Tales of the Lupone
by Lupone Silverpaw
Episode 1 - New Friend


Special Note of acknowledgement:

All pictures used in this story belong to the respective artists, and use of them for Luponeís art book is a tribute to their work and talent. Permission was not asked for using them, but I hope that they would forgive me....


The young male wolftaur made his way into the classroom; he was 30 minutes early, but he didnít mind. He was a new student and he didnít know anyone.

He sat himself down and took out a book to read. He only got to read two pages when a noise made him look up. Then he just stared, mouth open in wonder at the beauty before him.

The young white stellar foxtaur, slowly padded into the room, quickly looked around, and noticing the young wolftaur, shi smiled and came in and made hir way to a spot and settled down.

Lupone quickly composed himself and put his book away, then gave a wave to the newcomer. He was delighted when shi waved back and said "Hello"

"Umm may I join you?" he asked, uncertain about what shiíll say.

"S..sure" shi answered, slightly blushing.

Lupone got up, grabbing his backpack, he made his way over and sat down on his hunches, his own bushy tail resting gently on hirís, but shi pretended not to notice, and he pretended that it was nothing to it.

"Hi, my name is Lupone Silverpaw, Iím nine"

"Hhhey..Iím.. Morgan Duskstar Iím ten."

Lupone thought for a moment, then opened his arms for a hug. Morgan paused, then returned the hug, slowly, very slowly.

"Is this right?" he asked, running his arms up and down hir soft fur, rubbing hir back and shoulders.

"WhatÖwhat do you mean?" shi replies.. confused.

"How you greet people, by hugging? I wasnít to sure."

"Yeah.. wwe.. do.." shi said, flushing for a moment.

"Cool, where I live, we donít do a lot of hugging. We only get to hug family members but only rarely, or newfound mates, but it is usually before mating occurs," he replied, looking a little sad.

Shi nodded, and hir tail starting wagging, remembering hir family, and all the hugs that were shared between families and friends and even strangers. Shi felt so sorry for the young wolftaur, and shi was about to put hir arm around him, when he giggled.

Perplexed, shi asked, "Whatís wrong?"

"That tickles," he said, indicating to the moving tail.

Shi gasped, and moved the tail away, and disengaged from his embrace suddenly, and noticing his embarrassed look and disappointment on his face, shi regretted acting too hastily. Before shi could apologise, he beat hir too it.

"Iím sorry."

Smiling, shi said, "ItísÖ itís okÖ Lupone."

He looked down, and with a sigh, he continued. "You see, I never get any affection where I live, no hugging, no kisslicking, except from my mom, but thatís only when I go to bed. See, I think Iím different from the others, I likeÖÖ touchingÖÖand holding, the closeness of another. The other wolftaur cubs tease meÖ butÖ" He sighed. Going through his bag, he brought out two red apples and offered one to Morgan.

Shi accepted the apple with a ĎThanksí and thought for a moment before replying. Shi waited until he finished his apple.

"Ummm.. well.. you can hug and hold me.. If you like?"

"Really?" he said, his face beaming with happiness.

"Sure, I donít min..." shi was interrupted by the young wolftaur hugging hir, and shi returned it, hir tail brushing against his.

This time, he didnít giggle; instead, he started making a happy cooing noise.

He broke from the embrace again, much happier that before, then he looked at hir for a moment, mesmerized by hir bright blue eyes. Then he looked down, slightly embarrassed.

"Whatís wrong?" shi asked.

"Ummmm well... is it.... no, itís too rude to ask. Forget it." He said, ears bright red from embarrassment for thinking those thoughts.

He couldnít ask such a lovely beautiful person like Morgan that kind of question, itíd be disrespectful and indecent.

"Nnno... ask me...donít be...shy like me, ask me anything."

Looking once again into hir sincere eyes, Lupone swallowed and took a huge breath to calm himself, and asked the dreaded question, unsure of what the response would be....

"Is it true... that you are a hermaphrodite?" he asked, holding his breath. Hir response caught him off guard.

"Yes, I am... why do you ask?"

"I have never met one before, I have read up on them, but havenít met on in real life."

"Well, now you have," shi replied, giving him another hug.

He nodded, then broke away, and started rummaging in his bag, and took out a drawing book and pencil.

"Where is everyone?" shi asked, looking around at the empty class room.

"Ummm, I donít know, we still have fifteen minutes to go, ummm, do you mind if a draw you?" he asked, licking the tip on the pencil, and finding a fresh page.

