Species: Stellar Foxtaur (Polar Breed)
Gender: Herm
Height: 163cm
Eyes: Bright blue

Like all Polar Breed Stellar Foxtaurs, Tundra has luxuriantly thick fur, which is capable of insulating hir from the worst of cold conditions, and with the addition of the trademark Polari hooded fur cape, shi can even be quite comfortable sleeping in a snowbank. Along with other special adaptations, shi is perfectly at home in any cold climate. Fur colour depends on the season, with temperature triggering the change. During the cold seasons, hir fur is totally white, although other Polari have some black markings such as tipped ears, tail, paws and hands. During the warm seasons, the long white fur is shed and black and brown fur spreads in random fashion to cover about half the body, and makes very good camouflage. Shi doesn’t really have head-hair, but extra thick fur all around is almost a short mane. The extra layers of insulating fat tends to give hir a zaftig appearance and, in combination with the thick fur, makes hir look more buxom than shi actually is.

The Polar foxtaurs are migratory, and have two or three semi-permanent settlements set up to use depending on the season. They primarily eat meat during the cold seasons, and Tundra is one of their best hunters. Although shi is a very capable hunter on hir own, shi usually works with hir husky dog, Mishka, to increase the likelihood of a good hunt. Hir Star Corps related work is very different as shi’s a climatologist, specialising in long-term trends that shi studies from ice-cores taken during hir hunting trips. Like most Polari, shi is unmated, although shi has two or three frequent bed companions, and shi is considering having a child soon by one of them.

Sample art by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami and Mayra Boyle.


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