Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Desert Breed)
Gender: Herm
Height: 132cm
Eyes: Blue


This Desert Breed foxtaur strongly resembles the Terran Fennec Fox due to being adapted to similar conditions. However, although the smallest of the Stellar breeds, shi is still significantly bigger than the Fennecs. Hir small size and large ears are just two of the adaptations shi has to cope with hot desert conditions. Hir fur coat is short and smooth, optimised to keep cooler during the heat of the day, yet warm enough during the chill of night. Except for a couple of medium-brown spots and the tip of hir tail, hir colouration is an even sandy shade all over the body including the headfur, which is long enough to help shade hir head from the sun, but shi frequently wears a “coolie” hat that does an even better job.

Zephyr is a tanner, and shi produces high quality leather both for the clan’s use and for selling to traders. Hir Star Corp work is as a geologist. Shi is mated in a triad with Sirocco and Mirage, and has borne one kit and sired another.


Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.

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