Species: Stellar Foxtaur, Veldt Breed
Gender: Herm
Height: 182cm
Eyes: Amber


Willow is the denmate of Savannah the Trader. Shi is the mother to their first child, Grass-stalk, and is pregnant with their next child, but intends to be the sire of their third, although Savannah is reluctant due to hir workload. Willow conspires with Savannah's Forest Breed lover, Umbra to convince Savannah that they should be a triad, and that shi does have time to be a mother.

Willow has degrees in meteorology and climatology, and is the foremost expert on Arisian weather. Shi loves to cook, and shi was the person who devised the ever-popular sweet snack – sugarstalks.


Sample art by and copyright to Heather Bruton.

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