens the package and turns back to reveal what shi ordered. It was a red colored handgun. Confused Dallie asks. "Why?”

"I was a security officer for nearly 30 years. Trust me having a gun is handy. I doubt human nature has changed much in 300 years but I know you chakats revere life so I wasn't sure how you would react.” Coal steps up and hugs Red and gives hir opinion.

"It's we chakats Red, you're one to and I don't mind. With Human First making trouble it might be prudent to have a gun. A friend of mine had a cousin loses hir sire due to H1 and if hir sire had a gun shi may be alive now. I trust Red's judgment.”

"Thanks Coaldust.”

"Alright let's hope you don't ever have to use it.”

"So do I, except for practice.”




A few months pass and not much happens except Coaldust getting noticeably bigger. As the big day approach shi decides to asks Red something important. Shi opens the door to hir room and predictably Red was at hir keyboard working on the next song. Coal just stood their admiring Red's work. Shi really wished that Red would become a denmate but shi must be patient. Maybe Red will one day and shi still has a long road to travel in hir new life. After a few minutes Shi calls out. “Hey Red!” The Lion colored chakat looks up and towards the door to see Coal standing there. Smiling the other chakat asks.

"What's up Coaldust.”

"I was going to ask if you would do something for us. With both me and Dallie working I feel we might need a little help in nursing our daughter and I was wondering if you would help?”

"What would be required of me?”

"Well remember when Dallie's sister had hir birthing party here?” Red nods. “Well remember that Yellowmoon drank Crosses milk. That would get hir milk production going. IF you agree you will have to do the same and will every day need to empty your breasts daily for a year. So will you do it?” Red goes into deep thought. While that would defiantly be weird for hir, Medallion and Coaldust made hir family. Shi was taught to always assist the family when you can and Shi can help them. Shi looks back at Coaldust and finally answers.

“I'll give it a try.” Red is quickly hugged by Coal who kisses hir on the muzzle and man did that feel good to Red. Coal breaks off the kiss and sees Red with a dazed look on hir face. Coal smirks at the look and says. “Thanks Red, I let you go back to work.” Coal leaves the room with Red still dazed.

Finally the big day arrived and the family was there. Dallie's and Coal's parents noticed a change in Red. First shi was topless with hir breasts proudly displayed. Hir hair style more like Dallie's but with the distinctive streak of red hair that shi keeps separate and gives hir the name shi current wears. Shi was also more outgoing than the last birthing party and Sunspot considered it a good thing. The various conversations that were going on were interrupted by a yelp. Everybody looks in the direction of the yelp and sees Coaldust there with a grin. “I guess it's time everyone.” The entire mass of family and guests move to Dallie's and Coal's old room, they sleep with Red in hir room. Red has a front row seat this time do to hir closeness to the parents and what shi's about to do. With the wet nurse and hir mate encouraging hir Coal grits hir teeth as shi pushes hir cub out. Thankfully shi doesn't experience the pain human females do, just a slight discomfort. After a few more minutes a cub emerges and Chessboard cleans hir off. Shi was then handed back to Coaldust who brings the cub to hir breasts and allows hir to feed with a look of bliss emerging from hir face. Medallion then offers hir breasts to Coaldust who drinks from both of them eagerly to replenish hir strength. After drinking from both breasts Coaldust lets Medallion drink from hir unoccupied breasts. After a couple of drinks Medallion backs up and signals Redstreak to come forward. Steeling hirself Redstreak steps forwards and cautiously puts hir face level with Coaldust's breasts and looks to Coaldust's face. Understanding the unspoken question Coaldust nods and Redstreak latches on and begins to suckle. Soon Coaldust's milk enters hir mouth, it was warm rich and creamy. Rather good tasting in Redstreaks opinion. Soon shi empties Coaldust's breast and Medallion proudly displays the now full cub. The cub's now dry fur showed shi had white fur with blue swirls, a tuff of blue hair, and a blue tail. Everyone clapped for Medallion's and Coaldust's success and the group piles out of the room. Redstreak made a move to join them thinking that Coaldust and Medallion would want some privacy. But Medallion grabbed hir arm. “You can stay, you're helping us raise my daughter.” Redstreak decided not to argue and stayed, looking over Medallion's shoulder at the cub. The new cub was sleeping in hir mother's arm and all three chakats smiled at the cub.

"I came up with a name for our child.” Coaldust states.

"What is it?” Redstreak asks.


"I like it.” Medallion says then shi takes the cub and walks out to the guests. “Meet Chakat Whirlwind, child of Coaldust and Medallion.” Glasses were raised in toast to the new member of the family. A couple hours later most of the guest leave minus the grandparents who were sleeping in Dallie's old room. Meanwhile the now larger family settles to sleep with Coaldust and Whirlwind in the center for a change dreaming of the future.

The next day Redstreak was working on hir keyboard when shi felt hunger not hir own. Shi stops playing and here's Whirlwind crying in Medallion's old room. Shi was moved there so Redstreak's music wouldn't disturb hir naps. Shi walks into the room and there was the young chakat crying for milk and hir parents were at work so Redstreak gets to do hir first milking. Picking up hir niece for lack of a better word and remembers this morning. Shi woke up to find hirself in the middle of the pile with Whirlwind laying beside hir and hir mother on the other side. Shi went to bed on the edge, so HOW DO THEY DO THAT!? Shi thinks. Shaking the amusing memory away shi brings Whirlwind to hir breast and the cub latches on. There was a little pain as Whirlwind bit a little too hard but soon the cub drinks and it surprisingly felt good. With hir empathic talents shi feels Whirwind's pleasure of feeding and it causes Redstreak to purr in pleasure, Shi was purring long after Whirlwind was done and the cub now sleeps cuddled next to hir chest. Coaldust found them like that when shi got home an hour later. “You must have really enjoyed that.”

"Huh?” Redstreak is finally snapped out of it to see Coaldust giggling at hir. Coaldust points to the still sleeping cub.

"So how long have you been like that?”

"What time is it?”

"3 PM.”

"Whoa I say 3 hours. Well you've experienced that but I bet you were prepared for it, I wasn't.”

"Still glad you enjoyed it.” Redsreak snorts and looks down at the still sleeping cub, hir niece a concept shi was coming to terms with and shi thinks shi and hir niece will get along fine.

“WHIRLWIND!” Red's bellow sounds around the house and Coal sees a white and blue blur run to hir.

"Momma save me, auntie Red is trying to Kill ME!” Coal grabs hir daughter just as a furious Red comes into the living room.

"Don't you dare shield that trouble maker, shi deserves every bit of the beating shi's going to get.”

"Everyone calm down and explain what happened.”

"I go out to do a little shopping and when I return I find my music station a mess with hir in the middle of it.” Coal frown's at Whirlwind and says.

"Whirlwind you know better than to mess with Red's music stuff it's how shi works.” Coal proceeded to spank the naughty kitten. After watching a bit Red was satisfied and went to clean up the mess hir niece left. Still amazing how active the little rascal was at two years old.

Later that day Redstreak returns home after picking up Medallion from work and as they enter Whirlwind yells out. “Daddy!” And the young chakat cub runs to the correct chakat to the confusion of Redstreak.

"I still can't believe shi never mixes us up.”

"You have to pay more attention to your empathy Red. Our empathic signatures are different despite out identical bodies. Whirl can sense that difference so shi'll always make the right choice. If I was hir mother it would be even easier thanks to the bond mother's have with there daughters.”

"Ah.” Medallion plays with hir cub when Coaldust walks in.

"Ready to go Red?”


"You still want to bring Whirl along after what happened today?”

"Better with us than hir messing with my stuff again while we're gone.” Medallion's eyes narrow as shi looks down at hir cub.

"What did you do?” Coaldust explains what happen and that Whirlwind had been punished. Medallion yet gives out a wide yawn and Redstreak suggested that Medallion take a nap. With some reluctance Medallion agreed and Redstreak, Coaldust, and Whirlwind head out to Double H.

The drive there went well Redstreak and Coaldust chatted about mundane things while Whirlwind looked at the passing buildings and such. They park a ways from Double H for it was a nice day and the walk was nice. As they get on to the block where Double H was the see a shipping truck speed by them. It suddenly swerves into the Double H doors and explodes. Redstreak instinctively through hir years of security shields Coaldust and Whirlwind with hir body and a second explosion happens and Redstreak felt something hit hir and nothing more as darkness engulfs hir.




She felt a throbbing in hir head and that shi was lying on hir backs. Daring to open hir eyes shi finds Coaldust by hir side holding hir hand. Medallion was behind hir with Medallion's parents behind that. “Hey everybody.” Red says weakly. Everyone moves closer and Coaldust asks.

“How you feeling Red?”

"Head hurts, but are you okay? What about Whirlwind.?”

"Look at your legs.” Red looks down and sees hir niece curled up by hir lower torso sleeping. Laying back down Red says.

"That's good, the pain is worth it.”

"You scared me Red. I thought I lost you for a bit.” Coal said.

"Shi's barely left your side since the bombing.” Sunspot said.

"Then again most of us haven't left much either. Only Dallie has because of Whirlwind.” Fireblaze interjects. Red feel the love from all of them and it touched hir deeply. The door opens and Breaks-a-leg shows up with Chakat Streaker, the male biased Chakat the helped Red during hir transition from male to herm.

"Told ya shi'd be fine.” Breaks comments to Streaker.

"I wasn't the one who made a bet against you I agreed. Red is a tough chakat.”

"Well my head at least, though it feels like someone is playing drums up there.”

"Well at least you didn't break a leg.” Everyone groans and Breaks pun.

"Well Streaker what are you doing here.” The tall blue and yellow color chakat's features droop and emits great sadness.

"I came to confirm that my sister was indeed dead. Shi and hir mate were caught in the blast.”

"Oh! MAKERS! Do your parents know?”

"No they're dead. They had me and my sister late in life and died years ago. Shi and hir mate were the only family I had left.” Everyone except Whirlwind (who was still sleeping) and Red hugged Streaker.

After a few minutes the group hug breaks and Sunspot says.

"Streaker please stay with us, You shouldn't be alone in this.” Streaker is speechless at list and doesn't respond for a bit until Red interjects.

"Just go with it. This group is a stubborn lot, trust me I know.”


"You won't regret it.” Sunspots says. The door opens again and Larsa appears.”

Oh goodness I came as soon as I could.” The foxtaur looks over Red. “You don't look to bad.”

"My head hurts and a little sore on my upper back.” Looking over to Coaldust. “How long was I out?”

"Three days.”

"Not bad.” A grumbling from Red's stomach interrupts hir. Shi looks at everyone with a sheepish grin till the door opened once again. This time a nurse came in.

"Oh good your awake, I'll tell the doctor.” She leaves and a few minutes later a doctor comes in and stats checking Red's head and Eye reaction.

"Well Shir Redstreak your doing well for someone hit in the head from a flying building. There's signs of a light concussion but we like to keep here for a couple more days to be sure.”

"Alright but can someone get me something to eat, I'm starving.” That causes chuckles from everybody and the doctor leaves to inform the nurse to bring some. After an okay meal (It's hospital food people) the group starts to leave to give Red some rest. Medallion, Coaldust, Whirlwind and Medallion's parents all kiss hir good night and after answer a call from nature Red heads to bed pondering something profound.

Red spent 2 more days at the hospital before they decided shi was okay. Though the doctor told Medallion and Coaldust to keep an eye on Redstreak for the next week. Coaldust drove them home since Medallion had to work today. “It's sad Coal. In 300 years and hospital food still tastes awful, can't wait to have some of your meals.” Coal chuckles at Red's rant but shi did notice something interesting. Red just called hir by hir nickname Coal instead of Coaldust, shi's never done that before.

"A little for warning Red. Dallie's parents have been staying since the bombing as well as Alexis since her place went up when the truck hit.”

"Ouch is shi okay?”

"Yes shi was away when the club was hit. With no where to go we offered our place.”

"Alright so we'll be crowded for awhile. No big deal.” When they got home Red saw Alexis at the dinner table looking over stuff. Shi looked up and saw Red and smiled.

"Hey Red, good to see you up and about.”

"We both got lucky.” Red put hir hand on Alexis's shoulder.

"I know it's hard but you can survive and rebuild, trust me.” Alexis grabs Red's hand and nods. The rest of the day Red spent playing with Whirlwind and relaxing, though shi called Larsa to tell her shi was taking a break from composing for a bit. Larsa said she understood and hope shi has a restful break. Things were busy in the crowded house but the inhabitants were content to happy. Just before dinner Red stood up and chimed hir glass. “Everyone I haven some things to say.” After a pause shi continues. “I've had time to think since my second brush with death and I made some conclusions.” Putting the glass and fork down shi grabs Coal's hand. “Coal, will you be my denmate?” All the chakats felt Coal's happiness as shi leaps and hugs Red hard. It took everything Red had not to be tipped over by it. “I'll take that as a yes.” Looking over Coal's shoulder at Dallie's parents and asks. “Is that adoption offer still open?”

"Of course...Daughter.” Fireblaze says and looks at hir lifemate they both grin and engulf Red in a hug causing the overloaded chakat to fall over.

"GET OFF! YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME BEFORE YOU CAN ADOPT ME!” Red says half jokingly making everyone laugh as the 3 chakats finally let their new mate/ daughter get up.

As they finally start eating dinner the general mood of the group was up, while not unharmed by the bombing it could have been far worse.

After dinner most of the adults chatted but Red and Coal went to their room to consummate the union. Though not planning a child just yet since neither are in heat. Red shuts the door behind and as shi turns shi is hugged and kissed passionately by Coal which shi returns. Despite the added lungs they still eventually need to come up for air and they reluctantly break off the kiss. “I'm sorry it took me so long Coal.”

“The past couple of years haven't been easy for you Red. I didn't want to force you into anything and the wait was worth it.” They resumed their kissing and they grope eachother's breasts. Coal then turns hirself around and presented hir vent to Red. Red climbs on top and slowly enters Coal and both moan in the pleasure it gives them. Red slowly humps in and out. This was an act of love not need so they took their time. Red eventually groped Coals breasts and Coal swings hir head back and they kiss again. Red slowly goes faster and hir instincts drive hir. They twist their tales together and Red squeezes Coal's breasts causing Coal to moan in hir mouth. Soon the pleasure is too much and the orgasm together. They couple a few more times before the lay exhausted on the bed. “Definitely worth the wait.” Coal says breathlessly as the new couple fell asleep.

A few days later the entire family and friends were at the memorial for all those lost in the bombing. There wasn't a dry eye in the group as the names of the lost ones were told. The only blessing Red saw was that their close group of friends was intact but shi knew some of the dead. After the service the group went home and had a personal consoling time with eachother. Nothing like therapeutic sex to make one appreciate life. The next day Sunspot and Fireblaze decided to go home and Streaker was going with them. They seemed to get along well and it would be one less mouth to feed. However the do stop at the city hall and formally adopt Redstreak as their daughter.

A couple days later later Alexis was at the table reading something as Red walked up. “Hey Alexis, whatca reading?” Alexis looks up and gives Red a sad smile.

“ It's official, I'm the new branch manager. This is not how I wanted it.”

"No one ever does.”

"Well I have to find replacements for the staff we lost so I'm going on a tour of the other branches to find people interesting in a job here. But with Tamira in the hospital I have to find a herm bodyguard.” Tamira was the muscled Mouse Red met on hir first trip to Double H. Shi Worked as one of the bouncers for the club and it was pure luck that shi survived but will be bed ridden for a while.

'Well you could use me.” Alexis raised an eyebrow. “I was in security for nearly 30 years Alexis, and I have a carry permit and have practiced since coming here, if anything my aim is better now. Granted I might be a bit rusty in doing security work and have not done it in this body It should be enough to guard you. And I'm someone you can trust.” Alexis considered it, She did know Red and shi wouldn't cost the club much for hir services and it would be nice to have one friendly face in hir travels.

"Alright, get packing I'll order the PTV for tomorrow.”

"ALRIGHT!” Red fist pumps and goes to tell Dallie and Coal.

Dallie was glad Alexis will have a friend with hir but was sad to see hir sister go. They hugged, something Red notices shi does more often now and Dallie wish hir a safe trip. Coal was a little more hesitant. “We just became mates Red and you want to leave?”

"I want to help a friend in need. Shi's had a rough time lately and having something stable like a known friend in this will help. Remember it was my security instinct that prevented you and Whirlwind from being hurt that day.”

"Alright but please be careful.”

"Of course, I have something to return to.” Red then passionately kisses Coal. They spent another night in passionate love.

The next day Alexis and Red waved goodbye to the family and get in to the PTV already packed with their clothes and other necessities. Red had hir gun in it's holster with two extra clips in hir security mode. The strategy was check out all the GNA branches first before doing a world tour. The bomb killed or knocked out half the staff for the Minneapolis staff so there's a lot of replacements to get. “Hey Red?”


"I notice all that music equipment. Play in a band at all?”

"Nope, just love to play. It helped a bit in my adjustment time.”

"I like music myself. I especially got into that music by RS, you can really swing to it. Are you an RS fan?” Grinning Red replies.

"You can say that.”

They arrive at the next Double H branch and with one hand on the grip of hir gun Red looks around. Though it wasn't official, it's believed that H1 was behind the bombing and if they were willing to do one like that there could be others. Shi continued scanning the area as shi and Alexis walk through the front doors. The receptionist lead them to the office area and they meet the branch head and head into hir office to go over the staff. After two hours Alexis looked over to Red who has been attentive but not really hir area. "Hey Red.”

"Yeah Alexis?”

"I don't need you for this go enjoy the club okay.” Red shrugs and gets up.

"If your sure?” Alexis nods. “Well cya later then.” And Red heads out to check out the club. The layout was surprisingly similar however shi did notice an additional door. Opening led to a stairway going down. Shi heads down the stairway and ends at a locker room, beyond that shi finds a gym. Smirking shi heads in to test it out.

Adjusting hir gun belt shi lays down and grips the dumb bell with hir standard weights. Securing hir grip shi lifts it off the supports and starts pumping the dumb bell up and down. Shi does this a couple of times surprised by how easy it is to lift. It weighed almost nothing! Shi puts the dumb bell back on the supports and inspects the weights. The weights were the right size, one shi always got a good work out with so what's wrong? Scratching hir head shi glances at the wall which was a mirror, the whole gym had mirrored walls. There shi see hir image, a golden lioness patterned chakat with red hair with a tuft of red on hir tail tip. Shi stares at hir image and the duh moment comes and shi facepalms. The last time shi used weights was when shi was human, shi remembers Streaker mentioned that chakats were stronger than human standard. Grinning again shi doubles the weight to 150 pounds and tries again. This time they actually felt heavy and shi decided that was good enough...for now.

After three hours shi had enough and wiping hirself with a towel shi head back up, it was near dinner time and decides to head to the cafe for dinner. As shi enters the door connecting the club to the dinner shi hears hir name called. Looking shi sees Alexis waving hir to a table where shi sat with a couple others. Shi heads over and was about to take a chair when shi remembers shi doesn't need one and plops hir rear on the floor. “Red I like you to meet Silvia and Fredrick Greytail, Silva used to be at our branch before shi met Fred. Silvia, Fred, Chakat Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.” They three shake hands since the table prevented hugging.

“ Glad to meet you.” Silva says, “ I wonder though. You are a dead ringer for Dallie and I don't remember hir family ever mentioning you.”

"I'm adopted and an accident made me have similar looks to Dallie.” The waiter showed up and the discussion halted as they made they're orders. After the waiter leaves Alexis resumes the discussion by asks Red.

"So what have you've been doing since I told you to scram?” Both chuckle and Red replies.

"I found their Gym. We better have one after the rebuild, I haven't had a workout like that in years.”

"What about during your therapy?”

"That was all about learning how to use this body. It was a perfectly healthy chakat body, that I didn't know how to use.”

Silva comments, “Sounds tough.”

"It was, and if it wasn't for Dallie and Coal I wouldn't be here.” Alexis lifts up a glass and says.

"To the power of friendship.” The rest join in the toast as the dinner arrives.

Eventually night came and after a hard days travel and work both Red and Alexis turn in. Heading up to the living quarters area Red asks. “So where am I staying.”

"Well..” Alexis blushes a bit “They are having us bunk together.” Red shrugs and Alexis opens the door. They find a modest little space with a small kitchenette and a living room dinning area combo with 2 additional doors. Alexis stopped by earlier to put there luggage in the living room before dinner. Red checks the bathroom and found it equipped with taur equipment with attachments to adapt them to bipeds. "Red we have a problem.”


"There's only one bed, well more of a mattress.” Red looking in and yes there was a large comfy floor mattress and a decent closet. “I'll go and see if there is another room.” Red yawns and grabs Alexis.

"I'm to tired to deal with it. Let's get to bed and there shouldn't be a problem as long as we only cuddle.” Alexis nods and heads to the the bathroom to change. When shi returns shi finds Red asleep and naked. Remembering that Dallie mentioned that Red preferred being topless shi faintly shakes hir head and lays down next to the chakat.

The smell of something good cooking wakes Alexis. Stretching shi looks around to find the mattress empty. Shi gets up and opens the door to find Red still nude minus a cooking apron saying 'Love the food, Love the cook' on it causing Alexis to snicker. The snickering gets Red's attention and the chakat looks over and smiles at the wolf. “Morning sleepy head. You have good timing breakfast is almost done.” The meal was simple but good, which Alexis would expect from someone with a cook for a mate.

After spending a couple more days there they move on to the next branch, then the next. Over that time they never had a second bed in there rooms having gotten use to each other and Red did note that shi always slept better with company, blaming it on hir empathy. If anyone was to look on them when they slept they would see Alexis curled with in Red's lower torso with the chakat's tale covering the the wolf. Alexis always complained when Red beat hir in waking for it always got chilly when Red left causing the chakat to belly laugh. Sadly not everything went well as they parked near the next branch they ran into trouble. This branch was in a city near the HCKNA. They both get out of the PTV when a bunch of humans neared them. “GET OUT OF HERE YOU GENE FREAKS!”

“ The only freaks I see is you guys.” Red shot back. Hir hand gripping hir gun. Sensing some eagerness behind hir but unable to look away from the group in front of hir shi was about to ask Alexis look behind them when Alexis screamed. Glancing behind hir shi sees Alexis struggling with a human. Red kicks with a hind leg to separate Alexis and the human and shi pulls out hir gun and takes a shot at the man that attacked Alexis before turning and shot at the ground in front of the main group. “My next shot won't miss you neo nazi's so beat it.”

"Neo nazi?” One of the human's asks.

"Look it up you idiots. And maybe you'll see the danger your placing yourselves in by following that path.” Hearing sirens the group breaks off running though one of the females in the group looked back for a bit with a thoughtful expression before following the others. Replacing hir gun back in it's holster shi walks over to Alexis. “You okay Alexis?”

"Yes thanks to you, nice kick.” The police finally arrived and they took their statements and after an hour the pair were finally allowed to continue to Double H. After a brief meeting with the branch president they had dinner during which Red noticed a scent coming from Alexis. After dinner the pair went up to their room, unpacked, and relaxed. At least Red did Alexis seemed uneasy. “Alexis you okay?”

"I'm fine, maybe just ticked about what happened but fine.” Red frowned, while there was some truth in that shi has been around too long for that to work, then shi remembers hir empathy (shi sometimes forgets shi has it) shi sensed sexual lust from hir friend.

"Alexis are you going into heat?” The wolf reluctantly nods. “You must have had that planned for so what's the trouble.”

"My pills to contain it were in my purse and that human stole it.”

"Shoot so you have to deal with it in other ways.”

"Yup.” The wolf let's out a breath before heading to the door. “I'm going to head out and find someone before we might do something that you'll regret.” before shi could open the door Red gets in the way.

"What might I regret?”

"That we had sex. I know that you were human and your standards are different than a chakats. And I'm a throw back.”


"Some of us morphs still have genes from the old days when we were sexual play things. Most of them are dormant but they can awaken in some of us. I have hyper pheromones that makes any male, herm, even females on occasion want me. SO I have to find someone willing to help before they can't help it.”

"Would you rather to this with a friend.” The wolf nods.

"Look Alexis, I may have different standards then a typical chakat, but then I'm not a typical chakat. I would be honored to help you in this time of need. I do find you attractive and considering what happened today I would feel better to have you with me.”

"You sure Red? I don't want to lose your friendship with this.”

Red raises hir hand in an oath position. “I Redstreak swear that you will not lose my friendship from what will happen tonight.” Red then picks up the wolf and carries hir to the bedroom as the wolf yells out.

"RED! PUT ME DOWN!” Shi can help but giggle at the former humans antics. Red tosses hir on the mattress and pins hir with hir lower body as shi rips off Alexis's clothing.

"Such a nice body to guard.” Red comments making Alexis blush. Red then kisses Alexis and the wolf holds hir head as shi let's go of what control shi had of hir pheromones. Red gets the full dose and nearly instantly hir cock shoots out throbbing with need. The chakat grips and squeezes Alexis's breasts before ramming hir cock in Alexis's pussy which thanks to the genes and Red's efforts was wet and Red started pumping. The rest of the night was nothing more than a blur for either participants, well a blur and pleasure. It would be hours before they collapse in sleep sated.....for now.




Red and Alexis relationship changed a bit after that weekend. They both slept naked together and even though Alexis got hir medication for her heat they still had a few romps. When Alexis talked to Coal over the vidphone the chakat chuckled at their antics and was a bit jealous of Alexis have that kind of time with Red. Well maybe more envious than jealous considering hir and Red's mateship was fairly new and shi wanted to join in. Exhausting the branches in the GNA the pair heads to Australia.

As the head out of the spaceport Red proclaims. “HOLY CRAP! IT'S HOT HERE! I think I might melt any second!”

“Oh come on Red! It isn't that bad.” Grinning at hir friends antics shi continues. “And most of the Chakats on the planet live here.”

"They're insane, they must be insane.” Alexis couldn't help but chuckle at Red. Though shi'll be glad to be in the PTV and turn on the AC. Putting their stuff in the rent PTV they head to the Melbourne Double H Club. “I am curious Alexis.”

"On what?”

"The PTVs, are they all electric?”


"So the environmental wackos finally won and forced everyone to drive electric.”

"Not true, why would you say that?”

"Back in my time they were trying to forced people into those cars despite the disaster of the Volt. Let the marketplace decide not the idiots in political power the fund cars that cost too much don't go far and take a long time to charge.”

"Well people aren't forced to Red, there are gas using vehicles around. Most of the companies build variations of the PTV and they're all fully customizable.”

"Well still not happy with that but maybe it's just me and my old ways.” Red grumbled.

"Maybe.” Alexis chimed then shi hugged Red's upper torso. “But I wouldn't change it one bit.”


They arrive the the Double H and Red enters first seeing a rabbit morph at the front desk. The Rabbit look up from whatever shi was doing, smiled and said. “Welcome to Hermaphrodite Haven, I'm Francine Vice President of this branch.” A VP that greets to. Grinning shi looks behind her to Alexis who has just come through the door. “I didn't know you had family here?” Alexis burst out laughing at the remark as Francine stood there a little confused.

"I'm I missing something?” Fran asks as but Red and Alexis start to laugh. Finally managing to control hirself Alexis approached Fran.

"I'm Alexis Timber the new President of our New Minneapolis Branch and I did the same thing. The comedian next to me is Chakat Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.” Red stuck hir tongue out at hir friend. “So mature, especially for a 40 year old.”

"Call it my midlife crisis.” Red retorted causing Alexis to chuckle.

"Well we were told to expect you. Will Redstreak be joining you?”

"Nope shi's just here to protect me. Have fun Red.”

"Only if I don't melt first.” Red comments as Fran leads Alexis to their president.

Red went into the main area and quickly found the gym and spent an hour there before heading back up. After getting a cool drink Red lounged on a couch relaxing the best shi could. The AC wasn't on high enough to suit hir. Shi had almost dozed off when shi felt a weight land on hir couch. “Hi your new here my name is Tavitiana but my friends call be Tavi. Why do you have a gun and..” The collie morph said in a hyper accented voice. Red grabbed and shut hir muzzle.

"Switch to decaf Tavi.” Letting go of the collie's muzzle shi continued. “I'm Redstreak, and I'm here on business as a bodyguard.”

"Oh, cool, and I'm not on caffeine I'm just naturally perky. You're not Australian are you? Your accent isn't right.'

"I'm from America.” Red takes a sip from hir drink. “You guys don't keep it cold enough in here, it's hard to cool down.”

"Where in the GNA?'

"Minnesota.” Tavi just gives hir a confused look.

"New Minneapolis.”

"Ah, so it would be hot here for you. Why don't you try the pool. It's a great way to cool down.”

"But I didn't bring any swim ware.” Tavi grins at hir.

"The pool and the green room are the places where it is fine to be nude. The kids kinda forced it that way. Come on I'll show you.” The little collie lead Red to the elevator, up a few floors and through a small corridor opening a door to a large pool area. “You can store your things in the locker over there and there are blankets next to it. They're are showers on the other side of the door for the chlorine. Now I have to go back and wait for some friends and enjoy!” the collie hops away and Red glances at the pool before heading over to the lockers. Paying for the locker she puts hir gun shirt and equipment belt in and puts the waterproof key around hir neck. Dipping into the pool shi sighs in the cooling pleasure of the pool. Shi swam for a few minutes thanking God that Breaks taught hir how to swim in a six limbed form. Finally shi goes to the edge of the pool and leans hir upper torso against the concrete as hir lower torso floated in the pool. Soon hir eyes were closed and shi almost purrs at the relaxation till a voice broke it.

"Now that's a relaxed cat.” Opening hir eyes and looking to the left Red sees a cougar furred chakat with waist length blond hair sticking to hir since shi had a swim as well. “G'day mate I'm chakat Goldfur, child of Longstripe and Desertsand.”

"Chakat Redstreak, nice to meet you.”

"Your from America aren't you, I can tell by the accent my mate is from there. Do chakats there not give their parents names in the greeting?”

"Doh!” Red facepalms. “My apologies I was just recently adopted so I have to remember to include them. I'm the Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.”

“What about your birth parents?” Red's smile fades away as shi looks down .

"Gone, for a long time gone.” Red feels a hand on hir shoulder as Goldfur says.

"I'm sorry Redstreak.”

"It's okay, some wounds never fully heal but my new family is very good at treating the pain.”

"I know the feeling. I lost my daughter Stonefur in the first of the Human First riots last year.”

"How old?”

"Shi and hir twin Greypaws were barely a year old when that happened. Thank the Makers that Lupu survived.”

"Those monsters, Humanity never seems to remember for long. I'm so ashamed of them.”


"Long story, so what do you do for a living?” Grateful for the change of subject Goldfur answers.

"I am a technician with the Star Corps, fixing everything that is broke you?”

"Currently as a bodyguard for my Double H's President as shi recruits replacements for our branch.”


"I'm from Minneapolis.” Goldfur winces having heard of the bombing that happened there.

"So what about before that?”

"Worked at the home I live with my mate Coaldust, our co-mate Medallion and my niece Whirlwind.”

"Nice, so how do you like Australia so far?”

"I'll give one guess why I'm in this pool.” Goldfur grins and answers.

"You were a little warm and needed to cool off? Malena was the same way when she moved here.” Red snorted.

"A little, and Malena?”

"My first mate, I met her during shore leave one time and we clicked. Her mother was open to me but then Malena left the village and though I didn't know it without her mother's blessing hurt her mother didn't speak about her and things became icy between me and my mother in law. Thus she lived with me and my sister adapting I later met her brother when he heard what happened. Turned out he was a technician in the Star Corps as well and after a tour together we also fell in love and he became my second mate.”

