Sapient Races In The Chakat Universe

by Bernard Doove © 2018

This page is basically a list of the sapient species of my Chakat Universe. Although there are a few more than those listed so far, I have either not written about them yet, or found the need to describe them. As this happens, I will add them to the list.

Each species has a brief description of what they most resemble, NOT what they actually are, plus their most significant achievements.

Most of the living species except the Kalen-toth are regular visitors to the other worlds in the Federation, and the Rakshani are fairly aggressive colonisers. They met the humans when both sought to claim a new world. Fortunately, negotiation with Caitian and chakat diplomats made them allies rather than enemies. Humans are the great exploring species, partnered with all the morph species that they created, including Chakats, who are in their element exploring new worlds.

A recent addition to the universe are the people of Equus, the world of magic and creatures of legend. These include:

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