Turnabout Is Fair Play
By Sandwalker
Written for Bernard Doove

Goldfur and Garrek surveyed the multicoloured streamers, balloons and the bright red banner reading WELCOME HOME GARREK! in yellow letters, remnants of the party that had indeed welcomed Garrek home from his latest mission in space. The tired cubs had been put to bed, and all the others had taken themselves off somewhere else, after being told that Goldfur wanted a little time with Garrek to hirself. "You can help me clean up the worst of the mess," shi said to Garrek with a grin on hir face when they had gone. "How better to re-acquaint myself with my lifemate than by cleaning up after a big party?"

Garrek wrinkled his muzzle and poked his tongue out in disgust. "Next time I'll just turn up at the front door, rather than letting you know I'm coming home. Then I won't have a party to clean up after."

"Oh, don't be silly. You enjoy a good party as much as the rest of us do, and you know it! Now, help me pick up all the rubbish and dropped food. Once we've done that we can vacuum, then clean up all the dirty plates and stuff." Shi glanced up at the banner and the streamers. "They can stay there until tomorrow. Brightens the place up a bit," shi added with a grin.

It took over an hour to get the lounge, dining room and kitchen back to a state of relative tidiness. Goldfur shut the dishwasher and set it going, then turned back to hir mate leaning against the counter. "There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Not since I had a beautiful chakat to share the duty with." The foxtaur stepped around into the kitchen and caught the golden-furred chakat up in a loving hug. "I missed you so much," he murmured lightly, moving his muzzle forwards and pressing his lips to Goldfur's.

"Mmm," shi replied, parting from the kiss a few seconds later. "As did I, love." They kissed again, gazing into each other's eyes like young lovers. "There's something else I've missed too," whispered Garrek, amusement colouring his tone.

Goldfur smiled. "Oh? And what would that be?"

"Making love to you." Garrek gently pressed his lips against Goldfur's again, and together they shared a much longer, passionate kiss. Breaking it, Garrek murmured, "Let's go into the lounge and continue this, hmm?"

"What if the others come out here?"

"Then they'll see two taurs who love each other very much enjoying themselves." Garrek grinned and gently guided hir into the large, spacious lounge, both sitting down on their haunches. He looked over his mate with a roving eye, taking in the nice curves of hir figure, hir firm breasts hidden underneath a light tan halter top, hir shapely rump, hir lithe tail swishing slowly behind hir.

Goldfur eyed Garrek even as he eyed hir, tracing the lines of his plain white cotton shirt with dark blue hems, imagining the strong muscles hidden beneath, moving downwards and back to his lean underbelly, and the place where his maleness hid....

Then they stared each other in the eyes, and cracked up laughing. "It's really been too long when we eye each other up," said Garrek, grinning. He stepped forward and engaged Goldfur in another kiss, while putting his arms behind hir and slowly unzipping hir halter top. Shi purred lightly as he did so, and when the zip was undone shi broke the kiss and stepped back, letting hir mate slide the top down hir arms and off, revealing the fullness of hir breasts to him. Shi took the top and simply dropped it on the floor nearby.

He smiled and lightly grasped them, rubbing his thumbs over hir nipples, which elicited an increase in purring. Bending his head down to lick at one, he was stopped by a hand. "Not until I've got yours off, hon." Goldfur pushed Garrek back a step and began to unbutton his shirt, watching as more and more of his red-brown fur was uncovered. The final button parted from its hole, and the foxtaur slipped his shirt off and dropped it onto Goldfur's top.

This time when Garrek attempted to lap at hir breasts he wasn't prevented. His rough tongue slid over his mate's sensitive nipples, teasing them to full hardness, and eliciting a loud purr. He began to suckle like a cub, drawing a small trickle of hir sweet milkwater into his mouth, savouring the taste of it before he swallowed.