"Ouch not the best start for a family.”

"True but after sending her pictures of her grandchildren mellowed her a bit. Enough for us to visit and after playing with her granddaughter and seeing us together helped some more. The final straw was when I gave birth to my and Garrek's daughter. She asked us to visit and there she apologies for her treatment of us and ask Malena to return home since Garrek and I are on ship tours a lot. Malena refused the offer though having made a life for herself here though on occasion we'll drop her off to spend time with her parents before going on tour. How about you?”

"I just have one, Coaldust. Shi and Medallion helped me through a traumatic time and after the bombing I agreed to be hir mate.”

"And Sunspot and Fireblaze?”

"Medallion's parents, the accepted me as a daughter from day one but I wasn't ready for that yet, but I since changed my mind. A second brush with death will do that to you.”

"So this is where you went to Goldie?” A voice interrupts them. Red looks to see a jaguar furred chakat with shoulder length black hair and an impressive rack of breasts. Both stare at each other's breasts for a full minute before Goldfur breaks it.

"Enough staring at hir breasts sis before you both have an accident.” It was then that Red noticed hir cock peeking out. Desperately trying subdue hir pending erection shi greets the chakat.

"Hi, I'm Chakat Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.”

"Chatkat Forestwalker, child of Desertsand and Longstripe.” For a couple of hours the trio talked. It seems Forest as shi prefers to be called was a regular attender of the club and dragged hir older sister here for a break from career and family. Finally though the rumblings of there stomachs brings them out of the pool. After wash up and drying Red grabs hir gun belt first than pulls on hir Stars and Stripes T-shirt (A gift from Dallie) and joins the sisters to the diner for dinner. They were just sitting down at a table when Red notice Alexis and waved hir over. After introductions the group decided on meals and gave their orders. Goldfur and Red continued their conversation, mainly about the Star Corps while Forest and Alexis talked about local things and Double H club business. After a hearty dinner (Red had a huge plate of hard shell tacos) the group split up with Goldfur and Forest heading home while Red and Alexis head up to their room. They strip and cuddle to the small surprise of Alexis since they've become very intimate after the heat incident but after a long exhausting day shi fell asleep fast. Although equally exhausted Red couldn't sleep yet. Hir mind can't stop thinking about Goldie's relationship with Malena and her brother. During dinner Goldie hinted that Malena may want a child by her brother and Goldie didn't really see a problem with that. Yes Goldie acknowledge that repeated incest would be bad for a bloodline but once wouldn't and it would be between the hir fox mates on that. Finally though sleep got the better of hir and hir head rested against Alexis' neck.

Late the next morning Red wakes up to an empty bed. Alexis must be in a meeting again. Shi thinks. Shi gets up to shower than have breakfast before leaving the room. Still troubled by yesterday and knowing calling Dallie and Coal at this hour would not be good shi grabs hir belt and heads out into Melbourne. Shi wandered aimlessly till one place caught hir eye. A modest building with a sign saying it was the Down Under Community Church. Shi admits shi wasn't much of a church goer in hir old life but shi always found church such as these non to little affiliation the best. These past few years shi hasn't gone to church not sure how they would react to hir and during that suicidal phase had little faith in God but troubled as shi was shi was willing to gamble again. Taking out a T shirt to cover hir breasts shi heads in thankfully for the AC again. Shi steps into the auditorium and looks around, not a bad setup for it's size, simple, yet elegant.

"May I help you Shir?” Red looks behind hir to see a man in his forties, maybe fifties in a simple but comfy out fit of a T shirt and slacks. He extends his hand and says.“Sorry if I startled you, I'm Brandon Spencer. This is my church.” Red takes the hand and replies.

"Chakat Redstreak, I came here looking for advice if you don't mind?”

"Why would I mind?”

"Well I wasn't sure how a church would accept me?”

"Well I admit I don't have any chakats in my flock I do have a few morphs and I consider them all children of God no matter how they originate. Come into my office and let's see what troubles you.” He lead hir to a an office behind the auditorium. Setting hir rump down on the floor next to the guest chair shi waits for him to sit behind his desk.

"Well I think I'll start by saying this. I wasn't raised like a chakat but closer to human norms and some christian beliefs so when somethings in chakat culture, maybe in some of the other morph cultures that seem to conflict with those beliefs I'm not sure what to do.”

"Not the first time I've been asks this though it's normally by humans. The Bible was written well before morphs ever existed and I know some use the verses on bestiality to bully and threaten mix matings but I try to keep an open mind a bit and love the most important commandment. 'love your neighbor as yourself.' It's ultimately between them and God but one thing I do notice about chakat relationships is that they are the most stable despite how many are in the group for lack of a better term and the handful that I see that breakup do so on good terms, so maybe chakats got it right I honestly don't know. I will say this you Chakats seem to embodied the church tenant of loving one another." Red nods with things clearer for hir.

"Thanks pastor that does help.”

"Glad I could help. Will I see you here on Sunday?”

"Nope, I'm only here a couple of days before leaving for the next city before heading back home in America.”

"Well may God bless your journey, here's my contact info if you need to talk again.” They link their padds and exchange contact info.

"May God bless your day pastor, goodbye.”

"Goodbye Redstreak.” Red leaves the church with a clearer mind shi heads back to Double H. After heading back shi spent more time at the gym before heading back up to the room taking off hir shirt and relaxes. After lunch shi took a nap only to be awaken by Alexis.

"Red, Time to go Goldie's expecting us.” Stretching Red remembers that Goldie invited them over for dinner today. Getting into the rented PTV the pair head over to a large one story house. As Red and Alexis get out two small blurs races towards them to reveal a pair of Chakat cubs who began sniffing the newcomers.

"Snowcloud, Patchwork get back here!” Red looks up to see a wolftaur female trot down.

"It's okay they remind me of my niece Whirlwind.” Red says as shi picks up a tortoise furred cub who is fighting to be let down but years dealing with normal cats allowed Red to find the sweet spot to hold the cub. “And who's this?”

"That is Patchwork, the one playing with your friends tail is Snowcloud and I'm Lupu.”

"Redstreak and Alexis, Goldfur invited us to dinner.”

"Well come in then.” The pair heading and they meet Garrek a BRIGHT red foxtaur and Kris and Trina, a pair of anthro foxes one red one artic. They also met Midnight and all black chakat with lovely blue eyes. Midnight turned out to be Forest's Denmate soon to be lifemate. After some greetings the group sat down and exchanged stories. Kris and Trina met Forest when Kris had an accident while hiking and the two grew to love each other and became mates, though the seriousness of the injures the pair was airlifted away and Forest didn't see them again but a few years later they reunited during a hike and they found out how much the three had in common the fox pair decided to become Forest denmates and also soon to be lifemates since the clicked so well. Midnight met Goldfur first on a ship since Midnight was a security/scout on board and while friendly with each other they weren't mating material for each other but Midnight had a deep need to start a family so Goldfur introduced hir to Forest during a hike (the same hike where Forest was reunited with Kris and Trina) And found out to like similar things and their personalities clicked. Midnight was male biased while Forest is female biased. Lupu was the newest member of the family. She was exiled from her pack and not a hunter by trade she was starving when she stumbled upon the Mountain Glade village and it happen to be at a time where Goldfur was visiting and the chakat helped the wolftaur get a meal and bring her into hir home. Grateful Lupu offered to carry Goldfur's child. Goldfur said no offhand but stated that Chakat's have children with those they love and offered Lupu to be hir denmate which Lupu accepted.

Alexis told hir story which shi'd admit not as exciting. The family was curious about Red though and ask hir story. Red sighed and looked to Alexis. “Alexis could you tell them?” The wolf nods and Red goes to play with the cubs. Alexis looks carefully at the family ans seriously says.

"What I say here doesn't go beyond your family. Red's story is still fairly painful for hir and I don't know all the details, I think only Medallion and Coaldust do.” Alexis then proceeded to tell the company on Redstreak's origins. The family was shocked and dismayed at what happened to Red. Then it turn to admiration at hir determination to live as a chakat now. Forest did get up to check on the kids and to see most of them playing with Red. Sensing the approaching chakat Red turns and Forest sees a serious determination with a hint of pain in the strange red eyes.

"I don't need your pity, I just need time to heal.” Forest closes in and hugs Red.

"No pity just friendship, friendship and love can heal lot of wounds.”

"That's true. Dallie and Coal proved that well. Figures that it takes a second near death experience to knockout my fears, stubbornness, what ever you want to call it and fully accept what they offered. Both them and Dallie's parents.”

"You mean your parents.”

"I'm still getting use to that so forgive the goofs. Heck my niece is technically my daughter so I'm allowed some grace there.”

"The important thing is that you have a family that loves you and you have made more friends tonight. So no more depression.”

"Yes ma'am.” Red gives Forest a mock salute. Noting how late is was getting Alexis and Red try to head back to the club but the family wouldn't have it. Before either guest could respond the duo was lifted and carried to the main bedroom. Kris and Trina got to try out Alexis while Red was smothered by the taurs. Having no chance for the remnants of hir human beliefs to object shi was drawn into a taur orgy to which shi'll remark later. “Thank God I wasn't in heat then.” Eventually everyone ended up in a big furpile and slept the night away.

After a hearty breakfast Alexis and Red said goodbye to their new friends and head back to the club. They stay two days more and Red met more of Forest herm friends before moving on to the next branch. They pair visited 3 more branches before they were on the way home when Alexis got a call. “Timber here.”

"Alexis, I've got bad news. The wacky sisters can't make the reopening.”

"What why?”

"The ship they were touring in had a engine malfunction. It won't be repaired on time and none of the ships near them will get here either.”

"Crap! Well thanks for telling me Stephi, gives me a little" more time to find a replacement.”

"Good luck boss.” Alexis sighs as shi hangs up.

"Heard that call so this band was to be at the reopening of the club?” Red asks.

"Yes, and it will be hard to find an all herm band this close to reopening.” Red thinks on this before shi decides to take a gamble.

"I know a herm that is open but shi likes to keep hir identity secret so shi doesn't do appearances but I may be able to talk hir into coming out for this.”

"If you can I'll be grateful Red.”

"I'll call when we get back home.”

When they arrive at the airport Red sees Coal running to hir and the lion pattern chakat opens hir arms as hir mate hugs hir deeply. “I missed you Red.”

"I missed you to Coal, but I had good company. Did Dallie take good care of you?”

"Yes so good I got hir knocked up.”


"And here I though me and Dallie were the males of the group?”

"I wanted the pleasure of siring a child and give Dallie the pleasure of baring one. Unless you were willing to.”

"No way, I haven't gotten that far yet. Well congrats.” Red and Alexis claim their luggage and head home.

Later that night in the privacy of hir room Red called Larsa. “Hey Red how was the trip.”

"Fun and enlightening. Larsa I need you to get in contact with Alexis, head of the Double H branch in my city. RS is going to make a cameo there but only there and I want it to be a surprise even for Alexis, can you do that?”

"Yes though it will be hard not to tell hir who it is. I wish I could see it.”

"I'll make sure that Coal or Dallie film it for you but only for you got it?” Grinning Larsa replies.

"I got it, now what equipment do you need?” The two spent and hour going over there side of the details. Eventually Red called Coal into hir room.

"Yes Red?”

"Coal, I had sexual relations with Alexis, and with Goldfur's family. Alexis started because of hir heat and the loss of hir pills but we continued after that and Goldfur, well I had no control there.” Coal gets close and lick kisses Red's muzzle.

"It's okay Red this is just your old ways interfering with a good thing. We chakats have a more open relationship than most other species. But if it will make you feel better.” Coal steps back and raises hir right hand. “ I Chakat Coaldust swear to allow Redstreak one of my loves and mates full permission with anyone shi wishes.” Shi looks at Red again sees tears in hir eyes. “Will that satisfy you?” Red walks up to Coals and grabs hir head with both hands.

"Does this answer your question?” Red then passionately kisses Coal for three minutes before breaking off and Coal replies. “Hmmm not sure I think I need a clearer answer.”

"Oh I'll give you a clearer answer.” Red then pulls Coal onto the mattress and the emotions from the two chakats cause a little orgy in the house.

Laying on the mattress with Coal laying on top of hir both stroking each other. “Coal, I'm ready to have a child with you.”

"Mmmmm, good thing my heat's in a few days. Should I expect Alexis to be a co-mate soon?”

"Not sure, we became close during the travel but neither of us offered it. I'll just see what the future brings.” Coal then begins to suckle on Red's nipple. “Aren't you sated yet?”

"Nope, and just think how much better it will be during my heat.”

"I'm going to need Viagra!”




The next day saw Alexis talking with Larsa on the details of the concert. Red smirks behind the wolf as shi moves into the living room. And meets hir twin. “Quite a homecoming last night huh?” Red blushes as the twins hear Coal laugh from the kitchen. Putting an arm around Red's shoulder Dallie continues. “I'm glad you two get along well, I'm blessed to have hir and you though I wonder who is blessed more us or hir?”

"Hir.” Both grin at each other and Dallie comments.

"Good choice.” As they both head to the table Coal glances over the kitchen island at hir mates and notice there were more differences between them. When Red left weeks ago shi and Dallie were virtually identical minus expression and hairstyle. Now Dallie has a slight bulge in hir lower torso made by their baby, while Red was more muscular now defiantly showing hir male biased. Coal was feeling wet down below. Coal set down breakfast and bellows

"BREAKFAST!” Shi looks down to see hir mates rubbing their ears since they were unfortunately in front of hir.

"Coal,” Red says “I'm surprise the neighbors didn't complain last night.”

"Well” Dallie starts “Dune and Blossom across the street were wondering what was going on.” Red groaned and face palmed.

"Please tell me you apologized for me?”

"I did no such thing, they ask if they could join in.” Red blushed deeply and pound her head on the table. Dallie and Coal grinned at each other, sometimes Red's human reactions were priceless. Alexis emerge to save Red from any further teasing and the only one with clothes on if they are only a bikini top and shorts, not yet comfortable being nude with everyone here yet. Whirlwind was the last to arrive in hir usual blur. Breakfast was a silent affair with everyone eating. Then the door bell rang and Red got up, “I'll get it.” Shi open the front door to see Dallies, correction hir parents with Streaker. “Red!” Sunspots cheers as she goes and hugs red. “Good to see you home daughter.”

"Thanks Sunspot.” Red returns the hug.

"Please call me mom.”

"I'll try just don't expect it over night okay?”

"Deal.” Red steps back and let's them in.

"We're in the middle of breakfast if you care to join us.”

"Sounds good.” Fireblaze states as shi walks in patting Red on the shoulder also being a male biased chakat. Streaker is the last to come in and glances down Red.

"You look good Red, fit.”

"Visited the gyms at the clubs while we were away.”

"Nice.” Streaker gives hir a thumbs up. The trio find spots to sit at the table as Coal serves them breakfast.

"What are you doing here mom?” Dallie asked.

"We had to see our daughter after hir long trip and we have an announcement to make.”

"Thanks...mom.” Red replies get a smile from Sunspot.

"Well the announcement is that me and Fireblaze asked Streaker to be our den-mate and shi accepted.” Both Dallie and Coal hugged and congratulated the trio. Sunspots sensed trouble from Red and asked.

"What's wrong Red?”

"Well your old enough to be hir mother or father.”

"That's true but after some time living with us me and Fire fell in love with hir and shi with us.”

"It's true Red. I came here having lost what little family I had left and Dallie and Fire open their homes then Sun and Fire opened their hearts how can you say no to that kind of love as you know.”

"Ya I do. Just nevermind me, culture clash I have to get over.” Red starts to turn away when she feels arms wrap around hir waist. A sniff reveal it to be Sunspot and shi feels Sunspots head rest on top of hirs.

"I won't nevermind you, you're my daughter and your opinion matters to me.” Red grabs Sunspots hand.

"Thanks..mom, thanks for trying to understand.”

"That's what mothers are for.” Red thought of something and chuckled. “What?” Sunspot asks.

"Well, you give a whole new meaning to the term cougar for me.”

"Cougar? I don't look like a cougar.”

"Where I come from cougar not only means a type of big feline but a female taking a much younger male as a boyfriend.” Sunspot hugs Red saying, “My silly daughter” shi licks Red's muzzle. “I wouldn't trade you for anything.” Red smiles. Sunspot might not have given birth to hir but it didn't matter, shi was Sunspot's daughter in Sunspots eyes and Red was starting to feel the same. Red then approached Streaker and extended hir hand.

"Welcome to the family...” With a glint in hir eye and an evil smile, “..uncle.” Streaker took the hand and turn it into a hug.

"You troublesome little nephew, come here.” Streaker then proceeded to noogie Red to the laughter of everyone.

After breakfast Dallie and Coal went to there jobs while Alexis and Red chatted with the trio for an hour more before they went home. Soon after Red drove Alexis to the club and while Alexis over saw the repairs to the club and the preparation of the new staff members (which they just barely got enough of), Red met with the sound crew to prepare for RS's arrival. Larsa certainly had to work hard to gather in all herm crew to assist in the club. The bulk of the equipment was lights and screens, shi would provide the keyboard and the programing. It took a couple of hours to get everything ready. Red pulled out hir keyboard and hooked into the system and did a small test to make sure things was working right. That done shi checks out the new club. The repairs and redesign were almost complete with just the finishing touches of paint, decorations, or equipment test had yet to be down as well as wait for the replacements to arrive. Red found the gym and grinned at the equipment there in the new wing since the building next the club was trashed so bad it had to be demolished. Sadly the owners of the store were killed and Red heard they were very kind to the club members. Going back to the main area she sees the herms who lived at the club return after living with their families, or with club members living outside the club like Alexis is doing with Red. Life was slowly returning to the club.

Hours later Red drove them home, with Alexis checking out hir room today it seems this will be hir last night with them. Red was sadden by that for shi enjoyed the wolf's company, well more reason to visit the club more. During dinner Alexis's announce hir return to living at the club to a tear filled group and they hugged hir wishing hir the best. Shi left the next morning with Red dropping hir off. Hugging the wolf Red said. “Don't be a stranger.”

“ I won't, thanks for everything.” The wolf herm went into the club and fully assumed the leadership on this branch of the club.

A couple days pass and during one morning Coal went up to Red after Medallion left for work but dropping off Whirlwind with hir grandparents first. “Red I'm in heat and I have the next two days off so I'm all yours.”

"I better get the Viagra then.” Red said half jokingly as they head to Red's room. Red barely has time to shut the door when Coal is kissing hir passionately. Returning the kiss they pair starts groping each other. This continues for minutes before Coal showed hir rump to Red, hir pussy wet with need. “No.” Coal loves back in shock when Red explains more. “I want to make this one special, lie on your back.” Coal nods and lies down on hir back revealing hir light gray bellies to hir lover. “Beautiful.” Red comments.

"I can say the same.” Red then lays on top of Coal as the kiss again and Red gropes Coal's breasts as shi enters hir love slowly. Groaning and purring in pleasure Red slowly pumps in and out of Coal. Both wrap there tails together making them one. Red tried to keep going slow but with Coals pheromones and the pleasure of their joining was too much for hir as shi starts thrusting faster. “YES my LOVE FASTER!” Red was only to happy to comply. Red thrust into Coal deep and both roared out in orgasmic pleasure and Red filled Coal with hir seed before collapsing on top of Coal. Licking Red's muzzle Coals states. “We have to try this position again love.” Red only nods and in minutes they were at it again. Throughout the day they tries various positions and styles. They even did it while showering, but the most interesting thing Coal would note later was when they gave Red's cock a rest and Red allowed Coal to take the male role. When they first had to do this when Red went in heat it nearly broke hir. Now though shi seems nearly accepting of it though only with Coal and only when Coal hugs hir deeply. As far as Coal knows Red has never taken the female role with anyone else but hir and Coal felt special because of it.

Dallie came home to find hir mate and sister passed out in Red's room with Red's cock still in Coals pussy. Shaking hir head at hir families antics shi closes the door and waited for hir parents to drop Whirlwind off. It took the smell of dinner to wake the sleeping pair and the ate and went at it again while Dallie and Whirlwind slept in Dallie's old room. Red and Coal were hardly seen the next day, mainly during the meal to which Coal announce shi was pregnant. Dallie congratulated them both but conceiving didn't stop the pairs fun. There was a change at night when Coal grab Dallie and dragged hir into the room for some 3 way fun. Once again though is was mainly Coal having fun with Dallie while Red played with hir. Finally the trio fall asleep exhausted but sated.

Two days later was the reopening of the club and the entire family went to see it. Dallie setting up a camera to record for Larsa. Alexis went up to Red nervous. “Red I don't know if the musician is here?”

“Shi's here I saw hir not to long ago. Shi'll come out after your opening speech and I'll introduce hir okay?”

"I just wish I could meet hir first?”

“You won't but I'll talk to hir to see if you can later. I'll go and talk to hir now okay?” Alexis nods allowing Red to leave. Alexis then chatted with Sunspot and company till it was time. She heads back to the stage area and gets behind the mike. “Welcome everyone to the reopening of the New Minneapolis Hermaphrodite Haven. Many of us were harmed one way or another in the bombing,” Alexis pauses for a moment of silence that all the members respected as the old ones remember the dead. “We have a memorial to those stolen from us and like a phoenix we arise stronger than ever!” This got cheers from the crowd. “Now Redstreak will introduce us to our entertainment tonight. COME ON OUT RED!” Red appeared from the right side of the stage wearing a leather jacket and walks up to to mike.

“Thanks Alexis.” Looking over the crowd shi continues. “Now the entertainment Alexis planned had to cancel I knew someone who could do this on short notice. Shi has never played before a crowd before and shi hopes you will respect hir desire for privacy, Now without further ado I present.” Red turns away from the crowd and unzips the jacket and swings around throwing the jacket to reveal a black T-shirt with the RS logo as the same logo appears on the screens bracketing the stage and on the screen above says 'WELCOME BACK DOUBLE H!' Shi than start playing on hir keyboard hir latest song (Angel Island Zone by Mindwipe, check out Mindwipe goes Sonic at mindwipestudios.info). Over half the crowd cheers as they recognizes who was playing for them. RS played 5 of hir new songs (All on previous said album) as the crowd danced and partied to hir tunes before shi took break to the claps and cheers of the crowd as a computer took over the music. As Red gets down from the stage shi hears. “YOU!” Looking over shi sees Alexis stomping towards hir with Dallie following behind. “You kept this from the the WHOLE TIME!”

“Wasn't the wait worth it though?”

“The reaction was sis.” Dallie interjects, “Hir jaw was dropped for the entire first track. Don't worry I got a pic of it.” Red looks back to the still fuming wolf and offered hir arm.

“Alexis you wanted to meet me, now you have me.” Alexis takes the arm .

“You're still going to get it.”

“Come on, what's life without surprises? Trust me I know.” The rest of the night went well, Red did some more songs as RS before having a meal but as the night wore on the party dissolved. Most that remained were those you lived at the club and as Red puts hir stuff away preparing to leave Alexis Returns to hir and asks.

“Why RS?”

“It's truth hidden in the mystery.” Alexis thinks a bit then exclaims.

“RS, RedStreak nice.”

“Thanks, cya later Alexis.” Red rejoins hir family and they all head home where Dallie reveals that Sunspot was pregnant with Streaker's kid and Streaker pregnant with Fireblaze's. Red just shook hir head and comments. “Looks like there will be a lot of birth parties in the future.”

The months pass and Red loves the look of Coal heavy with hir child and would occasionally stroke the bloated belly causing Coal to smile. Two months before the child was due Dallie gave birth to twins. One had dark red fur on hir front and it slowly turned to black with green eyes thus shi was named Twotone, hir sister had a light green with black spots and Red eyes. They were going to name hir Camo for hir fur but hir trait on hopping on any and everything thus instead shi was called Hopper. Once again Red was assisting in feeding the cubs since she was excepting hir first kid. Sunspots and Streaker though beat Coal having a joint birth party. Sunspot gave birth to a cub with black fur with red stripes and gold eyes, at Red's suggestion shi was named Stovy for the looked like an old fashion stove. Streaker's cub had snow white fur with gold patches with brown eyes was named Sparkles. Finally the day arrived when it was Coal's turn. It seemed the child didn't want to leave for it was nearly midnight when they moved to the guest room for the birth. Red was nervous this being hir first time in the prime position. With Coal leaning on hir from the front shi sensed hir mates nervousness. “It will be okay Red,everything is fine.” Chessboard was at Coal's nether region waiting to pick out the baby. Coal push with the contractions as Red encouraged hir to push. Soon their cub emerge and Chess cleaned the cub before handing hir to hir mother to feed and Red and Coal fed on each others milk, when down the check out their daughters feature's. She was cougar patterned except for that from hir muzzle down hir belly and on hir tail tip and the bottoms on hir feet and hand paws were grey. When shi finally open's hir eyes they will be gold and thus shi was named Sandrock, child of Coaldust and Redstreak.

December 2nd, 2335 Red was in the porch looking towards the sunrise in deep thought. Shi hears footsteps coming towards hir and with hir empathy feels it to be Coal. “You okay love?” Coal asks.

“Just thinking.” Coal takes a seat beside hir.

"You've been doing that a lot lately, on what are you thinking?”

“I'm thinking of joining the Star Corps.”

“Why love? Don't we have enough money, I know we aren't filthily rich but with us all combined we're not in need.”

“I know and it isn't the money.”

“Then why?” Red sighs before continuing.

“Coal, I've spent most of my life protecting people and protecting Alexis sparked a need for me to do it again. And when I was young I dreamed of going into space and here in this time and place some of the beings make that traveling a regular basis. With the Star Corps I could do both of those and yet not be gone for long periods of time, weeks at most. The kids have grown enough to be okay. Whirlwind starts school next year and with Dallie's promotion shi's home more. I just want something to do more than being RS. And if I fail to make it then at least I tried.”

“You really want to do this don't you?” Red nods. Then Coal hugs Red close. “I'm going to miss you while your gone.”

“Maybe you can come sometime, I read they take on civilian contractors.”

“I might.” The two sat in silence as the sun rose through the snow covered woods.

Later after telling Dallie of hir intentions, to which Dallie wished hir the best shi called Commander Antilles. “Hello Shir Redstreak.”

"Hello commander, I am interested in joining the Star Corps as security. Can you help me out?”

“I can, I know you did security work where you came from is there anything else to add to it?”

“A couple years ago I did some body guard work for Alexis Timber and I have a carry permit for guns.”

“Very well, let me look this up and I'll get back to you in a couple days.”

“Cya then Commander.” Two days later the commander called and arranged a meeting between Red and a Star Corps Training instructor. Red drives to the local Star Corps facility and shi sees the commander out side. Next to the Commander was a tall feline with a tiger pattern fur in odd colors, tan and green.

“Redstreak this is Lieutenant Zakane, one of our instructors. He test you out for the job.” Red walked up to the tiger and craned hir head up. Shi was guessing this was a Rakshani. MAN THEY WERE BIG! Redstreak Stood straight and saluted the Lieutenant. “Sir.” The rakshani returns the salute.

“Come with me Shir Redstreak.” Red follows him into the building. “Your record said you work in private security?”

"Yes sir, 25 years ten of them as the chief.”

“It stated you were building security that's where we'll focus today. You ever fire a phaser?”

“No sir, but check them out in on the net”

“We'll head to the firing range first.”

Once there Red sees a tray with a phaser on it. At the lieutenant's nod shi heads over. Shi picks it up and examines the device's mechanism. She attaches the power supply and powers up the weapon aims, turns off the weapon's safety and fires*pause* fires twice *pause* fires six more times. While that was going on Zakane studied the chakat. Shi knew the procedure keeping the safety on till the last. Was able to figure out the basics of an unfamiliar weapon in a short time and a good shot if the target was any indication.”Very good Shir Redstreak follow me.” Redstreak detaches the power pack and follows Zanke down the corridor into and armory. There Zanke hands hir another hand phaser with a belt and a padd. “You have ten minutes to study the plans then head through those doors.” He points to doors on the other side of the room. “Leave the padd when done.” Red nods and starts studying the information on the padd. It was blue prints for a building, looking like a lab of some kind. Shi studied what the security measures were. Ten minutes up shi puts down the padd and heads through the door. Shi walk down the corridor scanning the walls. Shi figures out shi is in the right wing of the complex. Shi walks in the direction to the center of the complex. Shi greets some of the beings walking by when and explosion rips through the building and klaxon begins. “You okay!?” Shi yells to the beings nearby.

"Yes, but what's going on?”

“I don't know but stay with me.” They nod and shi heads down the corridor till shi gets to a terminal. Clicking the intercom button shi asks. “This is guard Redstreak what's the situation ?”

“We have a Human first raid in progress in the left wing heading to the center.”

“I'm in the right wing with some civilians once I get them to safety I'll head your way.”

“Got it.” Shi turns off the intercom and looks to the civilians with hir. “Okay follow me.” Shi lead them through the wing with caution, thankfully not meeting any problem till they got to their destination. Opening the door Shi gestures in. “This is a safe room, you be safe here don't open until the all clear is given.” They nod and shi shuts and locks the door and heads out again.

Shi slowly advanced occasionally running into those who have to be lab technicians. Shi orders then to get to a safe room and continues down. Shi finally gets to a corridor and shi hears a shot fired. Shi tries to use hir empathy but feels nothing so shi does it the old fashioned way and peeks around the corner and spots a human shooting and otter morph in the head. Red lifts up hir phaser and fires before leaning back using the corner as a shield. With no answering shot shi peeks over and sees the terrorist on the ground unmoving. Checking shi finds him dead and continues forward.

Shi hears phaser and gun fire and races towards it to find a pair of security guards taking fire while behind a hallway corner. Going to the opposite side Red yells. “How are you guys doing?”

"We've manage to force them back everywhere but hear.”

“I'm going to try to swing around them can you hold?”

“Yes, good luck.” Red nods and heads away. It took 5 minutes to approach the side of the terrorist. They were three of them, one handling the ammo with his back to hir. With a chomp on the collar cause him to passed out and shi takes out the other 2 with hir phaser. Shi and the guards join the rest of the security detail in pushing the terrorist back, passing the bodies of those the human fanatics killed. Finally they were force the terrorist through the opening the bomb created when Red notice a truck barreling toward the hole. With little time to think Shi unleashes 3 shots. One goes through the windscreen, another hits the grill, and the last a tire. The vehicle turned and tips to it's side before exploding. Red tried to brace hirself for the wave but it never came.

“ Good work Redstreak.?anke's voice comes out of speaker somewhere and Red opens hir eyes to see a blank room that was black with a gold grid.'Ah a holodeck.'Shi thought in hir mind.

Zanke put hir through many more test of various kinds of security situations for hours before ending it. Zanke approached hir as shi had a meal. “We'll go over the results and will call you to let you know if you make it or not. Have a good day Shir Redstreak.”

"You to you sir.” Zanke nods and walks away. When hir meal was done shi headed home and collapsed in hir bed from exhaustion. Shi found Coal by hir side with Twotone, Hopper, and Sandrock with hir. Smiling shi lick kisses Coal before laying back down. It was good to have family.

It was three days later when they received a call. Redstreak was to reports to Fort Timberwolf for further training. Coal hugged Red. “Congratulations love.”

"Thanks Coal.” Red head back into hir room to pack.




