A Stormy Afternoon
by Allen Fesler © 2014
A Cha-kitten tale in the Chakat Universe of Bernard Doove

There are sometimes advantages to others thinking that you’re ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’, as you can sometimes get away with things your bigger sisters can’t. Being small helps too, harder to notice and easier to miss. And then there’s being clever, the better to not get caught doing what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

Bringing along a likeminded accomplice doesn’t hurt either, especially one that’s almost as small and as cute.

Having escaped their older sisters’ notice, the two now raced down the passageways; the doors opening ahead of them almost as if in anticipation of their goal. They slowed as they reached one door in particular; their target lay just beyond it.

As the others, the door opened silently and the two peered in before dashing in to hide under one of the tables. Not having been detected by those seated at the other tables, they darted from one hiding space to the next, until they came to another door.

This door would be harder to sneak through, as others would be expecting to see someone coming in or out of it if it opened. They cautiously waited just out of sight.

Their patience was rewarded only a couple minutes later when the door opened, two of their sisters and one of their mothers laughing at something said before the doors had opened. Waiting until the last tail cleared the door, they dashed in and quickly turned to one side as the door closed behind them.

They snuck in quietly while the one who would have sounded the alarm had her back turned to them. Counters and tabletops gave them cover as they homed in on their prize. They made it across the room without being spotted, they only needed to climb the next table and claim their prize. A quick leap had them next to their goal, the first already reaching down when they were discovered!

“Stop right there you little brats!” the cook exclaimed, waving a chocolate coated spoon at them.

The little foxtaur looked up at the heavily pregnant rabbit, unsure on the safety of going after the treat in the floor mounted mixing bowl. Her chakat cub partner ignored the rabbit, reaching in for the yet uncooked chocolaty mass.

Suzan frowned at kit and cub, but didn’t swat them with her spoon. Instead she said, “One taste only and then you two are out of here that’s for your sister’s birthday cake.”

Having already gotten hirself a paw-full of the chocolaty batter, Firestorm moved out of the way to allow Starblazer her turn at the bowl. Cub and kit were then out the door in a flash. Suzan hid a half smile as the door closed behind them.

“Thanks for the heads up, Tess,” she said as she reached over and turned the mixer back on. “I don’t think those two would have slowed down seeing the beaters and bowl moving.”

“Cub minding is my middle name,” Tess replied. “They’re learning fast, but chocolate overrides a lot of their training.”

Rubbing her swollen belly, Suzan chuckled. “These two will probably be just as bad; deities help us when those two start showing them the ropes.”

“I’ll leave you to the cooking while I break out a cleaning bot, it seems I now have a couple chocolate paw prints to clean up ”


Copyright © 2014 Allen Fesler – Redbear1158 (at) either gmail or hotmail dot com

Chakat universe is copyright of Bernard Doove and used with his permission.


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