Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Female


Thayla is the elder responsible for overseeing Shansu's recovery. Her concerns were alleviated when Garrek helped rebuild her confidence. She goes to thank him and ends up helping him with his own dilemma. Garrek offers to spend a night with the lonely widowed vixen and, to their mutual surprise, they find themselves quite compatible. Thayla asks Garrek to return to her den sometime, which he does, later asking her to become part of his family. Although she thought she was too old to have kits anymore, she ends up falling pregnant to Garrek, and she will give birth to a girl whom they will name Hespa. Thayla's most outstanding physical feature is the lack of the usual "sock" on her right foreleg.


Sample art by and copyright to Opal Weasel.

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