Weeks have past since Red came to training have been interesting. Do to hir previous experience shi didn't get the standard training but a more focused one. Shi has spent weeks learning ship operations and safety, laws and regulations of the federation and the Star Corps, and combat training so shi could use hir taur body better. After pushing hir body to the limits and sometimes beyond it. Video talks with Coal and Dallie were a god send. Two weeks ago shi finally convinced Coal to go on hir first voyage with hir. It will be nice to have Coal and Sandy with hir. Then it was hir turn to step on to the Commander in charge of the base. Shi approaches the commander and salutes. The commander returns the salute and hands Red a paper and attaches hir new rank to hir uniform. “Congratulations Ensign Redstreak. May you do the Corps proud.”

"Thank you sir.” Shi turns around and heads down the stage winking at hir roommate still waiting. Another ten minutes go bye before the class is dismissed and the ceremony over. Red heads back to pack for hir stay with hir family before heading out on hir first assignment. Stepping out of hir bedroom for the last time shi sees hir roommate, a cougar morph biped name Mounty Quickgraze also leaving her bedroom. The two get close and hug and Mounty says.

"I'll miss you Red.”

"Same here Mounty, now you be careful. I won't be there to watch your back.”

"I thought you were the one who got into trouble?” Red gives her the look that causes Mounty to chuckle. The two chatted till the got to the bus stop and went their separate ways. Two hours later Red ended up in front of hir home. Shi unlocks and opens the door.

"I'm home everyone.” Shi annouces.

"DADDY!” a tanish blur screams as it speeds towards Red. Red picks up hir daughter and hugs hir.

"I guess you missed me.” Sandy just responded by purring.

"Welcome home Red.” Red is surprised to see Streaker approaching hir.

"What are you doing here Streaker?”

"I'm the only one off today so I had to look after the kids and I decided to do it here. Whirlwind should be home any second.”

"Okay let me put my things away and I'll give you a hand I know this group can be a handful.”

"NO KIDDING! I thought it was bad with just my and Sun's kid.”

A half an hour later the door open again to reveal Whirlwind. The young chakat saw hir uncle( shi called hir that as a joke and it stuck) was home. Shi smiles at hir uncle and says.

"Uncle Red.”

"Hey Whirl, you good at school.”

"Of course, why would you doubt me?” Red snorts,

"Because I'm your uncle and I know you well.” Whirl just smiles at Red. And Red helps hir out with hir homework until Dallie and Coal finally came home. They both hug Red and Coal went to start dinner. They chatted about what happened since the last time they talked of the vid and when supper was over Streaker went to hir and Sun's kid home and while Dallie slept with the kids Coal and Red got reacquainted intimately.

Over the next two weeks Red let Coal and Dallie have their fun for both Coal and Sandy will be with hir on hir first tour. Red also made sure to visit the club to catch up with everyone and spend time with them before leaving. They all wished hir the best and good luck. Red also contacted Larsa to notify her of the status change and that her song writing will be slower. Thankfully hir songs were still a big hit and the company was making great profits from it so if it was at a slower rate it was okay, as long as shi did work on it. Red wave hir hands in surrender and agreed to work while in space. The extended family did get together to celebrate Red's success and a safe trip for Red, Coal, and Sandy.

Finally the day arrived for The family to depart. Dallie drove them to the space port and after a final hug they part ways and Red and group beams up to the Starbase. After beam up Sandy asks. “Dad, what ship are we looking for?”

"F.S.S. Jefferson.” Sandy looked around in awe, it was the first time shi ever was on a station and if it wasn't for the leash Red attach to hir shi'd be all over the place. In ten minutes they found the docking port with a human in security gray standing beside it. They approach him and seeing he's an ensign as well Red says. “Ensign Redstreak and family reporting in.” The ensign took out a padd and looked down it.

"Ensign Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.” Red nods and the guard points to Coal. “And you are Chatkat Coaldust, child of Snowboard and Nightsky?” Coal nods and then the guard looks down at Sandy. “And who's this?”

"I'm Chakat Sandrock, child of Coaldust and Redstreak.” The guard nods and looks back at his padd and hits a couple of buttons.

"Okay your all in, Your quarters are on deck 2 room 50. Then Ensign report to Lt. Commander Dustrunner for your duties this tour.” Red nods and they head in. After taking a turbolift down a couple of levels they get off and deck ten and in minutes found there room. It was a modest room with a living room, 2 bedrooms and a small bathroom. On this ship the showers were communal except for the officers quarters and the meals were taken in the mess hall. The Jefferson was a small corps vessel that did supply runs and some exploring and it showed. After unpack Red heads for the security office. Red enters the office in uniform and saw her commanding officer for the first time. Lt. Commander Dustrunner was a male coyote morph in his forties. He was behind his desks looking at a padd when Red step up and saluted. “Ensign Redstreak reporting for duty sir.” The coyote looks up from his padd and returns the salute. “At ease Ensign.” The coyote glances at the padd and hits a couple of buttons and viewed the padd a bit before going back to Red. “ Looks like you have some experience in security. That's good, I'll assign you to Lt. Skierski's crew in the cargo bay. Report to hir tomorrow at 0900.”

“Aye,Aye sir.”

“ Dismissed.” Red saluted again and head out to rejoin hir family. Two hours later the 3 chakats stood in the rear lounge and watch as the Jefferson detaches from the Starbase and left orbit.

"Now that's a beautiful site.” Red commented.

"On that I agree my love.” Coal replies then hugs hir mate as Earth and the Starbase get smaller till the ship jumped to warp.

"Now that was cool. Very Trekish, it's like I'm living a dream.”

”So I'm not real Red?”

"If you are I don't want to wake up.” Coal lick kisses hir muzzle.

"You say the sweetest things.” The family eventually moved to the mess hall for dinner. Coal wasn't thrilled with the meal and thought shi could do better. After supper the trio headed back to there quarters and played with their daughter before all three head to bed.

0700 the next morning Red woke Coal and Sandy and the 3 head to the communal showers. The water invigorated the trio and soon the dried off and headed over for breakfast. After an okay breakfast, this was really trying Coal Red said goodbye to hir mate and child and headed down to the cargo bay. There she finds a female cheetah morph with Lt. JG pins on her. Red walk up to the morph and saluted. The Lt directed hir to scan the crates for anything strange. Things looked find, the crates secure. That took most of the morning so the broke for lunch.

After grabbing hir tray Shi finds hir family and sits next to them. Coal once again didn't look happy with the meal causing Red to smile. “Excuse me?” Red looks over hir shoulder and sees a chakat with dark blue fur with green spots. “Hi, Am Chakat Lilypad, Child of Bluemist and Forestgrass. I thought I meet my fellow chakat's onboard today.”

"Well have a seat, I am Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.”

"Hey you did that without prompting bless the makers!” Red sticks hir tongue out at hir mate.

"The comedian beside me is my denmate Coaldust, child of Snowboard and Nightsky and that is our daughter Sandrock.” The group hugged one another in the traditional Chakat greeting. And they all settle down for lunch.

"Sorry for not meeting you earlier our division had a long meeting. I haven't seen any of you before you new?”

"Yes this is our first tour.”

"So you wouldn't expect to meet me then?”

''Why should we?”

“Empathic feedback.”

"Huh?” Red asks.

"One of the flaws of we chakats is our empathy. While useful it also puts an extra requirements on us. We need feedback from other chakats to keep ourselves sane, go to long without it and we go insane. I heard a rumor that several Fleet and Corps brass were demoted or discharged as well as a couple of researchers losing their licenses for forcing an experiment on how long a chakat could go without one of us with. So any Fleet or Corps ship that wants a chakat onboard needs a minimum of two chakats on board. You three our the only other chakats on board. So I had to meet you, hopefully intimately.”

"If you do it will be with Coal here.” Red responds before taking a bite. Lilypad was surprised by that response.

"Did I say something wrong?” Shi asks.

"No, it's not you it's me. So where are you from?” And that started a good conversation between the chakats for twenty minutes. Finally with hir lunch done Red lick kisses Coal.

''I have to go back to work love, cya later. And you Sandy, be good for your mother.”

"Yes dad.” Red leaves the mess hall and Lilypad leans closer to Coal.

"I didn't mean to offend hir..”

"It's okay Lilypad, Red was introduce into this life in an odd way so hir standards are different than ours. Shi doesn't get intimate with near strangers but shi respects my beliefs, so if you need relief you can come to me and shi won't get in the way.”

"Sounds like an interesting mate.”

"Oh, shi is, shi and hir twin sister are among the joys of my life.”

"Well a pleasure to meet you and your family.”

"Likewise, don't be a stranger.” The chakats go there separate ways.

After a week on their voyage Coal had it with the cooking ad pleaded with the captain to take over the kitchen and teach the resident cook how to really cook. The captain was hesitant to let hir but Red confirmed that Coal was a good cook and noted that shi cooked in a restaurant for a living. The captain gave hir a couple of days to prove hirself. It was no contest. Hir first meal received high praise as people wanted seconds and thirds. Three days after the test started the captain appointed Coal as ships cook for the voyage and that hir predecessor learn from hir. Morale improved on the ship after that as the made there first stop. A military space station position to monitor pirate activity in the sector. Coal and Sandy explored the station while Red helped guard the transfer of supplies to the station. Things went smoothly and a day later the Jefferson departs for it's next stop.

On there way to their next stop Lilypad went into heat and Coal spent the night assisting hir with hir need. Lily also had many meals with Red's family and they all became good friends. Red also worked more on hir next album during hir off shift hours, shi went more for a space theme in hir tracks

and Sandy and Coal enjoyed listening to it. Coal secretly wondering if the crew might find out who else Red was. There next stop was a nebula the the Corps wanted to get more details on to the Jefferson spent a week surveying the nebula. The family could be seen in one of the lounges watching the nebula with wonder. After the nebula they stopped at a colony still in development and dropped off need supplies to assist in it's growth. Red found the planet fascinating. The whole planet has a tropical climate so the colonists adapted a more chakat style of decorum of wearing almost nothing accept equipment belts or during hazards suits. Red couldn't blame them it was STEAMY. Red had a few embarrassing erections during the stay to the amusement of hir mate. At their next stop Red caught a stowaway and an attempted robbery of the cargo. Shi even stopped an attempted kidnapping on the station earning hir a condemnation for that act.

Most of the rest of the tour was uneventful. Red spent hir time either patrolling the ship, guard the supply transfers, further combat training, and quiet time with Coal. Lilypad became a good friend and common guest for them and doted on Sandy. After six weeks the Jefferson returns the Starbase One over Earth. Red and Coal hug Lilypad goodbye and they go to sign off on their tour of duty. They and Sandy leave the ship and hang out at the cafe waiting for their shuttle. Why not a transporter? Well if you look at Coal's lower torso you will see that shi is clearly pregnant. Yes Red knocked hir up again much to hir pleasure. An hour later the land at the space port and they meet their mate/sister there. Dallie eyes Coal's condition and comments. “Couldn't help yourself eh sis?” Red just shrugs in replies and the trio hugs before heading home.

Dallie shared the good news with the entire family and soon a improvised party happen to celebrate their return and to their new daughter. In the weeks that follow Coal gave birth to their second child, a orange with red on hir paws, ear tips, and tail fur pattern and called Blazefire (a nod to hir grandsire). Red admitted is was fun nursing again though it will be a hassle when shi leaves on hir next tour, thankfully the ship quarters did have a fridge.

This won't go as planned though as Red lounges on a couch in the porch enjoying the weather when Dallie came out. “Red, the Star Corps just called. They want you to report to the administration building at the starport right away.”

"Alright, I wonder what's up.” Red heads in and puts on hir uniform and heads out. In 30 minutes shi arrives and the starport and shi heads into the Administration Building. Shi heads towards the receptionist desk. “I'm Ensign Redstreak, I was told to report here.” The receptionist checks the logs and replies.

"I have you ensign. Report to Commander Antilles on the 20 floor room 2.”

''Thank?you.” Red head to the turbolift and heads up. Shi finds room 2 and enters it. Shi finds a waiting room with a lieutenant sitting at a desk. Walking up to the lieutenant, “Commander Antilles ordered me to report.”

"He's expecting you go on in.” Red salutes and heads in. The familiar human was sitting behind a large desk looking at a padd when Red came in and saluted. The commander looked up and smiled.

"Redstreak no need to salute me and that's an order.”

“Okay sir.”

“Now don't you look good in uniform, very buff.”

“Thanks sir, now what do you need me for?”

"Well we received a guest by strange means and the name he gave us made me think of you. Come with me.” They leave the office and take the turbolift down to the basement levels of the building. They then enter a small room with a large window and another door. They step up to the window and shi looks in to see a human male in his mid forties in a white lab coat. He looked familiar and then shi notice the logo on the shoulder. A gold G over a grid sphere, the logo of Globaltech.

”Doctor Xanatos!”

“I thought that might interest you. He came similar to how you did. Though without your changes.”

“Can I see him?”

"Of course that's why I order you in. Maybe you can get him to open up.” Red nods and heads in. Xanatos had a shocked then a look of curiosity As Red stepped in.

“Well doc, it's good to know you survived the first accident, that haunted me for years.”

“You can talk?”

“And much more doc.”


“You don't know the half of it doc.”

“Strange that you seem to know me but I don't know you.”

"Ah but you do, you just don't recognize me. Did you replace those steel balls you fiddled with when in deep thought?” Only two people knew about those balls, Xanatos looked at Red with widening eyes.



“What happen to you man?”

"Well my arrival here wasn't as easy as your's, Medallion tried to help me and the effect of your device acted out and activated a device called a transporter. Both of our mines were fine but my body's data was gone. With no other choice they put me in a clone body of Medallion's and I've been here ever since.”

"It's good to know you're alive. It was part of the reason I resumed the experiments, though much safer of course. So how is it being a girl?”

"Well I'm not quite a girl, the species I am now chakats are all hermaphrodites but still it wasn't easy.”

"I so would like to see this world Luke.”

"My name's Redstreak now, but you can call me Red. Let me check with my boss.” Xanatos nods and Red returns to the previous room. “Any problems with his request sir.”

"Well he'll have to have a guard. The fact he safety transported himself here has the interest of Starfleet. Hmmm, I got it you will be his guard, you have history and the proper training. Consider yourself reassigned ensign.”

“Yes sir. I'll have him check out my place.” Red activates hir wrist comm.


“Hey Dallie it's Red, I need you to convert the guest room for human use. I'm bring home a special guest.”

“Oh, who?

“You'll find out when we get there.”

“OOOHHHH, you meenie!”

“Isn't that what sisters are for?” That cause a chuckle from Dallie as Red signs off.

“We want him back here tomorrow to talk with our scientists."

"Yes sir.” Red goes back to the room. “Doc I'm taking you to my home and tomorrow you get to talk with your fellow eggheads.”

“Thank you Luke, I mean Red.”

"No problem.” Shi leads him out of the building and to the PTV. The doc studied the machine in fascination, especially when one of the cushions converted into a chair.

“Such amazing technology, they're way more advanced than home."

“Well they farther ahead in the future than us.”


“Yup, it's 2336 here.”

“So we're in our future?”

"Not quite...” Red proceeded to explain the differences between his world and here. They arrive home and Red shows the doc in.

“Nice house.”

“That's what I said when I first saw it.”

"Welcome home Red.” Medallion says as shi enters the living room.

"Hey Dallie, Doc meet Medallion, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. Dallie, Jack Xanotos, chief scientist at Globaltech Industries.”

“Globaltech, wasn't that where..”

“Where I originally came from yes.”

“Nice to meet you Doctor.”

“Likewise, you taking care of Luke...I mean Red?”

"I try, shi doesn't always make it easy.” Two blurs appear and hug Red's forelegs one of them yelling.

"Dad,dad,dad!” Red rubs Sandy's head while picking up Blazefire.

“Doc, meet my daughters, Sandrock and Blazefire.”

“ You the mother?” Red snorted.

“No the sire.”

"Had to ask.” Coal arrived an hour later and shi and the doc were introduced. Coal made supper as Xanatos updated Red on what happened at home. He perfected the reactor he was working on and named it the Harter Reactor after the guard who saved his life. Having a theory that Luke may still be alive He started researching into the accident and this was his first real attempt and glad it had worked. During the dinner The pair remembered old times and jokes. The next day Red took him back to the starport and he met with some of the Federation's scientists. Their tech talk quickly went over Red's head so shi sat back and made sure it was only interrupted by meal times. Shi also thought heavily on what shi could do if the doc succeeded. As Xanotos working on the device Red worked on hir own project. Months pass as the scientists work on a device. Xanotos was only held back on not being familiar with Federation tech as they work. Finally the device was done this one generated a portal but the familiar bolts were still present but they seemed controlled. They sent a probe through the portal. The feed the came back to reveal a lab complex with a bunch of surprised people. The wall had the Globaltech logo on it. The probe flow through the window, Red and Xanotos saw the familiar skyline of the IDS building, The Metrodome and even Target Field. “Yah that's home alright.” Red said. The probe returns through the portal.

“Alright I heading home. It's been a pleasure working with all of you.” Xanotos said then he looks at Red. “You coming Red?” Red smiles but shakes hir head.

"No, I wouldn't fit in there anymore. I have a family and a life here, but I do have something for you to take.” Shi reaches to the saddlebag and takes out a suitcase and hands it to the Xanotos. “Give this to my family.”

"Sure thing Red. I promise to find a way to make this more stable so you could visit them or they you.”

"I have faith in you doc to pull that of, until then live well.” The Doc steps through the portal and the feed he gives the thumbs up and the portal closes.

That night Xanotos visited Luke's family, he called earlier asking them to gather. Knocking on the door it's answered by Luke's sister Rayna. “Welcome doc please come in.”

"Thank you.” He walks in and places the case on the table.

"Okay doc what is this all about.” Asks Rayna's husband.

"Well the experiment I tried worked, as you know I've been gone for months. While I was gone I found Luke Harter, he is alive and well in the world I visited.”

"Then why didn't he comeback with you! Is this just a sick joke?”

"No it isn't, There are reasons that he didn't come home. He send a recording with a few other things. Now I have to mention that he has been change physically so you won't recognize him but believe me it was him.” Xanotos opens the case and takes out a small dish and places it on the table and press a button. An image of Red appears wearing a RS t-shirt. The Harter family was shocked at the look.

"Hello everyone it's me, Luke. I know my appearance is a shock, Dave shut your dropped jaw.” Everyone did look at Dave and he had a dropped jaw. “Believe me getting this body was a surprise as well. My arrival was not as easy as the doc's was. As you can see I couldn't return a live a normal life like this and there was no chance of getting my old body back so this is better than being dead. But that isn't the only reason, I have made a life here with people I love and who love me. I do miss you all and maybe one day we can see each other face to face. Until then here are a few things of me and our extended family. I love you all and if we don't see each other again know that I'm happy and I wish you all a long a good life. This is your son/brother/uncle/in-law Luke Harter now Redstreak signing off.” The image disappears back into the device and the family looks in the case seeing photos of Red and hir..their extended family.




The whole incident with Xanatos and hir birth world took months for which enjoyed the extended time with hir family. But it was time for hir to go on tour again and this time without Coal and Sandy. Shi reported in and got to hir quarters, far smaller than the last since shi is alone. After settling shi heads for lunch. Getting hir meal shi looks around, shi knows shi has to find the other chakat or chakats on board but shi doesn't see them in the mess hall right now so she finds a place and settles in for the meal.

Shi was halfway through hir meal when shi hears a familiar voice. “Allo, say you look familiar.” Red turns around to see what shi suspected, a cougar patterned chakat with gold hair in a ponytail with a male foxtaur in brilliant red next to hir. “Redstreak!”

"Hey Goldfur nice to see you.”

"Well give me a hug.” And the to chakats hug and Goldfur continues. “What are you doing here Redstreak?” they break off the hug.

"This is my part time job, I'm security so don't try anything funny.”

"What about a bribe?” Shi gives Red a lustful look. Red rolls her eyes.

"Chakats! I you think about is sex.” Red says exasperatedly.

"So true.” Garrek quips earning a look from Goldur and the cougar chakat hits hir mate with hir tail. He chuckles and continues. “I'm not complaining it's just true.” The pair join Red and eat as they start a conversation.

"So Redstreak, what made you join the Star Corps?”

"Well three things. One, I did security work before my change and guarding Alexis revived my need to do it again. Two, I always wanted to see space. Three, you and our conversation helped make my decision.”

"Well, glad to have you, so how have you've been?”

"Good, me and Coal have two daughters, Sandrock and Blazefire.”

"Oh congrats, who was the mother?”

"Coal of course, I'm still more male bias.”

"Well it was a guess.”

"No I've adjusted but I haven't changed that much.”

"Still a child is a wonderful thing. Though Eudora and Blaze can try your patience.”

"Yes Whirlwind, Sandrock, and Blazefire can attest that.” Red finishes hir meal. “Well have to get back on duty, cya around.”

"Come to our place tonight.” Red raised an eyebrow at hir.“Just to chat.”

"Alright.” They exchange quarter numbers and Red returns to hir duties while the couple finish their meal.

Red assisted again to check on the cargo hold on their current supplies. Everything was in order and ship did a patrol of the ship. Shi was on the F.S.S. Grissom this time, a larger ship class than the Jefferson but it didn't take long for hir to familiarize hirself with the layout. Finally it came time to head for Goldfur's quarters so shi heads over. Shi knocks on the door and it opens to reveal Goldfur. “Hey Redstreak, come on in.” Red steps into a nice size quarters for 2 taurs. Garrek steps out of the restroom and greets Red. After offering hir a seat, Goldfur got started. “So now we don't have any time constants. How has your family been?”

“Good, my adoptive parents took a mate, Streaker and they had a couple of daughters. Coal had a another daughter before giving birth to Sandrock. I got to meet with a man from my universe.” That got bug eyes from hir hosts and shi explains what happened there. “So he took the briefcase with my message and pictures of my adoptive family. Hopefully they got it.” Goldfur and Garrek were speechless for a bit. Finally Garrek finds the ability to speak.

"And we thought we have an interesting life.”

"Life is what it is Garrek.” Red comments. The trio talked for a few hours more before Red headed back to hir quarters for bed.

Red peered around a tree with hir phaser raised. She scans for hir target. The forest was quiet except for the wind through the trees. Hir breathing was slow and steady as shi used hir nose...over there. Shi turns and fires, and the deer gos down. Shi races over and yes is was a good and clean kill for a head shot. Shi takes out a knife and bends down to clean the kill. In minutes shi was done and lifts up hir meat when the forest disappears to be replaced by a black room with gold grid paint. The weight of the deer meat was also gone and Lt. Skyclad approached hir. Skyclad was a wolftaur female who couldn't stand the ignorance of her people so she took what she learn from them and joined the corps. She also was in charge of the survival class on the ship, Red has been taking the class for the last two weeks since the ship left Earth. “Well done Ensign, an excellent shot and a very through cleaning, much better than your first attempts at it.” Red winces as shi remembers hir first attempts at cleaning a kill thank God shi was always a good shot. “I think you've ace this part of the course Ensign Redstreak. When we leave Chakona we'll start the next course. Hey you have any family on Chakaona?”

"No Lieutenant, nearly all my family is on Earth. At least as far as I know.”

'That was an interesting answer Ensign.”

"Well my family is a complicated and LONG story.” Skyclad dismisses hir and shi heads for lunch. Other than the survival training shi's, doing regular security work, working on hir next RS album, and spending time with Goldie. Both know each other well enough to use nicknames. As expected shi found the couple at a table waiting for hir. Smiling shi grabs a plate and heads over to hir friends.

The Grissom docks at Starbase 3 and Red is assigned to patrol the area with the local security while they load and unload supplies and equipment. Halfway through the process hir combadge goes off. "Ensign Redstreak here.”

"Ensign, this is Lt Commander Polkadot of station security, would you please come to my office?”

"Right away shir.” Shi was going on a guess that the Lt. Commander was a chakat from the name. Shi heads over to the office and there shi finds a Chakat in a security uniform with LT Commander's pips and a female gray furred foxtaur. Shi goes and salutes the chakat. “Ensign Redstreak reporting as ordered.”

"At ease ensign, my guest has something she like to say to you.” The older chakat nods to the foxtaur. The foxtaur was about Red's age and she gets up and before Red could act she races over and hugs hir.

"Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'm Clarissa Sullivan and you saved my life!”

"You must have me confused with someone else I have never seen you before.” The foxtaur breaks off the hug and smiles at Red.

"There's no mistake. I have never met but you being here saved my life.”

"Maybe you should explain it better Clarissa.” Polkadot remarks.

"Of course Polka.” Clarissa's smile goes and she puts on a serious face. “Redstreak, like you I was born human. However I had a incurable illness. I was looking at dying in a few years in a slow and painful way. Then I heard of an experimental process that a chakat professor named Starthinker came up with after trying to help you. Now I'm a healthy Foxtaur with decades ahead of me. So thank SO MUCH!”

"Well I'm glad my suffering saved someone's life. Make dealing with it better, But how did you find me?”

"Well I first got your house number but they said you on a star corps ship so I talked to Polka here and poof hear we are. Now I'm sure your busy but I wanted to thank you, you have a good day Redstreak.” She walks out of the room. Red feels affection coming from the older chakat. Turning to her hir Red asks.

"You care about her?”

"I was with hir parents when she was born, our families were friends. Her parents died 5 years ago and she came to live with me. Despite her illness she became my denmate and now...” Shi tears up “ Now she will live and we can have children, and it's all thanks to you. If you ever need anything from us let us know. WE owe you a lot.” Red puts hir hand on Polka's shoulder.

"I don't have anything right now. But just consider me a friend.”

"Same here Redstreak, same hear.”

Minutes later Red returned to hir duties and and slept after wards. Late the next day they Grissom departs for recently explored space to resupply and rotate the crews at some potential colonies. However Red did receive a surprise as shi leaves the survival class. As shi's saying chao to a fellow student shi hears a familiar voice. “RED!” Red turns to see a cougar running towards hir.

"Monty!” The two friends hug for a minute before breaking off. “I didn't know you were on this ship.”

"Neither did I, hey we should catch up I'm off duty are you?”

"Just got done for today and was going to have supper.”

"Sounds good let's go.” The two friends head for the mess hall where Mounty met Goldie and Garrek and the four shared stories and opinions.

A couple days later They make they're first stop. Goldie and Garrek head down to work on repairing or replacing equipment. Mounty help directed where supplies need to go. Red meanwhile patrolled the outskirts of the base camp viewing this still largely unexplored planet with a hint of awe.

It was very tropical but with odd colors with blue trunks and orange leaves with a green sky. They spent three days on planet doing they're things when they left orbit. Unfortunately for Red shi went into heat during this time and Goldie offered to help. They retired to Red's room, just the two of them. Red always preferred to take care of her heat in private. “I don't think I'll ever get use to this.” Red mutters. Goldie just rubs hir back in sympathy, but that soon turns into a more intimate rub. Soon Goldie gropes a breast and turns Red's face and kisses hir. It doesn't take Red too long to return in kind. Empathy is a big help in this kind of thing. Goldie strokes the back of Red's lower torso causing Red to purr. She then moves Red's tail a side and climbs on top of Red. Shi then kisses Red and shi slowly drives in hir condom coated cock into Red causing the lion chakat moan in their kiss. Goldie breaks off the kiss as shi begins thrusting in and out of Red as shi gropes one breast and strokes Red's torso with the other. Unconsciously they both twinge their tails around each other as they grunt in their intimate moment. Soon both cry out in pleasure as the cum together and collapse. They laid there for a few minutes till Red adjusts hirself to look at Goldie. “Hey Goldie are you in heat at all?”

"Not for a few weeks why?”

"I like to thank you for your understanding and need to know whether I needed a condom to.”

"You going to show me how male you are?” Red grins evilly at the cougar chakat.

"Oh yes!” Red then kisses Goldie as he gropes both breasts. It felt good to Goldie but she was surprised to find a third hand playing with hir pussy. Or more correctly a handpaw.

"I didn't expect that.” Shi says breathlessly.

"I'm talented.” Red replies.

"Prove it.” And Red did, for a couple of hours.

The rest of Red's heat was very enjoyable, little by little shi gets used to hir female side. Things continued in a routine fashion on board until one day Goldie was working alone doing basic maintenance on Red's corridor. Shi had the panel off and working on some wiring when shi accidentally opens the nearby door. Shi hears music coming out of the room. Walking over shi notices that it's Red's room. Peaking in shi sees Red with hir back to the door playing on a top of the line keyboard. Red was playing a tune Goldie didn't recognize (Sky Chase Zone by Mindwipe mindwipestudio.info) But shi recognize the style. Well, well, Redstreak is RS. Very cute Red, hiding your id using letters. Goldie admired Red's focus, the chakat hasn't notice hir there as shi stands as Red finishes the song. “Great Song Red, Or should I say RS.” Red whirls around to see Goldie and droops realizing shi's been caught.

"I guest you know now, I like to keep my Id a secret. My life's complicated as is without fans clamoring over over me.” Red walks over and grabs hir latest album and takes out a pen and signs it. “Here Goldie, a little incentive to keep your lips seal.” Red hands over the album. Goldie takes it and smiles.

"Don't worry your secret is safe with me. I have to get back to work.” Goldie leaves the room and continues hir work, shi notes that the music doesn't resume till the door closes again. She smiles and continues hir work. Then the klaxon starts and Goldie races to hir station as Red grabs hir uniform and heads for security.

Shi arrives and Lt Skyclad is there, she sees Red and nods. “We received a distress signal so were moving to intercept.” Wordlessly Red nods and gets hir equipment. Shi and the others stood ready to attack till the report said they found an escape pod. They stayed on Red Alert for ten minutes after retrieving the pod before going to Yellow alert. They did find a live human male on board and after an hour of patrolling the area the ship went back to normal operations and to its next destination.

The Grissiom arrived at it's next stop and did the usual transfer of supplies as well as report that the survivor was from a freighter that was attacked by pirates and recommended a Starfleet patrol for the area. The new guest on board after a check up in sickbay roamed around the ship with an escort. He seemed interested in the ships layout than the personnel on board. It didn't take long for the crew to get use to him.

As they were arriving to their next stop Red spent some time with Mounty since the stop after that was where she was assigned. “So I told my mom that I'd bring her something exotic from my job so I'll see what flowers there are for her. She's developed such a green thumb lately that she keeps wanting me to haul a plant around in my travels.” Mounty just shakes her head at her mom's antics while Red laughs.

"Family is a wonderful thing even if they drive you crazy sometimes.” Red comments.

"So true I-”

“Ensign Quickgraze.” Mounty sighs and taps her commbadge.

"Quickgraze here.”

“Ensign I need you to grab some encrypted files for me. I've got my hands full right now so I need you to bring it to me. Ask the tech in charge for the padd and files.”

"Aye sir.” Mounty taps her badge again and looks at Red. “Sorry duty calls.”

"I know, but we have time yet so get it done and comeback my friend.” Mounty hugs Red and heads out.

It takes her a few minutes to get to the main computer room. As the door opens for her She sees quite a site. The technican slumped over a console with their recent guest doing something at another. The man turns around and before Mounty can act he fires a phaser at her. She falls to the ground in pain from her chest. She manages to open her eyes again and sees him go back to work on what ever he's doing on the console and she sees a download bar on the screen. Clutching her wound with one hand she taps hir badge with the other and with a pain filled voice she says. “Security.. Alert...Compu-” A second shot silences her.