As he drained Goldfur's breasts, stopping now and then to tease the nipples with his tongue, or to swap sides, shi began to breath quicker, responding to the pleasure he was giving hir. "Mmm, yesss," shi murmured, scritching lightly behind his ears. "That feels wonderful, Garrek."

Garrek didn't say anything; his mouth was busy, and he knew that if he kept going he could probably get his mate to a satisfying climax just by suckling on hir.

Only a minute or so later, he achieved his goal. The golden-furred chakat pressed Garrek's head into hir ample bosom, moaning and yowling loudly as the first of hir climaxes swept through hir body.

Goldfur's eyes were shining when shi came down from hir heights of pleasure. Shi released hir hold on Garrek's head, and he lifted it to smile widely at hir. "You liked?" he asked, his tone lightly teasing.

"You know I did, hon," shi replied, scritching one more time behind his ears. "Now, perhaps I could do the same for you?" Shi pointed downwards, to where Garrek's maleness had slipped out of its sheath while he was distracted by his mate's breasts.

He grinned wryly and nodded. "Please...but not too much. I have every intention of making love to you, and I can't do that if you've drained me."

Goldfur laughed and nodded. "Okay, okay. Lie down, then, and roll over." When he had done so, Goldfur lay down next to him, reaching for his pulsing maleness and tracing a clawtip gently up the length from base to head. The foxtaur shivered and smiled happily up at his mate's face. "Mmm, do that again!" Shi did so, reversing the direction once shi reached his cock's tip again, before encircling his penis with hir hand and lightly stroking upwards.

"Ohhh, yesss," mumbled Garrek, writhing around a little. His tail, already swishing from side to side, suddenly increased its movements when Goldfur took his cock into hir mouth. He felt the exquisite roughness of hir tongue sweeping over his member's sensitive tip, the moist warmth of hir mouth engulfing him. As shi suckled gently on his cock, bobbing hir head up and down slightly, he sensed his climax beginning to rise. "Goldfur...stop, please."

The chakat raised hir head, giving Garrek's cock one last kiss and lick. "Okay, hon. I've been looking forward to feeling this inside me for a long time!" Shi got to hir feet and presented hirself to hir mate, moving hir tail to the side, waggling hir rump enticingly.

Garrek lost no time in mounting his mate; both moaned with pleasure as his cock slipped smoothly into Goldfur's moist depths. He put his arms around hir, and lightly fondled hir breasts as he began to thrust, working up to a nice, leisurely speed.

The two taurs took their time, enjoying the sensations and being together for the first time in two weeks. Eventually, however, they gave in to their base desires, and moved towards the thrilling conclusion. Each was panting hard as their climaxes rose through their bodies.

Goldfur came first, yowling in ecstasy. Hir vaginal muscles spasmed around Garrek's member, bringing him over the edge too. He growled and yipped in the throes of his orgasm, releasing his long pent-up seed into his chakat mate's depths in several long spurts.

They sank down on to the floor, Goldfur captured in Garrek's gentle embrace, purring loudly. Garrek nuzzled the chakat's cheek, licking it. "Mmm, that was wonderful, love," shi murmured, turning hir head and gazing into Garrek's eyes.

"Yes. The first time back is always the most pleasurable, I'm sure of it!" He smiled and engaged Goldfur in a gentle kiss.

Relative silence reigned for a couple of minutes as the two taurs relaxed and cuddled each other. Finally Garrek spoke. "Goldfur...while I was away, I was thinking...." He trailed off, not quite sure how to phrase his words. "Being a chakat, you can enjoy mounting and being mounted. I'm not sure if, over the time we've been mates, that you've ever fantasised about mounting me, but...." He stopped, and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "I'm giving you that opportunity now. Goldfur...would you like to mount me?"

Goldfur stared at the foxtaur for a few seconds, hir expression blank. Then hir lips curved into a smile. "Only if you're sure about this. It'll hurt quite a bit, you know, at least on the initial penetration." Shi gazed directly into Garrek's eyes. "If you truly wish me to mount you, then I will, dearest."