"I donít mind, Lupone" shi said, taking hir book bag from hir back.

"Ummm would you like me to draw you as you are now, or as you would be... when you are older...?"

"Mmmmm... older.. I think."

Smiling, Lupone started drawing, his tongue sticking out, looking at Morgan for a few seconds, and then going back to the drawing he was working on.

Four minutes later, he had finished. Looking at the pic, he handed the book to hir to look at...

"Oh wow...youíre really good." Shi said, giving him another quick hug.

"Thanks, do you like.... the.... ummm you know?" he asked, blushing again.

"Like the what?" shi asked, pretending like shi was ignorant.

"Your breasts?" he asked, looking down again.

It was hir turn to blush now, smiling shi said "They are nice, and.. accurate.."

Lupone smiles, then opened the book to the previous pages, and asked "Would you like to see the other drawings?"

"I would love to," Morgan replied, snuggling up close so that they could share the book between then. I put the book on my lap and showed hir the first picture....

"This is my mom, her name is Kanau..."

"She looks very pretty."

"Thanks, andÖ" turning another page; "this is our healer and shaman; Bluemyst. Iím hoping to be like her one day. I feel like I belong helping and healing, not hunting," he said, with longing in his eyes.

Morgan gave his back a soft rub, going from the neck to the join. Shi smiled when his tail started wagging.

Turning the page one more time, he showed hir the last drawing.

This one was more detailed, showing not only a wolftaur, but the landscape.

"And this is my older sister, Shesha, she had just lost her mate in a hunting accident..." he replied, sadness in his voice.

"Oh, so sad, but, you really are a good artist." Shi said, lightly tracing the lines of his drawings.

"Thank you, but, my elders, and the Alpha leader believe itís a waste of energy and talent and time. They say that I should be learning something more constructive, like hunting, not drawing," he said, letting out a heavy sigh, his ears drooping down.

"Wow, your elders are mean," shi said.

"Not really, itís just that theyíre set in their old traditions and clan laws," he replied, looking up again, a little pride in his voice. "Theyíre only looking out for the survival and welfare of the pack."

"I see. Well, my mom encourages me to follow my heart and to do well in what I want to do... which isnít much."

Lupone smiled, then holding hir hands firmly, looking in hir blue eyes, asked, with affection in his voice.

"So, would you like to be my friend?"

Shi blushes as you hold hir paw "Sure, Lupone."

Lupone smiled and gave hir a hug, which shi returned in kind. Then they broke from their embrace as the chakat teacher and the rest of the students entered the room.

The other students were two chakats, three foxtaurs, a tod and two vixens, a female wolftaur and a skunktaur. The teacher asked the new students to introduce themselves.

Morgan stood up in front of the class.

"Hello everyone, My name is Morgan Duskstar, Iím ten, and Iím a Tundra Stellar Foxtaur," shi said with a smile.

"Any questions?" the teacher asked the class. The female wolftaur asked. "When will you be getting boobies?"

The class erupted with laughter, the only ones that werenít laughing were the teacher and Lupone. Morgan blushed, then one of the chakats asked. "What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

"Uh...WellÖ I'm not sure right now," shi replied.

The tod asked, "What do you use? Boys or Girls loo?" Then he yelped when the teacher clipped him behind the ear. He looked down in shame.

Morgan frowned at the tod for asking the question. "Enough of the silly questions, does anyone have any decent ones to ask?"

The vixen asked "Whatís it like where youíre from?"

"Its very cold...snowing all of the time."

"Brrr, how do you keep warm?" asked the second chakat.

"Well we already have a lot of fur on our bodies...but we also make fur coats and jackets to wear as well," shi answered, showing hir thick jacket.

"Cool," said the first chakat.

"No, warm, silly billy." replied the second chakat.

Morgan giggled as shi wagged hir tail.

"Iím not a billy, Iím a chakat," the first said.

"Quiet," the teacher shouted. "Now, Morgan my dear, please take your seat. Ummm, Lupone, youíre next, please. Tell us about yourself."

Lupone stood up in front of the class, holding his book of pictures. Taking a deep breath, he told them his name. "Hello, my name is Lupone Silverpaw, Iím nine, and my father is head hunter in my clan." He noticed the wolftaur bitch winking at him, but he ignored her. "And I like drawing pictures," he said, opening the book and showing the class his drawings, blushing as giggles and laughter erupted from some of the class mates at the nudity in the drawings.