Red was in her room with Goldie and Garrek down on the surface again doing their thing shi mailing off her latest song to Larsa when shi senses deep pain from Mounty. Shi races from hir room heading towards the computer room. As shi is going the klaxon sounded again. Red ignores the alert as shi continues down the corridor. Shi won't be needed right away. She gets to the level shi needs when the intercom buzzed again. Red then races to the room. The door opens and shi finds the technician and checks him. He was dead, shi then looks around and finds Mounty. Mounty's eyes stare at nothing as the burn on her head shows the fatal wound. Red walks up to hir friend and pets the cougars hair. Hir grief over hir friend turning to righteous anger. Shi then see flickers over the consoles and thumps against the hull. 'Sabotage we've been sabotaged,' Red thinks and races to the nearest escape pod. If you had sabotage a ship you need to flee some how and the pod would be the closest thing to use.

On the bridge a few minutes earlier. The crew was at their station as the ship jumped out of warp. “Scan the area.” The captain ordered.

Sir I'm not reading any freighter only a vessel destroyer size. Their firing!”

"Return fire.” The captain ordered and the shields take the blast. Lights star flickering more than they should for that kind of hit.

"Sir! I'm having multiple malfunctions in the system, everything is being affected.”

"Crap it was a trap.” The captain has a grim look as he desperately tries to defend his crippled ship.

Red raced down the corridor as sparks fly and the ship shakes under the attack. Shi finally spots hir target. The survivor from the freighter, or more likely a pirate. He was using the pad to the side of the pod. Red leaps at him as the pod door opens. He's knock away from the pod but he pulls the phaser again and fires. The beam grazes Red's lower torso. Hissing in pain shi whirls around and knocks the phaser out of his hand. Then a huge explosion rocks the ship and a wall explodes sending debris everywhere as the ship's gravity fails. Taking a large metal beam he hits Red on the head and sends hir flying. Towards the pod, hir hand hits the panel and with the virus messing with the system that was all that was needed. As the chakat hits the back of the pod the door closes and the the pod is launched. The force fields don't activate and the mans final words are, “NNNOOOOOO!” As he is sucked into space. The destroyer seeing the pod moves to pick it up when the Grissiom explodes. Being in the middle of a diving attack the destroyer is hit by it and suffers the same fate. The shock waves make the pod tumble and with Red not secure shi hits hir head on the bulkhead and only knew blackness and the pod tumbles through space.




Coal was enjoying hir day off, though shi still was cooking. Streaker was dropping off Whirlwind from preschool and hir other children were taking a nap. Heck the only thing off was no message from Red, shi was usually punctual about such things. Well maybe they have hir busy with something. Taking a deep sniff at the stew shi was making, It was rare that shi made it. Red was not a stew person though some of the cubs liked it and Dallie liked it so it was odd the Red didn't, maybe a hold over from hir old life. The front door opens and and Coal steps out to greet hir daughter and in law. Shi is surprised to find Commander Antilles with them. “Hello Commander why are you here?”

The Commander had a sad look on his face.

“ I thought I should hand this in person.” He hands hir a letter. Sensing his sadness shi fearfully takes the letter and opens it and read.

Shir Coaldust, Child Snowboard and Nightsky

We regret to inform you that Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze has been killed.....

Coal's anguish howl was heard throughout the block.

*   *   *

Meanwhile weeks earlier on a distant planet...........

Flameria was walking towards her den's door when one of her fellow hunters Tami asked.

Where are you going Flamy?”

“Out.” Tami approaches her, grabs her arm and says.

"I know you miss her, I do to but we have to move on. This isn't healthy.”

"It is for me so leave me alone.” Flameria breaks free of her fellow hunter and leaves her den. She runs through the woods till she reaches the river. The main source of water for the village. She found a nice patch and rested her haunches and looked up to the sky as darkness falls. It's been two weeks, two weeks since her sister and fellow hunter had died. They were as close as sisters could be, some even thought they were lovers. Yes she did love her sister, but not that way, if a tod chose them to be comates they would have gladly. Heck that was their dream, but then the freak illness hit Scarleta and despite her great spirit and will she died from it leaving Flameria's dreams in shatters. She looks up again, the stars had always provided comfort for her and she needed it now. “Oh a shooting star!” She exclaims as she sees a streak in the sky. But it wasn't a quick streak she normally saw. No much slower and the angle was off. As she watches the strange star changes, she could barely see the tail and it had a halo of flames around it. Flameria started to hear a burning sound and the area around her lit up as the star flew passed. It plows into the river before flying back out and hitting a tree that stops it's progression further. Flameria goes over to figure out what the star actually is. She crosses the river and approaches the thing. It was oval shaped and there was steam coming from it. It looked shaped, that someone made it. As she gets to the part and sees a part the looks like it moves. She tries move it but it stays struck. As she adjusts to try again a fore paw hits something. Looking over she sees a small panel now open with a lever inside. Shrugging she grabs and pulls the lever. The part opens and a blinking red light emerges. Squinting from the brightness of the light she looks inside. She fines various straps and cushions inside, and a body. She climbs in to check the body. It was a taur like her but not a foxtaur, it no she those were breasts on her look more like the cazas the the village has to deal with on occasion. Checking the neck she finds a pulse on the taur but the taur was bleeding from the head badly. She sees a box attached to the wall with the same symbol the village healers use. She grabs the box and opens it. A few things in there she hasn't seen before but there was bandages in there. Grabbing one one them she head back to the river and wets the bandage and then returns that cleans the head wound. She then wraps it up and pulls the taur out of the thing. Once outside of the craft for lack of a better word Flameria spends a few minutes getting the taur settled on her lower back with the taur's head resting on her shoulder. She the cautiously walks to the nearby bridge and then to the village. She approaches the healer's hut and call out. “Healer Luna I need your help!” The healer emerges as a foxtaur in her mid forties. “What's the problem Fla-oh! Well let's get her inside.” Luna helps as Flameria goes inside and they lie the taur on the table. “Okay What is she, where did you find her? OH that can wait Flameria hand me my stethoscope. Flameria does and watches as Luna checks the taur's hearts beat. Luna checks both hearts. “Okay they're good and strong.” Luna then unwraps the bandage over the head wound. “Good job with the triage Flameria.” Luna comments as she grabs some items.

Luna then pours some alcohol on a cotton swap and further cleans the wound before stitching it up. When done she examine the taur in more detail. The taur had a large bump on the other side of her head. Luna heads for the fridge and gets some ice, puts it in a bag and wraps it over the bump. Luna then checks the body and saw the strange burn on the taurs right side. She cleans and bandages that as well before proceeding. When she gets to the nether region and lets gasps of surprise.

"What!?” Luna looks at Flameria.

“Come and take a look.” Flameria approaches and looks and is also surprised. There between the taur's hindlegs was an sheath with a cock. Flameria looks back at the upper torso and yes those were breasts there. Luna looks back and lifts hindleg more and yes there was a vagina as well. “Well I've never encountered anything like this. I'll call her a her for now till she wakes up. You should head home Flameria.”

“But what about her?”

“She won't awake till morning You'll be among the first to know she's awake. Now go home before your huntmates worry.” Flameria droops and comments.

“What's left of them.”

“All the more reason to go Flameria.” With reluctance Flameria goes back home.

Shi wakes up with a MASSIVE headache causing hir to moan as a result. “Hear drink this.” A feminine voice says. Shi opens hir mouth and sips the liquid. It didn't taste good.

“I know it doesn't taste the best but it will help with the headache.” Shi reluctantly drinks more and falls asleep again.

When shi woke up again hir head felt much better. Shi opens her eyes to a wooded room with sunlight coming through the shade to illuminate the room. It was simple wooded room with cabinets everywhere and a tray sitting next to the counter the seems to wrap around the entire room. Shi then looks at the doorway just before it opens and a foxtaur appeared. She was about 40 in age and gave hir a friendly smile. “Good your awake, how do you feel?”

“Head still hurts but not as bad as before.”

“That's good you had two big blows to your head. And Defiantly a concussion so we'll watch you for a few days. So you want to tell me your name and what you are?” Shi thinks for a minute before looking at the foxtaur with fear.

“I...I don't know, I can't remember.

“I thought that might be possible. Flameria said she found in some kind of craft from the stars.” They both hear the door knock and the foxtaur goes to the door, seconds later the foxtaur appears with a younger foxtaur with brilliant deep red fur and brown eyes, and surprisingly no head hair. Shi looks over at the other foxtaur and she also had no head hair. However both had generous breasts and it was hard for hir to keep hir eyes off them. “This is Flameria, she got you out of the craft. Flameria, our guest has lost her memory so she can't answer much. In fact I was going to test what she knows.”

“Alright, I like to stay Luna if you don't mind?”

“I don't what about you?” Luna ask hir. Shi shrugs.

“First we're going to need a name for you. Now what should it be?” Luna put on a thinker pose till Flameria interjects.

“Hey how about Starlight, she came from the stars and her fur is gold and shiny.” Luna looks at her patient again.

“How does that sound?” Shi looked over hir body. Shi sees the gold fur and the streak of red hair from her right side. Shi then looks at Flameria and says.

“Sounds good.”

“Alright let's begin.” Luna put Starlight through various test. It seem the taur had hir general knowledge intact but hir personal memories and memories of hir species were gone. Luna wasn't sure that would be permanent. After that Starlight fell asleep again.

The next day Starlight tried moving around. Shi did well and hir head hurt less and shi was hungry. Shi was able to sit next to the table as Luna puts a plate in front of hir and Starlight began eating and looked around. It was a cozy place with a large front room with many couches and small tables. “Is this a clinic?”

“We call it a Healer's Den all village healers work here.”

“You alone here?”

“Most of the time, I have a young apprentice come in to assist and learn, but don't worry I have a mate and comates that live in another den I and do spend time with them. Besides that den is pretty full most of the time anyway.” Starlight helped clean up after brunch, shi was just finishing up the dishes when there's a knock on the door. Luna goes to answer it. She soon reappears with a pair of elderly foxtaurs.

“BY the Kitsune! Luna wasn't joking with us. We represent the Village council and had to see for ourselves.”

“Well here I am.” Starlight says with a tad of anger.

Starlight show some respect!” Luna exclaims.

“I WILL NOT BE AN ATTRACTION LUNA!” Stargold rebukes. “It's bad enough to be in a strange place with not even my memories for support so excuse me if I don't want to become a show and tell piece!” All three vixens looked ashamed on their attitude. Luna is the first to speak.

“I apologize Starlight, I should have know better.” The Council members nod in agreement.

“Starlight,” One of the elder vixens starts. “I swear by the Kitsune that we will do are best to help you.” The steam seems to leave Starlight as shi slumps and nods. The elders leave but one says to Luna. “Make sure she is well taken care of.”

“Of course Elder.” Luna sees them out and when she returns she finds Starlight laying on a couch staring to no where while holding her head with one hand. Luna goes to make an elixir and hands it to Starlight. The strange taur drinks it and Luna rubs Starlight's shoulder. To which Starlight smiles at her. They spend the next couple of hours teach Starlight their written language. Shi'd picked it up quickly and soon there was another knock on the door. This time it was Flameria who showed up.

“You're out of bed that must be good.”

“It is, you can only lay down for so long.”

“True, any memories pop up?” Starlight shakes hir head.

“Well a reason I came today since your getting better was if you would live with me in my den with my huntmates?”

“Flameria she's still recovering.”

“But she's out of danger right?” Luna sighs, and looks at Flameria.

“There still the concussion to worry about but other than that.” Luna looks at Starlight with an unsaid question.

“I wouldn't mind trying.”

“Alright, Flameria you win but, you WILL stay and cook for your huntmates until Starlight fully recovers and check on Starlight on the concussion, I want you Starlight to come every other day for a week.” Luna heads into the other room and emerges with a small box. “When her headache gets bad mix one of these with a cup of water.”

“Understood Healer.” Looking at Starlight she continues. “Come on Starlight let's get you to your new home.” Starlight follows Flameria out the door gets hir first look of the village. It was nearing dusk but there was still plenty of light. The village was in a rough circle around a large shelter in the center obviously made for large gatherings. Shi sees various stall owners deconstruct their wares and stalls for the day. What amazed Starlight most of all was the way the buildings blend with the environment, they appeared grown. With a tug from Flameria and the two continue on past the initial group of houses, or dens as the locals call them. Flameria eventually leads Starlight to a den in a heavy wood area on the outskirts. The smells of cook food drift to them and the both moan in contentment. Flameria yips as she opens the door and a pair of yips return. A brown furred vixen appeared and smiled at Flameria. “Just in time Flamy, Tami is nearly done with supper.”

“That's great Jali.”

“Is that Flamy?” Tami yells from the kitchen.

“Yup ,with our new denmate in tow.” A golden furred head peeks out on the kitchen. Also without head hair. Starlight was finding that odd.

“Cool, we got to the table and I'll bring supper out.” They did as bade and Jali set plates for the four of them. Then Tami appear with a large tray and Starlight got a good look at her. She was more yellow gold then true gold in fur with gold highlights in her white belly fur and purple eyes. She set out mash potatos, carrots, and the main course, venison steaks. The meal was good and filling. Flameria or as her denmates called her Flamy did the dishes while Tami, and Jali got to know their new denmate. As Starlight was figuring that the Tami, and Jali were nicknames as well. Tami was Tamerla and Jali was Jalvette. The three vixens grew up together and graduated from hunting at the same time so became a hunter team. They then gave hir a tour of the den. It was a simple place but welcoming. Beside the living/dinning room it had the kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms with closets.

Starlight yawned and seeing as a sign they direct hir to the main bedroom and she quickly fell asleep. The three vixens chatted a bit more before Flamy joins Starlight and soon followed by Tami and Jali.

Meanwhile Luna goes to her desk and takes out her journal and begins writing.

Well my latest patient is progressing well as far as I can tell. My examinations show that she is much like us but with and extra genitals and the weird head fur and amazingly agile and long tail. I have asks Tocale go go through the library for anything similar to Starlight. Meanwhile Starlight has moved in with Flameria and her team. I think Starlight will be good for the young vixen. Ever since her sister's death she seemed adrift. Somehow Starlight has peaked her interest and she seems like the vixen I help bring into this world. I sincerely hope they both can heal each other.

Starlight woke up the following morning to an nearly empty bed, Flameria was sleeping right beside hir looking cute as she laid there sleeping. Starlight felt good having someone lying there with hir, it felt right. Hir bladder called however so shi gets up to head for the bathroom. Hir shifting woke Flamy up. “Morning Starlight.” She manages to say as she yawns. “Sleep well?”

“ Very well thanks.”

“Well I always try to make my denmates comfy.” Starlight snorts and a thrust of pain hits hir in the head. Flamy's smile disappears and she gets up. “I'll go make a batch of that elixir.” Starlight nods and shi heads to the bathroom. After taking care of business shi comes out and Flamy hands hir a cup and shi takes a sip. In minutes the pain lessens but it did not stop Flamy from fussing over Starlight throughout the day. Starlight would have complained but something, a hunch maybe told hir Flamy NEEDED this so shi endured it. During the day however Starlight learned much when shi started with this question.

“Where are we anyway?”

“The Village of Elmas on the planet Narnia. Legend has it we came from else where and settled here. The Kitsune were the first of us and settle Kitswuana and we have spread out from there. We are ruled by the Elder Council that take care of the overall welfare of the village, by passing laws or major decisions. And that's the limits of their power. We don't even answer to Kitsuwana just ourselves.?s they continued Starlight learned that other than trade and festivals there was little contact between villages, with the exception of sister villages. Villages where one was born from the other when the population got large and still have strong family ties. The lessons were interrupted by the return of Tami and Jali with more food. Tonight was Flamy's turn to cook and Starlight kept out of the way and watch her work. It reminded hir of something. After the meal Starlight took a bath and it was the first time shi notice the graze on hir right flank, the hair is slowly growing there. After drying off shi spent time with the vixens for a bit before heading off for bed again.

A week later Starlight emerges from Luna's Den after having hir stitches removed. Shi will have a small scar even after the hair grows back. 'Now to fully see this village.' Starlight thought Shi starts wandering around. In an hour shi figured out the layout of the village. There was about a hundred dens spread out around the area with the first 20 in a relatively tight circle. Electricity was proved by the water fall pushing through a handful of water wheels to power the turbines in the nearby buildings. Walking hir way back to the den shi here's someone say. “OH LOOK IT'S THE FREAK FROM SPACE!” Giggling followed and Starlight looks over and sees a yellow gold furred vixen with two tails instead of one surrounded by mainly similarly colored, some with two tails some with one. “Go back to where you belong freak.”

“I haven't done anything to you fox so drop it.”

"You being here is enough freak. You pollute us with you presence.”

“Oh, I figured with you here it was polluted enough.” The vixen steamed and was probably about to do something rash when she notice one of the enforcers.

“We're not done freak.” She scampers off with her group as Starlight sees Flameria approaching hir.

“Starlight! I was worried about you.”

“I just wanted to look around, that's all.” Flameria sighs,

“Okay but you should have told me first.”

“I will next time. Let's get back.”

The next day Flameria had hunting duty so it was Tami who was with hir prepping the kitchen when Starlight found Tami's bow and arrow. Starlight studied the bow in its detail

Tami comes out for a sec and sees Star as they started calling her looking at her bow. “You want to try to shoot it.” Star jerks in surprise, Tami notes this was one of the few times that she managed to surprise her den mate and quickly becoming a friend.

"If you wouldn't mind?”

“I wouldn't come on.They go outside to the back and after Tami checked around to see if there was anyone around. When it was clear she paints a target on a tree. She then walks back to Star. ?kay see if you can hit it.Star nods and draws and let's loose. The arrow flies straight and hits the tree below the target. ?ot bad but still too low.Star draws and shoots again. This time hits in the target area, Star draws and fires again and hits dead center. Tami is slightly shocked on how quick Star adjusted her aim. ?ey you want to hunt with tomorrow?


"Okay I'll lend you my spare bow then.” They head back in and prepare for the others arrival.

Flameria was a bit ticked that Tami was having Star with her on Star's first hunt, but it was her turn to cook. She wishes Star luck and the 3 hunters head out. Jali went a separate way and Tami taught Star how walk stealthy. Shi pick that up fast. Tami raised her hand and both stop and listened. Star took a whiff and pointed right. Tami raised an eyebrow but follows. In a few minutes Tami got a scent of deer as well. In minutes they come upon a herd of deer. These deer had gold brown fur with a brown single horn in front for the males. In low whisper Star asks. “Which ones do we take out?” Tami looks for a bit before pointing out two females near the end. The both draw and fire near simultaneously. Tami strikes the head of her target and she falls and dies without a sound. Star's Hit's in the neck and the does lets out a scream as it falls causing the rest of the herd to flee. The hunters approach their kills, Tami's lay dead and she works to prep it for carrying. Star's was struggling to move. Star pulls out hir knife also borrowed from Tami and without thinking shi cuts the does throat killing instantly. “Nice move Star, though your aim could be better but not bad for a first outing.” Tami then shows Star how to prep a kill for carrying the two head out with a carcass laying on their lower backs.

They beat Jali home so Star watch Tami cleaned the kills, skinning the deer and separated the bones and meat. Halfway through this Jali appeared with a basket of fish. All the meat was put in a chilled cellar that Star didn't noticed before and the trio head in for supper.

Later Jali and Tami were bathing together leaving Flameria and Starlight alone in the main bedroom. “So did you enjoy your first hunt?” Flameria asks.

“It was challenging but fun. And even more I felt useful. I don't want to be a parasite to you and the others, so if I can do anything to help I want to do it.” Flameria grabs Starlight's arm and says.

"I understand wait here.” Flameria leaves and goes into the other bedroom. Starlight heard a chest be unlocked and opened. Flameria comes back with items in her arms. “Here take these, They were my sister's. She..she would have wanted someone to use them.” Starlight could feel the sadness coming from the vixen and sees tears in her eyes.

“How long has your sister been dead?”

“Three months.”

“So a month before I arrived.” Starlight looks seriously at Flameria and grabs the bow and quiver. “I'm an honored to accept your sister's bow and promise to do my best to take care of them.” Flameria with tears nods and Starlight shifts the items so shi could hug the vixen with hir free hand. Flameria feels the pain and loss of her sister flee her through her tears as Starlight just silently hugs her through it.

Flameria fell asleep in Starlight's arms and the taur slowly lays Flameria on the mattress and pets her head once before leaving the room. Shi quietly walks to the living room to see Tami and Jali looking at her, or more at her bow. “Did Flamy give you that bow?” Jali asks.

“Yes.” Starlight says a little worriedly, especially when the vixen rush hir. But the rush turned into a hug.

“Thank you, thank you. We've been so worried about her after Scarleta's death, but you've seem to bring her out of her depression. Again THANK YOU.”

"She's helped me I'm glad I could help her.” Starlight lifts up the bow. “Now I need a place to store this.”

“Well get Flamy to take you shopping for a chest tomorrow.”

The next day the group splits up. Tami and Jali to sell the fur and some of the meat. Flameria and Starlight headed over to the furniture store. Flameria said Starlight you pick anything she wanted. Flameria said she'd pay for with money that Scarleta left behind. Starlight looked over the various chests on display till one caught hir eye. It was a good size chest made of wood and iron. It was painted red with carvings in the shape of stars painted a bright yellow. Starlight swept hir hand over the wood. Shi and the carver haggled over price but the chest ended up on Starlight's lower torso as they head home. They meet the others at the den and Jali gives Starlight hir share of the money.

The next couple weeks Starlight assits with the hunting and the success of the group improves. The only hitch was when Shi went into rut but otherwise fine. However One day Flameria worriedly approaches Starlight. “Star we have a Council meeting to go to.Someone wants you out of the village.”

“When is it?”

"An hour from now.” Starlight nods and spends most of the next hour preparing hir defense.

Finally the quartet head to the Council Chambers, Among the largest buildings since it was made to hold all members of the village. The building was simple yet grand and like everything else looked grown in it's shape. They pass through a small hallway and into the Audience Chamber. On one side where they entered was stadium like seating for the town with a raised platform for petitioners or accused make there case. On the other side of that was a crescent shaped table. Above the table two banners flew, one had a leaf with a fox tail attached to the stem in green with a red background, the village's banner. The other had a gold fox head with two tails over a 4 pointed yellow star with a black background, the Kitsuwana Banner and banner of the planet. Flameria direct them to the front row and sit as the room filled up. Minutes later a side door opens and 7 elderly foxtaurs emerge. While there were a couple of males among them the bulk was female. Shi looked around and shi sees that the bulk of the audience was female. Shi would question Flameria on that later.

As the Council is seated the female at the center chair pounds a gavel. “This village meeting comes to order. This meeting has been called about the status of Starlight, our out world guest. Paloci Starfur, you have brought this issue to us so you will start.” A young female walks down from her spot and Starlight recognize her as the one who called hir a freak. The vixen steps on to the platform with an arrogant smile on her lips.

“Thank you Council Female.” The vixen then turns to the village. “My fellow foxtaurs we have a danger among us. We have a long proud history and tradition but the feline among us will do nothing to pollute us. It was kind of us to help it. It is now healthy and can live on it's own so I recommend we have it leave our village before it could damage our heritage more.” Starlight saw some nod in agreement, and shi notice they were all female, yellow or gold furred, and many of them had multiple tails. Flameria told hir that the bulk of the first colonists had multiple tails and though that has faded a bit in the centuries having more than one tail was a status symbol. As the vixen steps off the platform the Council Female says.

"Thank you Paloci for your view. Anyone else have a point to make.”

“ I do.” Tami said. She steps up to the platform. “My fellow villagers, I am appalled that this meeting is even happening. Starlight has done nothing wrong. She has improved my life and that of my hunt mates, especially Flameria. Starlight has helped Flameria better than anyone here could so if you expel Starlight I will be joining her.Jali step off the platform and hug Starlight and the rest of her huntmates. Then Flameria step up and took a breath and began.

"I am Flameria Blazefur, like most of you I've been here since I've been born. I was a happy vixen till my sister's death. That was hard, I almost lost the will to live. Then Starlight showed up and I found the will to live again. As her given name applies She has brighten my life. If you expel her I will join Tami in leaving with her. Scaleta would be ashamed of this.” Flameria then leaves the platform and the tears begin to flow.

“Are there any others that would like to say something?” The Council Female asks. After a minute of silence she continues. “Then Starlight approach us and make your case.” Starlight steps up and faces the crowd and begins.

“I have no memory of who I was before being here. Most of the foxtaurs I've encounter have been nothing if supportive of my plight. Paloci has had it in for me since before we've even met. I have done my best to adapt to your ways and do what I can to help the village. If you don't want my help fine, I won't be alone but with those I can trust. Thank you for your time.” Starlight steps off the platform and rejoins hir denmates. The council members adjourn to their room to decide on whether the vote takes place. After a few minutes they emerge again and take their spots. Then the head council member spoke.

“We find that there's insufficient proof that Starlight has polluted our village so there will be no vote. Starlight has shown that she has contributed to the village and you'll will need more than baseless racism to cause a vote again. Thank you for your time.” As Paloci stomps out in a huff with her groupies Starlight and her huntmates hugged each other in victory.

A week passes and Starlight had another problem to deal with, hir heat. The other hunters pick this up and encouraged Flameria to assist Star as the feline taur started to call herself. With some shyness Flamy offers to assist Star and Star reluctantly agrees. Flamy then grabs something from the communal chest then goes over and kisses Star. Flamy found the different shaped muzzle quite enjoyable. Both started play with each others breasts and both lie down on the mattress. After a bit more playing Flamy moves so that she is facing Star's neither regions. She eyes the sheath but that's not the goal today. She goes a little further and starts licking Star's pussy. It tasted different but good as she hears Star moan in pleasure. After a few minutes of just licking she finally grabs the dildo she got from the chest and slowly inserts it in her friend. Star's moan get's louder and she feels Star licking her pussy as she starts pumping the dildo in and out, in and out. It didn't take long for the shuddering of orgasm to happen. Star moans into her pussy and the vibrations was too much for Flamy so she cums as well. They both lay there a minute catching their breath when Star finally breaks the silence. “You were good with that.”

“I've had a lot of practice with Tami and Jali.”

"I've been meaning to ask you about something. During the council meeting I notice that most of the village is female. What's up with that?”

“It's the way our race is. We give birth to more females than males. Our village has a 3 to 1 ratio. Hence why it's the females that do the hunting. Males are allowed multiple mates and there's always Obligation.”


“To deal with the problem of more females than males every adult male around his birthday has to be available every 5 years for the week for breeding purposes. He gets 10 feathers, 7 green and 3 blue. The 7 green of for the night the female takes the feather, the 3 blue are for a later date since not all vixens will be in heat during that week.”

“Sounds a bit unfair for the males though.”

“Initially yes, but what was agreed on that the male has no responsibility after siring the child unless he wishes to. It was mine and my sister's plan to find a male wanting both of us.” Star somehow felt the sadness of Flamy's pain.

“How did she die?””

“A sudden illness, no matter what Luna tried she wouldn't heal and she eventually died.” Tears start forming in her eyes. “I still miss her.” Star then hugs Flamy and says.

“And so you should, she was your sister but she would want you to go on with your life right? You knew her well, am I right.” Shi could see Flamy think for a bit before responding.

“Yes, yes I think she would.”

“Then start looking towards the future.” Star yawns, “Tomorrow.” Star then lays down and immediately falls asleep. Flamy looks at Star and pets the feline's head with it's strange head fur and smiles.'Star's right, it's time to start looking to the future. And it may be in front of my nose.'




Flamy woke to the smell of cooked food. Blinking her eyes open she is surprised to see both Tami and Jali sleeping with her. They are slowly waking up to the smell as well and the 3 of them go to the kitchen to find Star making breakfast. They all drop jaws as they never seen Star cook before. Star looks over and sees them and smiles. “Go get the silverware, breakfast will be ready very soon.” The trio scramble to get everything ready. Star emerges with eggs and bacon with milk. They take bites and the foxtaurs get a look of sheer bliss as they taste the food. Breakfast was finished quickly and with no left overs.

“That was great Star, since when do you know how to cook?”

“I thought I try it for once and once I got in the kitchen things just clicked and thus your breakfast.” Jali raised a spoon and said.

“I say that Star be our official cook, those in favor?” Both the other vixens say.

“Aye!” With Star rolling hir eyes. With the decision made Star was left home while the three went out hunting. Shi defiantly proved to be good with lunch and dinner. Flamy once again helped with Star's heat that night.

As summer turned to fall the village prepared for the Harvest Festival. The festival was a combo fair and party before the coming winter. Flamy set up a kiosk for their meat and fur to sell for other supplies the team will need during the winter. Star had surprised them yet again when they need to chop wood for winter. Shi not only manage to chop a lot of wood in record time but was able to carry a bunch on it on hir own, including some with hir TAIL! Star hirself was looking forward to trying out some of the games that they had around. After help set of the kiosk to which Tami had first shift. Flamy stayed with Star as shi approached the archery range. Flamy decided not to participate this year so she watch as Star tried her luck. Star showed hir aim as shi hit bull's eye after bull's eye and had much cheering, but in the end shi finished third.

After a lunch break Star and Flamy headed over the obstacle course. There the found Paloci warming up for the run. She spotted the pair and toss her head away from them. They got on the starting line and waited. The course was set up at random each year by the the villages kits. The runners had to free reign on how to take the course but all runners had to go through each check point to truly finish. The first one to do so wins. The flag is dropped and the runners were off. Starlight soon found hirself near the rear of the group as the first part was pure running through the grass till the hit the forest. Shi lost sight of Flamy and Paloci when shi entered the forest. Shi goes through the forest with ease, doing things when shi looks back on it odd, like shi has done it before but shi knows shi hasn't done that while hunting. Shi passes the first check point with ease. Continuing through the course she manages to pass a few foxtaurs till shi spots the next check point. It was on a hill in clear view but it was surrounded by thorn bushes, cute. Starlight could already hear cursing from the bushes. Shi looks up and sees that the trees around were large with intertwining branches. Star began climbing a nearby tree and carefully hop along the branches till shi was in range. Shi then hops down onto the hill and passes through the check point and leaps and climbs on top the trees and heads out. Once clear of the thorns she drops down onto the forest floor and continue on.

The trail led down a rocking canyon, which Starlight effortlessly. Shi follows the trail though the bottom of the canyon till shi need to climb again. Shi hears a waterfall nearby and as shi climbs over shi feels something push hir and shi plunges into water. Sputtering shi looks up and near the edge of the small water fall was a pair of giggling kits. Shaking hir head shi gets out of the water and continues on. Shi was just starting to dry off when shi sees a large mud puddle with another check point on a wooden platform surrounded by tons of rocks. Starlight steps on the stones and does well till shi put a handpaw on a stone and shi slips into the mud. “I'm gonna kill them!” Shi cries as shi tries again, this time more cautiously. Shi finally reaches the platform to the laughing of the kits on it. With an evil smirk shi pushes them both in the mud before crossing the check point head raised, till shi step on another slippery stone and ending up in the mud again. Shi finally got out of the puddle and trudge onward in the direction the kits pointed to. Shi sees the village in front of hir with checkered posts at the outskirts. Going into hir reserves shi crosses the line. Panting shi asks, “How did I do?”

“You finished first, congratulations. There's a hot spring over there to clean off.” Starlight walks towards the spring as the next runner came in. It was Paloci, also covered with mud. When the vixen sees Starlight she immediately yells.

“Cheater! She cheated, she had to to beat me here!” The female foxtaur over seeing the event replies.

The kits will confirm for us if she when through all the points. Till then no more say about this till all runners are in the the kits return. Now go get clean.” The two head to the springs and the sit in the opposite sides of the spring as the other runners come in. Flamy came in tenth. And relaxed with her friend. When word of the return of the kits the group got out and went back to the starting line.