Garrek nodded. "Yes, I'm sure." He smiled wryly. "I'm a little curious about what the attraction with anal is, anyway. I talked to someone about it, and, uh, they gave me a bottle of lube," he added, blushing a little inside his ears. "It's in my grooming case in my big bag, if you'd like to get it?"

"Of course, love," Goldfur murmured. Garrek slowly dismounted hir so shi could get up. On hir way out, shi gave him a strong, supportive hug. Shi returned a couple of minutes later, a small white bottle in hir hand. Garrek was waiting for hir, shuffling his feet nervously on the thin throw rug lying on the smooth wooden floor. "Okay, hon," shi said, squeezing a little of the contents onto hir fingers. "Brace yourself; this'll be cold at first." Shi moved hir fingers beneath Garrek's twitching tail and began to rub the lube onto and into his tight tailhole.

"Jeez, that's cold!" he muttered, instinctively tensing up as his mate's finger began to worm its way into his hole.

"Relax, love. It'll only hurt more if you don't," admonished Goldfur. Hir finger gently slipped in, twisting around slowly to spread the lube. "Now," shi said, passing Garrek the bottle, "if you could spread some over my cock.... Use as much as you feel necessary."

"I will, believe me." Garrek squirted a large amount into his palm, and crouched down to smear it all over Goldfur's rigid member. As he did so, he took note of how large it was. He wasn't too afraid about its length, but its width gave him some cause for concern. A minute or so was spent in making sure that the entire member was coated with lube, plus a little extra time to simply give Goldfur a nice massage.

Finally he straightened up and looked Goldfur in the eyes. "Okay, I'm ready now." Having said that, he put the bottle on a side table, then slowly turned around and presented himself, crouching down on his front legs, putting his hands on the floor for more support and moving his tail out of the way. Goldfur moved behind him, then raised up on hir hindlegs to drape hir forelegs on either side of his lower back. He saw hir cock aiming for his back passage, long and pink, glistening with the lube on it, felt the head of his mate's member touch his anus, then slowly press inwards.

Garrek gasped as the first inch of Goldfur's cock penetrated him. The pain was like nothing he'd ever felt, and his expression showed it. His lips curled up in a grimace, his eyes clenched shut, his fingers bunched up the throw rug, and a strangled noise came from his throat. It really does feel as if I'm being torn apart! he thought briefly before another inch of chakat cock pushed in through his virgin anus.

Goldfur stopped, full of concern for Garrek, not to mention some of his discomfort felt through hir subtle empathic link with him. "If you're hurting this much, then perhaps we'd better not go through with it." Shi began to pull out, but was stopped by a weak "No!" Garrek turned his head to look back at his mate, seeing the lines creasing hir face. "No, I want to go through with this. I know you can feel some of my pain, so if you go slow, then we should be fine, I think."

"All right, then...." Goldfur nodded, and pushed another inch into hir mate, watching the pained expressions on Garrek's face. Shi stopped, stroking his sides, rubbing hir muzzle against his. "Just tell me when you want me to proceed, okay, love?"

"Okay." Garrek tried to relax his anal muscles, breathing slowly. Gradually the pain eased off, to be replaced by minor discomfort. He clenched his muscles experimentally, squeezing Goldfur's cock lightly. It hurt, but not as much as it did to begin with. "Go ahead."

As more of Goldfur's shaft slipped further into his body, Garrek began to tense up again, though he tried not to. Hir cock felt so much bigger inside him than it did in his hand. The increasing pain made him breathe shallowly as he restrained himself from uttering a number of unsavoury words. Finally Goldfur was fully inside him; shi hugged the pained foxtaur, engaging him in a long kiss to distract their minds from some of the discomfort. It helped them both somewhat, easing the tension that each felt, including the tenseness of Garrek's tailhole.