"Why are you laughing?" Morgan asked, hands on hir hips.

One foxtaur vixen replied, "He has a tit fetish," laughing hysterically. "Ohh lookie, that's Morgan..." one Chakat said, rolling on the floor laughing. "Shi's got boobies," the tod foxtaur snickered.

Luponeís face and ears went bright red with embarrassment, wanting to sink into the floor.

"He does have a tit fetish," the wolftaur bitch replied.

Morgan just stood up and growled, "Youíre just jealous that he didn't draw you," shi said to the bitch, hir tail twitching wildly in anger.

Lupone just couldnít deal with teasing and comments, suddenly burst into tears he ran out of the class room.

"Class, quiet!" the teacher roared, and there was absolute silence.

Morgan noticed Lupone running out, and dashed after him, the teacher shouted for hir to stop, but shi wasnít listening. Turning to the skunktaur, shi told hym to find Lupone and Morgan and get them both back to class.

"Yes miss," hy replied, leaving the room.

Morgan and the skunktaur found Lupone under the large tree in the school playground. He was clutching the book tightly, crying and trembling.

"Lupone!!" shi cried out, stopping next to him and hugging him close, caressing his head fur and his ears. He cried on hir shoulders, soaking hir fur, hugging hir back.

"They were all meanies," shi told him, petting his head softly. He held hir, slowly stroking hir fur as his crying subsided. Whispering how much he loves hir.... Then he stopped, uncertain about hir feelings, and looked into hir beautiful blue eyes.

Morgan blushed, smiling a bit. "Really?"

"Yes..." then he looked at the skunktaur, who was smiling. Hy got up and said that hy'll inform the teacher that theyíd both will return in a little bit, but don't wait to long. Then hy left.

Shi looked back at him, still smiling. "If that vixen messes with you again, I'll make her regret it." He lick-kisses hir on the cheek.

"Can I do another picture of you, my sweet?" he asked, looking into hir eyes, smiling.

Shi murrs softly, nodding "Of course Lupone, You can do as many pictures of me as you want...."

Lupone got up, and made hir stand near the tree, then he gave hir a long branch and told hir to hold it both hands, and pose hir head so that shi was looking at him, but not directly. Then he gave hir his coat to wear. Then he sat down, and started drawing, first with pencil, his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth, as his hands flew with a fury.

After five minutes, he nodded, then reached in his bag and produced fine crayons and markers. While he was adding colours, the teacher came out to see what was taking them so long, upon seeing him drawing, and a smile on his face, shi decided to let him be. Shi returned back to the class room. Morgan held the pose he had put hir in, waiting for him to finish, watching him work so diligently.

Finally, he looked at the picture, and smiled, not a small smile, but a huge smile, then he told hir that he was finished, and that shi could see the final piece. "I hope you like it, hun; I imagined you at home, all grown up."

"Oh WOW!! Lupone...This is quite...amazing!" shi said blushing, hir tail wagging fast, then giving him a great big hug and kisslicks all over his face. He hugged back, feeling hir quickening heart rate, hir fur, hir tail brushing against his hands as he held hir close. He was crying with joy.

"Lets go back and show the teacher and those untalented jerks how good I am, eh?" he said.

Shi nodded, he then held hir hand, and holding his book, he slung his backpack over his shoulder and they both made their way back to the classroom. When they got back, the teacher made them both stand at the front, and one by one, the students who made rude teasing remarks, came up, apologised to Morgan and Lupone and gave them both a hug. Then afterwards, when they were seated, Lupone showed the class his latest drawing. There was not one word from the class as his drawing was looked at. Then they all erupted with thunderous applause.

He looked and smiled at Morgan, shi smiled back at him, hir tail wagging fast. He sat back down next to hir, and placed his arm around hir shoulders and gave hir a squeeze. Then his tail curled around hirs, shi murrs softly, cuddling the wolftaur back.


Sadly, Lupone and Morgan didnít stay together long in school, while shi continued hir education, he was forced to leave at the end of the week due to his father being injured, and he had to look after the family business.

Before he left, he gave hir the coloured picture he had drawn of hir, to remind hir of him. Giving a heartfelt hug and kiss on the lips and tears in their eyes, they bid each other farewell.


Copyright © 2010 Lupone Silverpaw

Chakats, Stellar Foxtaurs, and the Chakat Universe are the creation of Bernard Doove and are used with his permission.


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