“Now the the kits are back they'll prove she cheated.” The foxtaur looks at the kits and asks.

“Did Starlight pass through your check points?” One by one they all nodded, the two mud covered ones grinned and said.

“Yup, she gave us our mud bath.” It was too much for Paloci.

“YOU!” She leaps at the feline. Starlight is only stunned for a second before shi instinctively reacts. Shi ducks and as shi feels Paloci's weight shi pushes up and the vixen goes flying. As the gold furred vixen lands Starlight climbs on her keep her down and helpless as the foxtaur rushes in.

“Shame on you Paloci, accept defeat like an adult. Now leave and if I catch you doing that again I'll call the Enforcers.” Starlight allows the vixen up and after giving Starlight a look of pure hate she flees the scene. Getting a fine belt pouch as a reward Starlight and Flamy explore a few of the stalls till Flamy said it was her turn to man the kiosk so she leaves Starlight to hir fun.

When Flamy gets to the Kiosk and a delay of a spilled stall she finds it unmanned but there was a sheet of paper on the counter.

Flamy please join me in the old shack on the village outskirts. I found something important.


Curious Flamy heads for the old shack, it once housed a lesbian pair that never did obligation so they had no children to inherit it when they died and no one has claim the place in years. She walks into the shack and not seeing her friend she calls out. “Tami?” With no response she walks in more. She then felt something hit the back of her head and felt nothing more.

Groggily Flamy wakes up with a headache. She tries to touch her head but her arm won't move much. She then takes stock of her body. It felt like her arms were help upwards and it felt like her hindquarters were lifted up and her tail ties with her hands. She starts blinking her eyes open and the throbbing causes her to moan. “Oh good your awake.” Flamy looks to the the source of the voice and sees Paloci. She tries to demand why Paloci has done this but fines her mouth forced shut. “I bet your wondering why. Well it's simple, YOU brought that FREAK to the village and endangered us with her impurity. You need to be punished and you will be.” She then steps up and aggressively gropes Flamy's breasts. “For a commoner your not bad looking.” Paloci comments as she continues to play with Flamy's breasts causing Flamy to moan a bit. Paloci plays with Flamy's breasts for minutes before stopping and starts to walk behind Flamy. 'It seemed that the old lesbian pair liked bondage and built this underground room for the more kinky endeavors, I discovered it two years ago. We will not be disturbed down here.” Reaching the raised hindquarters Paloci eyes Flamy's pussy. “Well,well your pussy is a little wet. Good.”

'NO NO NO NO! Don't touch me THERE!' Flamy says mentally but it's no use as she feels Paloci's tongue licking her pussy. 'NOOOOO PLEASE STOP!' But Paloci continues inserting her tongue deep into Flamy's pussy and Flamy begins to dry as the tongue swirls around with gusto. Soon Flamy's body spasms in orgasm and Paloci gets her face coated with Flamy's fluids. Flamy was openly weeping as the door bursts open. Starlight stood there in all her glory with fierce anger in her eyes and after a quick look she lets out the loudest roar Flamy ever heard before leaping out of Flamy's view. She hears Paloci scream before the thud and ripping of flesh.

“STAR! PLEASE STOP! LET THE ENFORCERS HANDLE IT!” She hears the sounds paused. “Please Star, Please.” She feels someone hug her and the scent was Star's and she weeps openly in relief. Tami comes down the stairs to a site. Flamy bound up and crying, Star hugging her with blood on her fur, and a gold fur vixen severely beat up and unconscious. She hears footsteps behind her as the enforcers arrive.

An hour later Star, Flamy, and Paloci were in the Healer's Den, Luna working hard on the battered foxtaur as her assistant treats Star and Flamy. The Enforcers took statements from Star and Flamy. It seemed Star was coming to check on Flamy to find the stall empty. Shi started looking around for her. Then somehow shi felt Flamy's fear and embarrassment and manage to follow it to the old shack and discover the scene, then everything became a blur except the rage. Only Flamy's pleas stop hir. Flamy herself glanced at Star, after breaking off the hug the feline was nearly dazed. As soon as she could Flamy hugged her friend which which seem to get her out of the daze. Hours later Flamy and Star were allowed to go home where they both went right to bed hugging each other.

Two weeks later both Starlight and Paloci appeared before the council and the enforcers. Starlight was first as shi stands on the platform before them. “Starlight,” the head council member starts. “After reviewing the evidence we find you blameless for you actions for you were defending a Huntmate from an attack. You are free to go.”

“Thank you council.” Starlight steps away and hugs Flamy and their huntmates as Paloci is brought before them, still bearing the bruises and some scars from that day. “Paloci Starfur, what we found gravely disturbed us. First you try to ought a village member with no real reason other then racism. Then you try to claim she cheated in a race with no proof and now to rape a fellow villager. That is not excusable. Therefor you are exiled from the village. You have 3 days to gather want supplies you need, an Enforcer will be with you until you leave. If you are found in the village again you will lose all rights as a foxtaur and sold to a member of the village.” The Head Council slams the gavel and the exiled vixen is escorted out.

Back at home the hunters had a party to the victory for Starlight. It was a big feast and Starlight was more like her old self. Late into the night though Flamy asks Starlight into the spare room. “Star, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and made a decision.” Flamy took Starlight's hand. “Starlight, will you be my mate?” The feline stood there for a second before hugging the vixen. “Yes, Yes I will, thank you Flamy.” They break off the hug and Flamy strokes the underside of Starlight's muzzle with a lustful look. The two then passionately kiss. Hands wander and start groping breasts and play with them before they had to break for air. Both smile at each other. Then Flamy turns and offers her rear to Starlight. Starlight caresses the tail as shi moves it aside

and climbs on top of Flamy and slowly inserts hir cock into Flamy. Shi then directs Flamy's head back to hir and they kiss again as Starlight pumps into her. The pace slowly increases and the kiss is broken off again.

“OH Star I'm cumming I'm CUUUMMMINNNNNNG!” Flamy cries as she orgasms which triggers Starlight's. They stay tense as Starlight's seed pumps into Flamy then the both slump down on the mattress and lick kiss each other before falling asleep, both with smiles as this has been the happiest moment for them in months.

Some time later..........

In Narnia's system he vastness of space is disturbed as a ship comes out of warp. It was made up of a large saucer with a nacelle above and below the saucer with a pair of torpedo bays attached to the smaller lower pylon. This Akula Class was once a frigate in Starfleet but it's class is no longer in active service. This one has been bought and retrofitted into a mercenary corvette with the name Sonovagun on it's hull. On her bridge a chakat sat on the center cushion. Shi had nearly white fur and black spots, with blond hair and blue eyes. Shi was very relax in hir cushion and have a smirk on hir muzzle. The human at the helm looks back at hir and notices hir state. He smiles and says, ?ey sis if you get even more relax we're going to have to awake you when we reach orbit.

“I told you before Bill to call me captain while on duty. And you should relax as well. The only thing that's been over here was the Fleet probe the notice the planet. Let Sonny do the piloting.”

“Don't call me SONNY! Call me SUN captain. Sonny makes me sound like a kid.” The ships AI quips from the intercom.

“And how would you know what that sounds like you were never a kid.” The chakat retorts to the Sunovagun's free A.I.

“I've seen your families Captain Bombshell. I think I have a rough idea.”

“I doubt that...Sonny.” Shi smiles widely as shi hears Sun growl at hir. She loves teasing him like that and shi looks around the bridge. Hir brother at the helm, Feyouri the resident warbeast mutant in a feminine mood today checking the sensors. Bombshell guessed that Reigar was in sickbay reading the latest medical journals, and Crazahan an elderly Raskani was probably in engineering checking on the ships systems with one of Sun's bots. Bombshell admits shi got lucky with this ship, shi can have such a small crew thanks to Sun. Then again shi was lucky to even get this ship. She was recommissioned to be a test bed for many prototype systems and weapons. So she can appear to be an old warship sold as surplus then unleashes hell to surprise her opponents. And if outgunned she can activate a cloak and disappear. The ship was stolen from Starfleet by human first somewhere and hir group was capture by them but thankfully Sun liked them better and the H1people got shoved out the airlock, without suits. The ships was renamed and refitted for their use and their partnership has been very profitable. Hence their current vacation. As the close to orbit the nice green planet a beeping goes off at the communication and sensors. Feyouri presses a few buttons. “Captain we are getting a faint signal from the planet.” Bombshell became more alert and asked.

?What kind?

?It seems to be a distress signal, maybe fleet. I got coordinates.?

?Looks like we head there first then, Half of us head down the rest wait up here till we figure this out.?

Minutes later Bombshell found hirself in a forest with trees that seem to be a mix of pine and maple back home. Feyouri took out a scanner and in a couple of seconds then jerked a thumb to the left. “The signal's this way.” Bombshell and Reigar followed. In minutes there by a large river til the spot a metallic object supported by some trees. Yep definably a fleet pod. Bombshell inspects the outside while hir wolf morph medic jump inside. “Well no bodies so they survived the landing.”

“And it looks like the thing has sat here a while.” Bombshell comments. Shi taps the bomb shaped commbadge on hir combat vest. “Bombshell to Sun.”

“Sun here captain.”

“At the site, no bodies or graves and it looks like it's been here a while.”

“Well my sensor have detected multiple cities on the planet and there's a small village east of your position.”

“Copy that, guys set your weapons for stun and let's check this out.”

Minutes later the reach the outskirts of the village and observe. It seemed the that the locals were foxtaurs but they were different from the ones Bombshell knew. None of the them had head hair and a few had multiple tails. However the seem to have a similar living style to the standard foxtaur village. With a nod to hir men they begin walking into the village.

Flamy was making lunch today since Tami and Jali went off hunting. Normally Star would have joined them but something was wrong with her mate. After becoming mates everything was fine, heck they finally got Star to call herself by her nickname, not just the 3 of them and things went well they were happy. Then during winter something changed. It wasn't sudden, it started with Star being tired more than usual. Then she would switch between depression and anger. Then sometimes she thought she heard something that wasn't there. Luna looked at Star but couldn't figure out what was wrong. All of them were concerned, even Star on what was going on. Flamy just didn't know what to do. She opens a cupboard for some spices to discover it empty. Great now she'll have to go to the market. She bought the spices and was about to head home when she saw a commotion at the end of the village. Curious she goes to find out what it is. A bunch of Foxtaurs were looking at 3 strangers. One was practically furless except for the head fur which reminded Flamy of Star. Another seem to be a two legged gray fox, and the last. The last was a feline taur exactly like Star. Hope became to spurt in her. Especially when the feline said. “I'm Captain Bombshell of the mercenary ship Sunovagun. Did you have someone arrive sometime ago that looks like any of us?” Flamy answers

“Yes we did please come with me.” It took everything not to run the feline back home to help Star.”

?Reigar you better come with me.·Said the feline and the two head off to Star.

Bombshell followed the brightly colored vixen to the outskirts of town and Reigar asks the vixen. “What's the patient's condition?”

“I don't know. Her craft landed almost a year ago with a few bumps, bruises, burns, and no memory other then general knowledge. The past three months she becomes tired easily and has bouts of depression and anger.” They arrive at a decent size hut and the vixen opens the door and says. “Star! I'm home and I have someone you need to meet.”

?YEAH!? feminine voice angrily replies. Yup Bombshell could sense the anger and depression but that didn't prepare hir to the site. A gold furred chakat with red hair and eyes and white gold streak above hir left eye showed a scar. The chakat had a look of annoyed anger till shi set eyes on Bombshell, then it became bewilderment. Shi approaches Bombshell and touches hir face.

?Are you real? Or just my mind playing tricks on me??ombshell grabs the hand keeping it to hir face.

?Yes, I'm real. The name's Chakat Bombshell Hamilton, child of Reefswimmer and Uilleam Hamilton.

?They call me Starlight, but Flamy and the others call me Star.

?Pleasure to meet you Star.?lamy interjects,

?So Chakat can you help her??ombshell looks at the vixen.

?Chakat is the name of my and hir species, My name is Bombshell and I'm already helping hir. Shi's suffering Empathic Feedback Withdraw.


?We chakats are all empathic, we sense the emotions of others so we're hard to lie to and it gives us better insight on other beings. You may have notice that shi was good at reading people.

?Well she was becoming the best hunter out of the group for she could always find prey.

'It's hir empathy, a nice talent but it does have a draw back. We need a feedback from another chakat to stay mentally healthy. Go to long and your already seeing the results.

?Is there a cure?

?Yup, me. I will stay here the night and Star should stay close awhile to ensure the reversal, then she'll be back to hir old self. Meanwhile Reigar will take some blood and we'll find out who you are past the life you've made here.?tar offered hir arm and the wolf morph took a sample.

?I'll take this to the ship right away.?e taps the badge on his left side and says. Sun beam me up.?oth Flamy's and Star's jaw drops as Reigar disappeared in swirling lights.

?Cool huh? That's our transporter, a highly useful device.·There was a knock on the door and the vixen heads over to answer it. The vixen returns with an elderly female.

?Bombshell this is Lola Wheathunter our Head Elder.?

?Elder.?ombshell says and shi nods in respect.

?Bombshell, I must asks what your purpose was to come to our planet?

?It was for a vacation Elder. As far as the rest of this galaxy is concerned this is an uninhabited planet barely recorded anywhere. So we were surprise to find anyone here, especially hir.·Bombshell jerks a thumb in Star's direction.

So what are your plans now?”

Well other than helping Star and checking you gals out rest a few days.” A beep came from hir badge so shi taps it. “Bombshell here.”

“Captain this is Sun, I've scanned the entire planet and the villages here are a couple hundred years old at most and give the technology they have they have to be colonist from somewhere.” Bombshell looks at Lola with an inquisitive look.

"Well Sun is right but we don't know from where either. Our legends say we came on a space craft 203 years ago but surviving was so much of a struggle that a lot of the knowledge was forgotten.”

"With your permission Elder Sun maybe able to figure that out for both of us.”

“Knowing our history better would be good, very well your Sun may.”

“Got that Sun?”

“Yes captain sending an avatar down now. A still running a match for our chakat down there.”

“Let us know when you do.”

“Aye,aye captain.” Lola then looked to the younger vixen.

“Flameria I trust you can see to our guest?”

“Yes Elder, she needs to be here to help Star with her problem.”

“Very well, I'll leave you to it.?lameria escorts the Elder out and as she returns Bombshell asks.


“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Flameria Blazefur, my friends call me Flamy, my concern for my mate overrode my manners.

“Understandable, My friends call me Bomber.” They spent the next couple of hours chatting when the other hunters arrived. Flamy got dinner going and she notice Star was a little more perky now. She hoped that was a good sign. In the mists of dinner though Bomber's badge chirped again. Shi tapped it answered.

“Captain this is Sun. I got interesting results on your chakat.”

“Oh, do tell.”

“I got two hits on hir DNA. The first is Chakat Medallion, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. The second was Chakat Redstreak also child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.”

“That's odd.”

“Get's even better captain, their images are almost exactly the same the only difference is hairstyle.”

“How's that possible?”

“Not sure captain but Reigar is contacting his fleet contacts in the medical field for answers.”

“Maybe they're twins.” Tami suggested to which Bomber shook hir head.

“Nope, identical twins are impossible with us chakats. Our fur pattern is completely random. Twins are possible but identical are not. You couldn't tell if chakats are related by looks unless you observe them long enough.”

“So which one do we have, Medallion or Redstreak?” Flamy asks.

“My processors have concluded that our chakat is Redstreak. Redstreak was in the Star Corps and is presumed dead. Hir ship destroyed and base where they found the debris and an escape pod could end up here.”

“So if I'm Redstreak, do I have any family besides Medallion?” Star or Redstreak asks.

“Yes you do Redstreak. Your parents still live, You have an older sister named Crisscross Child of Fireblaze and Sunspot. You have a mate named Coaldust and two kids.”

“Well that's one mystery nearly solved. What about the foxtaurs?”

“Still researching captain.” After that the rest ate in silence with Star/Redstreak in deep thought. Some chatting afterwords eventually lead to bed and the 5 of them slept soundly.

Flamy woke to the sweet smell of breakfast. She gets out of the pile and walks to the kitchen and sees a site she was very glad to see. Star up and making breakfast. Her mate looked over and smiled.

“Good morning Flamy, still a few more minutes till breakfast is ready.”

“Good, it is so good to see your old self.”

“It is.” Star's features droop. Flamy, I'm sorry for my attitude of late.·Flamy step forward and put a hand to her mate's lips.

“It's okay, it wasn't your fault so don't worry about it okay.” Flamy then hugs Star. “I'm just glad you are your old self.”

“Well the self I've been since crashing here anyway.·Flamy said nothing as she hugged her mate.

Over the next couple of days Bomber's crew got the rest they wanted if not the way they expected. Bomber spent half the time with Flamy and Redstreak as the Chakat slowly adopted hir old name. Eventually Bomber, Lola and one of Sun's avatars met to discussion this colony's origins. “Captain, Elder, I have studied the village records and our databanks and these are the conclusions I came up with. One, the foxtaurs here are an offshoot from the ones on Earth. Originating in Japan thus why many have multiple tails. They also didn't suffer Territory Attachment Syndrome like most Foxtaurs have to worry about. The very first were called kitsune and during the chaos of the final days of the Gene Wars they all disappeared. It was thought they were wiped out. In truth They got hold of one of the early colonizing ships and left Earth till the got here. From what I could glean from the records they had a rough landing and struggled to survive. Now as you can see they have an ever growing population and a thriving colony.”

“Thank you for your report Sun.” Lola says then turns to look at Bomber.“What will your Federation due about us?”

“Most likely open up negotiations. They deal pretty fairly with people, heck I might get a reward for discovering you and Redstreak.” The meeting broke up after that and Bomber prepared to spend hir last night at Flamy's den.

Star or Redstreak was packing things away with care when the door opened. There stood Flamy and it didn't take long for the foxtaur to say. “You're going aren't you?”

“Yes, I am. I have a family and a past to go to.” Redstreak gets up and hugs hir mate. “I wouldn't be this far, heck I probably would be dead without you. I still love you and in that love I will let you go and live your life here. I will a null our mating for that okay.”

“No it's not okay. My life was nothing after my sister died till you came. Your my mate and I'm not letting you go. I'm going with you.”

“But what about Tami and Jali? They'll be two hunters down.”

“They're talking with the survivors of the team that got hit in the storm two weeks ago and they will merge. They told me this yesterday realizing that I would go with you. Especially since I told them what I'm about to tell you.”


“I'm pregnant.” Redstreak stood there speechless for a minute before bear hugging Flamy.

“I promise to be the best sire I can be for our child. Hopefully his or her's half siblings will welcome our child.·The pair shared the news with Bomber to hugged them both and congratulated them on their baby. Bomber wasn't surprised that shi was getting two passengers sensing the love between them. Tami and Jali offered the pair two vest made of fur. They tried them on and while stylish they didn't hide the breasts at all. Then again with these foxtaurs they can never imagine covering their breasts for anything. Red and Flamy hugged their huntmates and the group went to be for the final time together.

The next morning Red as the new or old nick name emerged made a big breakfast as a final goodbye to hir huntmates. Both did complain that they would miss Red's cooking but still were happy for hir. The group heads out side and after a final hug and promises to visit Bomber taps hir badge and the three of them disappear in shimmering lights.

When the lights are gone Red found herself on a large pad in a small room. Bomber puts the bomb badge on each of them saying it was policy and for their protection while on board. They store their stuff in the room they will have for their journey then headed to one of the rear view ports as they took a final look at their home. The gazed on with wonder at the planet then watch it recede quickly before in a flash it was gone as they head to their future.




Antilles walked up to a familiar house, sadly in the past it was mainly to deliver bad news. The last time he delivered bad news was when Redstreak was considered dead. Thankfully he had good news this time. He knocks on the door and it opens to reveal a white and blue furred chakat cub of 7 years. “Hello Whirlwind, are your parents home?”

"Yes they are.” Shi opens the door more and yells behind hir. “MOM! DAD! Commander Antilles is here to see you!” Antilles took a seat on a couch as Medallion comes out of the hallway. Shi sees him and gives him a small smile. Then Coaldust emerges from the kitchen. Shi wasn't the happy energetic feline that Antilles met years ago. Hir tail was never up and he knew shi only smiled when shi played with hir children, especially the ones sired by Redstreak.

"So what's up today commander that you would come here again?” Medallion asks.

“For once it's mainly good news I bring.” He looks seriously at Coaldust. “Redstreak is alive.”

“Alive, shi's alive?” Coaldust collapses as Medallion goes to hir.

“Yes shi's been living on a barely charted planet for the past year till a mercenary ship found hir and is currently bringing hir home.”

“Alive.” Coaldust says and Medallion asks.

“You said mainly good news, My sister and comate has returned from the grave. What could be a blight on that?”

“Well shi received a couple of bad head injures and lost all of hir personal memories. And shi will be arriving with a mate.”

“A mate doesn't concern us and if having to help hir remember who shi is then that's a small price to pay to get hir back.” Coal manages to nod and an hour after the commander left the go a prepare for the return of someone they thought they lost.

Being one of the major colonies of the Stellar Federation Chakona was filled with the hustle and bustle of commerce. Freighters coming and going, Luxury cruise ships docking at the Gateway Station, to Fleet and Corps docking at the starbase for R&R and resupply. It was in this atmosphere the the Sunovagun emerge from warp. She was no longer the gleaming corvette that found Narnia. Her upper nacelle was gone and her left torpedo bay was gutted. Shi had blast marks all over her hull as she limps to a nearby repair station. On the battle scarred bridge Bomber was in a foul mood. Most of the trip went well as shi helped Red and Flamy how to use Federation technology. However a week ago a small fleet attacked them which navigating a nebula. Two raiders and a pocket carrier so Sunovagun did well and left scrap behind which will help pay for repairs. Bomber's best guest on why the Sun was attacked was slavery. Shi had reported finding a planet of primitive foxtaurs previously unknown to the Federation thus no laws to protect it. An easy catch for slavers for the League of Non Align Worlds. The damage ship wasn't the only reason for hir foul mood, though thankfully none of hir crew were killed though some had to spend time in sickbay. No it was hir inability to take Red and Flamy all the way home. As they begin final docking procedures Bomber leaves the bridge and heads for the nearest airlock. There shi sees a chakat and the strange looking foxtaur female with carrisacks and hand crafted chests that contain all of their possessions. “Sorry I can't bring you all they way home Red like I planned to.”

“Things happen Bomber, you just deal with it.” Red replies, Shi and Flamy did all they could to help with the repairs. Bomber then hands them a pair of credit cards.

"These should give you enough for a few days at a hotel and passage to Earth. I wish I could do more but I'm limited.” To Bomber's surprise they both suddenly hug hir.

"You've done enough Bomber, you gave me the ability to go home.” Red said.

"And without you my mate would be in worst shape so you save hir when I couldn't. Thank you.” Flamy interjects causing Bomber to tear up. The shudder and clang of the docking signals for them to break up the hug. Soon the airlock opens and the three wave farewell.

After a couple of minutes Red and Flamy were on a shuttle heading to Gateway station. Both marveled at the view of the starscape and the Gateway. They wander through the Gateway with looks of awe and wonder. After having a bite to eat they go and look for quarters when the hear a feminine voice cry out. “HEY RED!” The pair look to see a Chakat in a uniform waving at them as shi approached. Shi was a blue furred chakat with green dots all over. The chakat bear hugs Red and says. “I'm so glad to see you here it's been ages. Did they have you on a deep space assignment or something?”

“ I'm sorry but a suffered a head injury and lost my personal memories. Me and my mate are trying to get to Earth but our initial ride was attacked so we have to get a place to stay as we find new transportation.”

"Well you can bunk with me and my mate. We owe you big time and I can find a good deal on transport so follow me.” Red looks at Flamy and the foxtaur shrugs and the two follow the chakat. “Well since you can't remember my name I'm Chakat Polkadot, child of Raindrop, and Sunshine.”

"Well you know me, this is my mate Flameria Blazefur.”

"A pleasure Flameria.'

"Call me Flamy.” The two followed the older chakat to a transporter room where they beamed down to the planet. They walked a couple of blocks till they got to this nice little house. “Clarissa, I'm home and we have a couple of special guests, so make a large supper.” A gray furred head with brown hair peeks her head out of the kitchenette and sees Red.

"RED! Please have a seat let me finish up a couple of things.” They heard some clattering for a minute or two before the gray furred foxtaur came out, a heavily PREGNANT foxtaur. She waddled up to Red and hugged hir. “It's so good to see you again. How have you've been?”

"I've had ups and downs, Flamy and returning home the ups, losing my memory a down.” Red went into what happened to hir last year up to the drop off while poor Clarissa went back and forth between the living room and kitchenette. Finally dinner was ready and served at the small table. There Clarissa filled Red in of what she knew of hir. Needless to say it was a shock to Red. Shi used to be a human male. It seems hir 'sister' had some explaining to do. Near the end of the meal Clarissa stood up and raised her glass in the air and said. “A toast to friends and maybe, if you want Red to family.” Red looked over to Flamy with an unsaid question to which the foxtaur nodded. Red got up and raised hir glass.

"To friends, and” shi looks at Clarissa “To new family.” What ever shi was going to say afterwards is lost to history as both Polka and Clarissa hug hir. They eventually break off and do the toast. That night the slept together and Red missed having more than just Flamy to sleep with so shi slept better then shi did on the Sunovagun.

The next few days Red and Flamy lived with Polka and Clarissa. Since Polka was a Star Corps Lt. Commander Clarissa only worked part time at home, which her mate was extremely grateful for since Clarissa became pregnant the older taur's protective instincts. Heck Polka was secretly gratefully that Red was here so Clarissa could be protected while shi worked. Meanwhile Red taught Clarissa hir cooking skills. Clarissa admitted that one of the perks of her new body was she was able to cook, Polka couldn't cook very well so Clarissa had to endure years of barely edible food. Clarissa also took them on a tour of Amistead and Flamy commented on the layout.

"It's as big as Kitswana back home and while not as blended as are buildings you still incorporate nature in them.” The gray foxtaur nodded and replied.

"Yes the government here does there best to balance nature and the needs of our people But all good things come to an end. Polka had found a cruise ship that will take Red and Flamy directly home. After a tearful farewell Red and Flamy board the ship and find their quarters on board.

"By the Kitsune this room is luxurious!” Red nodded in agreement. After touring the rooms they were in and unpack they toured the ship and were awe in the splendor of the ship. After having a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant they went to their quarters and made love. To Red it seemed being pregnant increased her need for sex not lessen it. Luckily Red had the stamina for it. Their couple weeks long trip they used the pool, checkout the various shops and restaurants and of course made love every night.

Finally they made orbit of Earth and the pair made ready to beam down to the starport. They didn't see anyone waiting for them when the beamed down so they decided to walk outside. As soon as they did the here. “RED!” Red barely has time to look to the source when shi is bear hugged. “You're back! You're finally back, I've missed you so much.” Says the gray chakat hugging hir.

"I honestly wish I could say the same about you.”

"We'll work on that.” The chakat brushed hir hand over the scar above Red's left eye. Before looking over to Flamy. “So you're my new co-mate. I'm Chakat Coaldust, child of Snowboard and Nightsky.”

"I'm Flameria Blazefur but my friends call me Flamy.” Coal hugs her and says.

"Welcome to the family you can call me Coal.” Dallie then approached the group and Flamy was surprised. She expected to see Medallion looked like her mate she did notice the differences. Dallie wasn't as buff as Red and of course didn't have the scar above hir eyebrow, shi also wore hir head fur differently then Red's. The big surprise was the fact the smelled nearly the same, true the was a subtle difference to do where the two have been but their base scents were exactly the same.

"Welcome home sister.” Dallie says and lightly hugs Red. “Thanks Medallion.”

"Call me Dallie Red.”

"Okay, Dallie.” Coal and Dallie help haul the luggage into the PTV and Dallie drove them home as Flamy and Red looked at the city. A half an hour later they arrive at the house. Red looks at it trying to remember it but it doesn't feel familiar at all, just a nice house. A house fill with a family shi doesn't know anymore. The door open to revel a buff chakat with blue and yellow fur streaking across hir lower torso.

"Welcome home Red, glad to have you back.” Shi then moves aside and directs them to a room to out their stuff in before directing them to the living room. Not only was Dallie and Coal there but two other adult chakats and several cubs. To of the cubs ran to Red. One was about 5 years old with tan and gray fur the other about 2 with orange and red fur. Both hug hir forelegs and the older one says cheerfully.

"DADDY!” Red stands their stunned before putting hir hands on their heads and shi feels their happiness of hir return. Shi can't help but smile at them while Flamy looks on with a smirk of her own. She knew Red would be a good father, correction sire. Then the two older chakats come and hug hir before everyone settled down and made introductions. Red found hirself bracketed by hir children Sandrock and Blazefire with Flamy on one side and Coal on the other.

"Okay Dallie, how are you and me identical sisters?” Red asks and Dallie tells hir how the met and all they have been through. Flamy told them of her experience with Red as Red looked at hir children trying to remember them.

After a yummy dinner Coal found Red in their room looking at the items at one wall. Until recently it served as a memorial to Red and Red and Dallie changes it when they heard Red was alive. They never removed the Stars and Stripes from the wall and they placed Red's main keyboard next to it. The dresser next to that held various pics of Red, Coal, Dallie and the kids. Also there was the custom gun Red had ordered years ago. Red touched and looked over the various items before looking at Coal. There was sadness in hir eyes. “I can't remember, I try but I can't remember any of it. I'm not the Redstreak in these photos anymore.” Red turns away from Coal. “I'm not the Redstreak you fell in love with.” Coal walks up behind Red and puts hir arms around the other chakat.

"Not completely that's true but the core of who you are is still there. You protected me and Whirlwind when Double H was bombed. Then guard Alexis when shi went recruiting , then join the Star Corps do to your need to protect those you care about. And finally protect my new co-mate from rape. Your memories are gone but the core of who you are remains. The core I fell in love with so even if you don't regain those memories I will still love you and we can still make a future together. Now get out of this depression. Your back from the dead it's time to celebrate.” Red couldn't help but smile and followed Coal out of the room and to the family shi wants to know again.

A week later they got a comm call. Red was the one to answer it this time and sees a familiar face. "Hey Polka good to see you."

"Same here Red, I have someone to show you." Polka steps aside and looks to hir right. From the right Clarissa appears carrying a little bundle. The child was defiantly a chakat but shi seemed to have inherited hir mother's coloring minus the spots and specks on yellow all over.

"Red meet Starlight our daughter." Red touches the screen teary eyed.

"You named hir after me."

"Well the name fits with hir pattern and without you shi wouldn't be possible. So now shi sees hir auntie for the first time."


"Yup, if you want the job anyway."