While they kissed, Goldfur began to pull out, very slowly, until hir member was half out, then shi slipped it back in with the same care. Shi repeated the movement again, watching Garrek's reaction closely. His eyes were widened, but he wasn't showing the same degree of pain. As shi thrust hir cock in and out of hir mate's tailhole he began to move with hir; only a little, but it was a good sign that he was coping. "All right, now?" shi asked, smiling.

"Yes, I think so," came the murmured reply. "Still hurts like heck, but...it's starting to feel a little good." He smiled back, licking Goldfur's muzzle. "I'll be fine."

Goldfur nodded, hir eyes shining, and increased hir thrusting, very gradually building up an easy rhythm for Garrek to move with. He matched hir thrusts with ones of his own, pushing back as shi drove forwards, and vice versa. As they moved together, shi started fondling hir breasts, rubbing the hardened nipples with hir thumbs, and kneading the firm tit flesh with hir hands. Both taurs were making sounds of enjoyment, though Garrek's were tempered a little with discomfort.

The love-making moved into the final stages. Goldfur's climax was nearing, and Garrek, to his surprise, was close to his as well. The sensations of his mate's cock sliding smoothly in and out of his rump were strangely stimulating, and his own cock had slipped out once again. Goldfur noticed, and grasped it with hir tail, stroking it up and down his firm member.

First to explode was Goldfur; shi drove hir cock into Garrek's tailhole one last time and let loose with an ecstatic yowl and a flood of semen, pumped forcefully into his warm depths. The foxtaur followed a few seconds later, growling and yipping out his pleasure as weak spurts of fox cream splattered over the throw rug. The muscular contractions massaged Goldfur's maleness, coaxing a little more out of hir.

Finally they were sated. Both gently collapsed onto the floor, lying on their sides, Goldfur snuggled tightly to hir mate. "How was that, love?" shi asked quietly, stroking his sides with a gentle handpaw.

"It was...different. I'm not sure that I'd do it again just for the heck of it, but...it was enjoyable in its own way." Garrek turned his head and smiled wryly at Goldfur. "Let's say we keep this for special occasions, though. And, uh, perhaps just between us two for now."

"Whatever suits you, love," Goldfur murmured, kissing him. They lay together for a while, until Garrek suggested that they get cleaned up and into bed. "But first, I want to clean up the little mess I made," he added, gesturing at the small puddle of semen soaking into the throw rug.

Goldfur chuckled. "Fair enough. We can just throw it into the laundry -- if anyone asks, it had something spilt on it." Shi did so, and once both were satisfied that were no visible reminders of their activities remained -- the distinctive aromas might linger a little -- they headed for the bathroom for a quick wash and grooming, before they went to their room.

Snuggled up under the thin blanket in the darkness, they talked for a few minutes before going to sleep. "What made you decide that you should try anal sex?" Goldfur asked, curiosity driving hir to ask.

"I'm not sure. I had to work with this guy for a few days. We got talking, eventually getting onto our sex lives...." Garrek blushed a little, though Goldfur couldn't see it. "He told me that he was gay, and that he preferred to be mounted rather than be on top, and, well...it got me thinking. He offered me his...services, but I firmly and gently declined. I felt that if I was going to do it at all, then I only wanted you to do it."

A smile creased Goldfur's lips. "I see. Well, I'm proud and pleased that you let me take you in that fashion." Shi leaned over and pressed hir lips to his once more. "Perhaps one day I'll give you the same opportunity, but for the time being...." Shi trailed off.

"Don't feel that you have to. I'm quite happy to enjoy your wonderful femininity," replied Garrek, stroking Goldfur's face with gentle hands. "There's plenty of time for us to try new things -- variety is the spice of life, you know. But for now, I'm happy for settling for the familiar." Garrek yawned widely. "And right now, I'd like to settle for some sleep. Goodnight, dearest."

Goldfur chuckled and snuggled closer to hir lifemate. "Goodnight, dearest. Sleep well."


Story copyright © 2003 Sandwalker

Characters are copyright of Bernard Doove.


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