"I do, I do." Turning hir head Red yells "Dallie, Flamy come here!" When they arrive the are introduced to Starlight and company. In the minutes that follow they got to know eachother before Polka had to cut it off but that was the first of many conversations. Over the next several months Red had multiple visits to various specialist to try to restore hir memory. Not much success but shi had many things to cheer hir up. A week after hir return shi was reintroduced at Double H and they regaled hir with stories of past deeds and old jokes. Three weeks after that Flamy gave birth to their child and received a bit of a shock. Since chakats genes were so dominant it was assumed that their child would be one as well with likely some of hir

mother's fur coloring. However their child seemed to be a true hybrid of both. The child was a herm as expected but shi had hir mother's fox like head and no head hair and a fox style tail. Shi had brown eyes and shi had red fur with orange stripes. Hir ears were black like hir mother's and had hir hands gloved with black as well. After going to specialist to figure this out and specialist came to the conclusion that a Kitsune Foxtaur's genes were nearly as dominant as a chakat's and speculated that any more offspring from such pairings can expect mixed features. In the end of it all their special child was named Firestripe and was much loved by hir family. Larsa also visited and though she knows Red can't do RS yet that didn't matter. She liked Red and hir sister even more and was in contact with them even after Red was declared dead. Though Red did seem to retain hir music talent tried out a couple of tunes but shi spent most of the time getting to know hir family again.

Whirlwind was chatting with some friends as they left the school building with classes done for the day. Shi scans for hir mother or sire visually and empathy and was surprised. It was hir uncle picking hir up today. "Uncle Red!" Shi runs over and hugs hir uncle with an all to familiar scent.

"Hey Whirl I decided to pick you up today." Red says as shi hugs hir niece before directing hir to the PTV. The pair get in and Red drives them home. "So how did school go?"

"Good, we had cook class today and the teacher said I was best of the class."

"Looks like you inherited your mother's cooking skills." Whirl grinned impishly in response then notice that Red was driving and asked.

"Why don't you let the AI drive?"

"I'm just not comfortable letting the AI drive."

"You see you were the same way before you went away." Red snorts and rubs Whirls head. The two chatted on daily stuff on the way home and it became a common thing for Red to pick whirl up over the months to come.

Red was walking into the building for another memory therapy session when unknown to hir shi was being watched. Two men watched hir from the cab of a large truck while a third looked at hir through a computer screen.

"So what's the story on this one?" one of the cab guys asked. After a minute of button pushing the guy in the back responds.

"Chakat Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze, age 27. Shi's an ensign in the Star Corps and was rescued from a planet months ago and suffers amnesia."

“Hhmmm, Shi's perfect for one of my experiments. When you have the opportunity take hir.”

"Yes sir." And they begin their plans.

Another day and Red was driving Whirl to school before heading to another therapy session. Shi enjoys these drives with hir niece and Whirl seems to agree with it, Then to hir surprise shi sees flashing lights behind hir. Shi pulls to the side to let the cop pass but the cop pulls behind them. The officer approaches them and as he nears them Red rolls down the window and asks. "What's the problem officer."

"License and registration please." Frowning Red does so. He walks back to his PTV for a couple of minutes before returning. "Shir could you and the cub step out of the vehicle. There's a security concern going on and for your safety we're searching various vehicles." Red and whirl leave the car but Red was cautious. The officer was lying about something but what shi didn't know. As shi and Whirl stand by the squad car the officer looks over the PTV. As a large van passes by the Officer whips out a phaser and Red only hears the phaser whine before darkness over takes hir.

The officer a helps the three men carry the chakats in the van since the cub wasn't expected but no plan survives contact with the enemy. After shutting the doors to the van he watches the van head to the spaceport. He returns to his PTV and heads out to home to convert it back to a normal PTV. Meanwhile the van gets into the port to a cargo ship. There they open the van and stun the chakats again before hauling them out. "What happen?" A crewman asks.

"Had this cub with hir so had to take hir to."

"Well luckily we had extra capsules." Red and Whirl and then placed into cryotubes and froze to transport to wherever and whoever has plans for them.




First thing Red felt was cold, very cold. Shi shivers a bit as shi tries to remember what happened. The cop, the cop pulled hir over then nothing. WAIT! Where's Whirl? Shi dares to open hir eyes and finds the cub shivering nearby. Red goes over and hugs the cub trying to warm hir up. Shi feels a blanket covering hir and shi looks outward again to see something that amazes hir. At first glance the being appears to be a anthro horse morph. However she had pure white fur, golden hooves tail and hair, and most surprisingly a swirl type horn. She had sky blue eyes and upon further look she was naked, very tall and buffed. 'It looked like you could use the blanket. It happens to everyone they take out of cryo.”

"Thank you.”

"Hey we captives have to look out for eachother, they call me Tamira.”

"I'm Chakat Redstrak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze and this is my niece Whirlwind, child of Coaldust and Medallion. Where are we?”

"I have no clue than it being a lab of some kind. My first memory was waking up strapped to a table. And all I've seen is the lab and the hallway that connects it to out room and the gym attached to it.”

"What do they want with us?”

"Experiments.” Red looks around hir room. There was a large mattress and a standard bed in one corner. A shower that had completely clear glass so anyone could see anyone showering. Then a replicator near a table that had a chair or two. There was two doors one was between the sleeping area and the kitchen area the other was in the wall made of clear glass. It seems they will have no privacy while here. Whirl finally wakes up and looks around.

"Where are we uncle?”

"I don't know except some kind of lab.” Whirl looks around worried and asks.

"Are they going to kill us?”

Not if I have something to say about it.” The chakat pair spent a few minutes warming eachother up when a group appears. It was a group of humans in paramilitary outfits with a couple carrying something. The clear doors opens and the guards came in first. With their attention on Red and the others the guards carrying their load move over to place a taur on the mattress.

Oh good your awake!” A figure shove past the guards. It's was a human female about 30 years old in a stereotypical scientist garb, even with thick frame glasses. Red makes sure to put hirself between Whirl and the human. “Oh no need for that though it's fascinating that you protect hir despite not remembering hir. Maybe you do have a bond with hir, Shi is genetically your child after all.”

"I won't take your word on that considering you kidnapped us.”

"I have no interest in hir except what shi can make you do. If you will cooperate shi will not be harmed and be well taken care of.” Red looked back at Whirl who was clutching hir hind leg and Red felt hir fear and the comfort shi got from near near Red. Red then looks back at the female doctor and says.

"As long as shi is taken care and unharmed I won't resist. If you break it you will regret it.”

"Excellent, well he have to prepare the lab so I will see you soon.” The humans then left and Red goes and checks on the being they dropped off. It was a taur with autumn orange fur and dark brown fur gloving the taur's hands and feet. The taurs hair was a redish brown. Carefully touching the taur Red pulls the taur so it's laying on it's back. The taur was a chakat. Shi was young maybe early twenties, what was interesting about hir was that though shi had a white underbelly it ended below hir breasts and hir breasts were the same orange as most of hir fur. Shi also had a strange metal collar around hir tail.

"That's Chakat Tailswisher. Shi's been here a few months. Shi will wake in a few minutes to a few hours depend on things.” The unicorn states.

Turned out to be only a few minutes as the the chakat opens hir eyes to reveal sky blue eyes. “Hey you okay?” Red asks.

“I will be, well I'm mixed on being relieved that your here and sad that your here.”

"The feedback I know. I'm Chakat Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze and this is my niece Whirlwind, child of Coaldust and Medallion.”

"I'm chakat Tailswisher, orphan so no child of.”

"I'm Sorry to hear that.” The door opens again and the guards appear. “Redstreak you will come with us.” One says and Red looks down to Whirl and rubs hir head.

"Stay strong Whirl.” The young cub nods and says.

"Please comeback uncle.” Red just smiles back and leaves with the guards to whatever fate had for hir, again.

Red walked along the corridor flanked by the guards. This place could have been anywhere from what shi sees of the corridors. After a few minutes they lead hir through some large doors to what was obviously a lab. The female Doctor was there looking and tapping a PADD. The doctor looks up and smiles. “Good your here, please lie on the bed here on your back. Red did as told and just as shi lies down the doctor presses a button and clamps appear holding hir in place.

"Hey!” Red yelps, “I'm cooperating!”

"You are but this is a safety precaution for you and us. Some of our subjects reactions can be violent.” Red sighs and relaxes the best shi can as the doctor works on a console for a few minutes before shi approaches with a large hypo. She presses it to Red's next and a hiss is heard. The doctor steps back and activates something. At first Red felt nothing then a tingling started in hir body. It felt weird at first then the tingling became painful, VERY painful. Shi couldn't help but scream out in pain before losing consciousness.

Whirlwind watch hir uncle being led away and shi was very afraid for hir uncle. Tailswisher felt this fear so shi tries to comfort the cub and asks. “Why do you call hir uncle? Thanks strange to do for a chakat.”

"Well I always heard that uncle Red was special. I've heard my parents and aunts say that Dad and Red have the same body and they do have the same base scent.”

"That must be hard to tell them apart.” Tamira comments. Tailswisher shakes hir head.

"Not as hard as you think with our empathy. So that still doesn't explain the uncle thing?”

'Well From what I heard Uncle Red used to be a boy so it was easier for hir to adapt to the uncle than the aunt so that's what I call hir.”

Tailswisher and Tamira kept Whirlwind occupied for a long while before Red was dragged back in. Shi wasn't awake as shi is laid down on the bed and the guards head out. Whirl immediately runs to hir uncle. Tamira says to comfort the cub. “Shi's still alive, they wouldn't bring hir back if shi wasn't.” Whirl with Tailswisher in tow head over the Whirl shakes Red. Red groans and starts to get up.

"You okay uncle?”

"I think I will be whirl, MAN THAT HURT!” It was then that Whirl notices changes in hir uncle. The jaw of hir muzzle was red now and went down past hir neck before splitting to the shoulders. From there in heads down hir arm and covers hir two middle fingers. It then continues down the side of hir upper torso and on the flanks of hir lower torso before ending at hir butt. Whirl also notices that the white fur that marked the scar was a normal gold now.

"Uncle could you lower your head?” Red did as asked and Whirl felt for the scar and couldn't find it. “Your scar is gone Uncle.”

"I figured they injected you with nanites, they would heal that though the red stripe is new.” Tailswisher says.

"Nanites?” Whirl asks.

"Little ity bity robots and can do anything they're programed to do. They allow me to do this.” From hir fur gray stuff appears and covers the chakat head to toe in seconds. Before it recedes and a foxtaur was in hir place. Shi poses for them as the two other chakats stand their jaw dropped.

"You like?” Whirl is the first to responding.


"So far I can take any taur shape but I do prefer me.” The gray appears again and the chakat Tailswisher returns. “I think she is doing different experiments with all of us.”

"We with you two anyway she made me into a unicorn because I think she likes them so she uses me for fun, in fact.” The door opens again and a pair of guards come in and look at Tamira. “Yup right on time, cya all later.” She gets up and follows the guards out as the close the door.

"We going to happen to her?” Red asks.

"Not sure, She'll be gone for hours then returns a little exhausted with a hint of sex in her scent.”

"You know her name sounds familiar to me. I keep seeing an imaged of a buff female mouse.”

"That's Tamira, Shi's a herm bouncer for Double H but shi's been missing for a year. Which means you wouldn't know hir unless....”

"Hir nanites are repairing the memory damage.” Tailswisher interrupts. Red looked down at hir hand and sees the stripe on hir palm of hir hand. It goes down to the wrist where it's a normal gold. Shi looks past that and shi remembers more of the mouse herm. An enforcer for the club shi was tough but with hir friends easy going and lovable. Shi was badly injured and that's all Red could remember.

Tamira was there when Red woke up from hir latest round of sleep. Shi walk over to the female and shook her a bit. With a groan Tamira opens her eyes and sees Red. Red asks, “You okay?” Tamira nods and replies.

“If she didn't keep us by choice she be a good mate, she knows her sex play well.” Red lets Tamira go back to sleep as shi returns to the pile that shi, whirl and Tailswisher sleep in.

Overtime Red begins to remember hir life before the crash. One of the hard times that cause both Tail and Whirl to hug hir and project is when shi relives Mounty's death. The doctor studied what happen with the interaction of the nanties and hir brain. In time Red fully remembers who shi was. Meanwhile Tail was giving more test and not only could shi shape shift but can clone hirself. It seemed shi had a different style of nanites and needed an outside regulator thus the tail collar shi has. Should shi lose that shi be stuck in any form shi had at the time. Tamira was regularly taken away for more sex with the doctor and Red felt helpless to save any of them.

Somewhere out in space.....

A ship drops out of warp just before a dense asteroid field. The ship was an interesting stie. The bulk of her was an old Akula class starship but the nacelles were of a newer sleeker design than standard. As the ship begins navigating the field to the station deep within we go to the bridge. There on a redesigned bridge Bombshell look to the view screen from hir command cushion. While the Sun was in good shape after her refit it did dent hir funds so shi need more than the usual jobs. Hence the Sun is now running a cargo run to an out of the way station to pay the bills. Hir brother makes the Sun glide elegantly through the field. Eventually the station appeared in a void area of the field. It was a combination of asteroids and metal. Bombshell presses a button on an arm rest. “Station Control this is Sunovagun bringing supplies.”

“Sunovagun welcome to our station please dock at hatch 5.”

Bill moved the sun in to position and slowly closes the distance. Eventually Bill says the words. “Hatch secured.” Bombshell gets up and heads to the hatch. She goes through hir two doors with the first shipments following hir via Sun's bots. Fifteen feet later shi goes through two more doors and to a human face.

“Welcome Captain Bombshell. Glad that you made good time.”

“While the supplies you wanted are valuable to a station they're not overall valuable and the Sun is well able to take care of herself.”

“Well that's good for us now let me see the items before payment.” Bombshell directs them the the first crate and the human inspects the merchandise. Bombshell glances around and sees people working on the station, panels open and wires everywhere. The human notices to where the chakat was looking at. “We figured to save time by having you dock where we needed the items, they all check out by the way.” They both sign the padd and the payment is made.

A couple hours later Bombshell was wandering down one of the station's corridors. The lights flicker and Bomber looked up cautiously. While the Sun was in refit shi heard of the disaster of Hesperia Station where many died when a crippled freighter blew and the station safeties were woefully poor to deal with it. Many of the station's admins have been jailed for negligence. Heck if it wasn't for another former Starcorps ship now freighter the whole station could have been lost. After a minute the lights return to normal but a panel opens in the bulkhead. Ever the curious Bombshell looks in and sees a lift. 'why you this be hidden?' Bomber thought and shi presses a random button. The lift ges down and in a couple of minutes opens to a room. Bomber looks around but only finds medical supplies. Returning shi presses another button and it sends hir even further down. Another couple of minutes and it opens again to another corridor. Shi walks down the corridor till shi gets to a big area and gets a shock. At the far end was a large room with a glass wall facing hir. In it shi saw 3 chakats and some weird kind of horse morph. One chakat with gold fur and a red stripe across hir flank was showering while and autumn orange one was playing with a cub who's fur pattern was familiar. The horse was reading a padd. Shi activates hir commbadge. “Bombshell to Sun.”

“Sun here Captain.”

“Are you hooked up to the station's computer?”

“Of course, it's mainly a simple station mainframe but there is a highly secured area that is strange for a station to have. No match for me of course.”

“Well can you find the sensor near me and loop them.”

“Done, what are you up to Captain?”

“Not sure yet. Just seeking some answers. Am I clear?”

“Your clear Captain.” Bomber then walks to the room.

“You okay in there?” Shi asks. The Gold chakat comes out and sees Bomber.

“BOMBER!” Shi races to the wall with water dripping behind hir. “Please tell me your not captured too or part of this group?”

“I just hauled in supplies and I guess a malfunction reveal a lift to me and here I am.” The voice and the empathic signature showed that this was Redstreak. Looking over the changes. “What happened to you?”

“Kidnapped and experimented on. Get us out of here.” Bomber hits hir commbadge again. “Sun tell the crew to be ready for a quick departure. How's the transfer coming?”

“Nearly done captain.”

“Good can you beam us up?”

“No you're in a shielded area.”

“Alright.” Shi goes over to the door, pulls out hir phaser and vaporized the door lock. “Follow me.” The group heads down the corridor Bomber came from and take the lift up. It was a bit cramped in there and Tailswisher just had to say.

“Makers I hope no one farts.” To which Red replied.

“Too late.” Everyone groans till Bomber sees Red's grin. Trying to hold back a laugh Bomber says.

“That's not funny.”

“Then why are you chuckling.” Red retorts. Finally the lift stops and opens and the group gets out.

“Can you beam us up now?” Hir answer was the familiar hum of the transporter. When the transport was done Shi saw that hir guests were placed in quarters near eachother then heads to the bridge. “What's our status?”

“Cargo transferred and everyone's aboard. What's going on?” Bill asks.

“Redstreak was being held here against hir will with some others and experimented on. We leaving but we don't have the ability to figure out all that they did to them.”

“So what course sis?”

“I know someone who owes me a favor, set course for the Pegasus.”




Bombshell enters hir ready room. Originally it had been a cramp little room but the refit allowed hir to expand it. It was brightly lit and a good portion of one wall had pictures of hir denmates and children. At 37 shi already had 10 children both sired and carried. On hir desk was pictures of hir 3 lifemates. Shi touches each picture before going to desktop unit. “Feyouri get the Pegasus for me.”

“Aye captain.” A male voice replies. Bombshell waited for the day the shapeshifter really through them for a loop and try being a herm. In seconds a bunny morph appeared.

"This is the F.S.S. Pegasus.”

"This is Captain Bombshell of the M.C.S. Sonovagun. I need to speak with Admiral Kline.”

"Hold please.” Some annoying music comes on as Bomber waits. A minute later the screen returns and Bomber sees a Human male in his thirties with brown hair and hazel eyes. He started out as an engineer and got all the way to chief engineer but he had a dormant tactical mind until his ship was ambushed and the bridge destroyed. As rank officer alive he manged to not only save the ship but take down the attacker. Thus ended his career as an engineer and began is captaining career.

"Well Bomber long time no see how you doing?”

"Okay, making ends meet, you?”

"Getting broken in by my fifthwife Rosepetal.”

"FIFTHWIFE! Last we talked you only had two.”

"Been busy since we last talked.”

"Are you sure your still just human or did those Rakshani alter more than your sperm?”

"I admit there are times that I ask myself that but luckily they have a good rotation among them so I'm not too exhausted.” Bomber chuckles but then goes more serious.

"Well the reason I'm calling is calling in that favor. I just rescued some captives and I don't have the tools to see what's all been done with them.” The admiral's smile disappears as he asks.

"Basic details.”

" chakat's, two adults and one cub, and the 4th.....well she calls herself a unicorn and it seems to fit.”

"Okay where are you?”

"In the Chahoo sector.”

"Alright I'll me you at the Wriges system.” And the screen goes black. Bomber gets up and heads for the bridge.

"Bro set course for the Wriges system.”

"Aye Captain sis.” Bomber shakes hir head and goes to check on hir guests. The first room had the unicorn Tamira, still naked and reading something again.

"Everything good Tamira?” The anthro being looks up from her book and smiles.

"Yes thank you captain. It's nice not having a locked door.”

"Good, um why didn't you replicate some clothes?”

"I just don't feel comfortable in them at all so why bother.”

"Well you're going to need at least something for the nether regions when you go planet side. And if you do leave the room at least replicate a vest to put your commbadge on. It's for your safety okay.”

"Yes captain.” Bomber nods and checks with Red and Whirl. Shi finds them in the next room but was surprise to see Tailswisher there as well.

"Hey Bomber thanks for the save.” Red says as shi gets up from playing a game with Whirl.

"That's twice now Red, you're making a trend.”

"Well this time I was just heading to the clinic for more memory therapy when a fake cop, it had to be a fake cop stun me.”

"Well that sucks.” Bomber looks at Red's new fur pattern and now notice a slight change in the base scent. “Well you really are Redstreak now hhmmm?”

"Interesting isn't it but on the plus side My memories have returned though a bit jumbled.”

"Alright I've set course to a Starfleet ship to see what all they did to you and the others.”

"Well thank you for saving us captain.” Tailswisher says from where shi is.

"Is there a problem with your room?” Bomber asks.

"It's a nice room but I'm alone in there and Red and Whirl don't mind.”

"Alright just remember to wear vest for your commbadges.” Bomber then leaves them to ship business.

Red then goes to the comm panel and says. “Hey Sun patch me through to Earth and get my home.”

“I'm sorry Redstreak but we're too far away for a live call.“

“Fine, Whirl come here.” The cub does come over and Red wraps around hir niece. “Sun begin a recording.”


"Coal, Medallion, Flamy and of course my many children and nieces. Me and Whirl are alive. Though I've changed again but I'm alive and Whirl is unchanged. I may be awhile before I can come home and Coal, Dallie I will do my best to take care of Whirl. Sun will help you to contact me. Hope to see you all soon. Redstreak and Whirl out.”

“Message sent Redstreak.“

"Thank you Sun.” Looking over to Tailswisher shi continues. “Well time for dinner no?”

Over the next couple of days Bomber sees hir guests doing various things. Tamira was either in her room or in the gym maintaining her muscle tone. Tailswisher just hanged out with people and never really seen alone. Shi also seemed to lookout for Whirl when Red was doing something else. Red hirself was either taking care of Whirl, in the gym with Tamira or in the holodeck shooting range and Bomber notice a difference in hir friend. Shi was more confident than when shi first boarded the Sunovagun with Flamy. She handled the guns liked shi'd used them all hir life and sometimes gave out knowledge that someone hir aged shouldn't know. Shi was still pondering the mystery of Redstreak when a call came in.

“A message for Redstreak has come in the mail.“ The red and gold chakat tap hir combadge.

"Thanks Sun...Umm where can I view it?”

"Follow me.” Bombshell says and Red follows to a vacant room. “Here you go Red.”

"Thanks Bomber. Jeeze it feels year years since they helped with the change. But sometimes my mates and sister make me feel the age this body is.” That comment really blew Bomber for a loop as the door closes. Okay know shi has to ask but who knows how long shi'll be.

"Sun, when shi is done have hir come to my quarters.”

“Yes captain.” The white and black chakat he's to hir quarters with question running in hir head.

Red walked up the the view screen and said. “Sun play the message.” the vid screen lights up and the first image is that of Coaldust. “Praise the Makers that you both are still alive. I feared the worst about the both of you. Now we've been doing well and I'll let Dallie and Flamy talk but you BOTH COME HOME as soon as possible.” Coal steps away and Flamy shows up. She's hold Firestripe in her paws. "Shi's grown a bit since you've last seen hir love. I knew you were alive. Your to determined to die on us. But I do miss you please come home soon. Firestripe needs hir father.” She steps away and Medallion's face appeared smiling.

"Well sis you get in trouble again, Honestly I don't how you do it. I never got into such trouble except when I first met you. You think having my body would shield you from it. But it seems you truly are my sister, no clone could pull this off. Please return soon sis. I've already had to deal with you being gone once now I don't want to see that again. In the few years you've entered my life I can't see my life without you in it.” During this Red extended a hand and touch the images of hir family. They truly were hir family, have stood with hir and for hir on many of occasions. Why did God bless hir with two loving families? Well shi make the best of it no matter what. Only death will ever stop hir returning to them.

“Redstreak the captain would like to see you in hir quarters.”

"Very well Sun, thank you.”

Bomber sat on a cushion reading a ship report when the door chimed. “Come on in.” The doors open to reveal Red. “Red please have a seat.” Red took a cushion on the opposite side of the room. Red felt intense curiosity from Bomber while Bomber felt calm resolution. “Well you Red are a great mystery to me. Before this latest trip you were identical in looks to your sister, that just doesn't happen, you have the wisdom beyond your years. Then your comments before the message. So explain this please.” Red got up and walked over to the window to the starscape out side, stars streaking by as they travel at warp.

"Though my memory has returned it's still jumbled. However I am older than I appear....” Red proceeded to explain how shi became a chakat while Bomber listen intently. Red never moved from hir spot always looking out the window. When Red was done Bomber got up and hugged Red.

"You certainly been through a lot my friend.” Bomber grabbed Red's muzzle and made Red look at hir. Red saw affection in Bomber's eyes. “Sonnny, tell Whirlwind and Tailswisher that they're sleeping in my quarters tonight.” Bomber led Red to hir bedroom. Red need to let go and forget a bit and showed shi isn't alone and Bomber was willing to do so, besides what's one more companion.

The Sun dropped out of warp in a system full of useless dead planets and asteroids. The corvette made it's way to the other ship in the system. Red and hir group was in the a room with a forward viewpoint and saw there destination. It was a big ship. The saucer of it could easily eclipse the Sun and clearly hold hundreds of people comfortably. A slender neck connected the saucer to a large and long engineering section with a big deflector dish in the front with a warm yellow gold glow. A sleek pair of pylons rake back and connect two pill shaped nacelles to the rest of the ship. On the bottom of the saucer with a light illuminating it was F.S.S.Pegasus with below that NCC-2121. The Sun parks under the saucer and Sun calls out.

“Red and company to the Transporter room.“ The group leaves the room and head to the nearest transporter room. The group beams over in a shimmering of lights.

Rosepetal was walking to her quarters for lunch. She avoided the mess hall for good reasons. Though she is a caitian she's nearly as tall as a raskani she has almost white fur from her bottom muzzle going to her inner thighs and a dark tan over the rest of it. She had brown hair and a tuft on her tail. But not only was she extremely tall she was also very well endowed. She has had many males and even a few females ogle her in the past. She bedded many males but they never stayed, though didn't didn't help that she was transferred a lot. And the reason for that was also the reason for unusual size. When she didn't stop growing when she reached puberty she was examine and they found a tumor in her brain that stimulated the growth areas. Thankfully they got her to stop growing but ran into another problem with the tumor. It also affected her sexuality. She's a clinical nymphomaniac which means she is in constant heat and that has cause problems in the past. Hence her going into the technician field. She could spends hours without anybody around, heck she's been tempted to have a vibrating dildo while she worked sometimes. But since assigned to the Pegasus things are different. Things started usual with Commander M'Lai being lead know for her issues. She suggested a martial course to help her. It seemed to work and became friends with the instructor, Lieutenant Commander Midnight. The chakat then invited her to a dinner and she met her lifemate Forestwalker. And saw M'Lai again and a surprisingly small fennec fox morph called Leanna. Her big surprise she saw Admiral Kline. The human look at her with attraction and not much time later M'Lai offered her to be the fifth wife of Kline and avatar of Fertility. Not expecting ever to be offered and the fact that she loved Boyce she quickly agreed and she has been very happy ever since. As she passes a viewport she sees a site that catches her eyes. And old Akula class starship approaching the ship. Though this one seemed customized, it had sleeker nacelles on her hull. That had to increase engine efficiency. Rosepetal continued her journey curious to why they were meeting and old ship.

Red and company beamed aboard the large Pegasus to be greeted by a caitian. She had dark gold red fur with dark red hair and tail tuft. She stood on digigrade legs and wore a science division jumpsuit with a commander rank bar on her neck. “I'm Commander M'Lai, first officer of the Pegasus. Welcome aboard and follow me.” Red and company follow the small feline. M'Lai only went up to Red's shoulders. They walked the spacious halls with Whirlwind by hir uncle's side. They eventually entered the sick bay and the medic swarmed over them, at least it seemed that way to the group. When a nurse tried to take Whirlwind away from Red the cub clutched hir uncle's hindleg and said.

"No I stay with Uncle Red.” The nurse lean down and said in a soft voice.

"Honey we're just giving you a check up that's all.” Whirl clenched the leg tighter cause some mild discomfort for Red and shook hir head.

"No, I'm not leaving my uncle.” Red interjects.

"Shi's fine. They fed both of us and I'm the one they experimented on, they never did a thing with hir so shi stays with me.”


"No buts, shi stays with me.”

"Is there a problem here?” M'Lai's voice cuts through as shi approaches them.

"Commander, the cub is refusing to come with me.”

"Shi's my niece commander and shi stays with me. I'm not budging on that.” Red crossed hir arms and had that 'I dare you' look on hir face. M'Lai thought for a bit. Protocol say the should be checked individually but since having two chakats as co mates she has learned never get between a cub and hir parents. Red may not have birth or sired the cub but the cub was family. Thankfully Doctor Kelly helped out.

"Let hir stay commander. She draws comfort and security from Shir Redstreak and I think shi needs that more than a check up.”

"Very well doctor.” Kelly then looks at the two chakats.

"Please come with me.” The pair follow the doctor while the commander tapped her commbage.

"Commander M'Lai to councilor Fish.”

“Fish here commander.“

"I have new patients for your, report to the sickbay and focus on Chakats Redstreak and Whirlwind.”

“On the way commander.“ M'Lai then heads out to report to the admiral and her husband.

Fish just got finished talking with the commander and started to walk to the nearest turbolift. She was filled with irony and depression. She is supposed to comfort and counsel others when she can't even do it to herself. She felt alone, she had no family. no lovers, and very few friends. She didn't even have a house to live in, only the quarters of the various ships and stations she was assigned to. Well enough moping, helping others out always made her feel good.

The check-up wasn't to bad Red thought. They took a sample of hir blood and various scans, all while Whirl watched within arms reach. Red thought the scans gave new meaning to technicolor trance when the sickbay door opened. Stepping through them was a tall, slightly chubby feline morph with pink fur with blackish stripes and a lighter pink hair. Her eyes were a sky blue and her ear tips were black. “I'm looking for chakat Redstreak.”

"Over here.” Red says lifting hir hand up. The Pink cat walked over with her arms out for the typical chakat greeting. The two hugged and Red said.

"Chakat Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. And this is my niece Whirlwind, child of Coaldust and Medallion.”

"The name's Fish. And yes that's my only name and it drives the bureaucrats crazy.” Red couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"So what do you do Fish?”

"I'm a councilor.” Red immediately got angry.

"I don't need a shrink, I came here to know what they did to me fully then just get a ride home.” The pink cat shrugged er shoulders and replied.

"Just following orders.” Red just snorted when the doors opened again to reveal a black furred chakat.


"Hey Red, glad to see you. Been some time since we're last face to face.”

"Yes it has, not since that tour of clubs, when was that? My memories aren't lined up properly yet.”

"About 5 years ago. How have you've been?”

"Been better, been FAR worst. Having friends and family helps.”

"Well your both welcomed to dinner tonight, unless the doctor has objections?” the doctor just gave a thumbs up while staring at a screen.

"But shi needs regular checks during her stay.”

"Got it doctor.” Midnight looks around to the whole group. 'Well who's hungry for lunch?”

After a hearty lunch Midnight showed them their quarters. Tailswisher insisted on being in the same room as Red and Whirl so they got what was normally a couples room. The trio relaxed for bit and chatted till it was time for Red and Whirl head for the quarters Midnight told them. The door opens and Midnight greets them with hugs. “Welcome Red, please come in.” Red did so and was immediately surprised to see Rosepetal there in skin tight clothing...if you could call it clothing.

"Oh hello, I'm Chakat Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.”

"I'm Rosepetal Silpurr, a pleasure to meet you.” The two hug in chakat greeting. Another door opens to reveal commander M'Lai.

"Commander!? It's a surprise to see you here.” Red looks pointedly at Midnight. “You've gone up in the world since we last met.”

"You only know the half of it.” Red got comfortable and the two started to catch up when the main doors opened again and a white human male with brown hair and eyes walks in wearing a uniform with admiral rank pins. Shocked Red stood up at semi attention and whirled to Midnight. “YOU”RE MATED TO AN ADMIRAL!?” Midnight just grins at hir as the others snicker and the human just looks confused. “MAN DID YOU SCORE THIS TIME!” That causes everyone to laugh at Red's comments. Finally Midnight calms down enough to say.

"I'll admit it wasn't planned, but it has worked out great.”

"Since when is love planned.” Red retorts back as the human approaches.

"You must be our new passenger. I'm Admiral Boyce Kline Jr and I see that you've already met my mates.”

"Chakat Redstreak, Child of Sunspot and Fireblaze.” The two hug in the traditional greeting.

"I remember Forest talking about an odd Chakat with that name.”

"That be me, unfortunately the oddities haven't stopped.”

"That's life for you.” A kitten cried came out and the black and red spotted kitten from before appeared and raced to Boyce. “Ah and has my daughter been good today?” He says as he picks hir up.

"So you adopted hir or is it a comate thing?” Red asks. Boyce shakes his head.

"Nope shi is my biological daughter.”

"I thought that was impossible.”

"Normally you'd be right but my 2nd wife's species has beings they call deities looking over them and one of them decided to have fun with me. I'm now the most studliest guy in the galaxy.” Red gives him a knowing grin which Boyce returns.

"You don't seem to shocked Red.” Midnight says.

"After all I've been through it will take a lot to shock me anymore.” Both sides talked about their back stories before dinner. Red observed the admiral and how he interacted with his family. He was friendly, charming, and most importantly caring. Shi also knew that shi was observed by the admiral and M'Lai. Red was right, both of them heard about Forests and Midnights encounter with a chakat with an interesting history. Red seemed to be a lively and opinionated chakat and both and it seemed to be fully at ease but the way Midnight looked at hir said something else. Making the excuse to get more food Boyce silently signals to Midnight. As they get into the kitchen area and start getting seconds Boyce asks.

"Okay, what's going through your head?”

"It's Red, shi may looked relaxed but shi isn't. Shi's in a mode that I am on when I scouted a planet. Not expecting trouble but prepared for it. The best way to describe it Boyce is using our alert system. Shi isn't at red but at yellow when shi should be green.” Boyce thought for a bit before asking.

"What's your plan to help hir?”

"Well since you'll be busy with Rose tonight I want to invite hir to sleep with me. Shi knows me and I think having someone shi can trust nearby will calm hir down a bit.”

"Worth a shot.” The two return to the table with the plan in hand.

If shi was still human Red would have lean back and pat hir stomach. Man shi was full! It was then that Midnight came up to hir and asked.

"Good meal?” Red nodded. “I was wondering if you'd mind staying with us tonight?” Red put hir head down in deep thought. While shi knew Midnight from hir visit to Australia it was the one time they met. Could shi trust hir enough? Shi looks at Whirl. Shi was talking with the slightly older caitian cub, M'Lai's and Boyce's daughter from what they told hir. Meanwhile the little Ember was trying to catch Whirl's tail without much success. Whirl stared laughing at what was the girl's name? Ah yes Larshana, Whirl seems so very happy right now. Red got up and walked over to the pair. “Whirl can I speak to you in private for a minute?”

"Sure uncle.” Rosepetal directed them into one of the bedrooms and Red asks Whirl.

"Whirl would you have a problem sleeping here with Midnight's family?”

"That be great uncle! Larshana is a fun person to talk to.”

"Alright then.” Red Leaves the room with Whirl in tow and shi approaches Midnight. “Shi's fine with us sleeping hir but there is one issue, Tailswisher. Shi doesn't like being alone. Shi has slept with me and Whirl since we left the station.”

"Well ask hir to join us.” Tapping the commbadge shi was given Red says.

"Redstreak to Tailswisher.”

"Tailswisher here Red, what's up?”

"Midnight's family has asked us to sleep over, do you wanna join?”


"I asked because I know you don't like sleeping alone.”

"Thanks for considering Red, I will try but if it doesn't work out.”

"Then you can leave, we'll see if Tamiria would be available then.”

"Thanks for understanding Red, I'll be right over.” Whirl and the other chakat cubs were put to bed and the adults continue to chat when Tailswisher arrived. The orange furred chakat slowly walks in inspecting everyone with a small smile. That smile increased when shi saw Red but it completely disappears when shi sees Boyce. Shi edges away from him to Red and Red comes up and hugs hir.

"It's okay, I'm here, I'll protect you.”

"It's just that there's a human here. I get uncomfortable around humans.”

"Well he won't be sleeping with us but all the other adults in this room are his mates and wives, so he doesn't hate furs.” Red continued to rub Tailswisher and the other chakat slowly calmed down. After some more chatting the chakats of the group call it a night and a fur pile develops in in minutes with Red hugging Talswisher and the cubs in the middle.

Red awoke the next morning to find hirself in the middle of the pile. 'HOW DO THEY DO THAT!? ALL THESE YEARS AND I STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED THAT OUT!' Shi says mentally. Raising hir upper torso shi finds Whirl and Ember sleeping on hir lower torso. Leading over shi kisses Whirl on the head and carefully places both kittens on the mattress and gets up. After a stop in the bathroom shi heads to the dining area and sees the Admiral and Commander already there eating. The admiral notices hir first. "Morning Redstreak, sleep well?” Shi smiles back.

"Very well, and wake up confused and amused as always.”

They ask hir to explain that and shi tells them of hir experience on waking up in a middle of a pile. Boyce chuckles at it and comments.

"Having two chakat's as wives has made sure I'm never bored.” He goes to a pot and tries to pour its contents. Nothing comes out. “Honey I'm out of coffee, need to make more.”

"That was the last of your coffee, my love.” Boyce went from a calm expression to one of utter shock and horror.

"How? How could we let such a tragedy happen.”

"Well have of the stash we brought went bad and we've been out here longer than planned so we run out.” Boyce was speechless as the shock and horror expression return making both M'Lai and Red laugh uncontrollably.

"All this over some coffee! I knew of some addicts in my time but wow. Why not just replicate some more?” Red comments as shi still chuckles. Boyce glares at hir and replies.

"Replicate Chippendale Coffee? That's sacrilege!” Red just shakes hir head and gets hir breakfast. The door chimed and M'Lai opens the door to see Fish there.

"Oh! Commander what are you doing here?”

"These are my quarters consular.”

"Oh, my apologies commander but the computer told me Redstreak was here not that these were your quarters.”

"That's alright, please come in.” The pink furred cat walks into the quarters and M'Lai directed her to the dining area to see her latest charge there. Shi was eating Pancakes and bacon with chocolate milk. A bedroom door opens behind hir and a little black with red spots chakat comes out and stalks Redstreak's tail. The cub tries to pouch on the tail but the tail grabs hir and lifts hir off the ground and brings the two face to face.

"Well morning to you too. My tail is not breakfast.” The doors open again and the other chakats emerge.

"Morning Red is Ember bothering you?” Midnight asks.

"Not really.” Red look back at the cub still held in hir tail. “Ember huh, that's a nice name for you kitten.” Red grabs Ember Then hands hir to hir mother. Midnight hugs Ember before putting hir down. As the herd of chakats get to eating everyone felt the happiness emitting from them. Midnight was especially pleased. It seem Red has gone to green alert around them. Being able to fully relax would do wonders for the chakat. Fish was also busy watching Red and how shi interacted with the others. Shi absolutely doted on the 7 year old cub who called hir uncle. Fish somehow found herself pulled into the joint breakfast and as the commander poured replicated normal coffee to which Boyce sighs.

"You live dear.” Red grins and just before sipping from hir cup shi asks.

"So when are you taking on that station?” Boyce looked up suddenly.

"Where did you hear that?” Red looked at him confused.

"You talked about it last night, And how dangerous such a place can be. I know you plan on having Bomber with you and I want in.”

"Red, there was not discussion just a thought of Captain Bombshell and a agreement to assist if we went in. I THOUGHT about it nothing more.”

"But I could have sworn you taking about it, I heard your voice.”

"I think you better get a detail scan from the doctor Redstreak, Fish please escort hir to sick bay.”

"What about Whirl?”

"Shi can go with you.” Red sighs and looks at Whirl.

"I'm okay uncle go and get well.” Red steps to Whirl and hugs hir.

"I'll do it only because you said so, now stay out of trouble.” Shi gestures to the door. “After you Fish.”

"Wait you need a combadge.” M'Lai says The replicate hums and the small Caitian grabs the commbadge and looks at Red and sees a problem, Red wasn't wearing anything. Red sighs and heads to the replicator and repeats M'Lai's motion of placing a hand on the panel.

"One small vest in red please.” A hum starts again and hir vest appears. Shi puts it one but it doesn't really cover anything. Extending hir hand to M'Lai the commander puts the badge in hir hand and shi puts it on the left side of the vest. Fish and Red then headed out to sickbay.

As they walk Fish quietly observed Redstreak, the chakat seemed calm and reserve, just like another day at work for hir. However Red wasn't as calm as shi looked. Shi was annoyed of having to deal with this. Shi just wanted that group captured and brought to justice and head home to hir family who shi missed dearly. They both enter the turbolift and head down in silence till they reach sickbay. The head doctor Kelly looked up and saw them come in.

"Problems?” She asked.

"The commander wants you to take a more detail scan on hir brain.” Fish replied as Red grumbled a bit. Kelly directs them to a corner and uses a more powerful scanner on the chakat. After a minute or two Kelly puts the device down and says.

"Well we will study the results as we go through everything else. Is there any other problems?”

"Nope doc.” Red says and shi heads for the door with Fish following hir. Red was about to head for the turbolift when shi left someone grab hir arm. Looking behind hr shi sees Fish. Fish shakes hir head and points the opposite way.

"Come on, we have an appointment and my office is this way.”

'I don't need to see a shrink, been through that enough thank you.”

"Well I was ordered to do so by the commander so unless your a captain in rank your stuck dealing with me.”

"Crap I'm only an ensign.”

"And I'm a lieutenant so I out rank you so come on.” Red follows grumbling the entire way.

Fish's office was colored nice and had the obvious couch to lie on and spill your guts on. Red didn't take it, instead shi walked up and sat hir haunches down my the viewport and stare out at the stars. After a couple of uncomfortable moments Fish began.

"So.....What are you thinking?”

"That this is a waste of time.” Red looks at Fish and asks. “What do you know of me Fish?”

"Just what I've read in your file and what I have seen so far.”

"And that is?” Red asks as shi looks back out the viewport.

"You were born a human male in a different time and world. That's so cool by the way. You got your current body by a transporter accident that sent you here and unable to get your body back you took the name Redstreak and rebuilt your life with the family that you were now genetically related to. After a couple of years you joined the Star Corps as a member of security. You had a couple of commendations before you presumed killed with the Grissiom a year ago. You were rescued and sent home with the hope of recovering your memory which was lost after Grissiom and you we're reported missing by chakat's Coaldust and Medallion three months ago leading to here. From what I've seen you are protective, caring, stubborn, and intelligent. But you're also hurting and that needs to taken care of.”

"NOT BY YOU. My family is all that I need so this is over.” Red stomp out of the room leaving a disappointed cat behind.

Hours later Fish was working on some of her other cases and writing reports when the commander called.

"Ensign Farland told me Redstreak returned from your session early and looked annoyed.”

"Yeah, I don't think therapy sessions are going to work with hir. Shi's been through so many times shi has literally shut the door there. Shi is utterly convinced all shi needs is hir family to heal and nothing I can try will change that.”

"Well then observe hir and see if any radical changes happen but no more sessions. You will watch hir moves everyday until ordered otherwise.”

"Yes ma'am.” The commander signed off and Fish sat there thinking.

Spending time with the kids helped calm Red down. 'Why couldn't they leave hir alone? They always want some shrink to prod hir jeeze.' Tamira stop by and spent time with Red and the others before heading back to her quarters. As usual she only wore a vest for the commbadge. She also defiantly ogled Rosepetal but Red couldn't blame her there, the caitian was a sight to behold. Red was thrown for a shock when Tamira and Rosepetal went to Rosepetal's room for the night. Shi didn't think Rose swung that way but maybe with her unique issue she got relief from any who offered and with two chakat comates she would be more open. In the end Red shrugged to hirself and joined the chakats to bed.

The next day Boyce calleda meeting of his staff and invited Bomber and Redstreak's group.As everyone gets seated Boyce signals the human doctor and Kelly began. “After intense study of Redstreak, Tailswisher,and Tamira we find that all of them have nanites in their systems doing various things.” She presses a few buttons on the table and a hologram appears of a chakat with hir brain, brain stem, and veins viewable. All three had sparkles on them, especially the brain. “This is Redstreak, as you can see the nanites are all through hir blood stream and are in all of hir major organs but the bulk have focus on hir brain which maybe why hir memories have returned and the incident you mention sir. These nanites are beyond the federation's tech in that area but I wouldn't be surprised that Shir Redstreak's healing and cognitive abilities have increased.” She presses a few buttons again and the chakat image changes a bit to where the sparkles are more evenly spread out. “Shir Tailstalker is different, hir's are spread all through out hir body and as shi has demostrated it can allow to change shape, but only it seems to other taur types.” She press some more buttons and the hologram focus on Tailswisher's tail at the tail collar. “Unlike Redstreak Tailswisher's need this collar to regulate the nanites. We're not sure why but are guess are that the nanites are either an older generation or because of what hir nanites do.” Kelly switches the image to that of Tamira and the sparkles are fewer in her than in Tailswisher but still evenly spread out. “Miss Tamira here is very interesting, her DNA is primarily horse but with a few unknown samples. One interesting thing was mouse DNA, there's not much left but I bet Tamira's original form was a mouse.” The hologram is shut down and Dr. Kelly looks at Admiral Kline. “Sir we must secure this facility these nanites in the wrong hands are a danger to the Federation.”

"Which why I'm going for a raid on the place. Bomber you and the Sunovagun go in first under cloak with a strike team on board until LT. Commander Midnight's command. When the Pegasus begins the approach to the station decloak and board to secure the lab area. You will be paid for your services of course.” Boyce replies.

"Admiral what about my request?” Redstreak asks. Boyce looks seriously at Redstreak and sees the fire and determination in hir eyes. He then looks to Dr. Kelly and asks. “Do you have any problems with that idea?”

"No sir, shi would heal any wounds faster than anyone else.” Boyce then sighs and says. “Midnight test hir, if shi passes then shi can go with you.”

“Thank you sir.”

"We will attack tonight be rested and ready.” With that the group breaks up and Red approaches Midnight and says.

"Let's get this test over with shir.” Midnight nods and silently enters some data on the padd and they head to the nearest holodeck. “Ah good it's free.” Midnight comments.

"Huh?” Red asks.

"Well someone could have been using it. The holodecks are a great place to relax.”

"You mean they're for general use?”Red asked.

"Yup, you didn't know that?”


"Well now you do.” Midnight syncs hir padd to the holodecks computer and when shi gets the confirmation light comes on the door opens and both step through the doors and begin.

Two hours later two tired chakats leave the holodeck and wordlessly head to their quarters. The doors open and Ember and Whirl race to them. Midnight picks up hir daughter while Red rubs Whirl's head. Boyce looked at Midnight and the black furred chakat just nods. Redstreak was going on the mission. Dinner was a quiet affair, or nearly quiet as you have 3 children under ten around. Boyce and Rosepetal head to the main bedroom for some alone time,then the chakats head to bed for the busy day tomorrow. M'Lai saw the children to bed and looked around the quarters. “Yes,” she quietly said. “A well run household.” She nods to herself and heads for the spare room, content with the universe.

The transporter hummed and Midnight and Red appear with various morphs and human's behind them, all of them wearing security gray and phasers. Bomber was there to greet them and they got off for the next group. The strike team would consist of 20 security officers. Half were then sent to the other transporter room on the Sun. Bomber hit hir commbadge. “Sun, cloak the ship and Tell Bill to head in.” In seconds the lighting dimmed as power was transferred to the cloaking device. The merc corvette flew through the field till she was almost touching the station's hull and waited. Minutes later they read rising power levels on the station and the station shields go up to protect it from the approaching Pegasus. But also trapping the Sun INSIDE the shields.

Red hears the hum of the transporter letting go of hir body and glances around with hir rifle up and ready as the klaxon blared and red lights flash. Hir five man team secures the area as the second team beams down. The plan was to enter the station from two different points with 10 man teams. Lt. Shizo and Caitian male lead Red's team and after consulting his tricorder points to a direction and the group heads out. Minutes pass till the run into a pair of figures who were quickly stunned. They press on till the run into a security team. The two sides open fire. Badly out numbered the security team is knocked out but not before one of them sent out a warning. Picking up the pace the raid party heads down more corridors towards a turbo lift to hopefully get them to the lab since the plans they were reading were from the scan Sun took before the Pegasus approached. The pair of guards at the lift were dispatched quickly And Shizno Pressed the summon button. “We take this down to level 35 then head to the starboard side.”

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTERUDER ALERT!” An automated voice blares from the intercom.

"Well there goes our surprised.” Shizno comments. The lifts doors open but it wasn't empty. A security team was in the lift with there weapons out. Shizno aims his phaser but a beam goes through his chest. As he falls Red fires hir phaser and gets a heads shot and a another flies and just barely misses hir and shi hears gurgling behind hir. Another guard goes down and Red fires again. Soon the battle was over and Red asks. “Lt. Shizno?”

"Dead, and Lt Harper is badly wounded.” Red looked over and the Lt. Junior grade was missing her lower right leg. Another crewman lie dead with a phaser shot to the throat. Red goes over to the wounded Lt. And tap her commbadge.

"Sun beam Lt Harper to the sickbay.” The rabbit morph disappears in a transporter beam and Red goes and picks up Shizno's tricorder and looks it over. “Okay, we have a job to do so let's go finish it. The raiders head into the lift and Red punches the destination. The doors close and what's left of hir team heads towards their goal.

During their trip through the lift they heard thudding and felt the station shake and lights flicker. Obviously they haven't surrendered. The lift finally stops and with phasers ready the doors open. Seeing no one they continue onward. Red eventually senses Midnight approaching and the two teams meet up in front of a heavy door with a large keypad. The two look at the pad and Red leans in for a closer look as Midnight looks back to hir demolitions expert. “Shape charge.” Shi orders.

"Hold on shir.” Red replies and hir fingers start pressing buttons and a fairly fast speed. In a minute the lite above turns green and Red opens the door for Midnight. The black chakat looks questionably at Red who just shrugs and replies. “I just felt that I could break it, don't know why.” Midnight says nothing and the raiders head in. The main lab looked to be packing up to move. The raiders spreads out and secure the area. Red finds the female doctor in an office packing things. The female looked over and she brighten when she saw Red.

"You're back!”

"Yup, to take you into custody.” Red draws hir hand phaser at the doctor.

"Why I was just trying to better all species?”

"By experimenting on beings against their will. Come on.” Red takes the doctor out when a wolftaur with Lt pips approaches.

"Ensign Redstreak, Commander Midnight wants to speak with you. I'll take care of your charge.”

"Yes ma'am.” Red heads away but a minute later something urges hir to go back. Shi throws hir senses to where shi was and shi still felt the confusion from the human but the wolftaur had great happiness and something about it seemed familiar. Focusing more shi feels the wolftaur's thoughts, or more accurately Tailswisher's. 'Yes she will finally pay for her crimes by MY HAND.' “Crap!” Red raced to where shi sensed them.

Shi gets their and sees Tailswisher in hir true from pointing a phaser at the doctor. “TAIL DON'T!” The other chakat looks at Red with surprise and dread.

"Red don't stop me! She needs to pay to what she did to us.”

"Not this way Tail. Let it be a public trial and her example of what actions cost you.”

"But what if they let her go? No I can't risked that. It was me this time. Next time it could be anyone of my family.”

Tail don't make me shoot you and you will lose the freedom we just gained.”

"If it protects my family it's worth it.” Red didn't want to shoot hir friend, but shi couldn't let this happen either. So in a gamble shi uses hir new found talent and enters Tail's mind. Tail was surprised and had know defense. Red saw Tail's family. Saw them die in an accident and with no known ties to any others shi was moved to one foster home to another till shi was sick of it and went out of hir own. Shi found others that had no real family and together the formed one for them selves. Red gains control of Tail and has hir lower hir phaser. Tail's face held no emotion as Red grabs the doctor and leads her to midnight with Tailswisher still under Red's control.

Midnight was inspecting the lab and was about to contact the Sunovagun when Red appeared with a human female with a lab coat on and...Tailswisher! What's shi doing HERE!? And something is odd with hir, I have never seen a chakat with such a bland look on hir face and Red looks exhausted. 'Sir please take custody of the human and I'm beaming me and Tail to the Sun.” Sensing Red's exhaustion and sincerity Shi nods and takes the human and Red hits the commbadge. “Red to Sun, two to beam up.” The hum of the transporter takes them away.

Red and Tail appear on the transporter pad with Feyouri waiting. “Lock hir up in some quarters.” Red manages to say before the exhaustion overwhelms hir and shi blacks out.




When Redstreak awoke again shi felt shi was on a bed of some kind. Laying on hir back shi felt a warmth near hir. Lifting hir head to look shi sees Whirl there sleeping with hir upper torso laying across Red's lower torso fast asleep. “Shi hasn't really left your side since you got here.” Red looks up and sees Dr.Kelly above hir with a padd in her hand. “How do you feel?”

“Tired, how long was I out?”

“About a day or so.” Kelly hands hir a glass. “Here drink this it's nutrient filled.” Red did so but grimaced at the taste. When done shi hands the cup back to Kelly, places a hand on Whirl and falls asleep again.

Shi wakes up later to feel Whirl gone. Using hir talents though shi discovers that the kitten had gone to the bathroom. Shi starts trying to sit up as hir stomach growls. A nurse comes over. “Good to see you awake again.”

“Thanks but I could use some food, I'm hungry.” The nurse nodded and left to get some from the replicator. She came back with greens, and veggies and bread with some orange juice. Red looked at her with a raised eyebrow and said. “You've got to be kidding me.”

“ What? This is a healthy and nutritious meal.”

“FOR A RABBIT! I need hamburger's, fries, and a large chocolate shake! NOT GREENS!”

“But that's so unhealthy!” Red grabs the nurse and brings her face to face.

“I'm more carnivore than anything else, AND I haven't EATEN in a DAY. GET MY POINT!”


“Oh give it up already Jubilee shi's not a vegetarian.” A wolf female morph shows up with a tray of what Red requested that already had the chakat drooling. Setting the plate down Red manages to squeeze out a thanks and takes a big chomp of the burger to Jubilee's horror. With Red's look of pure bliss the wolf nurse nods and turns to Jubilee with a scowl. “Also Jubilee you were taught better than to force your views down a patient's mouth. Serve what is appropriate to the patient and the situation. Do that again and I'll write you up now go on to other duties I'll take care of Ensign Redstreak.” Jubilee leaves and if she had a tail it would have been between her legs. The wolf watches her go and says to Red. “Sorry about that Ensign, she wants to help but her beliefs get in the way of her work.”

“No kidding!” Red takes another bite as Whirl appears and the 7 year old kitten starts drooling. Chuckling The wolf replicates another meal of the same style but geared for hir smaller side. The two chow down in silence as the wolf walks away to eat in peace.

Their meal was halfway gone when Commander M'Lai arrives. “Good to see you up Ensign.” She pets Whirl and smiles before it fades as she looks at Red. “Want to explain what happened with Tailswisher?” Red explained what happened during the raid in detail.

“I knew I couldn't let hir kill the doctor, as much as she deserved it but I didn't want to shoot hir either. So I tried entering hir mind and it worked, but it was tiring. Just barely got back to the Sun.”

“Interesting, I'm gonna have Tailswisher go through therapy for that, but no charges.”

“Give hir Fish, she would be more useful there.”

“Nope she stays with you.” M'Lai walks away hearing Red grumble with a smirk on her face.

A couple hours later Red was released and shi heads back to the captain's quarters. Shi was met by Midnight who gave hir a hug which Red realized shi needed it. The next couple of days pass by with the Pegasus crew going over the station why Red stayed put and Tailswisher got counseling. However one day Midnight returns from hir shift and opened door reveals the main area empty. Curious, Ember usually comes to greet hir mother. Using hir senses shi finds hir daughter in one if the bedrooms happy and shi hears muffled music playing. Shi walks over and opens the door. There shi finds Fish near the door smiling and all the children sitting on the floor or pillows looking at Red who was playing on a keyboard. Red seemed immersed in the song shi was playing, hir eyes closed and hir tail acting as a monotone. It took Midnight a minute or so to recognize the music. Goldie and Forest played it a lot at home. 'Well, well no wonder RS has been quiet lately. Midnight fines a place to sit and enjoy the music. It was and interesting mix of a feeling of space, sadness, and hope. It didn't take long to Midnight to smile and be enthralled by it.

Red was surprised when shi ended hir song and heard clapping. Shi knew the kids were there but shi opens hir eyes and sees Fish, and Midnight clapping. “That was great Redstreak! I didn't know you did music!” Fish said as she hugs the chakat.

“At first I was but then I realized where Goldfur got hir signed copy of a RS album, real cheeky Red.” Fish looks back and forth between the two chakat's and on the keyboard before the light dawn in her eyes. She squeals and tacles Red saying.

'You're RS, RS! I'm such a BIG fan!”

“I gathered that.” Red chuckles. The main door opens again and Boyce and M'Lai come through. Fish runs to them. “Admiral, Commander Redstreak is RS! That is so cool!” Red facepalms as hir secret is revealed.

“Fish I'd like to stay anyominous so don't tell anyone else.”

“Tell anyone what?” Rose asks.

“Redstreak here is the famous composer RS.” Boyce responds causing Red to growl. After some further teasing on Red they have dinner and chatting before calling it a nite. Though Red was surprised when Fish joined them.

The next day Red visited Tailswisher who has been in a separate room since the raid. Allowed to go in the room alone. Red found Tailswisher looking out the viewport.

“Hello Tail, how are you doing?” Tailswisher looks at Red.

“Been batter, but improving.”

“I understood why you tried to kill her. I saw the image of your family in your mind and felt the love you have for them. I'm the same way with mine. But if you succeeded with what you did they may have never seen you again.”

“Did you get into my head somehow?” Red sighs.

“Yes, I couldn't let you shoot her but I didn't want to shoot you either. So I was able to enter your mind and stop you. I admit I saw things about that I swear will never tell anyone what I saw. That stays between us. I did what I did, because I'm your friend and want to see you go home to them. If my actions has cause the lost of our friendship then I'm sorry for that but I won't change what I did.” Tailswisher looks at hir for a minute sense from the gold and red chakat honesty and love from hir. Tailswisher ran to Red and embraces hir.

“I forgive you Red. You're still my friend and will get through this some how. And I honestly miss the company.”

“I'll see what I can do. And if she does get free I'll help hunt her down and kill her.” Red lick kisses Tail and leaves.

The next day Red's group was ordered to the main conference room. Tail was there with a guard as well as Bombshell. Everyone took there seats and Admiral Kline begins. “We've gone over the facts and notified starfleet on what we found. It seems these 'people were heavily experimenting with nano technology for various reasons, we saw hints of Human First in some of the files so Starfleet intelligence is sending a team for a more through investigation. We will be leaving to drop off the prisoners at Station 140. Some things were however decided right now. Ensign Redstreak please come here.” With some neverousness shi got up and walked over to Admiral Kline. “Ensign for you exemplary service, it is my proud duty to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, congraduations.” Red wore hir uniform at the meetings and Boyce put on the hollowed pip to signified hir new rank. When done Red stood a little more proudly and said.

“Thank you sir.” Boyce nods and his face got more serious. “However Starfleet also feels that for the foreseeable future you will have a consular assign to you so I assign Fish to you as you learn this new talent of yours, and no there's no negotiation.” Red growled in anger and frustration. Boyce ignored it knowing the normally very independent chakat would have to vent. Looking over to Tamira he has a solem look. “We also discovered you you used to be. Tamira Giodone, a mouse herm missing for two years.” The unicorn was shocked and Red gasped and commented.

“Shi was a bouncer at my Double H club, oh Tamira.” Red goes over and hugs the unicorn. They unicorn holds on of Red's arms as she looks at the admiral and asks.

“Can anything be done?”

“Not by us, maybe the team coming might, but it looks like her nanites were specifically programed to change her body and personality. We will try to restore your personality if we can, sadly restoring your body is beyond our means at this time.” The unicorn nods and Boyce addresses the rest of the group. “After dropping off the prisoners we plan to bring you all home.” He looks at Tailswisher. “Now Tailswisher can I dismiss the guard and allow you to rejoin Red and the others?”

“Yes sir, I'm sorry that my need to defend my family put you in a hard position sir.”

“Well as long as you are on board this ship you will have appointments with your consular.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well with that taken care of Lt. Red, you and your group can leave.” Red salutes and sees Tail and Whirl back to their quarters. When they were settled shi went to visit Tamira. Sening hir friends sadness shi used hir new talent to brake the code and the door opened for hir to hear sobbing. Shi sees Tamira sitting on a chair with her face in her hands weeping. Red goes to her and hugs her.

“It's okay, I'm here Tamira, I'm here.” It took Tamira a few minutes to realize she wasn't alone.

“Red, how did you get in?” Red just smirked and replied.

“I have my ways.” Red's smile disappears and shi continues.

“I know how hard it is to adjust to a new you.”

“I just don't no where to go? I'm not the person I was before. Not the friend you knew.”

“Then stay with me and my family Tamira.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because you're my friend.” The Unicorn shakes her head.

“But I'M NOT! I'm a creation of a perverted female's dream!”

Red takes Tamira's chin so the unicorn looked at hir.

“No matter how you came to be and no matter what version of Tamira you are. You are STILL my friend.” Tamira saw the truth in the chakat's eyes and Tamira hugged Red deeply.

“Uuuhhh......Tam...Can't ...breathe!”

“OH!” Tmaira let's go of her friend and Red just sits there recovering hir breath.

“Man...you have..a.. strong...grip.”

“Exercise and nanos.” Tamira replies sheepishly.

“I'll say.” Red then grabs Tamira's arm. “Come on you shouldn't be alone right now.” And shi drags the uncorn to the admiral's quarters. She was received happily and when they lied down for the night she ended up with the chakat's minus Midnight and she really felt relaxed cuddled in with them.

Over the next few days Tamira found herself sleeping with the chakat's every night and she honestly felt better. More capable to taking on the universe. During this time Red decided to check out the holosuite. She programed in hir favorite bowling place in hir birth universe. When shi was ready shi enters the suite. As shi enters the entryway shi looks to the right and sees a bar with a large pool table area. To hir left shi sees an arcade with various games. Nodding in approval and walks pass them. Shi skips the shoe rental area and heads for lane one. “Computer activate Lane one.” A tone sounds and the lanes lights up and the screen above the lane had hir name with a bowling score board. Shi goes and finds hir usual ball size and walks over to the lane. Smirking at the Brunswick logo shi readies hirself, and amazed that the ball feels so much lighter. Shi starts hir approach and just before the foul line shi swing hir arms back. The ball hits hir flank and the ball is knocked out of hir hands and nearly smashes hir paw. It takes hir a few minute of practicing hir form before it was right. So shi goes for hir second attempt. Everything goes smoothly, shi swings back then forward letting go of the ball. It's doesn't roll it flies, shattering the pins. After telling the program to reset those shi goes back to get a heavier ball. The last ball was the 13 pound, so shi tried a 15 pound. This touch the ground and shi got 6 pins. After two hours hir arm was tired so shi told the computer to save the program and left.

Shi rejoined everyone who were still in the quarters; Tamira, Tailswisher (back from hir session), Yeoman Hannity who looked after the kids to young to be in classes, and of course Ember. M'Lai's daughter and Whirl were in classes at this time of day. After a chat and a snack shi headed off for a nap. Shi was awoken by a playful niece climbing on hir lower torso which earned said niece a tickle attack. During dinner shi mentioned hir time in the holosuite and all the kids begged to go. Red and Boyce relented, promising to take the kids tomorrow. The adults were rudely awaken by the kids the next morning. After breakfast, during which Boyce reserved a suite for their use they head out and check out what Red had made.

When the doors open the younger kids saw the arcade and raced over to check it out. But Whirl and Larshana stayed with the adults. As they move to the rear Boyce sees a box counter with a space and a small bar behind it. Too either side were bowling alley's and the name Brunswick XL on the walls. “Bipeds get your shoes at the counter, everyone else find a ball you like.” Everyone got their ball and if needed their shoes and Red taught hir fellow chakat's how to bowl without hitting themselves. After a couple of practice runs everyone was ready and Red said. “Computer, Cosmic mode.” The lights darkened considerably and laser and LCD lights lit up and a disco ball started spinning as music played. The other notice the unique way the pins were lit. Red grins at them all and comments. “Cosmic Bowling, the only way to bowl.” Boyce, M'Lai, and Midnight were forced to quit and resume their duties after a couple of games but everyone else stayed with happiness on their faces, both Red and Fish we're glad to see Tamira with one after her revelations. After a couple of hours the group was exhausted, Red being the most experienced won the bulk of the games but the others did give hir some challenged. Walking back Fish did go up to Red.

“Thanks for the game Red, that was fun! Did you recreate that all from memory?”

“Pretty much, I think the nanos gave me the ability to recall something in perfect detail. They just needed time to sort out the order.”

“Interesting, look Red I know you didn't want me to hang around and....” Red shuts her mouth with hir hand.

“Fish, I don't blame you for the orders of your bosses. It's them I blame. If your hurt from some of my vent at that I'm sorry. With that?” Red releases her mouth. And Fish replies,

“Deal.” It was not surprising when they got back to the quarters that the chakats collapse in the communal den with them needing more sleep. Tamira and Fish chatted and Fish covertly counseled the unicorn.

Boyce and company return with Bomber in tow around dinner time with a serious expression on his face. After everyone gets together and helps get supper ready and with everyone seated does he tell them the news. “Starfleet has ordered the Pegasus to stay out here due to reports of pirate activity in the sector. As such I cannot get you and your group Red to the Chakona, heck I'm not even stopping at the nearest starbase to drop off our prisoners. A transport is taking care of that. Captain Bombshell has offered to take you all the rest of the way.” Red looks over at Bomber a comments.

“Looks like you're finally able to take me home.” Bomber gives a big grin in reply. The group did it's best to enjoy eachother's company for one last time tiring out the kids. Then everyone heads to best not knowing when they see eachother ever again.

The next day Red and company pack what belonging they have and Red hugs Midnight. “Don't be a stranger Midnight.”

“Same to you Red, say hi to your mates for me.”

“No problemo.” Red then joins hir group on the transporter pad and the beam over to the Sunovagun. Bomber got them settled again and the corvette breaks off from the massive cruiser and heads into warp. Somehow Red and company found themselves sleeping with Bomber, thankfully for once shi didn't end up in the middle. Nope it was Fish and Tamira who got that honor, much to their blushing. Sadly for Red hir heat kicked in but Bomber and Tail were willing to help and to Red's surprise shi didn't mind the female role as much anymore. The rest of the time Red took care of Whirl, pump iron in the gym, trained up hir other skills in the holodeck, and make more music as RS.

Two weeks later the Sunovagun is in orbit of Chakona docking with the Gateway Station. Bomber said shi had some business to take care of and Red beamed down with Tail. They were thinking of renting a PTV to get to Tail's rural home. However as the leave the main spaceport building they see a digigrade cat morph by a PTV. “TULI!!!!!!!!” Tail yells and shi runs and hugs the cat morph while Red smiles at the antics. Breaking off the hug Tail extends hir arm towards Red. “Tuli, this is my friend Redstreak, child of Sunspot and Fireblaze. Shi helped free me, in more ways than one.” Red offered hir had to Tuli, who took it and turned it into a hug.

“Thank you for bring hir back to us. We feared the worst while shi was gone. Please tell me you can stay with us awhile?”

“Don't know how long the Sun is going to be here. But the next time I'm around I promise to visit. No you care care of your sister.”

“We try but you know how shi is.” Tail sticks hir tongue out at them causing both to laugh. After one last hug the they part ways, Red watching the PTV fade into the horizon.

Red taps the commbadge Bomber gave hir. “Red to Bomber.”

“Bomber here, what's up?”

“How long are we staying here?”

“Well we're loading up some cargo so a few hours, sorry”

“Don't be I can check on some friends here.”

“Okay, Sun will comm ya, an hour before we go.” Smiling as shi signs off shi rents a PTV and heads out. In minutes shi finds the house shi was looking for. I nice cozy house big enough for 4 taurs to live comfortably. Walking up to the door shi presses the doorbell. In a minute a female gray foxtaur opens the door and shi sees Red and shi lights up.

“RED!” She hugs the chakat in earnest to which Red returned. After a minute of hugging the foxtaur named Clarissa then looks over Red. “Wow what happened to you? Even your scent has changed.”

“Long story, is Polkadot at work?”

“Yup, shi...” Clarissa is interrupted by a gray blur that stops at Red's right fore paw to reveal a chakat with gray fur and yellow dots sprinkled around.

“Well hello Starlight.” Red picks up the cub to get a good look. Hir belly fur was a white and shi still had gold dots all over down there and hir hind paws were a light gray. Tickling the cub for a couple of minutes Red let's hir go. Clarissa and Red then lounge on couches as Red updates Clarissa on what's happened lately with Clarissa listening to full attention. Clarissa updated Red on happening here and the funnier stories of Starlight's antics. Eventually Clarissa got serious and Red felt fear and hope coming from the foxtaur.

“Red, I have something serious to ask you. Will you be my denmate? Have grown to truly love you and I want a child by you.”

“But we live on different planets Clarissa, with that and my job it would be hard to see each other enough for that.”

“I know, But I still want your child, Polka can help me raise hir. I know your schedule would be busy and when your here you can bunk with us and visit our child.” Red sat their and pondered a bit before replying.

“Clarissa has Polka given hir approval for this?”

“Yes, though shi said I didn't need to that it would be between us but shi'd be honored to help raise our child.”

“Well I have to check with my mates first. They will likely says yes but I want to still be sure, the human still in me I guess. Will that do?” Clarissa sighs and nods, but Red goes up to her and lick kisses her.

“This was not a no, but something this serious and needs serious discussion.” Clarissa nods and the two begin to make love being companions and all.

Hours later Polka came home and finds Red and Clarissa asleep in their bedroom with young Starlight curled next to hir mother. A beep from Red's commbadge wakes up the adults and Red taps it. “Redstreak here.” Shi says sleepily.

“Wakey time Redstreak, we leave in an hour so come on back.” Red yawns and replies,

“Alright I'm on my way.” Shi taps it again and puts on the vest. And hugs both of hir friends. “Sorry about the timing Polka.”

“It happens, have a safe trip.” Red bends down and pets hir namesake before heading out the door.

Red enters hir quarters and the first to meet hir is Fish. “Where did you go?”

“To meet up with some friends.”

“You should have told me.”

“No I shouldn't, you may be ordered to live with me but I will not have you be a shadow. I'm sure you don't want to go into the bathroom with me.”

“Maybe to share a shower.” That got Red to raise an eyebrow. Before that conversation could go any further Whirl shows up and hugs hir uncle.

“You saw Auntie Polka and Auntie Clarissa?”

“Yes I did Whirl.”

“And you didn't take me, I wanted to see them.” Red sighs and rolls hir eyes.

“I just can't win.” Causing Fish to chuckle. Red glares at her and the cat just smiles back. Red just walks away shaking hir head.

A week and a half later the Sunovagun docks at the Earth Gateway station. Shi hugs Bomber thanking hir for the ride. Shi then takes Whirl, Tamira, and Fish and heads for Dallie's shop. It took forever to convince Tamira to wear bikini bottoms, she truly is a die hard nudist now and Red promised that she could go nude at home but in public she needs the bottoms. “You go out nude, why can't I?” Tamira asks. Red shrugs and replies.

“It's a taur thing, It seems to be a blind spot for them. Please just do it for me.” Now the approach the Old General Store and walk in. Shi with the pair in tow walk past he various food and items to the counter. Dallie was looking at something on a padd when shi sense someone approaching.

“How can I help you?”

“By being you.” Red answers. Frowning Dallie looks up to see hir sister standing in front of hir with the biggest grin ever.

Security responded to a call about a scream coming from the Old General Store. They arrive to see the chakat manager on the floor on top of another chakat lick-kissing the other's muzzle while a strange horse morph, a cat morph and a young chakat cub holding their stomachs while they laugh hysterically. Took a half an hour to get security to leave and that it was just a happy chakat reunited with hir sister. “I still can't believe you manage to get OVER the counter to tackle me sis.”

“I was just happy to see you again Red.” Dallie looks over to hir daughter. “Now were you good to your uncle Red?”

“Yes papa.” Dallie then hugs Whirl. “We were all so worried about you two.”

“At this point nothing short of me being in a nuclear blast will stop me from coming home to my family.” Dallie smiles at hir then looks at Tamira.

“So you're our new house guest, well welcome to the craziness.”

“That's nothing new.” Tamira comments.

“Well I wish I could go down with you but I'm in charge of the store right now, so I'll see you later.” The sisters hug again and the group heads to the transporter room.

Red rented a PTV and headed home. The journey was boring but healing for Red. Shi was back home. Getting out of the PTV shi unlocks the door and opens it. Taking a huge sniff shi inhales the scents of home. Grinning at it and the sounds of the house filled with hir love ones shi announces. “Honeys, I'm home!” There's a pause of silence, then duel squeals of glee and Red has just enough time to say, “Not again” before being slammed by a pair of adult taurs and 4 cubs. It took a few minutes to get the horde to get off of Red.

It was then that both of Red's mates took a good look at hir. Coal was the first to comment.

“It certainly is different.”

“I like it, it gives hir character and makes hir different that Dallie. I don't have to look for the hair do anymore, shi even smells different.” Flamy chimed in.

“Well the important thing is that shi's back and shi better not plan on going anywhere without us for a while.” Red held up hir hands and replied.

“Hey I'm on leave as far as I know and for the record this last time I was on leave when I was taken.” Coal hmmpphed and Flamy asked.

“Hey Red who are these with you?”

“The pink cat is Fish, she's a counselor and has been assigned to me. The unicorn is Tamira, both will be stay with us for the foreseeable future.”

“Tamira, that's coincidence, we have a friend with that name.” Coal ponders.

“This is our friend Coal, They kidnapped and changed her. She doesn't remember being our friend but it's proven to be our butch herm mouse.” Coal gaps in shock and looked at Tamira before rushing over and hugging the unicorn.

“You poor dear, please stay as long as you need.”

“Thanks Coal, Red has been very supportive.” Due to the size of the house Tamira and Fish share a room and the two unpacked what possessions they had. While Coal got reacquainted with hir daughter and Red with Flamy and hir daughters. It was not surprising to Red and Fish that soon after unpacking Tamira went fully nude and checked out the back yard having never been truly outside since her change.

Coal started dinner as Dallie returned from work and both gave each other hugs as Coal brought hir up to speed.

“What is it with hir? I have been so stressed lately while shi was gone.” Dallie grabbed hir mate's arm.

“You know that it wasn't hir fault. Shi's been a victim of circumstance since the day I met hir. And the best part is through most of it shi was determined to break through it. You have to admit life hasn't been dull with hir. Now would you have rather not have met hir?”

“No, no” Coal sighs, “I really need to have a vacation. But we need to do something about the house, we're getting crowded.”

“I now, it's happened earlier than planned. We could probably afford 2 more rooms.”

“More than that.” Both mates look over to see Red in the doorway. “Since I brought our new room mates I'll pay for it. RS has brought a lot of funds to us, so we have plenty to have more rooms. I'll call a contractor tomorrow. When you you like to start the renovation?”

“well the best time is in two moths, we'll be on our way to Chakona for the Clan Gathering.”

“WHAT CLAN GATHERING!?” Red asks causing Dallie to wince a bit knowing shi forgot something.

“Every ten years the Clan goes to Chakona. It's our way of keeping in touch, sort of like a big family reunion.”

“AND WHEN were you going to tell me?”

“Well I was going to tell you earlier but then you were kidnapped.” Red sighs and hir posture relaxes.

“Okay, that's understandable.” But Red thinks of this Clan meeting. Birthing parties were quite an event and shi can only guess that a clan meet is ten times worst. Shi shudders at the thought. Dallie pats Red's head and says.

“Be brave sis.” Red glares at hir to which Dallie gives and unrepentant grin.

After dinner Coal and Flamy drag Red into hir room as Dallie will sleep with the kids. The door shuts behind them and Red hold the hands of both Coal and Flamy. “I missed you both.” They all begin to stroke each other as Coal responds.

“And we missed you.” Coal lick kisses Red as Flamy strokes hir lower back. No more words were spoken and the strokes got more intimate. Soon both Red and Coal were sporting erections and Flamy got in front of Red and moved hir tail out of the way. Red didn't waste anytime going on top of her and slowly entered hir to both of their groans. Red hints hirself in Flamy and waits a sec before shi feels Coal's cock enter hir and does the same. A rhythm began, When Red pull out of Flamy Coal thrusted in and groan and moaning of pleasure ensue. They tried to make it last as long as possible but the pleasure was too much. Red yowled in pleasure as shi comes from both hir cock and pussy bring hir mates to orgasm as well. Red felt dazed like a drunk, THAT was SOOOO much pleasure. Shi collapses onto the bed and knew nothing more as hir mates grin at each other and make love as they have gotten close during Red's absence. After a couple more rounds they exhaust themselves and cuddle next to their mate.

'So that's what a dual orgasm feels like' Red thinks as shi gets up in the morning. Hir mates already gone and the smell of breakfast in the air it didn't take hir long to wake up fully. After a hearty breakfast shi gets on the comms with a building contractor and with the holotank Dallie purchased a couple years ago. With Dallie with hir the three of them went over the house plans and the planned renovation.

There adding eight rooms to the house. A larger communal sleeping den with rooms around it to hold personal items. Two though will be for Tamira and Fish's use If they leave they would become guest rooms. The dinning room and kitchen were also expanded to have more room. Lastly a studio would be created to Red could make songs in more private then before. The whole thing would take 3 months so all of them planned a nice long vacation during that time. They ended the call and Red went over to work on hir next song. Meanwhile Dallie called Alexis and they began planning.

A few days later Red returns from work, Star Corps has hir guarding on the orbiting Starbase for the time being. Shi finds Dallie waiting for hir with one of hir favorite shirts in hir hands. “Change, we're heading out.” Red strips out of hir uniform and opens a safe by the door. It opens and shi stuffs the uniform in it for now and grabs hir gun as Dallie tosses the shirt to hir. Shi puts it on and puts hir gun belt on. After the kidnapping shi isn't going unarmed anymore.

“Were are we going?”

“To Dual Nature (The dinner attached to the Double H club).” Red shrugs and the two ride in silence to Double H. After parking Dallie leads Red through the diner's doors and a waiter escorted them to a private area. Red could detect people on the otherside. They were excited and shi heard a thought.

'Man Red's so gonna flip from this.' Red coudn't figure out who said that but shi's still learning hir telepathic talent. As they are lead inside a chorus of voices yell.

“SURPRISE!” Red near reaches for hir gun but the people yelling were people shi knew. Hir friends who worked, lived, or hanged out at Double H, Hir family, Fish, Commander Antilles, And Tamira. Tamira was an interesting site, she actually had something on hir torso. The Fish net shirt technically covered her breasts but they left little to imagination. Even Crisscross was there with hir family. Giving hir sister a look she turns to the crowd and smiles as shi walks into the beast. The party gets into full swing and Red prys out of Dallie the reason for the party. Hir return home and the need to cheer Red up. Red then made the rounds with hir friends and family. Shi walks up to Tamira and comments.

“You in a shirt, I should take a picture.” Tamira snorts and replies.

“They told me I needed a shirt and this is the only one I'm comfortable in.” Red looked at the fish net shirt again. Instead of the typical black fish net it was instead gold colored. Smirking Red asks.

“Coal help you pick it out.” The unicorn nods.

“Well shi has good taste at times, enjoy yourself Tamira.”

“Plan too.” Nodding shi leaves hir friend and wanders around.

“Hey Red!” Red looks to see Alexis arm in arm with another wolf. Reds nose tells hir the other wolf was a male and hir newer sense was going off. Something was off about this wolf. Never the less she put on a smile to hir friend.

“Alexis!” The two hug before breaking off and the wolf herm looks over Red.

“I like the look Red.”

“It does add difference. Now who's your guest?”

“This is Al Reed, my boyfriend.” Al held out his hand and Red took it. The sense was increasing that something was off.

“A pleasure to meet you Red, Alexis told me all about you.”

“I hope you've been looking out for hir while I was away?”

Al smiles and responds.

“I try.” Alexis harrumphed at this.

“Well if you don't mind I like to catch up a bit with hir. Please enjoy the party.”

“Will do.” Red takes Alexis' arm and leads hir away. After a a minute or two Red finally speaks.

“How have you've been Alexis?”

“Good, missed you of course but things have been normal till Al showed up. Then things have gotten better.”

“Well I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't say this. I'm getting a bad vibe from him. I don't know why I just do so be careful for me please. I'm hope I'm wrong but I would hate it if something happened to you.”

“Still guarding me even though I'm not paying you.”

“You needed to pay me to do that. I look out for my friends. Now go enjoy yourself while I pray that I'm wrong about him.” The two hug and part ways.

Red has settled down to eat with hir kids when a familiar foxtaur appeared before hir. “Hello Larsa, enjoying he party?” The older taur smiles at Red and replies.

“Very much but I had to see my favorite client.”

“But not just me is it Larsa, Dallie and nothing to do with it?” The older foxtaur had to blush at that and Red sensed it. “It's okay Larsa. If Dallie makes you happy I'm happy. Where you two decide to go with it is up to you.” Red snorts, 'You know it's ironic that me a human turned chakat has more makes than to natural born chacats. Though I have an feeling that Coal and Flamy are becoming more then comates.”

“Well I admit I have strong feelings for Dallie. Hir youthful outlook is addicting. I'm not sure where will go but I do care for hir.”

“Well that's between you but you certainly have my blessings to take it further.” Larsa squeezes Red's hand and walks away.

Eventually the party broke up and people headed home.

In the days that followed Red prepared for the trip back to Chakona which reminded hir of another issue to talk with Coal and Flamy. Shi got them together in hir room and started. “You both remeber Clarissa on Chakona?” They both nod. “Well she asked me to be her denmate and have a child with her and I wanted your thoughts and blessings.”

'How does she want you to raise hir, she lives on Chakona and we live here?” Flamy asks.

“Her mate Polka will help her with the day to day caring of the child, and I'll visit when I can. So no moving and Coal you know I'll be eventually assigned to go back into space eventually.”

“Why are you asking this Red? You know you can have more than just me and Flamy.”

“I know but a decision like this means a family decision. I want your input before proceeding.” Coal walks uo to Red and touches hir arm.

“Red it sweet to take us into account. This is ultimately between you and Clarissa so if you want her as a mate go for it.” Flamy nods her agreement. Red feels a tug on hir tail so shi lifts it to bring it forward and shi sees Firestripe clinging to hir tail.

“So you want to play you little rascal.” Red then begins tickling hir child.

“See,” Flamy interjects, “You're already a good father. You can pull this off my love.” Red smirks back at them before continuing to tickle torture hir daughter.

The next day Red called Clarissa and made arrangements. Luckily Clarssia would be in heat during the period of the Clan Gathering. The foxtaur ex human was eager to meet her future comates in person. Red was becoming very optimistic with the idea.

A month to go before departure Red got an order to go to Star Corps Headquarters in New Minneapolis. There Commander Antilles reveled a large trunk in his office. “This came through a portal that formed in the base. It had you human name on it.” Red goes over and opens the trunk. On top was a letter. Shi takes it, opens it and reads.

To my friend Redstreak My refinement of the portal continues. I have sent this trunk as further testing. Hope it got through well. Your family sent some things you would want to have. I hope we can meet in person again. Till then take care.

From Doc.

Red was almost teary when shi finished. Looking up The commander said. “Go ahead and take the day off.” Red shuts the trunk and lugs it out of the office and rents a PTV. Once shi's home shi strips off hir uniform and goes through the trunk. Shi found several dvds of hir favorite movies and shows. Hir awards shi got over the years shi did security. There was also several photos or hir birth family and of course hir former self. Even some of hir favorite possessions were there. Tears were falling down hir cheeks at the display. Flmy came in and saw her mate crying. “Red what's wrong?” Red looks up and starts to wipe away the tears.

“Nothings wrong, got a package from my birth family.” Flamy comes over and looks. Seeing the various items Red had in the trunk she picks one up of her mates old self.

“This you?” Red nods. Flamy looks back at a grinning Luke Harter before putting her arm around Red. “Don't take this the wrong way but I prefer the current version.” Flamy then passionately kisses hir. After a couple of minutes Flamy breaks off.

“Well I have to admit, it has it's perks.” Flamy then leads hir to hir room and no one saw them again for awhile.

It was hours later when they emerged to find Coal cooking dinner as usual but find Dallie checking out the trunk which was left in the living room. Dallie was looking at the same pic Flamy was. Looking over to see them coming Dallie quips. “Man you were a hunk as a human sis.”

“You know Dallie, I actually find it disturbing that my sis thinks I was hot.” That causes Dallie to laugh hard. Finally able to breathe again Dallie replies.

“Red I wish we could have grown up together.”

“Then God save our parents if that had happened.” That caused both chakats laughing histerically.

Later in the privacy of hir room Red gets a holo recorder ready. “Begin Recording.”


“Hello my family, it's been awhile. As you can see there's been some physical change.” Shi shows hir lower jaw for the camera to see the red color. “This is not a dye job. One where to begin there. Well to summarize I ship I was on was attacked and destroyed. By luck I survived but was stranded for awhile. I met someone there and she became my 2nd mate. I know that sounds strange but with chakats they don't feel jealousy and like to share. I have two happy mates and children from them. They are all eager to meet you and me for you to meet them. Well getting treatment from the effects of a lost ship I was kidnapped and the end result is the image before you. Well I pray you are all well and continue to be so. I have some pics with this message so you can see our extended family. Redstreak out. End recording.”

A month before the gathering Red was leaving the Star Corps offices having delivered hir package to hir family. Red was surprised to see Larsa carrying a newborn foxtaur kit out of the nearby clinic. “Hey Larsa!” The middle aged foxtaur looks up and smiles.

“Red!” The chakat goes over and takes a closer look at the kit. Normal coloring for the local foxtaur clans and the scent told Red that the kit was female. “Meet my granddaughter.”

“She's cute, what are you doing hear though?”

“Well she had a fever and it was the nearest clinic.”

“What about her parents?”

“Out hiking so I'm taking care of her for a week or two.”

“Oh, well can't blame them. They won't have time for that soon. So what's her name?”

“She doesn't have one yet. That's part of the reason for the hike, trying to get inspiration.” Red was opening hir mouth when the Air raid sirens started blaring. “What the HECK!”

“This is Redstreak, what's going on?”

“Lt. Redstreak we have an out of control Frieghter that's too far from the bases to get tractored. It's heading for North American continent so we're issuing evacuations and alerts for people to head for bomb shelters.” Red taps hir commbadge and grabs Larsa.

“Come on, this way.” Red leads Larsa into the Star Corps building and head on the stairs till they get to a hardened door. Once inside they see it filled with hundreds of others and the door closes behind them and locks. Since this was a Star Corps bunker it still had connections to the outside. Someone opened the comms and they heard the disaster unfold.

“This is Magnus we're in range engaging tractor beam now.”

“Evacuations are underway from the projected crash area.”

“What's the likely crash area?”

“Right smack in the middle of North America.”

“This is Magnus, it's too much our tractors are overheating.”

“Yeah, she's hitting no doubts order the crew to abandon ship.”

“Valdeiz, you've done all you can get out of there.”

“No can do, we're going to try to steer it away from any city.”

“Alright good luck. Get med teams ready for deployment in the crash area.” Silence follows for a few minutes then.

“Her forward thrusters are firing.”

“She's moving away from the city.”

“Which city?”

“New Minneapolis.”

“Crap the thrusters just exploded.”

“Looks like she'll miss the city and hit north.”

“There she goes.” The building shook as something hit the ground.

“She's down sending out med teams.”

“Anything volatile in her?”

“Just her warp core and that's already exploded.” The door unlocks and Red leads the people out of the shelter. The Klaxon still sounds in the building but the all clear was sounding outside. Stepping outside Red and Larsa look around. Red sees a plume northeast of their location.

“That's the direction where my village is. I've got to get there.” Larsa starts to head for a PTV to get there when Red grabs her arm.

“You're not going Larsa.”

“The HELL I won't! That's my FAMILY OVER THERE!”

“You've got family right here.” Red points to the child still in her grandmother's arms. “Larsa right now you have to be sure your granddaughter is safe before going out. Racing out now will endanger her.” Larsa begins tearing up.

“You're right but I've got to do something.”

“I know come with me.” Red leads them to a transporter room. Waving off the chief shi sets coordinates and the timer.

“Where are we going Red?”

“Well you need to check on your family but you also have to ensured your granddaughter's safty. Dallie is working on gateway right now so the kit will be safe with hir and we can head out.”

“Thanks Red.”

“You're practically family so no problem.” The timer goes off and they are beamed to the station. They race over to the store and see a worried Dallie.

“You two alright?”

“Yeah but it looks like the ship crashed near Larsa's village and she wants to check it out but her granddaughter is with her.” Dallie sees the kit Larsa is holding.

“Oh, I see well give her over I'll take care of her but you two be careful okay.” With a little hesitation Larsa hands over the granddaughter. “She'll be safe with me Larsa, I swear now go you two.”

“I'm taking a couple of medpacs and I'll replace them later.” Red said to which Dallie nods. Going into the back Red grabs a pair and leads Larsa back to the transporter pad. The rescue teams were getting there by shuttles and such rather transporters for safety reasons. “Larsa we can't beam into the village so pick a spot for us.” Larsa comes over and looks at the map.

“Here, this is a good spot.” Red sets the coordinates and they heads down. They look around the small clearing and see a huge pillar of smoke and head that way. Ten minutes later the reach a ridge. One of the reasons Larsa picked it so they could get a good view of the village before heading in. Larsa stood there, her fingers going limp and the medpac she was carrying drops to the ground. Red looks and sees what Larsa sees.

“Oh Larsa I'm so sorry.” Where the village should be there was just a great billowing fire. The freighter missed the city but looks like it hit the village nearly dead center. Vehicles were already overhead dumping flame retardant on the fire.

“Larsa your kid, where did your kid and in law hiked?”

“They....they.... they headed that direction.” She manages to put to their right. Red picks up the dropped medpac and shi pulls the foxtaur in that direction. A hour of searching they were sadly getting close to the village's outer limits and they see shredded trees all around them. “Sequa! Nononononono Sequa!” The foxtaur runs to two bodies on the ground. Red chases after her and gets a good look. They were a male and female foxtaurs and they were clearly dead. They had to be a hundred wood splinters puncturing their bodies. Just for safety's sake shi scans them only to confirm what shi already knew. Larsa held the female wailing and crying her name. Red let her mourn a lost that even beats the suffering Red has suffered. At least shi knew hir birth family alive. Larsa has no one but her granddaughter left. Eventually some EMTs arrive and it took some cajoling to let them take the bodies away.

“Larsa, we're getting your granddaughter and I'm taking you to my home. You are not alone Larsa, my family stands with you and now your granddaughter needs you more than ever.” Larsa just barely nods and Red takes her arms and lead the foxtaur to a shuttle heading to the gateway.

Hours later finds everyone at home. Larsa never letting her granddaughter out of her sight. Red didn't need to tell Fish to help her. No left Larsa alone. News said the freighter had propulsion and navigation failures that led to the disaster. So far no survivors of the village have been found and the firefighters have replaced the rescuers to battle the fire. Officials were reviewing the incident to try to figure out how to prevent such a disaster again. When they went to bed all the chakat's slept with Larsa and for once, when they woke up Red wasn't the one in the middle.

It took a few days for Larsa to even speak again. Which gave they others hope for her. Dallie helped even more when shi entered the computer room. As usual her granddaughter was in one arm and with the other she search the web. “Whatca looking for?”

“A new place to live. It's doubtful that the village will be resettled anytime soon.”

“You have a place, right here.”


“NO buts your place is here with us, with me.”


“I know this is not the best time but I love you Larsa and I thought you felt the same. Would you be my denmate? Would you let me help you raise your granddaughter? We have accepted you into our family, will you accept us into yours?”

“But Dallie I'm 45 years old.”

“One who has aged well. Until recently your fur was bright and shiny. Your figure was still fit and you had a zest for life. I was attracted to those. I will treasure have you around however long it will be.” Larsa then hugs Dallie and sobs in a combination of sorrow and joy while Dallie projected hir love back to her.

At dinner Dallie announced the mating and everyone hugged the foxtaur. When that finally broke up Red plays a bit with Larsa's granddaughter and said. “Now we just need a name for you little one.”

“Her name is Jewel.” Larsa said with determination. “She is all I have left of my family, thus she is precious to me.” Dallie raises a glass.

“To Larsa and Jewel Redback, the newest members of our family.” Everyone toasted to the newest additions.

A week to go before leaving saw things speed up. Dallie and Larsa legally were mated and Jewel officially recognized. It seemed Larsa was slowly getting back to her perky self but was was also very protective of Jewel. The kit rarely left her sight and if then only with people she trusts completely. Red hirself was helping the local police for a warp core going off nearby has been causing power and computer problems. Shi handed off hir charge and was on the way back when shi saw a sight shi didn't expect to see. Alexis in an office holding a cup of coffee. Deciding that some officers may not tell hir shi uses hir new talents to get into Alexis' mind. Just what shi feared happened but much worse. Not only did hir now ex-boyfriend rape hir he had a friend along as well. Red goes and opens the door. Alexis looks up and sees the chakat runs to hir.

“Red, you were right, you were right about him.” Petting the wolfs back Red whispers.

“I'm sorry I was Alexis, I'm sorry I was. Do they still need you here for anything?”

“Just to sign a couple of things. Why, taking me home?”

“Only long enough to grab some stuff and you're staying with me. You need company right now and as useful as Double H is your position there negates it's effects.” Alexis manages to smile.

“Still looking out for me eh Red?”

“Aren't you blessed.” Red says with a grin causing Alexis to roll hir eyes. The police officer shows up and seeing Red's Star Corps security uniform nods and asks hir to leave the room. Red does so and waits for Alexis to finish. Getting into the PTV Red rented they head for Double H. Alexis grabs hir stuff and they went back out to head home. During the trip though Red did ask. “How much vacation time do you have?”

“Lot's, I love my work so much a rarely take a day off. I think my superiors were going to force me to take some soon.”

“Well you're taking some. My family is doing a reunion thing on Chakona so it will give you time away from everything. And give you time to forget Al.”

“Do I get any say in this?”

“Right now? Nope, you make sure the cub is good without you for a few months and I'll care care of you. Show that you are loved.” Alexis was taken back by that last word as Red drove them to hir home.

When they got home Red told them what happened. All of the chakats went and hugged the wolf herm. Mentality Alexis admits, if your feeling down hang out with chakats. You won't be for long. Shi wasn't surprised when shi went to bed and was covered by Red, Coal, Flamy but was surprised to see Larsa and a foxtaur kit. Shi was told what happened there and shi had to smile. Red and company always there for there friends.


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